Burned Out Nights In The Life Of A Derisive Bull Dyke



By A Humble Tinsel Polisher

     “… follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.
                         Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers, That grow so incredibly high. ”     –   BEATLES
Author’s Notes;
            For some of you out there this story may sound like you.   If so I feel sorry for you but it’s not about you.   Hopefully such an obscure name helps minimize that.
            Imagine if you will, a young girl spending time in an obscure daycare, with a doting spinster to look after her and her younger sister.   Hear the clock ticking on, as busy parents with no time for their children are confident in their babies safety, under the watchful eye of a kindly old woman.   The elder sister, a good little girl has gazed into the glass ball with peaceful flakes of snow floating down upon the most perfect little red house and it’s white picket fence surrounding, protecting it, until the child’s mind had gone totally blank.   The loving, obedient, little girl nestled next to the old woman sat exceptionally  still, barely moving a muscle, the unconscious need to fidget, softly scolded and thus extricated from even her sparkling eyes.   Entranced by the luminous snow gathering on the roof top, as the spellbinding octogenarian read sweet little stories, seemingly of her own design, straight into the adolescent girl’s subconscious.   As a reward for sitting still for so, so, long and listening to tales she didn’t understand, she was allowed to romp on the rocking horse in the corner, with an aging Venetian blind partially shading the lazy afternoon sun, slowly surging through a nearby window.   The father and mother hard at toil, as they tried to stay one step ahead of the tax man and bill collectors, had no idea what took place at daycare.   Each day, the kindly old woman did, expound upon her own brand of philosophy, making sure the little girl was patting her most private parts on the guiltless saddle, in varied rhythms acceptable to the spinster’s will.   The idyllic scene turns a dark corner into the macabre, as the old hag’s bleak and bitter life tracings, transfer directly into the young” innocent,” who is simply grateful to get to be playing, releasing that boundless energy.

 The only problem is, this is ”not” the Twilight Zone …and it is now many years later.


The drizzly late innings of a one run ballgame night, dragged through the windy corridors of time with nothing moving outside but wet, pregnant, gray clouds lumbering across the darkened sky.

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    Codified in the crackling low fire’s mantle of soft warmth from the next room lay Christobel.   Her yet firm breasts heaving a fierce, erect nipple, decrescendo from a very long, deeply yearning, masturbation session, and with any vestige of modesty long decayed into stardust, the sheets lay crumpled, sticky wet with woman nectar, beneath her.   They were clinging glued to her butt cheeks by female fuck cum.   The large bed, but a stage for the sole expressions of womanhood, where sleep only rode on the tail of an endless stream of orgasms.   A singular female aroma mingled pungently with diverse female aromas which clung to the walls like cigarette smoke, packed thickly, in layer after layer of scripted thespian encounters surreal.


The slippery girth of a female cum stained, monster dildo, lay wet against her acing thigh.   Leg muscles so young and firm only hours ago, now wasted tentacles, splayed out in lewd, spent, disregard.   Her womanhood, gaping cavernous, burned rivulets of nervous twitches, completely unable to contract,  as it jolted spasmodically, with both pussy lips, talking in turn about the magnificent, unnerving, violation that just took place.   In a few more days her labia would close enough to look almost normal again, but for now, the naughty wind shall whisper secret messages inside her mutilated womb.   Messages she once almost religiously, diluted herself into believing were, the true essence of romance, danced on now in Shiva’s numb concession.   Non-specific Sapphic love in unbridled fire, seemingly unquenchable, met by vicious fists and all manner of toys impaling her relentlessly, left all physical sensation to fade into nothingness slowly over the years.   What used to make her cum so hard, so quickly, once she learned how to cum, is only a prelude to what she needs to reach the slightest plateau of satisfaction now.

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Her sex life started out experimenting with boys and feeling so awkward she just plummeted into lesbianism in an innocent, natural, manner.   Or at least that’s how she thought it all began.   The pretentiously ominous, sinister side of it all, was something her joyous, adventuresome, spirit never perceived.

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    She  became sexually active when she was in her teens.


She loved telling her best friend in the whole, wide, world all about her encounters with boys and it made them both so hot they discovered that sex of any kind was tremendous.   On a Saturday night sleep over, she sat on the bed with Suzi watching a sit-comm on television.   Suzi was an Asian girl with long flowing dark hair that shown brilliant, in even the lowest lighting.   It shimmered so elegantly with each of the girl’s graceful movements.   If there was something, anything, Suzi ever did in an awkward and clumsy manner, there was no Peeping Tom to her Lady Godiva ride through life, to tell of it.  


Suzi had the sweetest dark almond eyes which melted everyone that her gaze softly, coyly, dominated.   Her engaging little turned up nose never made her appear “stuck up” like many other girls with such dainty noses seem.   She was just so down to earth her natural essence exude the supernatural.   And those tender full lips were just made for the ten thousand different sex acts, with that cute, little, pink, tongue so controlled in even it’s slightest activity.   When she spoke people watched her form words which flickered a fascinating, succinct, harmonious, tone and resound in their ears, as if they were being treated to a delightful opus from a Master Composer.   Her breasts were already as substantial as any other “normal” girl in school and the magnificent, succulent, nipples stood soooo inviting, surrounded by dark areola that matched her breast size and complexion perfectly. They were dark and passionate but not as dark as many Asian girls finer erogenous features.   She was very self conscious of her nipples as they gave her feelings away in an instant.   Those energetic, beautiful, rosebuds betrayed her so often, she was constantly made to feel ashamed of her naughty nature and even the older male teachers in school ogled her in overt ways that might have gotten them fired had she been a prick teasing bitch.

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     Whenever she rose above the humiliation and stopped cringing, as she blushed each time her nipples flew out to their full erectness, she could drive any male of the species wild, and much to her surprise so many of the females she couldn’t believe there were that many bi and lesbian girls.   Her diffident presence and that “Rush to Blush” habit, just made her so adorable and vulnerable that they must have written the song which states, “Everybody wants You” just for her, at least that line of it anyway.   She did learn to use those compelling flesh barometers as sexual magnets, and did finally relish the idea that everybody always thought that Asian women were kinky.   That image was something she felt she had to learn to live up too, in fact she wanted to live up to it.   Curious, eager, sweet Suzi.    It was so much fun for her to play with the naughty essence in life, to dance with, and portray, the fabled capricious, love, Goddess herself, was such an immense turn-on.   Her rib cage even had a definite sexy feminine quality as taut flesh drew across it and show delicate bone structure, especially when she breathed deeply.   Her little waist and flaring hips were the very cradle of sexuality itself, as the dual crescent lines of her hips filled the form of human existence so perfectly, it would astound a Holy Mystic on a mountaintop.   Christobel had no idea what Suzi’s womanhood looked like, but she would soon find out, as she knew that Suzi didn’t think there was anything wrong with revealing a little of her moist valley to guys from time to time.   Surely modeling her sex for girls would soon follow.   And she was always talking about “up-skirt flirts. ” Plus she was curious about everything sexual in nature.


They sat in a school girl cuddle on Suzi’s bed that night long ago, amid her stuffed animals  giggling at the television, with a silk Chinese comforter keeping them toasty warm, when Suzi inquired how Christo’s date went with Thomas the night before.   Her inquiry instantly became the guarded formula to a prideful mixologist in the girls ensuing interaction for some time to come.   “I really didn’t have that good a time,”  was her matter of fact answer.

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    “Why not,” asked Suzi adding, “From the tent pole in his jeans he looks like he has a nice big fat love stick. ”  Christobel noticed how quickly Suzi got to the topic of sex, just there, and something inside smiled at this horny little hottie because she needed to discuss, and explore it herself.   Suzi knew all the words, but she didn’t have very much experience at all.   Christo’s voice trailed off saying, ‘”Oh he does, but I was just uncomfortable.   I guess it was sexual tension I couldn’t deal with yet.   I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was.   I was just horny. ”  Hearing her reply Suzi started feeling her body becoming electrified and the television set became noise in the background, a refuge to run to, if things got out of control.   “What happened,” she asked? 


Christobel drew a soft long breath and began to relate the occurrence.   She noticed that Suzi’s little pokies were already starting to push her cotton T-shirt out, as she plied, “Well … we … uh … we went to the movies … and … he was acting all Gallant and Chivalrous, … and … I really liked it.   That  was like, I truly was something special to him, and it made me feel pretty good, so after the movie began I actually welcomed his arm around me.   I started getting excited about how we looked sitting there together, so I put my hand on his knee.   Oh God, when I did that, it made my heart race so fast, because I had the nastiest thought of moving it up slowly and playing with his dick, right there in the theater, in front of everybody, until he couldn’t stand it anymore!  Then I thought I might even jack it off for him. ”


Suzi’s eyes grew wide and her nipples were protruding so invitingly.   The excitement written all over her tender face made Christobel want to tell her everything, just to see her all hot and bothered.

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    Suzi had this special kind of sexual glow that made her more appealing than other people somehow.   Getting her hot was working so she continued.   “Well a little later he started rubbing my shoulder and his hand kept roaming further and further so I did the same thing.   I let my hand creep up his leg and go lower and lower on the inside of it. ”  She could tell that Suzi was moving her hand on her own leg under the comforter, but it puzzled her that Suzi wasn’t blushing as much as she usually did.   “He pushed me forward so he could rub my back and I almost died when he put his hand under my top.   The feeling of another person touching you under your clothes is so cool, but in public it’s scary. ”  She deliberately stopped to illicit a response from Suzi who had let her hand wander up to begin slight caresses of her soft, pulsating, vulva beneath the covers.   Breathlessly Suzi plead one long sustained, “and. ”  “And He unfastened my bra, and it was like a thousand pounds lifted off of me, but right then I felt that pain, ya know,  right in the pit of my stomach, and it hurt more than I ever thought it could.   Then it took forever for him to reach around and touch my boobie but ohhhh, it was worth the wait.   That felt so good to have someone else touch my breast, but I was so uncertain about everything.   I didn’t want to get caught doing it in a theater and I didn’t know if I could stop him without making a scene.   It felt wild and unpredictable. ”  Suzi only groaned as her pokies were now fully extended and Christobel could not only clearly see the young girl’s gorgeous nipples outlined in white cotton that made her succulent flesh look so tanned, with opaque sensory, depth, she could also smell the ambrosia she would crave for the rest of her life, starting to force it’s way up through the thick barricade. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

    Suzi was definitely working her pussy.   The bulge her hand made in it’s hiding place at the center of her being went round and round in a circle that burned recognition into Christobel’s young mind.   She knew exactly what Suzi was doing, even if she couldn’t actually see a thing, and that knowledge gave her a worldly feeling of confidence.   “He took my nipple in between his rough fingers and I got soooo sticky down there right then, even if it felt more like he was groping me than being sensitive, at all. ” 


Christobel delighted in constructing the tale more than living the occurrence, with her eyes casting themselves down to Suzi’ s ministrations.   She also knew with certainty that Suzi could tell what she was looking at, and Suzi didn’t withdraw or even flinch.   “When he started rolling it around and pinching it that made a thousand pins, jab me all over, and it spread out from my booby and went all the way through me, even to my toes.   My insides were aching soooo much, I didn’t want to sit still but had too”  Chrsitobel was getting as hot as she ever had been, telling this to Suzi while consuming the girl’s sex with her lustful eyes, and she felt so thankful when Suzi asked, “How did he do it?  Show me. ”  Christo had no fear at this point.   The young girl truly wanted to roll Suzi’s “love magnets” in her own delicate fingers to show her, exactly, how it felt.   She relented though, thinking that would be too forward, so she slowly lifted her trembling hand to her own heaving breast.   She grasp her nipple between two fingers.   Pulled it out gently, and rolled the tip through her silk top ever so slowly, while her eyes openly consumed Suzi’s beautiful globes.   “Just like this,” Christo reported with the softest sexiest voice she’d ever heard come from her dry throat.  


“I don’t know what made me do it, but that’s when I just had to feel that big hard dick,” is how Christobel finally continued.

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    “I moved my hand up so slowly and I was shaking like a leaf. ”  An extremely overpowering urge hit Christo’s mind and she didn’t question where it came from, and now shaking like a leaf again she glanced into Suzi’s eyes and down at the comforter and darted back to her eyes and slowly, back down as she pulled the comforter off them both a fraction of a millimeter at a time.   Suzi looked down too, just as the sliding silk provided no more stimulation on just as silky, smooth a pair of nubile bodies.   The  comforter no longer shielded them from the full scent now hanging like a billowing nimbus increasing the space inside the whole room while the walls shrank in dimension.   The down filled  comforter didn’t offer any more concealment, yet, as their hearts leapt, neither girl backed down or stopped what they were doing, and Christobel watched with rapt attention as Suzi slipped her finger fully into her slippery vagina and withdrew it as she looked in Christobel’s eyes and through them into her soul.   Christobel didn’t really understand why her lips were so dry, but she now devoured the full cherry, red, blush on Suzi’s face, as she licked and moistened her lips as slowly, seductively and carefully as she could.   The tiniest little sound was coming from inside Suzi’s panties as her finger slithered in to explore and relish yet another part of her sweet, gushing, womb.   Suzi’s leg muscles ached in a delightful tremor but she had no intention of stopping.   She tore her attention from Chrsitobel’s lustful face down to her fingers the second they started moving.   Christo still looking into the gorgeous little Asians deep pools of intelligence, traced down her own exhilarated body and across the top of her soaking wet panties and then slowly caught the spongy elastic to lift it from her tight abdomen.   Suzi’s eyes glinted in delight as Christobel pushed her fingers down through her pubes and tickling her mon as she went.   Tiny little goose bumps flared across her firm, pear shaped, bugger puppies, and on through her torso as she found her way to that sopping wet wishing well.   She drew a clinching breath as her nails scraped across her clitty hood and seeing that, Suzi understood exactly what she was feeling and it turned her on even more.   One more second and she would surely burst.   They both felt so hot that the air in the room chilled them, but in such a delightful way.

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    Christo’s mind rolled and turned in a shower of sensation as she pushed her finger into resistant muscles that soon willingly gave way to the raw feeling, and her body flinched from the cerebral-spinal fluid’s increase, as a single longing finger found itself fully home in her herbal pantry.   After an eternity of eyes searching eyes and hearts exploring uncharted territory while Christo matched the strokes into herself with Suzi’s own, the ravenous inclination to do more took control.


“I let my fingers dance on top it at first just like this,” Christobel leveled as she now finally reached to actually touch Suzi with her other hand.   She tapped her nails on the inner edge of Suzi’s knee, in a secret rhythmic cadence, she had no idea she even knew.   The sensation of being touched by someone else while so aroused and masturbating, sent shockwaves through Suzi starting in the bottomless pool of girlie cum building deep inside her womanhood and charging out in all directions.   Her sensations were so strong that Christobel could feel those same shockwaves pounding on her aura.   Sub-consciously she screamed, “Oh God! Yes Come in, come in! Please!”  She instinctively knew how to ride those waves and now felt so confident doing that.   Her voice turned even sweeter and she projected it into Suzi looking for the place that the delicious tension would eventually find full release.

  Suzi was now blatantly stroking her pussy right in front of Christobel and both of them knew inside they wanted to cum together.   Neither cared how.   Suzi felt a deep fountain spring to life as she heard Christo enunciating carefully (just as she always did), “Then I  slowly wrapped my fingers around that huge, pulsating, cock. ”  It felt so good to say cock to Suzi that she knew when she got to talking dirty about anything female she would be soaking the carpet!  She stopped looking into Suzi’s eyes and concentrated on her nipples heaving in a mantra so enticing.   That T-shirt just had come off!  But how?  With her mind a bit clouded she wrapped her fingers around the soft inside of Suzi’s leg and made sure each nail drug deliberately through that gossamer flesh to the scared ching lo below the surface, filled with spirit fire.   When she squeezed with measured force Suzi was soaking her panties completely.   Christobel’s aesthetic esteem for so beautiful a sight as Suzi, all aglow with pent up sexual energy in sopping wet panties and her responding to it all, this way, was immeasurable.

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As young Christo explained about the pre-cum that she could feel and smell, on His pants and how deliriously hot and hard that thick pole was, she began to cum herself.   She glorified the bulbous head and just how good knowing it would soon be deep inside her virgin pussy, raking out all her juices, felt.   She sat there panting, with shivers running up and down her spine at the thought of her best friend’s titillation.   Her voice began to soften to nearly a whisper, a slow, gravelish, feline sound.   Suzi reached for the remote because she didn’t need, or want, the noise protecting her any more.   She could feel a driving desire to engulf Christobel’s entire body with her now empty pussy and it felt so good, she couldn’t think of anything else.   She needed every part of Christo deep inside her, entirely inside her, with their minds completely together, and their hearts pounding in exactly the same place.   As she stretched that T-shirt material hard against her breast grabbing the remote, the outline was splendid and it was surprising to Christobel that Suzi actually had such large beautiful breasts, formed so round and full.   She never really noticed how big they were before, as Suzi hid them behind loose clothing and jackets or sweaters all the time.   They stuck out directly in front of her like a perfectly carved statue while Christo’s were more conical and they aimed out to each side of her.   Suzi had natural cleavage and Christol adored her breasts more than envied them.   She needed to consume them.   To feel them glide all over her body and through all her most private, vibrant, moistures.


When the television did it’s nose dive implosion Christobel tested the water, “It’s hot in here isn’t it? “  Suzi just smiled and nodded slowly keeping her eyes on Christo’s lecherous face as she began to stroke her sweet slit.   Christobel was transfixed and bedazzled by Suzi’s sexy, erect, nipples.

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   She couldn’t take her eyes off them and as long as Suzi made no remonstration she wasn’t going too!  The most intense desire and strongest drive was compelling her to lift her hand directly to them, to touch them, squeeze them, and to roll them in her sweaty, cum soaked, palms.   Suzi was loving this and she took it all in with a sense of awe.   Her best friend was worshipping her breasts and that made her feel good in a way nobody else ever had.   Christobel’s hand slipped from her burning, tight, wetness and began to levitate beyond her control, but she managed to turn it into a gesture with the dripping cum making LSD trails in  the air.   Finally, she stammered out, “Oh Suzi … Those nipples …. ”  She trailed off in meek surrender so Suzi took the initiative.  


“ I hate my nipples!” Suzi pouted.   “How could you say that,” asked Christobel?  She locked her gaze into Suzi as hard and as far as her spirit could manage, adding, “They’re so beautiful.   So much sexier than mine. ”  Suzi swelled with pride and anticipation, knowing where this was going and loving every breath of it.   They curled the slippery fingers that were just inside each of them together and ever so slowly let them slip away from that slight embrace.   They were both still too afraid to taste their combined essence but something inside made Christo yearn to do just that.


Suzi reached out and let her fingers scan the hem of Christo’s silk top as she lifted it slightly and nervously put it back down more than once.   It was making both their desirous hearts ache so badly.   When Christo couldn’t stand it for another second she began to lift her arms so Suzi could remove her top and that was all Suzi needed.


    She pulled the silk top off of Christo like she was taking the paper off a delicious candy bar not wanting to waste a single morsel of the sugary concoction within.   Christobel held her arms over herself, in her hair, for a second, arching her back for this lovely creature and then let her arms drop limply in front of her.   She straightened her back and thrust her breasts out for Suzi to see how they really looked and she desperately needed her to like what she saw, so she did this just as she modeled herself before all the mirrors at home.   Her nipples pounded blood into them so hard she thought she’d start lactating any second.   “Oh Christo they’re beautiful,” Suzi’s hypnotic voice calmed and excited Christo as the same time.   Courage built so magnificent a profile that Christo reeled up as she leaned  forward, to reach that God Damn T-shirt on Suzi and get it out of the way.   When she leaned in, Suzi caught her by surprise and kissed her directly on the lips.   The kiss almost immediately flew past tentative and headed toward passion like a train stuck on full throttle.   One of Suzi’s hands reached around Christobel’s neck and nestled in her soft hair as she pulled the girl into her longingly and the other hand found it’s way to Christobel’s smaller breast but almost equally engorged emerald poised at the tip.   In such a hurried fashion, Christobel regretted afterwards, she pulled at the girl’s T-shirt and fought it off her.   They both laughed as they toppled down onto the bed and nuzzled closer than she had ever felt with any female before.   Her legs were suddenly alive with sensation as Suzi glided her own velvet appendages along her’s.   Christo had forgotten her legs altogether as her mind was frozen on those succulent breasts and those gloriously juicy huge zeniths that stood up into the sky like fiery, female pagan, Goddess’s.  


As Suzi followed the siren’s voices singing from Christo’s entreating eyes and drew her leg across Christo’s nearest leg to try and turn sideways for her,  Christo found another part of her body screaming out for completion.   The divine sensation from Suzi forcing her sleek leg between Christo’s caused a fluid thrust that ushered forth like an atomic bomb blast in her toes and traveled headlong to her center.

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    As Suzi put her arm over Chirsto to pull herself into the right position it rested right across both of Christo’s exposed passion globes and bear down on them just like Thomas’s whole chest and all his weight did just the night before while his big, barber pole, was squirting his sweet fuck juice deep inside her uterus.   But this was more, … more … pleasant … and exhilarating.   The sensation flowed like two blunt instruments were attacking her breasts simultaneously and smashed through her brain.   A forged fire of feeling rolling down from there into her stomach tied in a thousand knots and down into the dark heavy powerful regions of her destitute pussy already exploding from Suzi’s sweet leg moving into her, insistently into her.   It got stronger and stronger as Suzi slowly slid her soft inner arm across Christo’s breasts,  followed by fingers acting as currents in a stream dancing over her most responsive boobies.   Christobel was honored when Suzi stopped short of full retreat, letting her fingers linger in thoughtless play on the breast nearest her.


Christobel envied Suzi as she caught Christo’s hand and brought it, unashamed, directly to Suzi’s superb breast.   The breasts that Christobel longed to touch and suckle from, every time she saw her, for as long as she could remember.   And suddenly all those sensations began to mingle in the moist, intense,  jiggly feeling that overwhelmed her.   Her very first tactile entwining with another female felt so good she wanted to cry out, “Suzi I’m in Love with You!  This is beautiful!”  But she only lay there feeling her fingers trace and encompass Suzi’s breasts.   When Christo’s hungry areola felt Suzi’s fingernails return to tracing it tentatively She beseeched her with dynamic passion, “Please, don’t stop.   I love this.   Please don’t stop!”  Suzi was now on fire and she intensified her quest for Christobel’s completion.   Christo knew more than felt as if she and Suzi were the only two beings in the Universe, lighting the nighttime sky, as she swam in emotions that convey vast causeways straight into her determined, animal, lust.   She thought she truly knew now, what it felt like to be a wanton female as Suzi began pushing her leg up and letting it recede closer and closer to her gushing, pussy which was in constant orgasm.

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    Suzi knew exactly how to dry pump her best friend and had been wanting to for so long.   She had practiced this over and over in her fantasies but Christobel was always more eager and aggressive when she fantasized about them together.   Trying to make her bolder she asked, “Oh God!  Did you suck his dick?  I’ve never sucked a dick before.   Did you?  Did you?”


Christobel knew if she abandoned her report and boldly stated that all she wanted was to fuck  Suzi, to make love to her and with her, that it would not go well, and besides this was all brand new to Christo and she just knew Suzi had to have been with another girl before.   Her having been with a guy even if it was only once, was working to her advantage now, so she continued, “Yes, I sucked it and it felt so wonderful!”  It actually was wonderful and she wasn’t really lying to Suzi she just didn’t say she liked this more.   “What happened?  Tell me!”  Suzi dry pumped her leg all the way up into Christobel’s molten sloppy cum drenched vulva as she turned Christobel’s body on it’s side to receive her thrusts more completely. Chrsitobel was finding it hard to even think but her desperate need for female on female release commanded she continue.   A  stealth and devious plan was formulating and when she looked into Suzi’s eyes she thought maybe that was why she asked.   “Well, after we left the Theater we went over to his older brother’s house and he was finger fucking my hot little pussy all the way there. ”  She pressed her hand between their bodies and began playing with Suzi’s hot cunt.   Suzi moaned in so passionate a sound Christobel knew how her mother felt each night she cried out into the wind as her father fucked her.   She also recognized just how exhilarating it was to even say the naughty word pussy to her best female friend.   She wanted to lick Suzi’s ear and nuzzle even closer so she could send wet shivers into Suzi’s core, as she spoke that glorious, beautiful, naughty, word a thousand more adoring times in every way possible, to the first female she ever found herself this intimate with.   Her finger slipped into Suzi!  Inside her body! And Christobel had to probe every part of it.   She quickly found a rhythm that Suzi’s hips gave appreciative regard to, and she pushed harder and deeper while her palm caressed Suzi’s clitty hood in the process, turning and angling each growing thrust.

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    She was saving the way she liked finger fucking herself for last and was in no hurry to arrive at that too soon. She would wait for Suzi to climb the mountain and at just the right moment she would literally “be” the sparkling rainbow Suzi beheld from within.


Now running with the moment she saw the way to make all her and Suzi’s inhibitions disappear.   “When we got there they were smoking bong hits and the way they all looked at me, was as if I was just a hot little fuck whore. ”  Suzi opened herself to Christobel even more and it became easy to slip two fingers into her tight little, cock squeezing, cunt.   “When I took a big hit I stuck my boobs out as far as I could and every one of them started getting ants in their pants.   It was so funny!  And it felt so good to be a dirty little slut for all of them.   Then Thomas was all over me and I was going crazy.   Right in front of all those guys.   I felt so strange but I liked it.   I was the center of attention … but … but it, just wasn’t as comfortable and soft or intimate as we are together right now. ”   Looking for Suzi to respond in kind Christo searched her eyes as she finger fucked her with a slight bit more insistence.   Suzi just took the fingers, greeting them with eager hip thrusts and nuzzled into Christobel’s neck feeling the intense waves wash over her again and again.   She whispered, “Then what happened?”  A dejected Christobel didn’t let that disappointment show, she expounded, “When Thomas started finger fucking me like this … [hard push , hard push] … His brother said, “You better take that into the other room before we all fuck her!”  Oh God, I was on fire!  The thought of fucking all those hard dicks and having their cum dripping out of my worn out, tight, pussy made me cum when I started to walk into the other room.   One at a time, each one different than the last and then all together.

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    One in my mouth, one in each hand and two more in my fuck holes!  Oggggawd that’d be so hot!”  Suzi was growing more insistent as she started to push the pace of Christo’s finger thrusts.  


Christo continued, “Anyway we got into the bedroom  and He pushed down on my shoulder so I got on my knees and he pulled that magnificent beast out of his pants.   It was right in front of my face and I just sucked it. ”  Suzi moaned out loud, “How, tell me how!”  Chrsitobel had now realized her plan and went to work saying, “I’ll show you how!”  She planted a sweet little kiss on Suzi’s iron nipple and began to suck it into her mouth.   She sucked on those beautiful breasts for all eternity in everyway she could think of, as she began fingering Suzi in her own favorite way.   She had two fingers deep inside her, rubbing along the G spot, while her thumb was  seizing and bearing down on her clitoris, shifting from one side to the other, and finally right over it, using short faster and faster strokes squeezing tighter and tighter as she went.   Suzi came so hard and so loud, Christobel was afraid she’d be having to fuck her whole family.   When Suzi came back to life she made Christo’s heart jump all the way over the moon, when she asked, “Like this?”  And she began to suck and finger Chrsitobel with equal but slightly more savage aggression.   Before she knew it Christobel’s whole body got so tense she could have walked straight through titanium to go to Suzi.   To answer Suzi’s feminine love call.   With what felt like a nine, on the Richter scale, she let go of all her juices, and cares, and woes, and, well everything else, including knowledge of her body at all!  She was floating in infinity, as her own fingers slid soft from Suzi’s worn out sweet slit.   Christo was feeling what nirvana must be like for the longest time.   She had finally had her first “real” completely mind blowing female on female orgasm.   A glimmer of vague vision, where she  stood out in the snow fall, next to a white picket fence, in front of a warm home, painted red, never caused her to ponder it’s relevance.


That’s how it went after that with Christobel and Suzi.

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    Christo went out with guys and did everything she could possibly do.   She even fucked the whole football team once, just so she could go back to Suzi and tell her all about it, while they fucked each other’s female brains out.   They swam in the taste of one another, and licked each other’s pussies into many wonderful climaxes too.   Christobel wanted to drop the routine, premise altogether, and say she loved being Suzi’s lover … and the guys were fun but just not the same … except every time she started too, Suzi would withdraw, so she always wound up telling her how much she loved her pussy.   Not her, her pussy and that kept Suzi happy.   They weren’t really lesbians making lesbian love.   They were best friends fooling around while they got off on talking about guys big cocks cumming in them, and all over them.   But Christobel wanted more, she wanted a female to female secret, exclusive,  naughty, love affair, and Suzi wasn’t giving it to her, so they ultimately, drifted apart.

Controlled By A Fist 

            Finally she did find an older woman who was “all the way lesbian” and they became secret lovers overnight.   Samantha was her name and she taught Christobel virtually all the ways of Sapphic Love.   The gentle and rough, Sweet and the Tough.   Everything!  Christobel was a fast and eager learner.   But most of all, she guessed she loved being naughty and hiding it.   If it was naughty, even nasty, it was more powerful, and learning that, is what pushed her deeper and deeper into her expressions of physical love.   She still  went out for a causal fuck with guys sometimes, but that was just to cover up what she was really doing. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

    It was an easy transition from fucking filthy swinging dick to get some of Suzi’s pussy, into fucking dick so she could hide under Samanthas skirt tail.   She loved hard cock and didn’t mind being a fuck toy whore, even for several guys at once, but the guys really didn’t interest her.   Their souls, their hearts, aspirations … none of that meant anything to her.   They were just walking dildos.   Uncontrollable, walking dildos, with a short fuse and no off switch.


            After the heart pounding thrill of naughty sex with another woman dissipated, becoming routine,  she next found the thrill of being secretly fisted was a means of satisfaction extraordinaire .   The psychological aspect of having her lover’s female hand inside her womb and granting her ecstasy was the spoon feeding she devoured eagerly.   Her introduction to it was conducted by the simple act of going to “Naughty Lady Parties,” with Samantha, to show off lesbian talents, learn from others, and share the communion of like minded women.   Watching other women being fisted, writhing in intense passion, although shocking at first, was what compelled her to fend off her recalcitrance.   It surely didn’t look like it was hurting any of the more experienced party girls.   The enthusiasm all the fisters illustrated was icing on the cake.   The suspenseful interaction while she was going through her preparations were delirious, and the ardent support from her lover was tremendous. When she graduated from her rolling pin preparations and was irrevocably capable of being saturated, feeling the pulse of her blood surging all around that forceful fist, the wrist, the arm, brought her that extra intimacy to truly take her into the cloud of grand mol fulfillment.   The gratification wasn’t instant as rolling her vulva on, first the small rolling pin to stretch her muscles for easier penetration and then, on the large peeler log to desensitize her enough to make it as painless as possible, along with being mounted by larger and larger dildos to stretch her out inside, was hard, slow, painful work and it took weeks.


She remembered the joy of violating her little sister’s hot tiny cunt with her clinched fist for the very first time, which was an even more compelling psychological thrill.

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    Oh the power that surged through her was overwhelming, knowing once the intense pain she made her baby sister endure, began to give way to pleasure, she would be able to give her darling little sister the biggest, longest, orgasm she ever had.   So inflicting that pain of twisting her fingers and knuckles deeper and deeper inside her until she felt the plop and that tight pussy squeeze her wrist was inconsequential.   Her sister would be nothing but a molting pool of aromatic “woman folding” upon the mystical ether, in the throws of total sexual satisfaction.   All those other bitches who romanced little sis away from her, with their big boobs, their soft clear flesh, and gorgeous faces, would be meaningless, as Jennifer would do as Christobel had done whenever she got Jennie to ram that sweet, little, fist of her’s inside Christobel’s hungry, open, pussy.   She knew Jennie would lay next to her in the afterglow of their passion, licking Christo’s fist and her arm, kissing it and thanking it, not Christobel herself, but her precious fist and long slender arm for making her cum so hard and for so long.   Then all those damn blonde bimbo bitches would only be a forgotten memory.   Then her tongue could dance in ecstasy on those hard nipples proudly standing up in the air, and she would OWN her sister once more.


            Still flirting with the idea of “completely opening” her baby girl, sister’s pussy, she thought back to the first time her older lover Samantha ripped and mutilated her vaginal opening.   They had been fisting together for a long while before it happened.   She remembered how terribly it hurt for weeks after that, but the look in the woman’s eyes was so amazing when the confrontation took place.   She was so completely and desperately in love with Christobel, and Christo’s tongue, that the thought of her ever having another man’s cock inside her, was just to horrible an idea for the possessive, old, woman to bear.   The tears that flowed and the intimate sobbing which eventually led to Christo laying there suckling from the woman’s Momma breasts, nearly all night long, were the deepest feelings she believed either of them had ever experienced.  


What actually happened was the woman had fisted her into total oblivion, and when she passed out, instead of softly twisting a limp hand out of her stretched and worn frail pussy, Samantha deliberately waited until she felt that pussy begin to tighten around her wrist again, and then kept her fist clenched zealously and yanked it out of Christobel as hard as she could, and at the most damaging angle possible.   She was on fire with jealousy and envy as well as such consuming, pathetic need while she felt each sinew of muscle fiber pop and break away from their gathering around Christobel’s young, virile, clitty, into dismal, uselessness.   As time stood perfectly still, she passed her knuckles out through the young girl’s minora then majora and that final intense, hard, tugging pop against the shelf muscles just below Christo’s labia, all of which had Samantha’s eyes wide in sadistic, intoxicating exhilaration.

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    Like an aging fisherman hurriedly, ripping the hook from the mouth of a record breaking, rainbow trout, the old dyke was enjoying a victorious, triumphant, feast of ownership, for herself mostly, but also for the entire lesbian sisterhood.   The few additional repetitions, of this act of mutilation, which would be required for her to be “opened completely” wouldn’t be as painful and would become easier and easier each time.   And Sam’s compelling emotion would smother Christo with confused passion, like the sweetest strawberry preserves spread over her consciousness, ever so slowly, delicately, urging her to surrender to Sapphic profusion.   Christobel loved to be loved, and loved to be truly needed by another woman’s sex.   The psychological trance inducement impaling her brain stem was the most incredible state of being she had ever attained and maintaining it for longer and longer periods of time was soupy ice cream ecstasy.   If intense pain and mutilation was what she had to endure to prolong that feeling, then excruciating pain is what she would willingly, openly, bear.   She would stand naked in the garden of woman love with the morning sun kissing her whole being, worshipping her magnificent, superior, feminine essence!


Betrayal, Put Out On The Street.


            Those young sissy years were such fond remembrances for her, until she thought about coming home to find what she “just knew” was her one true love, in bed with another woman.   If she had found her with a filthy, swinging dick, that would have been devastating enough, but to catch her with another woman was far worse.   It violated everything Christobel had been taught to believe was true and real.   The nurturing sisterhood sharing real caring, love, and deep knowing, that only a woman can have with another woman was instantly smashed like fetid, smoldering, clumps of fresh asphalt beneath the huge, steamy, screeching man rollers of a vintage Buffalo Springfield.   Instantly, everything in life turned into utter bullshit.   The sight was burned into her eyes as her heart sunk into the black compressed hardness of despair.   She DID lay before the cosmos just a stretched out ribbon of highway to nowhere, to be run over and over, again and again.


She had been staying with the older woman most of the time and hardly ever went home to her parents house even though she wasn’t legally old enough to be on her own.

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    When she did go home it was only to get to see Jennifer and possibly touch her, fondle those young breasts and feel the thrill of making her young pussy sopping wet, with the danger of being caught by their parent’s, making it all so much more intoxicating.   She didn’t consider THAT cheating on her true lover as it was just real sisters playing with each other.   The girl she caught Samantha with, was NOT her flesh and blood!


They had a special “teacher’s day” at school and all the kids were let out at noon that mournful afternoon.   Christo’s hormones were raging and she was relieved at not having to hide herself during gym showers so nobody would notice that her vagina was now so much larger than before, and almost always opened well beyond normalcy.   She bolted straight home to her lover and threw her book bag down on the sofa.   In a little, smiling feline, silent, trod, she crept into the bedroom softly so she could slip under the covers from the foot of the bed and wake Sam up with love sonnets from her thirty tongue on the older woman’s juicy, scrumptious, honey pot.   Then she would give herself to the naked Samantha, a fully clothed, sex wet, and willing school girl, so innocent a present, to be unwrapped delicately.    That’s when it hit her.   Everything became clouded and her heart began to pound so hard it vacillated in disjointed, un-natural, harsh rhythm.   Her nerves were shocked into movement so abrasively that electric thunder bolts jumped all over her body.   It seemed to raise her full countenance well above the despondent scene as if she were astral projecting.   She felt clammy cold, and furious hot at the same time, as her demure eyes tried to refocus in total disbelief.   Samantha was laying half on her side and half over another naked, slithering, devil snake in a  woman’s body.   The woman was only slightly older than Christo but still much younger than Sam.


This was no coincidental occurrence either, because she saw that Sam had her sexiest outfit on.

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    Those wide mesh black fishnets that made Christo feel so delighted to watch her slide up her sexy, slender, silky, legs with Christo licking her lips in expectation of the naughty passion that would soon follow, when Sam dressed for sex with her.   And that garter belt framing those soft white mounds of posterior flesh rising out of her passion pit so sweetly that always seem to provide a guide line for Christo’s sharp nails to scrape along, in tender, little, agonizing preludes to deep penetration.   The long spiked heels at the end of those succulent legs which were now wrapped around the other girl’s head, tangled in her long shimmering hair.   And Sam had no bra on at all, so her taut nipples could glide through slippery woman syrup and all over that repulsive woman’s horrid, perfect, body, just as they had done a hundred times on “special dress up” night, with Christobel.   There was Sam’s arm buried deep inside the girl’s pussy and Sam was licking her clitoris feverishly.   That wicked tongue straying so far from it’s home port, when it should have been tousled by the deep ocean’s rhythmic, undulations, safely moored in Christobel’s harbour of sexual eagerness.   She should have been seeking her sustenance from Christo’s delta, drinking the golden ambrosia which flowed like a wild, wide river, only for her.   This was all wrong.   It couldn’t be happening.


The hunger in the other woman’s eyes told the entire story to her almost like telepathy.   Christo instantly knew that this had been Sam’s previous girlfriend and they were still doing each other when she was at school!  She felt her entire soul abandon her that very instant, and salty tears began to burst like sharp needles from her loving eyes, wetting those pouty, pussy loving, ruby lips and running down across her feminine chin.   A chin that was made just to wriggle between willing majora and bump hard on distended clits.   On Sam’s wanton clit!   But it was happening!  There was denying it.   You could literally hear her heart rip like paper being torn from the sweetest romance novel ever written.


            The ingrams that raced through her head in automation like a hazy black and white movie being shown on a small share cable channel, as she hobbled dumbfounded out of the room, were not hateful.


    They were self-deprecating.   As she realized what a fool she had been, she thought about the times she let Sam rip her vagina open further and further until it was truly nothing but a fist pocket.   Then she remembered gaining weight from letting Sam ram that big, ambitiously driven, monster dildo up her hot, little, squealing, tortured, anal passage.   That damn giant dildo kept her from going number two for days and even if she didn’t eat at all, she gained weight from it.   She looked like she still had all her baby fat on her even though she’d worked that off long ago, just to look good for Sam.   And it was all from Samantha’s obsession with fucking her up the ass with the strap-on until she actually couldn’t do anything except have an anal orgasm.   She remembered how difficult it was to sit still in the cold wooden chairs at school with the swollen, red, distended bowel flesh still hanging out of her sullen brown crown for days, and everybody looking at her like she was a freak, as if they all knew the sweet, secret, surrender she got so used to, she even craved it.   Sometimes even on the very next delectably, painful day.   That just made her surrender more meaningful and the wild, vigorous  plateau it brought Samantha’s whole body to, was a soft edifying force within young Christobel’s heart.   Even though it was exciting to do the same thing to Samantha when she wanted her too, it didn’t make up for her being so stupid to believe it was real, enduring, love she was in, and true love she was doing it for.


            When she silently melted out of the bedroom Samantha didn’t even care enough to follow after her.   Christo remembers the other girl stopping and saying something but Sam reciprocated with a self serving statement that Christobel needed to be alone right now and she’d talk to her later.   She didn’t need to be alone!  She needed to be with a “faithful” Samantha.   She needed to have Sam’s arm inside her womb and have Sam’s tongue driving her into delirium, and she needed to be doing the same exact thing to her, together.   Christo picked up the heavy book bag and slung it over her shoulder as she headed for the door.

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    When the books smashed into her spine, the strap ripped into Christobel’s breast and caused a rich, deep, searing pain but she didn’t care or even bother to adjust it away from her mournful nipple.   A sensitive nipple that Samantha’s tender, glossy, lips would never caress, kiss or softly suck on again.  


Her wobbly legs somehow carried her home to her family after she walked through a catacomb of dismal, rainy streets for hours, until that last possible road home, with physical exhaustion being her only companion.   A flash of foreboding apparition retuned to Christo’s consciousness.   As her vocabulary grew, she recalled that each time she ran across a new term expressing Sapphic activity, or with each new experience she gained from her relationship with Samantha, something strange took place.   Not always immediately, sometimes it was hours later or even in dreams that night.   Her mind always returned to the afternoon sun’s beams waxing and waning through the window of  her childhood daycare.   She was always riding that rocking horse, feeling the scintillating, pressured, rhythm on her private parts, and the old woman’s tones tickle as they slipped into her ear unheard.   She struggled in vain to comprehend what those words indicated.   Then she would see baby Jennifer sitting on the other side of the old woman and they would smile at each other, grateful for one another’s presence.   The contemplation vanished, as the reunion was fought down by some unknown intruder and her attention was ripped into a separate storage area in her brain.   The cold rain pelted her face and disguised those tears of true love, lost, forever.   As her weeping slowly subsided into whimpers, her feet found the strength to ascend the portico of her parents abode.   She drew a long breath as she reached for the door and walked inside slowly.


Home, where she would hide all her feelings from everybody, except sweet, naive, Jennifer.

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 The phone did ring that evening and Christo took it in her bedroom.   Her eyes were reddened but, either her parents didn’t see or they were just to busy with their own lives to care.   Jennifer sat by her big sister with their thighs pressed delicately against each other.   For some reason whenever Christobel was emotional, it turned sweet, empathic, Jennifer on immensely, and softly rubbing thighs together had been a signal they both used to initiate more intimate contact frequently.   It always went un-noticed by their parents and even their closest friends, but they could both feel it making their insides undergo that peculiar urge with emergent, intensifying, familiarity.


This time she sat very still listening to the conversation in complete disbelief.   “How could you?” was how Christo started.   “I thought we were in love.   [PAUSE]  I let you mutilate me!  [LONG PAUSE]  I even sucked your shit out of your ass hole, and ate it, because you wanted me to prove how much I loved you. ”  With tears flowing down her face she continued in extreme agitation, “No, no I won’t listen!  You said you loved, only me.   No, I don’t want to come over … I never want to see you again!”  With that she slammed the phone down and didn’t answer it when it rang … and … rang.  

Incest Obsessions  

Finally Jennifer spoke softly to Christobel as she queried her, “Did you really eat her shit?”  Christo didn’t answer at first but when Jennifer asked, “Did you actually suck poop out of her ass hole?” she angrily replied, “Yes,  I thought we were in love!  I thought it would be forever. ”  A few minutes went by in silence as Christobel made the, all too conscious, decision that she would never, really, love anyone ever again.   She was only half aware of Jennie saying something very softly.   Sometimes Jennie’s voice was so lyrical and hypnotizing it drove straight into Christobel’s subconscious making her libido rapidly swell to maximum proportions.

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    Christo didn’t even consciously perceive what she was saying at all when that happened.   That sweet, lilting voice rolling off t.