Casual Friends II


In one glorious moment it was over for both of us and we were panting and recovering.
Rick slid his still large, but no longer hard penis from my butt. He collapsed next to me on the bed. I laid there catching my breath, feeling the wetness of my discharge, still surprised that I had come just like that.
"Oh, man. . . " Rick groaned.
"I know. . . " I managed.
Rick sighed. "I. . .

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  I just really wanted to do that with you," he said almost apologetically, explaining his impulsive motivation to go all the way.
"I'm glad you did," I tell him, not feeling that he somehow took advantage of the moment, but glad that he did if that was the case. If we had stopped to talk about it, we probably would have lost our nerve. I knew, of course, that Rick had just fucked me without using any protection. Something which would have been a reasonable concern, to be sure. Yet, I felt safe with him. Enough, for that not to be a worry.
We looked at one another and did a small, friendly kiss.
In spite of our having been satisfied, it still felt just as wonderful nakedly laying there together, enjoying the shared sense of satisfaction. Of our discovering the pleasure of being male lovers. Just as friends. Even as casual friends.
It was quite emotionally rewarding not to have held back, and to have done this simply because we had both felt like it.
Feeling the effects of Rick's enema, I got up and headed for the bathroom. Rick followed and ducked into the shower to wash up.

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   Using a rubber might have been a little more hygienic and convenient, yet it was wonderful not having bothered. At least this time.
When he came out of the shower we both smiled, feeling proud of our achievement, liking the male-closeness between the two of us. We kissed and hugged. Effortlessly it was like we had both found this whole new dimension on life. We went and had some coffee, not bothering to get dressed, instead both of us in the mood to be naked. It felt natural and good and the perfect way for two friends to be together, as well as a pleasant way to lounge around the house.
Finally we decided to get out and maybe grab some lunch and we did get dressed.

    The rest of that day our company just felt so good. We had lunch, went to the mall. All of which seemed a little tame after that morning. In a way we were still just casual friends. We had no commitment as such. Yet, the pleasure of being homosexually loving, maybe even Gay in our desires, all just felt right. .

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