Big Booty Aunt Ch.1


This story begins when I flew down to Las Vegas, to visit a friend and some family. My plane touched down around 4:30 in the afternoon, and I was greeted by my Aunt and my Cousin. Now, for disclaimer I’m not going to any real names in this story. There I was, as I walked through my terminal and into the baggage claim area to get my things I suddenly heard a familiar voice. There she was, one of my favorite 2 Aunt’s in my family. Aunt Bee, stood about 5’4, she was little but that body of her’s always was and always will be banging. She is a very curvy woman, she has caramel skin, with big brown eyes and big full lips. That’s not why she’s one of my favorite 2 though. She is very very curvy, she has this big, round, soft, jiggly ass that literally will not stop shaking, no matter what! DD breasts, and thick thighs. She used to always let me get away with touching on that big booty, and used to laugh when I would poke fun at how it would jiggle. So, fast-forward a little, my Aunt arrived with my Cousin right on schedule to pick me up. Being as though it was my first time in Vegas, they both wanted to show me around, but, I had other things in mind.

On the ride to her house, Aunt Bee is screaming with excitement about how much I’ve grown up and how much she misses me! Then she turned around and asked me: “Are you hungry?”, I said “Yeah, that flight took a lot out of me. ” to which she responds “I hope not everything?” in return I just sit back and smiled. I glanced up and saw her looking at me through the rearview, leaning up closer behind her seat and looking over her shoulder I could see that she had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on her pussy. As I watched, I looked to see if my Cousin noticed us, but he was always on his phone caking with some girl and looking out of his passenger side window.

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   “He’s probably already hip to it. ” I thought. Trying not to attract too much attention to myself, I leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear “You know I want that, right?” as I sit back I grabbed her butt cheek that was hanging off of the seat. I could see her smiling as I held it for the rest of the way to her house.

On the way, we dropped my Cousin off at his babymama’s house and I told him that Aunt Bee would drop me back off later. She only lived about 5 minutes away, I never been this anxious in my life. Pulling into the driveway she says “Well, this is it. Make yourself at home!” as we walked into her house. “Nice!” I thought. She came a long way from what she used to have. Fighting so hard, but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t resist staring at that big fat booty as it jiggled like a tub of Jell-o as she walked upstairs.

“Tyrone? Tyrone!” she called out.
“Yes, Auntie?” I responded to her.
“Can you come help me with something?” she asked sounding pretty desperate and out of breath.
“Sure here I come!” I damn near fell trying to get up them damn steps that fast.

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“Baby I’m sorry for calling you the way that I did. I just needed your help. ” she exclaimed.
“It’s ok, what’s the matter?” I asked her.

“I wanted to know if you could help me into my bed?” she asked.
Now, before you think this is the craziest set up ever. Once again, my Aunt was only 5’3-5’4, and she had ordered this bed out of this catalog, that had came with a step ladder which had broken because of my cousin she claims. So, you could imagine the shock on my face was probably the same that you have on yours too. Well, it doesn’t just stop there she asked me to hold on while she went into her bathroom. Yes, she had her own bathroom inside of her bedroom. I never seen anything like that before. She informed me that she wanted to take a quick shower, due to her running errands all day and that drive from the airport to her house.

“You can sit down on the bed, and watch you something I just got this new cable package last month. ” she explained to me while taking off all of her clothes.
“Ok! I think I’m just going to lie down on the bed here.

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  ” I said to her.
“Awww! Poor baby!” she said laughing as she jiggled down the hallway swaying them wide hips.
“Girl, hush!” I responded. “This poor baby could use a shower, too!”

“Yup! I ain’t had no type of joint pain yet, that a hot shower, couldn’t fix!” she said as I heard the water turn on and she pushed the door closed.
Still leaving the door cracked, for me to be able to see into it. “She must be reading my mind. ” I said to myself. I got up off the bed, and walked over to the door where I looked into the crack and I could see her reflection on the mirror. To my surprise the shower curtain, wasn’t even closed. She had it open on purpose because she knew I would come and enjoy the show.

The way the water just ran down her back, and bounced off of those big fat juicy ass cheeks, just got me rock hard. I have a 12 inch dick, a lot of women calls it a g-spot dick. As you would imagine when I get hard, I have to do something about it.

As I gently pushed the door a little wider open, so I could get a better view of that big beautiful brown round ass. Turning the TV on so she couldn’t hear me, I pulled down my jeans and withdrew my big long thick dick out of my pants.

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   Throbbing and already awoken! You could see the veins through the chocolate skin. I began stroking it slowly, and then started squeezing the head, unknowingly to the fact I couldn’t hear her turn the water off, as I was just about to climax to her big butt as she made it jiggle.

By the time I realized she was already out of the shower, she was standing there with the bathroom door open, towel halfway on, and she just smiled and winked and said “Did you enjoy the show?”

To be continued……. . .