Catching my wife with her mom and dad and her lil sister joins me


As with everything I write this is true and part of my great sexual life and adventures.

This is the adventure of me finding my wife having sex with her mom and dad and her little sister catches me watching.

We had been having hard times financially and got kicked out of our house and had to move back in with my wife's parents and her little sister (16) and her brother (17). Now if you havent read my previous encounters I will describe my wife. She (at the time of this event) was 24, she is 5'5'' 118 pounds 38 c tits and shoulder length auburn red hair and emerald green eyes. So back to it. . . . I had finally found a new job and had to work late I called to let her know i probably wouldnt be home till after 3 am so don't bother waiting up for me just get some rest (she was pregnant at the time 3 months pregnant to be exact). Now my wife is the allmighty daddy's girl anything that bastard asked for she did and with out hesitation, until me and her and her best friend had our 3-some she had never shown any signs of being bi let alone adventurous in bed it was always the same old shit over and over again until that night and I think i unlocked the sexual beast in here and I LOVED IT!!!

Well I got off work earlier than i thought i would due to a fire at work I didnt think to call her and let her know so i just headed home, it was about 9pm. About 3 blocks from her parents house i blew a tire and the car pulled to the side and i hit the curb and snapped the tie rod. Man this night turned out to be shitty as all get out. I walked the 3 blocks to the house (a very quiet little neighborhood and town of only 400 people) I got on the enclosed front porch and took off my shoes (did i mention it started raining like hell and my boots were covered in mud like i said what a great fucking night this was gonna be) anyway I got up on the porch and took off my boots and shook the rain from my head, I reached for the door handle and looked in the window and saw her sitting on her daddy's lap (GOD I HATED THIS MAN he had her wrapped around her finger so tight the circulation was cutting off his finger)

I noticed she must have just had a shower as her hair was wet and she was wering one of my over sized shirts as a nitegown and she was sitting on his lap watching television with her head laid back on his shoulder when her mom walkedin the living room with her robe and towel in hand and said she was gonna go take a shower and soak in the tub and she left the room.

After about 3-4 minutes i could hear the water running and why i didnt go in I dont know i guess i just wanted to look at her beauty and see if the bastard was talking more shit about me like he always does. I noticed at this point her eyes were closed and I could only see one of his hands and my wife was biteing her lower lip.

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   I seen her hips start moving slowly as if she was starting to have an orgasm when her dad lifted his head off the back of the chair and took his free hand and lifted her head and kissed her on the forehead.

She looked up into his eyes and then he kissed her full on the lips. "What the fuck" I whispered. Then they started kissing more passionately there tongues going at it hard and heavy. "You better stop we dont know when mom will come in" Amanda said(my wife's name) "SHHH it will be fine besides she said she was gonna soak for a while, and i know you want this as bad as i do and have wanted it" her dad said and he leaned in for another kiss this time Amanda put her hand on his head and pulled him in and he slipped her shirt up a bit and for the first time i seen she was wearing no panties and he had 2 fingers in her pussy. His free hand went to her chest and started rubbing her tits through her shirt while they kissed more and more passionately. She started to have an orgasm and threw her head back and he attacked her neck with hot wet kisses while she sucked that bottom lip in and started moaning soft little moans.

He slipped her shirt off over her head and now she is sitting there on her dad's lap wearing nothing as she had no bra on either he had now 3 fingers in her slippery wet pussy and was sliding his mouth down her neck to her tits. She started running her fingers through his hair and pulling his mouth in harder on her titties she started moaning again and bouncing lightly on his fingers. I looked down at his lap and his cock was out and hard. "Grab daddies cock baby. . . You wanna play with my cock while i finger that pretty little pussy?" Amanda slid her hand down to his cock and grabbed it and started strokeing up and down slowly. "What if mom comes in?" she asked.

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   "Don't worry we will hear the door and she always yells for me to get her slippers before she comes out of there anyway" he said. "MMMMMGood because I don't want to stop" Amanda said.

She started having a big orgasm and he lifts his mouth up from her tits and starts kissing her to quiet her down the whole time he is finger banging her and she's jerking him off like crazy. She comes down from her orgasm and turns to straddle her dad while they kissed deeply. She started rubbing her bare pussy on his cock while they kissed and he slid his mouth down her neck to her tits again she loved having the area right between her tits kissed, licked and sucked on. She looks down as he looks up and smiles at each other. He reclines his chair and she slides up to straddle his face. "You wannaeat my pussy daddy?" Amanda asked " Baby more than you'll ever know he said. By now iv got my cock out and im jerking it slowly enjoying the show in front of me. Do i burst in screaming and yelling at which point she would side with her dad and kick me out im sure so i just stand out there on the dark enclosed porch and watch.

She nestles her little pussy down on his face and he starts eating that pretty little pussy good i could tell from her rocking hips and shakeing tits and moaning. Now from my angle I couldn't see everything he was doing to MY wife's pussy but I know she enjoyed it by the way she was grinding on his face. "Oh God daddy eat my pussy oh yes thats so fucking good mmm. . .

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   i'm gonna cum daddy. . . I'm gonna cum while you eat my pussy" amanda said in a not so whisper but yet not screaming it. How they didnt hear it I dont know but i heard the bathroom door open up and saw the shadow of her mom walking towards the living room and WHAM there was her mom 5'7'' 120 pounds 42c tits, red/brown hair just down past her shoulders and she stood there with a look of shock on her face but didnt say a word she was just takeing in the action that was going on in front of her. . . her daughter sitting on her daddy's face eating that sweet pussy of hers. "Oh yes baby you like when daddy eats your pussy? Am I better than that prick your married too?" he asked and to my surprise her answer was "yes daddy i LOVE how you eat my pussy but no your not better than my husband" DAM she actually took me over her dad that floored me until i seen what her mom was doing.

I looked over at her mom who now had dropped her robe and was standing there in a black bra and panty set with one hand down her panties and one hand on her now exposed breast. The 2 of them not knowing she was watching for the last 8 or so minutes. Amanda starts grinding "I'm cumming daddy I'm cumming Oh God dont stop daddy suck my clit oh fuck yes dont stop" amanda said this time a little louder. She started shakeing like she was in a 8. 0 earthquake and slowly stopped and slid down her daddies face and chest till her wet pussy started rubbing his cock again while they kissed. Her mom now had her panties and bra off and was leaning on the arm of the couch while she was fingering her pussy and squezing her nipples.

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They came up from there kiss and he said "would you suck daddy's cock baby?" "yes daddy i want to suck your cock so bad right now"Amanda said and she slid down him kissing his neck and chest, he lifted his head and opened his eyes to see his wife sitting there playing with herself and oviously just watched what happened. "Oh shit Oh God Sandy. . . how long have you. . . I mean let me explain. . . Oh god I'm so sorry" he said Amanda lunged around to see her mom sitting there watching them and rubbing that pussy so hard you thought she was gonna start a fire. She reaches for her shirt to cover herself up and says "Oh god mom how long have you been watching? I mean this isnt what it looks like"

"Really?" She said "it looks like you and your daddy were having some fun, it looks like your daddy just got done eating his daughters pussy in my living room, It looks like your dad who is a preacher was just enjoying his daughters tight. . . wet.

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  . . . pussy" And she started to stand up.

"But mom I can explain. . . I. . well. . . Shit I cant explain it how would i be able to? It is what it is. You saw what you saw and theres no takeing that back, please oh god please dont tell my husband"

"Tell your husband? tell him what i came in from my shower and saw his wife my daughter having an orgasm at the hand of her fathers mouth. A preacher on top of that who knows he has sinned.

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   What would i say?" Sandy said

Then she walked over closer to Amanda, "so how long has this been going on" she asked

"This is the first time I swear" Amanda said

"I swear Sandy, this has never happend before this is the first time. . . I'm so sorry I don't know what to say" her dad said

"Theres nothing to say, you were eating our daughters pussy and from the amount of cum dripping from her pussy and all over your face she must have really enjoyed it, and from how hard your cock is you must have as well" Sandy said

FUCK YES bust him kick his ass out I thought but nooooooooooo she walks closer leans down and OH MY GOD she starts kissing my wife. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . her daughter on the lips. . . . both completly nude. "Mom what are you doing" amanda asked

"Well maybe i want to have some fun too it looks like you guys were having some fun there lets see what kind of fun we can ALL have" Sandy said

She pulls Amanda to her feet and starts kissing her on the lips, she sticks out her tongue and slides it in Amanda's mouth and starts tongue kissing now. HOLY SHIT IS THIS HAPPENING. I pinched myself to make sure and OW that hurt it was happening.

Sandy started slideing her hands down amanda's body to her tits and started rubbing them pinching the nipples lightly while they kissed a slight moan came from amanda's mouth. "Well you just gonna sit there and stare or what else where you planning on doing" she asked. .

Her dad leans forward and starts kissing amanda's ass and rubbing up and down her hips while his wife made out with his daughter. Sandy pulled away from the kiss and slid her mouth down amanda's neck with slow little kisses and then down to her breasts where she started kissing and licking and then sucking on amanda's nipples.

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   Her dad was now licking amanda's ass and she threw her head back in extasy while he then stood up took off his clothes and started rubbing his cock on her ass. "So what were you getting ready to do before i walked in" sandy asked

"Well she was gonna. . . I mean I asked her if she wanted to. . . . " Her dad said

"You want our daughter to suck your cock" Sandy said

I then noticed sandy had her hand between amanda's legs and was rubbing her pussy. "Yes mom can i suck daddy's cock" Amanda asked

Sandy pulled away and pushed him down on the chair "well there it is baby get going" she said

"Um ok" amanda said as she slowly got down on her knees and got closer to her dad's cock. "do you suck your husbands cock?" she asked amanda. "Yes mommy I do" Amanda said. "Show me how you do it baby, suck your daddys cock like you suck your hubbies" Sandy said

Then Amanda leaned forward and put the head in her mouth and started slowly slideing up and down the length of his cock with her full red lips. Sandy knelt down right next to amanda and watched as she sucked her dad's cock into her mouth she looked up and seen he had his head back and his eyes closed and was really enjoying the blow job his daughter was giveing him. "That's a good girl you keep sucking while i have some fun with daddys mouth" Sandy said.



I was jerking my cock hard and enjoying the show i didnt notice the door behind me opened up till i heard someone say "what you doing?" i Froze and spun around forgetting my cock was out, hard and in my hand and there was her 16 year old sister Barbie. She froze and looked down and saw my cock in hand "OH MY GOD what are you doing" she said and i jerked my hand up and covered her mouth "SHHH you have to be quiet they will hear you"

"Who will hear me and why do i care whay are you playing with that out here on the porch that is so nasty cover up im going into tell mom and dad" she said

"Well i think there a little busy right now" I Said

"What do you mean" Barbie said

I pulled her to the door and told her to look inside. She covered her mouth and said "Oh that is so sick what are they doing"

I looked in and said "well your dad just got done eating Amanda's pussy and was getting ready to give your dad a blowjob when your dad seen your mom sitting there playing with her pussy watching them and then she joined in"

"Whats a blow job" she asked

"you see your sister down there on her knees, sucking your dads cock?" i asked

"Yes" she said "Whats eating pussy" she asked

I looked up and Sandy was now sitting on his face grinding into his mouth hard.

"See your mom? Your dad's eating her pussy" I said

"Oh thats so disgusting" She said

"Have you ever done anything" I asked

"Iv never even seen a thingy before. . your is the first. Why are they doing that" she asked

I took this as MY chance to have some fun and i slid up behind barbie and put my arms around her waist and slid my hands up to her premature tits and started rubbing them.

    "What are you doing" she said as she tried to pull away.

    "Im gonna show you what your missing" I said

    "No i will tell mom and dad and amanda if you dont let me go" She said

    "Do you think there gonna care after what iv seen them do" as i start to tweak her nipples with my thumb and finger

    "But. . . Your my brother in law. . . .

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      Im only 16. . . . you cant. . . we cant. . . they cant. . . . " she said

    "Shhh baby just relax and watch the show" I Said

    I looked back in and seen sandy start rocking on his face and moaning even more as amanda was sucking his dick like she was starving.


       I slid her shirt up and over her head she started to stop me and i just reached my hands down and started rubbing her nipples more. She let out a little moan and didnt put up any resistance. I slid her top up off her the rest of the way and started kissing down her neck.

    Now i ask you have you ever had anything as hot as this happen to you? My wife is on her knees sucking her dad's cock while he eats her mom's pussy. Im on the porch with her 16 year old sister topless rubbing her tits while i kiss down her neck and back.

    I look up into the "show" and reach my hands down and undo her jeans and slid them down again a little hesitant but she let up and let them down.

    "Daddy, Will you eat my pussy again" Amanda asked

    "Get up here baby" he said

    Sandy clims down off his mouth as amanda stands up and they kiss for a minute. Amanda climbs up on his face he pulls her down on his mouth. Sandy drops down and starts sucking his cock after about 5 minutes Amanda flipped around in a 69 position and starts sucking his cock while he eats her and Sandy is licking his balls. Now as for me i got my fingers rubbing barbies bald little virgin cunt with one hand and rubbing her budding tits with the other. I got Barbie to reach her hand around behind her and she is now rubbing my cock she starts to moan a little as well reaching her ver first ever orgasm I pull her hair back a little and start kissing her full on the lips as she moans into my mouth.
    She comes down from her orgasm and turns to me and smiles "That was amazing" she said "I can show you more baby if you want" I Said. "Can i do what AManda did?" she asked It floored me she wanted to give me a blowjob. who the hell would i be to refuse a blowjob let alone from a sexy 16 year old girl while watching my wife fuck around with her parents.

    "Are you sure" i asked

    "Yes" she said

    "ok" as i start to push her to her knees.

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       "Just grab it like you where before and start rubbing up and down then start licking the head and suck it in like you would a blowpop sucker" I Said

    She slowly licks the head of my cock and down the shaft and in one full swoop she just engulfs my full 7 inches down her throat "UGGGGGGGGGGGH" i let out. I looked back in and amanda was still sucking his cock while sandy licked his balls. Amanda starts screaming now from her orgasm from where i could see her dad had to be fingering her asshole as his hands where up by her ass and moving like crazy. She climbs off and sandy stands up back to kissing form these two little whores. Amanda dips her head down and starts sucking her moms tits and sandy is running her fingers through amanda's hair. Her dad grabs her hips and pulls her backwards onto his rock hard cock and amanda slowly sits down takeing it in. "You gonna fuck your daddy now" Sandy asked
    "Yes mommy if you say its ok" Amanda said

    "Yes baby i want you to" She said and she slid down the rest of the way on his cock and once she bottomed out she started rocking up and down.
    Barbies mouth was doing pure magic on my cock I told her i was gonna cum and she pulled off my cock and said "what that?"

    "just put it back in your mouth and keep sucking in a few seconds im gonna shoot something hot and wet like warm milk down your throat and you have to swallow it all" i said

    "Yuck swallow something from that" She said

    "Yes and you will like it i said and then i will do something for you" I Said

    SHe put her mouth back on my cock and started sucking more it didnt take but a few seconds and i started shotting my load in her mouth she started to pull away and i pulled her head down on my cockshe gurgled on my cum but swallowed every bit. I pulled her up and started sucking her tits again. "You want a speacial treat baby? You wanna see what there doing now? I asked

    "Yes " she said
    I spun her around and she seen amanda rideing her dad's cock and Sandy was now leaning forward eating amandas pussy while it was getting fucked hard by her daddys cock.

    I dropped down to my knees and i told barbie bite your lip or cover your mouth but dont get to loud and let them know where out here and you just enjoy the show from them and the pleasure im gonna give you.
    "what are you gonna do" She asked right as i put my tongue on her pussy and started licking she let out a little squick.

    I started licking that pussy hard and fast and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm in a matter ofa couple minutes "What are they doing now" i asked

    SHe whispered to me "Amanda turned around on daddy's cock and is still got him in her and is leaning forward kissing him while he goes from kissing her to sucking on her boobies and mommy is licking her butthole and daddys nuts"

    She started to squirm from the orgasm and bouncing and shakeing on my face I thought she was gonna be heard. Amanda was getting louder and louder i could hear I ate her pussy for about 15 minutes and stood up she was so exhausted she about fell over. "Now you ready for something real special barbie?" i asked
    "Even better than that" she asked "YES a million times better baby" i said
    I stood behind her and told her to bend down a little bit and lined my cock up with her pussy.

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       I started pushing into her and she started to say it hurt. "Only for a minute baby i it wont hurt after a few minutes i promise" I said
    I decided all or nothing and just rammed it in her all at once i put my hand over her mouth to cover her scream and it worked no one heard anything i started rocking back and forth on her and after about 3 minutes she started bouncing back on me i took my hand off her mouth and asked if it felt better.

    "YESS it fells so good" she said

    I started fucking her good and hard now and looked into to see amanda still rideing her daddys cock but now sandy was sitting on his face and amanda had her face buried in sandys ass and was licking it like crazy. I knew i couldnt hold out much longer from the ultra tight pussy on my cock and watching my wife fuck her mom and dad. I told barbie i was gonna cum she said "can i taste it again" "You want to ?" i asked

    "Yes " she said

    "When i pull out you spin around and drop down on your knees and put it in your mouth ok" "ok" she said

    I pulled out she spun around and dropped down on her knees just like i told her and took me in her mouth and started sucking me so deep i thought i was gonna pop out her pussy. I looked inside to see amanda reach her orgasm and hunch down with her face still buried in sandy's pussy and sandy hunched down as well from her orgasm I looked back down into barbies eyes as i shot my load and she swallowed every drop. THEN OH SHIT
    We heard a car door slam outside Barbie jumped up i looked in and they all three jumped me and barbie dove into the closet on the porch, amanda's mom and dad took off for the bedroom and amanda took off fore the bathroom. I peaked back in real fast to see the three of them standing in the kitchen kissing one last timeas her brother opened the porch door and then the walked inside. . . . . . . .

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      . . . .

    Dont worry theres more to cum so to speak ALL of stories i am wrighting are 100% real and have happend to me and my wife. I urge you to go back and read my first 2 stories and wait for the rest i will give a little preview here of what is to come that we have done it envolves

    me and my wife and her brother, me and my wife and her parents, my wife me and her sister, my and my cousin, and so many more things to come please leave comments as if i dont think anyone likes them i just wont bother posting anymore unless you guys/gals like reading them PS. if you want you guys can email me pictures as well and i will send you some that we have taken over the years just email me at derbygod1978@aol. com and dont forget to post some comments.