Caught in the Act


Caught in the Act

Tony Alan and Mike had been close friends ever since their schooldays, they lived on the same council estate, there parents knew each other, and they regarded themselves as mates.
Now,all in their mid teens, they met every friday night in the local pub to have a beer and play bar billiards. At chuck out time they would go to the chippy, and walk back home with their chips. None of the boys had a regular girlfriend; but that was not for lack of trying the main problem being relative poverty. They were not academics and left school at fifteen taking whatever job came along,sometimes no job at all, until Dad and Mum got stroppy and locked them out in the day while they were at work.

For Two consectutive fridays now Tony had not turned up. "I saw him today at luchtime," said Alan " He said he'd be here tonight. "
"Probably got some bird I should'nt wonder," said Mike
"Yeah but you think he'd let his mates know sneaky fucker, " said Alan .
" Here its not that old tart who works at his place is it, he told me he would'nt be seen dead with her," and they both laughed .
"Tell you what why don't we follow him next friday see where he goes, " said Mike
"Yeah ok but what if its pissing down , I'm not walking about in the fucking rain," said Alan .
So the two mates waited outside the flats until they heard Tony come out and then they followed him quietly down stairs , and at the bottom paused watching him walk out into the road.

"Hey---" whispered Mike," He's going out of town, come on keep low lets track him. "
Tony walked smartly up the hill so intent on where he was going he did not look behind so they were able to follow at some distance with out trouble.
"Where in fucks name is he going," said Alan " We're wasting good drinking time. "
They were now in the country drawing near to a few straggling cottages on the outskirts of the town; they watched Tony enter the first cottage, knock on the door, and disappear inside .
" He's got some skirt for sure," said Mike "But who do you reckon lives in that old place?"
"I don't know but I mean to find out, listen we lie low for 10 minutes or so then case the place over see what we can find out.

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They crept noiselessly around the back of the cottage when they could see the lights and curtains that were not pulled fully. "If we get close to the window we can see inside," said Mike" Follow me its ok its dark now nobody can see us. "The friends peeped through the side of the window and there was Tony sitting down at a table eating. The table was very well ordered with a white cloth and beside him was a glass of beer. At that moment a lady entered the room carrying a tray with some plates she smiled at Tony and spoke to him but they could hear none of the conversation. Alan pulled Mike to one side and whispered to him, " Thats the old girl who works in the post office, shes a nasty old bitch always moaning. "

They went back to the window and watched as Tony sat back to enjoy his beer he looked very well satisfied. While he sat back the old girl cleared the table and sat down in an armchair by the gas fire. She was a plump woman with greying hair well into her forties she had a blue dress and a white blouse that looked the worse for wear and soft red slippers. She looked comfortable, but certainly not well dressed: a matronly type would describe her well. " There's something fishy going on here," said Mike" lets see what happens. "

Tony walked over to the fire and stood infront of her smiling down saying something to the old lady. She put her hands up and loosened his belt dropping his trousers to the floor followed by his underpants so he stood before her naked from the waist down his genitals level with her face. The friends watched in wonder, they could hardly believe their eyes she was going to suck him off, and she seemed to enthusiatically enjoy every minute. With her left hand she fondled his balls and her right wrapped itself around his young shaft gently wanking him up and down up and down.

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Tony pushed his hips out . The old lady stared at his beautiful errection; she did not move her hands but put out her tongue touching the swollen head of his cock as she wanked him . She was now using both hands and her mouth to pleasure him, and he was responding with thrusts into her face.

"The dirty cow" said Alan "The dirty old cow ,justlook at her shes enjoying every minute.
At this point in the proceedings we need to step inside the cottage and overhear the conversation between these participants, rememberthey are being watched but are totally unaware of the unseen eyes devouring their every movement .
"My word thats a beautiful cock you have youngman I bet you can shoot a glass full, "as she said this she had slipped it out of her mouth and was staring longingly at the steaming hot wet member. The old lady reached over to a draw beside her and took out some pornographic magazines, she smiled up at Tony and handed him the books which he opened and began to ogle; it would seem she intended to make him climax with tremendous force. She then licked her wet lips and slipped them over his cock again working it in and out of her mouth gobbling down about 5 inches into her throat each time the throbbing weapon entered her mouth.

Working now with hands and mouth she ravished that cock until she had him near to climax. At this point she withdrew. "Now," she horsely whispered aloud fuck me fuck me hard. The frantic youngman grabbed her by the ears and began to use her mouth just like a cunt in out, in out with deep thrusts. She was helpless now he was caught up in the orgasmic fire of lust, he had to come she was just the vehicle, just the cum bucket. Her face went blood red as he took control fiercely shooting like a fiend, gripping her in ecstasy pumping it down her throat.

"Fancy going with that old slag," said Alan as they sat back in the pub. 

   "Yeah I bet he's kept that quiet I would'nt touch the old bag even if I was hard up," said Mike.
The two youngmen proudly asserted that they would not stoop to such practices and that they were rather ashamed of their friend who certainly should have known better. Be not fooled reader by this adolescent hyperbole; each youngman was mulling over the possibilities: just how could he mould events to suit his purposes.

The very next day Alan was looking in the post office waiting for the queue to dwindle away, in his hand he had a note which he planned to pass over the counter to the postmistress. He was a little nervous but determined, what he had seen on the previous night had convinced him he wanted to be sucked by this middle aged slut and he had formed a suitable plan.

Note: I saw you sucking my friend Tony last night when can you suck my dick?

Alan slid the note across the counter and stared as she read it. She looked up and striaght into his eyes with out flinching her fat bespectacaled face broke into a smile," Come round the back at 12. 30 my lunchtime," she pushed the note back. "Anything else?"

She opened thedoor and ushered Alan into the back office, sat herself down in a chair. In a trice Alans trousers were around his ankles. "My my thats a fine young cock and those lovely balls she fondled them as she licked his throbbing shaft . " I'm going to empty your balls just relax and let aunty Ann get to work on you,"her eyes gleamed with obsession; Alan looked down fascinated by this cock crazy old lady, she seemed to almost worship his tool. Those who suffer from such fetishistic fantasies will understand how the love object becomes the centre of attention all else is dross. Ann was so skilled at this that she could feel every approach of climax and they sent a thrill right through her body. She also knew that the best way to create an explosive orgasm was to hold back until the man goes wild with lust.

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   Such little techniques as withdrawing your mouth and putting your thumb over the knob end andsqueezing the barrel of the penis. The big thrill of the whole operation for Ann occured when lust took a violent hold of the man and he forcibly face fucks her. She must have worked slowly yet competently on Alan for about ten minutes when she knew she could not hold him back any longer. Every now and again he would groan and thrust forward with his strong young hips holding the back of her head with both hands.

Now was the moment to prime him she pulled away almost slipping the steaming cock free of her gaping mouth. It did the trick he grabbed her ears and rammed it home lifting her off her knees as he pumped his hot load down her throat. She tried to cough but he was to strong for her and he was determined to empty himself of a second load. Ann was helpless in his strong young hands, she struggled and gagged as he had his way. At last he was still and she was left with white sticky spunk dripping down her chin red-faced and gasping, staring at his contracting tool and loose empty ball bag.

Now these illicit visits became very regular; and it was not long before another young man Mike, turned up to ask oral favours which kept her very busy and well supplied with cock. Strange to say the boys did not collude with each other, and made no mention of there new found method of relief, which they kept to themselves .
How long did this state of affairs last? Only until they found girl friends; which in Alan and Mikes case was not too long. However Tony seemed to form a more lasting relationship with the elderly cock pleaser and continued his visits for some considerable time. . .

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