Casual friends I


Rick and I had recently gotten to be casual friends. We were both 24 and we seemed to have quite a bit in common. We started spending saturdays together, not having a lot to do really, and being kind of bored. I was over at his place that morning and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, and not coming up with a whole lot. He kind of brought up the subject of girls and we sort of talked about that. After a couple of minutes he said how horny he was feeling, and I confessed that I was pretty much feeling the same way. That was hardly unexpected.
Rick said that he was in the mood to jack-off, just to take care of things, and I said how that didn't necessarily sound like a bad idea. He then said how maybe it would be fun if we jacked off together. I had never done that with a friend before, but it did sound like tempting fun, so I said that it was okay with me.
Pretty much deciding that it would be better if we were naked, Rick and I got undressed. The teasing uninhibited fun of getting naked proved to be a turn on in itself, and the two of us had no problem in getting a boner. We were pretty evenly matched, and I have to admit that it was pretty exciting getting the chance to see another guy naked like that, with a sizable boner jabbing up. And, at the same time, to be showing off mine. Rick obviously liked it, too. It was great having this horny, between-guys moment like this.

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   There really was nothing Gay about it as such. It just seemed pleasingly masculine in a way that was nice to be able to experience.
We're both rolling our eyes and saying how outrageously stiff our dicks are. . . which they were, to be sure. To the point where it actually hurt a little, and the mushrooming tips are shiny smooth and purple-tinged. Sort of out of curiosity Rick reaches over to give my hard dick a feel. Figuring that it's okay, I give his boner a feel in return. It's really great, getting to touch and feel each others boner like that, and not having to be all embarrassed about it. So we're doing that and enjoying it, and Rick suggests that maybe it would be better if we jacked each other off. I don't see anything wrong with doing that, especially since we're already kind of masturbating each other anyway.
Well, Rick and I are sitting on the sofa doing our male thing together, saying how good this feels, and taking it a little further and admitting basically just how good it feels to be doing this with another guy. Right then there's this really good male-chemistry between the two of us, and all of these feelings of friendship that usually guys really never get to explore. Feelings that are surprisingly not gender-dependent.

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   Something that we're both taken with. I'm sitting there gently pulling on his erection and even feeling his hairy balls, and he's doing the same to me, and we're both loving this. I guess because it seemed like the thing to do right then, we both slowly lean toward each other, and our slightly parted lips touch. I never thought about kissing another guy. I never thought that I would want to. But Rick's lips feel soft and smooth and warm against my own, and I like the excitement of doing this with another guy. Slowly we let it become a real kiss, our lips moving together, and finally we find our tongues touching and sliding in and out of each others mouth. It practically makes me feel breathless, and apparently has the same effect upon Rick.
We are both a little taken back by how captivating all of this is.
Rick looks at me and says how maybe we should go in the bedroom and be more comfortable.
I agree.
We get up and go off to his bedroom, both of us sprawling across the bed and slipping into each others arms. We're kissing passionately, and while we're doing this, both of us are moving our hips and letting our boners touch and slide and fuck together. It all feels so wonderful! It was so easy to find ourselves becoming lovers like this. The two of us enjoying each others naked companionship on this Saturday morning to be homosexually indulgent in our feelings of friendship.

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       It feels great!
    I'm so aware of how enormously hard Rick's penis is. At the same time mine feels absolutely rigid.
    Rick and I sort of wrestle together in each others arms. I feel his boner sliding up between my legs. The natural curve pressing the swollen head against my tight anal pucker. It tickles and I like the implied intimacy of his organ doing this, even if it is just by accident. Rick likes finding his boner there too, and grins as he deliberately jabs at me with it. We both laugh. Rick reaches for a bottle of hand lotion and squeezes some out on to his hand that applies to his hard dick. Then he's pushing his sexual firmness at me again. I' surprised, maybe even a little shocked, to feel the broad tip of his penis actually going into my hole, with the slick hand lotion making it possible. I gasp as I then find his boner pushing through and going up my anal sheath. It hurts a little, but mostly it's just uncomfortable. Yet, I find the penetration unbelievably exciting!
    We both groan and Rick starts to fuck me. His boner begins to slide in and out with me laying there captivated by the sensation of being fucked like this.


       It's wild and it's wonderful!The interaction gos on for about two full minutes. Then Rick sort of chokes and I realize that he's ejaculating. That he's ejaculating inside of me! The excitement of his doing this suddenly makes my boner ejaculate, with my semen squirting uncontrollably out, while his is doing the same inside of me.
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