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You're laying in bed fast asleep and you go to roll over but your hands are behind your head, under the pillow. You slowly wake up to notice it's day time, and plenty of natural light is saturating our room. you move your hand to pull the sheet over your eyes, but you can't seem to be able to reach it, something is softly restraining you, you pull your arms from under the pillow and notice that your hands are in fur lined cuffs white soft fur contrasting strongly with the lack of freedom it's giving you at this time, you smile, and turn expecting to see me laying next to you, however i'm not laying there at all. you begin to get worried, and are about to call my name when your mind registers that the shower is running, you hear it stop and pretty soon you see me come in the door, smile at you and drop my towel. I climb back in bed kissing you, and massaging your breasts, biting and twisting your nipples as i kiss you deeply and passionately, i kiss my way down and nibble on your rib cage. i let my hands wander down to your smooth legs, stroking from your anckle up your shins and calves, massaging and squeezing, I kiss my way down to the waist of your panties, my fingers and hands rubbing up your thighs. I can smeel your intoxicatingly wet and ready lips, i run my fingers over your panties teasing you and you moan ever so softly. I pull you close to me, kissing you deeply as i rub your clit gently through your panties. you're visibly wet, soaking the panties, i hook a finger into either side and pull them off slowly. I pull them all the way off and you arch your back offering me your hips, craving me inside of you, I smile place a sloppy wet kiss on your clit licking it ever so slightly, and reaching up to grab a blindfold off of the table. I tie it lightly over your eyes, and then kiss you deeply. i whisper in your ear " Do you trust me? If at any point you want me to stop and untie you and take your blindfold off say so", you nod and i kiss you again. I kiss your chin, down your neck nibbling and bitting you then tracing a line from your collar bone to your left nipple taking your right one in my hand massaging it deeply my right hand begins to lightly run my fingers over your hips, inside of your thigh and your lips, being sure to just lightly touch you. you moan, and tell me to take you and i kiss you and keep torturing you, enjoying watching you squirm wanting me in you so badly. i kiss my way down, licking and nibbling on your inner thighs, you're possitively swollen with lust, your juices making you glisten, i kiss your clit sucking it into my mouth ever so slightly, and your hips buck, you throw your legs over my shoulders and pull me in. I stop and gently put your feet in a few loops of rope i made holding your knees to your chest, and your feet a bit appart.

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   I can tell you're enjoying your lack of control but loosing your patience so i spread you and lick you deeply tasking your musky juices, then i lick around your clit over and over again brinking you to the brink your hips bucking as much as you can moaning and ghasping as i lick your swollen clit and lips, i kiss you on the mouth and you can taste yourself as you do you're shocked and distracted wanting me sucking on my tongue and i seize this moment, I deftly possition my head at your opening and without any warning shove all the way into you, deep and hard taking your soaking pussy, and you moan but it gets caught in your mouth nothing comes out your chest is arched and i bite hard on your nipple as your lips and whole boddy shutter around my thick swollen member. I don't wait for you to finish your orgasm and as your face is still recovering from the sudden intrusion of your swollen lips and soaking channel I beging thrusting in and out of you hard and fast, deeper and deeper as i do. my hands on your hips and thusting hard into you, you moan and groan and are arching your back and holding onto the top bar of the bed, trying to control yourself and participate as orgasm after orgasm rips through your body your juices leaking down over your ass and your toes curling and uncurling reflexively, I turn you on your side and slap your ass, shoving deep into your swollen distended lips, you're shudderin again as you cum, and i begin to rub your ass, you barely notice as i thrust in and out of your spasmic lips, I slap you hard on the ass, and you yelp, then i slide a finger into your ass and slam back into your lips deep settling all the way in till i bottom out, and am just moving in and out of you slowly and deeply, i pull out and open your legs again slapping my cock on your tender clit, then shoving back into you, Ithrust like a mad man and take a vibrator slowly inserting it into your ass, you are too distracted in the midst of your orgasm to object, I pull out and tie your feet up tighter pulling your legs to your chest, you're about to say something when i turn on the vibrator already inserted into your anus, and shove back into your lips one hand rubbing your tender clit as the other pulls and twists your nipples, i fuck you hard and fast trying to cum my balls slap aways at your ass and i feel the vibrations. I am about to cumm when i pull out and you open your mouth and i pull off your blindfold, you are staring at my huge swollen wet cock and i untie your hands which shoot to my shaft and my balls as you milk me dry your mouth around my head sucking as i shudder and fill your wanton mouth with my cum, you swallow and keep sucking as i continue to cum, over and over again, pulling it out of me, as you do.

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