Bought and paid for 2.


Bought and paid for 2.

by Niteowluk2003

Chapter 2. The second weekend.

On the second Friday; Katie announced she would not be able to attend as commanded for it was her off week; she was on a period and therefore would not be much use; that is until Master Jack pointed out she still had hands, a mouth and an arse hole. He refused to accept her crying off and insisted she attend with JD.

So at Seven pm the pair of them stood rather nervously but excited at the same time; outside Jack’s home. It seemed ages since they rang the bell and they were just about to walk away when the door finally opened. Instead of seeing Jack as they expected a large black guy poked his head around the door and asked what they wanted.

JD gave the password he was told to use and the door opened wide enough for them to enter; as they stepped through the gap; they were both shocked to see this large black guy wearing a frilly black and white maids uniform with what was clearly false tits filling out the upper part of the uniform. Without a word being spoken; they were shown into the living room where Master Jack stood.

He instantly dismissed Cynthia the black maid and told JD and Katie to come forward; When they were close enough he whispered so they both could hear but no one else, “Cynthia there has a 12 inch cock strapped down to his leg and is fully bisexual liking to take cock as well as give it!” there was almost a glint in Master Jack’s eye as he looked squarely at JD as he said this. JD shuffled his feet nervously and Katie opened her mouth to speak until she was instantly silenced by her master.

He threw her a small gift wrapped package and told her to put the items it contained on right now; turning to JD he continued; “as Cynthia is in attendance tonight and it is already dressed as the maid, this only left the sex slut role for you to play!” and pointing over at the table he ordered, “go put on the uniform of a sex slut over there on the table!”

JD hurried over to the table only to find it had only three items on it; the first was a long blonde wig; the second was a large 44DD flesh like false bust and the third item was a modified short skirt. The skirt had been modified in such a way that when worn at waist level the hemline formed two half moon shapes reaching a point front and back where the material became only one and a half inches wide and was almost like a belt. JD realised that wearing this skirt both his arse and his cock would still be clearly on display and he almost shuddered in anticipation on whom and how many would see him dressed like this.

Knowing better than to comment or delay he merely placed the wig on his head and adjusted it as best he could without a mirror; the feel of the false breasts was something he had not expected for instead of feeling like foam or rubber they almost felt lifelike and he was surprised by the weight they had.

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   He looked at the clever almost invisible zip which ran up the back of the breast body suit and could not help but close his eyes and imagine how he now looked. Quickly he opened his eyes and wiggled into the skirt, again adjusting it as best he could for now he could not see his own erect cock because of the large silicon boobs getting in the way.

Just then Master Jack stepped forward and took hold of his cock and before JD knew what was happening he found his balls in a cock restraint harness and they were being separated and fastened in the belt arrangement before what seemed like stone weights were hung on clips attached to the ball sack directly below each testicle; in fact they were only one ounce weights but they had the desired effect f puling his balls down even further; then his cock was strapped into a leather looking sheath only this sheath had spikes on the inside which whilst not sharp they certainly sung his cock shaft as the sheath was tightened into place; now only his cock head was visible and the master lightly prodded it before applying a little fiery jack ointment. Instantly the ointment began to work and it felt like his cock head was on fire; he wanted so much to go stick it in a bowl of ice water to cool it but knew a single complaint would bring out the real cruel side f e master.

Just then the master turned back to Katie who stood now wearing only the things she had unwrapped which included a peep hole bra and pair of panties the like she had never seen before they were not exactly crutch less but had no rear to them so her arse and arse cheeks were fully exposed but her cunt was protected and a large rubber cock attached to the panties was now buried deep inside her bloody cunt. Master Jack explained that the clothes these two were now wearing had cost him a lot of money to get made and so they had better look after them properly. He pointed out to Katie the rubber cock in her cunt contained a Tampax so he would be alright and the cock would prevent anyone from entering her cunt that night.

The next thing was that master Jack called out for Cynthia and partner to attend; in walked the black man in the maid’s uniform and his eyes immediately fastened on JD and his attire; I swear the guy smiled the biggest smile in the world and deliberately licked his lips; before feasting his eyes on Katie. Along with Cynthia was a small almost petite white woman who could not have been any older than 18 years of age; Master Jack introduced her as Wanda; Cynthia’s woman.

Wanda was wearing a semi transparent blouse and if it had not been for the impressive hard nipples which seemed to stick out some inch and a half she would have appeared flat chested. The blouse was completed by a short black skirt which barely covered her cunt; clearly she was naked beneath these two pieces of clothing. Master Jack broke the silence by telling Wanda that she was there to service every man’s cock with her mouth and once they were sufficiently hard she was to pass them on to Katie who would find out by asking questions if they were takers or givers. The takers would then be fucked by the givers or they would choose to fuck or be fucked by JD or Cynthia.

Katie was told that she had to inform all men present that they were not allowed to cum on or in the people they were fucking but simply had to hold up their hand and either she or Wanda would bring the bowl for them to ejaculate into. Then looking straight at JD he announced that one of Cynthia’s and JD’s jobs would be to lap up that spunk at the end of the night whilst being well fucked by either Wanda or Katie using strap ons.

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Furthermore Master Jack announced the first guest was due to arrive around 8 pm; and the rest would arrive in ten minute intervals; he deliberately declined in saying how many guests had been invited in total; in fact he never mentioned whether the guest would be singles or couples.

Sure enough at 8 pm exactly, the first guests arrived; an elderly couple both in their early sixties. As Keith and Ami arrived Cynthia showed them into the living room where immediately Wanda knelt in front of Keith and deftly unzipped his trousers before pulling his soft cock; out of his pants and began licking the underside and marvelling as the cock swelled in her hand as it grew hard. Soon she was bobbing her head on the seven inches of manhood before her. Meanwhile Ami had wasted no time in cornering Master Jack and JD; As she spoke to Master Jack she was stroking the exposed six inch cock of JD. She never batted an eye when Master Jack suggested that she may like to taste the cock now throbbing in her hand. Without kneeling she simply bent herself at her waist and took the cock into her mouth. JD was surprised for he had not noticed she had not teeth and it really felt weird as the woman crushed his cock between her gums.

Also the dress Ami wore was a topless number which allowed JD to look down her cleavage and admire the 40 C tits she seemed so eager to display. Master Jack simply reached forward and unzipped the top of her dress and allowed her large tits to tumble free; as Ami sucked or gummed JD’s cock Master Jack now mauled her tits taking great pleasure in pinching her hard nipples and twisting them this way and that; Ami began making gurgling sounds around JD’s cock and that in its self set up some weird but erotic feelings flowing through his cock and into his still captured balls.

Meanwhile by now Keith was thrusting his cock deep into Wanda’s mouth and Katie stood watching almost envious of this bitch getting such a good mouth fucking; Suddenly the living room door opened and in stepped another couple; only this couple were two males. It was clear from the way they dressed this was a gay couple and no sooner had the living room door closed than James and Clarence were stood naked from the waist down waiting on Wanda to start sucking their cocks. As they waited they played with each other’s balls until Master Jack caught Katie’s eye and motioned for her to start sucking too.

As Keith moved over to his wife; Wanda began sucking Clarence’s cock and Katie dived in mouthing Jamie’s rapidly hardening cock. When Keith approached JD, he immediately grabbed the leather collar around his cock and squeezed; A mixture of pain and pleasure shot through JD’s Cock but he still yearned to have at least his cock free; the dangling weights off his balls having ceased to hurt now but his frustration at having a toothless sucking from Ami was getting too him and he just hoped Master Jack would give permission for him to fuck either Ami or Keith; that way the sheath would have to come off.

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Instead he suddenly felt Keith’s index finger pressing against his anal ring; forcefully it probed his ring until it slipped in up to the second knuckle. JD was amazed how a small thing like an index finger up his arse could have such an effect on his encapsulated cock but it felt like electric shocks were shooting along the length of his penis; the ache in his balls disappeared to be replaced with a delicious feeling of wanting to unload his spunk into the still eager sucking mouth; secretly he hoped the couple had not been told the rules and therefore he could have flooded Ami’s mouth but it was not to be as Keith warned Ami to get the bowl.

Ami reluctantly stopped her gumming of his cock head and scurried away; whilst she was gone Keith took the opportunity to kneel in front of JD and take his cock into his own mouth; instantly JD detected the difference from the seasoned cock sucking of Ami to the raw eagerness of Keith. Both turn JD on in their separate ways but he really loved the raw harshness of another man sucking his cock head; suddenly shooting pains shot through his sill bound cock and he looked down in horror to see Keith’s hand squeezing tightly on his leather cock restraint he suspect that Keith knew the studs inside were now pressing deeply into his tender cock flesh but then Keith took his cock head just inside his mouth and clench his teeth; just sharply enough to make JD wince.

Just then Ami returned with the bowl and it was Keith’s turn to reluctantly release JD’s cock from his mouth. Quickly Ami undid the three straps which held the leather restraint in place and released JD’s cock; the shaft looked red and angry from the metal studs which had been impressed on to it but a few quick strokes of Ami’s firm hand had JD shooting his first load of the night into the bowl; helped of course by the wiggling finger of Keith still buried up his arse.

Clarence and James were now stood watching the last few spurts of JD’s climax and James immediately began wanking furiously on Clarence’s cock until he added his load along side JD’s; meanwhile Clarence had his hand wrapped around Keith’s cock and was working it to fever pitch until he also added his load to the bowl. Not to be outdone; Keith was busy stroking James cock and soon four lots of spunk were not only caught in the bowl but mixed together as Ami delighted in cleaning any residue spunk from each of the cocks in turn. By now the last of the guests had arrived as Sam and Vicky were stood close to Wanda; who was still busy sucking cock, this time it was Sam’s she had buried in her throat whilst Vicky was busy thrusting a finger up Katie’s anal ring. Vicky must have been a vocal lover as all you could hear was her calling Katie a lesbian bitch and how she was going to enjoy sitting on her face and pissing into her mouth; she also warned Katie that to spill a single drop would leave her with a very sore red arse as she would not hesitate in whipping her mercilessly.

Just then Master Jack clapped his hands and everyone gathered around him; Cynthia was then summoned and was made to raise the hem of the maid’s uniform exposing his semi hard twelve in cock; both Ami and Vicky licked their lips at the prospect of having such a meaty member thrusting into their cunts; but Master Jack soon spoiled their dreams as he ordered Cynthia to fuck JD’s boy pussy whilst Wanda wearing a strap on was going to fuck Cynthia’s boy pussy. The rest were told to enjoy each other but Master Jack stressed that Katie’s red flagged cunt was out of bounds; this served two purposes to embarrass Katie immensely and to alert everyone that she was on a period.

Soon James had his cock buried in Ami’s arse and was pounding away when Keith slipped his cock up James arse; then Sam slammed his cock into Katie’s arse while Clarence fucked Vicky’s cunt; it was true that Vicky was extremely vocal in her loving making as she screamed her obscenities out telling Clarence exactly what she thought of his fucking and his large cock filling her cunt.

As demanded by Master Jack every time someone got close to cumming they spilt their loads in one of three bowls and by midnight there was almost enough spunk to half fill one of the bowls. Master Jack called a halt to the proceedings and ordered JD on hands and knees to come eat his supper.

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   He made him lap like a dog at the bowl of everyone’s spunk all mixed together. Soon JD had traces of spunk all around his mouth as he excitedly lapped away at the bowl.

True to her word; Vicky now sat on Katie’s face and gave her a golden shower directing most of it into her mouth; despite swallowing as fast as she could some splashed out and a delighted Vicky announce Katie was going be whipped.

She made a big thing about positioning her over the back a settee and using a short cat o nine tails she laid it fiercely across her ever reddening cheeks;but not only that Katie had to count the strokes and find different words to thank Vicky for her chastisement or that stroke did not count. Even Keith and Ami began to feel sorry for Katie as blow after blow of the whip landed across her criss crossed buttocks. Almost in mock parody; Clarence had James spread beside Katie and he was using a leather paddle to punish him but with the same rules.

Eventually Master Jack intervened and called a halt to the proceedings; he dismissed everyone except Cynthia, JD and Katie; after the four of them were alone he slid out of his trousers and had Katie suck his cock whilst JD sucked the big black cock of Cynthia. When both cock were rock hard he had JD slide his cock up Cynthia’s boy pussy and then slid his own cock up JD; JD was just beginning to enjoy himself when Katie produced a large rubber strap on cock and began fucking JD’s mouth.

She seemed to delight in forcing the thick rubber cock deep into his throat until he baulked and gagged; time after time the gagging seemed to be directly linked to his cock buried deep inside Cynthia and his own ravaged anal canal. Suddenly Cynthia declared he was going to cum so Master Jack ordered Katie to take the full force on her face and tits; No sooner had Cynthia climaxed than JD pulled out of his arse and sprayed his load all over his beloved cum splattered wife too; this was quickly added too by Master Jack and then He ordered Katie to lay on the table and had JD and Cynthia move into a 69 position to clean each other’s cocks while he carefully licked all the spunk off Katie’s face and tits.

At 3 am all parties were exhausted and whilst Cynthia was sent home JD and Katie were invited to stay overnight; of course Katie hoped this would mean that she would finally feel her master’s cock up her own arse but she was disappointed as she was tied to the bottom of the master’s bed and had to watch her husband; JD; take a good solid pounding from the master and even enviously had to watch as JD got to eat the master’s spunk once more.

Next morning Katie and JD were sent home with instructions to return in two weeks time and this time be prepared to accept absolutely anything; that their master could send their way.