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Sister / Daughter
Brother -

Mom was away for the night.

His eyes were shivering in fear, or was it anticipation.   He was nervous and for whatever reason, I had little care.   He was a boy, a thirteen year old boy.   You can’t break one of those.

It was dark in his bedroom.   I was sure it was warm but my skin still crawled with millions of shivering bugs.   All I wore was two thin pieces of cloth, one draping down from my shoulders to the second one hugging my hips and looping between my legs.   I was sixteen, but still so vulnerable to my little brother in just those two cutlets of fabric; in the dark, walking slowly to his bed.

His eyes were shivering.

Reaching the mattress he laid so soundless on, I ran my bare fingers over the sheets I helped mom pick out to fit his new queen sized birthday bed.   My fingertips coiled under the rims of them and lifted back.

Father -

He was sound asleep.   The pill I slipped him made sure of that; or at least made sure that if he woke up, he wouldn’t remember in the morning.

I stared at his massive masculine body under the sheets.  

“Daddy,” I whispered in a cooing voice.

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    No reply.

Standing by his bed in my thin panties and nightgown, I pulled back the sheets.   His naked body stared aggressively at me from its side.   I breathed in and pulled my hands back to myself to undress.

Brother -

I ran my hand up under his shirt.   His body was delicate and young; so little experience.   My lips lightly tapped the side of his cheek as I gently released my warm humid breadth onto him.   His undefined nipple slid into my hand.   He remained motionless.

My panties increasingly felt tighter and tighter.   My body instinctively pulled itself onto the one next to me.

“Brendan,” I moaned with more air than sound as I pushed my lips to his.   His shirt returned flat as my hand pulled out to throw the sheets from us.   His half limp penis twitched under my skin tight underwear.   They grew even smaller.

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    I began shifting over his pelvis hoping to loosen them.

His lips were so small and soft. The arms attached to his torso lifted as my muscles easily overpowered his.   He was a doll to be used at my leisure.   

Father -

On my knees, completely naked, I pushed my mouth around one of my dad’s testicles.   It was so big and warm.   My tongue danced in the wrinkles as my nose breathed in the base of his cock.   He was intoxicating.   

Quickly enough, I found my body naturally pulling off his testicle and my lips tracing up his shaft for entry.   The faint liquid accumulating between my legs chilled my pelvis as it evaporated.  

As my mouth broke apart to inhale the soft head of my father’s cock, I ran my hand down my spine to my bare butt sticking out into the open air.   I could almost fit four inches of his huge member into my mouth.

  At least two or three more remained untouched.   

I sucked in around it as my fingers rode down my butt crack and dipped into my vagina.

Brother -

My lips broke contact with his only to tug the shirt from his tiny chest.

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    As that one interference dropped from my hands to the floor, my soft wet lips pushed back into his.   In a slow slice, I cut his mouth open with my tongue and gently dropped it into his face.   Pulling his jaw open with my hand, I savored the feeling of my saliva dripping into his throat.   

His glossy eyes were trembling.   I stared into them knowing deep down inside him, he was truly loving this.   Someday when I was out in college, he would only be able to masturbate to my memories.   As his friends wallowed in his relations to me hoping just to see me up close, his head would be filled with these many nights.

He could take no more and I heard in the deep silence the sound of his throat open and close to suck down a pouchful of my salivation.   I twisted my head and pushed my lips to interlock his.   Leaving no airway to breath from our mouths, I could feel him pulsing his life into my face through his nose as he could feel mine.   My tongue pole danced on his.

I moaned into his throat not being able to take my increasingly shrinking underwear.   I was swollen and wet; my hips were boiling.   Releasing the grip from his jaw, I reached down to my legs.   The fabric scrunched and bunched down my sides.

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    I broke our kiss and pulled back leaving a trail of my untamed saliva dripping down his chin and chest.

Father -

My body climbed up over his as my bottom lip dragged up his hard chest.   That tiny glaze of euphoric sweat I just sucked from my dad’s sex organ was driving me mad.   I coated it with my saliva and now I wanted my insides coated with it as well.

Our lips met and I moaned over and over into his mouth my position under him.

“Dad, no dad.   Don’t put it in me.   Please dad stop. ”

My hand struggled to grip his soaking penis as I attempted to press it tightly into my slit.   My breathless cries for him to not rape me fell to his unconscious body.   I brought my eyes up from my night clothes draped onto the floor to my father’s face.   His cock squeezed into a halt between the tender inflamed lips inset beneath my ovaries.

“No dad.   Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t…  Oooooooooooooooh!” I moaned as quietly as possible while I pushed my body back into a solid steaming pipe.   My eyes closed, I felt my father’s body below mine, so strong and commanding.

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    “Daddy,” I cooed.

Brother -

My panties left my feet as I pressed my mouth into the springy trampoline just above his boxers.   Just inches below laid his sex organ.   Just seconds before I uncovered it into the open air.

As I pulled his underwear down his pelvis, I dragged my lips down as well.   Through the light new grown pubic hair and onto his penis, my mouth traveled before stopping.   His boxers though didn’t.  

He was hard, but not as hard as I knew he could get.   He held too much resistance in his mind.   My lips broke open and my head fell down onto his shaft.   He was in a catacomb of hot, humid, oh-so-soft tissue sucking and licking at his most sensitive body part.   It was one of the happiest times for me when I heard him give out that audible moan.

His little penis was in my mouth.   I loved how compact it was because I could fit the whole thing in.   Twirling my neck left to right, my tongue spiraled around the shaft with increased focus on the head.

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    Brendan couldn’t stop moaning.   His hips involuntarily shivered and tensed.   I was making him so happy.   

    And then he released that groan that was almost a cry.   That male reproductive organ in my mouth grew just a tiny bit more and I felt my brother pump his hips into my face once.   His thick hot semen shot into my welcoming mouth.   I knew it wouldn’t be much so I sucked at him extra hard to get every bit of it to funnel down my throat.   

    Father -

    My body thrust up and down onto the massive object penetrating me.   I was naked.   Dad was naked.   We were having sex.   We were fucking.   Daddy and daughter.   I would feel that same juice inside me that mom felt when she and he conceived me sixteen years ago.   


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        Please, at least don’t cum inside me.   Please stop. ”  It was the same stuff that made me.   

    My fingers pads pressed hard into his chest as my eyes squeezed tighter and tighter shut.   I repeated those words inside my head over and over, ‘Dad, don’t cum in me. ’  My body pumped harder and harder into his stiff frame.   I was naked.   He was naked.   My dad and me.

    I was seconds away from losing control.   I moved faster and harder.   I wanted him to cum deep into me so bad. ‘Dad, don’t cum in me. ’  My face inhaled his chest.   Pound, pound, pound.

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        That was it.

    My body thrust into orgasm; my vagina squeezed and convulsed onto my dad’s cock.   Seconds passed before I felt a hot stream of liquid splash into my cervix which blew me immediately into another orgasm.   Dad was cumming in me.

    Squirt after squirt of his hot milk splattered into my ending wall.   The layers and walls of my tissues, muscles, and organs, all convulsed and ripped at the external object casting them aside.

    “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” I cried breathlessly into his pecks as my breasts smeared themselves below.   It was minutes before my body broke the gyrations into my father’s hips and my mind broke the repetitive words of my father’s title over me.


    In the silence of the room I heard someone shift their bare foot over the carpet.   With fear, I instantly looked back to see who must have walked in while I was in my high.

    “Looks like things got a little out of hand,” Amy said.

    “Sorry, I couldn’t control myself,” I replied caught in the act.

    “It’s okay.   I got a little carried away too and accidently ate Brendan to completion. ”

    “Must be the twin thing; both losing control at the same time.

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    Amy smiled to me.   “Well, I think we effectively mastered that over years of practice more than us being twins. ”

    “Either way,” I grinned back, “I could use a little brother to just cuddle anyways after what dad and I just did.   I won’t force him to push out another one. ”

    “Yeah, well if I can’t squeeze another one from dad, than you still owe me one back in our room. ”

    “Well in that case,” I teased, “don’t try too hard. ”

    I slowly pulled my body off the pipe impaling me leaving a line of cum connecting me to my father.   I cut it with my fingers and crawled from the bed to put my panties back on.   

    “I’ll let you clean that up.   And see you in an hour. ”

    I smirked as I walked past her staring at the reflection of my breasts on her body.

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