Big Brother My First Time


My big brother Andy and I have always been very close. He's been a brother, a father figure and a friend. When I was younger I thought Andy was so cool, he always had the nice cars, the girls, and was friends with everyone on the football team. Just being his sister automatically gave me a boost on the social scale in high school.

One summer when I ws sixteen, our mom went away with some of her friends to the Bahamas, leaving the house to Andy and I. We had a blast staying up late, eating junk food and watching movies. One day when it was sweltering outside, we decided to go swimming in the backyard pool. I put on my white bikini and grabbed a towel and headed outside. Andy was already in the pool, and I could see the water running off in glistening droplets down his muscular back. "No wonder all the girls at school love him," I thought. "C'mon Jenn!" He shouted from the waters edge as he splashed at me. I dropped my towel, ran and did a huge cannonball into the refreshing water. I came up and brushed my long hair out of my face. I looked at Andy, he had a surprised look on his face. Thats when i noticed my bikini top had come off, leaving my 34 C breats exposed. He stared, I stared, and then he turned and laughed, and threw me my top.

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  "When did my baby sister become a woman?" He said jokingly. I laughed. "You really dont pay attention do you?" I laughed. We horsed around, played marco polo and water basketball. As I was making a shot, he came up behind me and swooped me up. I giggled, and as he pulled me up closer to him, my breasts were in his face. He stopped, and as he let me down slowly, I felt my ass rub against his hardened shaft in his swim trunks. "Im going to go take a shower," he said abruptly. He jumped out of the pool and hurried inside. "What just happened?" I thought out loud. "And is it wrong that I kind of liked it?"I swam over and pulled myself out of the pool.

As I was in my bathroom taking a shower, I thought about how sexy he looked, wet and tanned from the sun, and how his erection felt rubbing against my ass. I slipped my fingers down to my soapy pussy, and rubbed my clit. He saw my breasts, I let him see them. I rubbed a little faster.


  "Jenn?"I heard any call from outside my door. "Jenn do you wanna watch this movie?"I stopped, "umm yeah! Gimmie a sec!"I quickly rinsed and dressed in my tank top and boy shorts. When I came out, Andy was sprawled out on my bed in his pajama pants with a big smile on his face. I love that smile, it makes me weak in the knees. I smiled back, my pussy still a little wet from my play. I leaned back against my pillows, and Andy followed suit, wrapping his arms around me like always.

"Jenn, I just want you to know it's ok. It's ok I saw your breasts, and I did get hard. It;s nothing to be ashamed of. " He said.

"I know, i didn't mind. "

"Jenn? Are you still a virgin?"

My heart throbbed. "Yes, I've just never been ready. I've done other stuff though. Like, blowjobs and stuff.

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"That's good. " He smiled. "I know it's hard to contain yourself sometimes. "

"It is. "

"You have perfect breasts by the way. "

I blushed. "Really?"

"Mmhmm. Look, I'll show you. "

He pulled down my tank top, exposing my young firm breasts. My nipples were hard from the air conditioning. "Look how round and perfect," he stroked them gently. My heart fluttered. "And your nipples, how pretty and pink. " He pinched each one gently. "I've never been touched like this before.

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  " I whispered. He moved his mouth to my left nipple, sensitive and erect, and tickled it with his tounge. I felt my pussy get wetter. He moved to the other, and did the same. He put my hand on his hard dick, and I rubbed it slowly. "Do you like giving blowjobs?" He asked. "Oh yeah, I really do. I'm good too. "I really was. I slid off the edge of the bed and pulled down his pants, his penis was the biggest I'd seen. Hard and swollen, I put the tip in my mouth. He moaned. He put his hand on the back of my head, and started to pump my head up and down, fast and hard until I gagged. I pulled away in shock. "What are you doing?!" I yelled.

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"Jenn, I've always wanted you. You're sexy as hell, and the way you walk around in your little panties and tight shirts, I've wanted to fuck you for so long. "

I didn't know what to say. But my pussy was getting wetter by the moment, and I was breathing fast.

"Have you ever fingered yourself?"

"No, it's too tight, it hurts. "

"So you've never been fingered by a guy either?"

"No. "

"Jenn please, let me make you feel good. It'll fell so good and I'll take good care of you. "

I had no choice. My body was making the descisions now. I nodded. He crawled over to me and pulled off my panties. He slid his finger up my slippery cunt, and slowly inserted one. It hurt, just a little, but I wanted more. He put two in and I gasped.

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   He strectched and rubbed and I loved it. He picked me up and put me on my stomach, and reinserted his fingers, three this time, and suddendly shoved them all the way in. I moaned. He lifed his finger to my mouth and I licked my juices off. It was good. He told me to get up on my hand and knees, and he positioned himself behind me. I could feel the head of his dick touching my pussy, he rubbed my clit with it. "I want it Andy. " I said. "Call me big brother. " He growled. "Give it to me big brother. " I moaned. he shoved his nine inch dick deep inside me, and I screamed. "Does it feel good little sister? You like big brothers dick?" He moaned as he pumped furiously.

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   I did. "Yeah big brother, I do I do!" I screamed. He pumped and shoved harder and faster and I came everywhere. He stopped and flipped me over. I had tears running down my cheeks and I saw his dick, all bloody and covered in my cum. "You're done? Too bad, I'm not. "He flipped me back over onto my stomach, and positioned his rock hard penis on my tight asshole. "This is gonna feel good baby sister. " He pushed into the tight opening. I bucked. It hurt so good. He held my hands above my head and thrusted deep into my ass, I could feel every tiny movement. I wiggled and screamed and moaned, and he went in balls deep slamming into me, his balls slapping my wet pussy, I came again and again. Finally, he thrusted all the way in, and I felt his dick pump his load into me, i could feel it fill me up, and start to come back out the opening. He rolled us onto our side, and held me, kissing my neck.

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I have many other stories to tell!