Cooking With Mom (Part III)


After Mom got a taste of two cocks at once she couldn't wait to add a third. Bill was excited to see his son fuck my Mom too. We decided the following weekend would be the best time to plan some fun. Mom and I continued to have sex during the week but neither of us could wait for the weekend to get here. We invited Bill and his son Greg over for dinner and all of knew what would be for dessert except for Greg. The night finally came and Mom looked terriffic as she always had lately. I watched her dress and she wore matching white lacy bra and panties with a short denim skirt and tank top. Mom prepared a simple spaghetti dinner and after we ate we went to the living room to continue drinking our wine. Mom and Bill both were open minded parents and didn't mind Greg or I having a drink at home now and then. Mom had put some music on and while Greg and I were engaged in conversation she took Bills' hand to get him to dance. They had one arm around each others waists and the other was holding their glasses while they swayed and got closer and closer till their midsections were touching. They were behind Greg so he really didn't notice what was going on but I could see them and I could see the excitement on Moms' face as she ground her crotch into Bills'. Greg finally noticed me watching and turned around to see and turned back quickly to look at me. He wasn't sure what my reaction would be so I just smiled kind of wickedly and raised my eyebrows in approval. He smiled too and turned back to watch. Bill then leaned in and started kissing Mom and we could see their tongues going in and out of their mouths.

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  Greg was hooked on the scene in front of him now, as was I, he was entranced by his Dad and my Mom making out right in front of us. If he only knew what was coming. Bill steered Mom toward the table where they both put their wine glasses down and Bill immediately moved his hand over Moms' right breast lifting it up and cupping the bottom. They were also still making out and I looked at Greg and he was staring and smiling. I was already getting hard and I'm sure Greg was too by the look on his face. Bill was now rubbing both of Moms' breast and her ass continuously. I finally leaned in to Greg and whispered "What a show huh?". He turned to me and said "Yeah man, I can't believe it"Then he added "Are you cool with this?""Sure" I said. Just as Greg turned back around to watch our parents Mom broke her grip on Bill and said "Oh, I don't think I'm being fair, Greg honey, would you like to dance?"Bill urged him on "Go ahead son, she's a great dancer". Greg wasn't sure what to do and even looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head. Greg got up and took Moms' outstretched hand and she took him to the same place she and his father were dancing moments ago. She put her arms around his waist and pulled him close. Greg had had a good bit of experience with girls, more than I had, and knew what to do. When Mom put her arms around his neck he leaned in and planted his mouth on hers. Mom responded back by stuffing her tongue in his mouth.


  After picking up his wine glass Bill was standing watching his son and my Mom make out with an obvious hardon in his pants. My own cock was pushing the front of my pants out as I watched my best friend and my Mom make out. I guess Greg was a fast mover like his Dad because he started to rub Moms tits with one hand while the other rubbed her bare thigh and went up the back of her skirt to her panty covered ass,They were still tonguing each other and Mom must have been getting real excited because she pu the rhand on Gregs crotch and started to rub his hard cock through his jeans. "MMmmmm. . . big just like your Dad". Greg took the cue and lifted her tank above her tits and started squeezing the reached around her and quickly released her bra. Moms' gorgious tits sprnag out in the open for all of us to view. Her nipples were pert and Greg leaned down and started to suck them and her dark areolas. "Oh yes, Greg, suck my tits. . go ahead, that feels so good". At the same time she was unzipping his jeans and opening his pants. She dropped both his pants and underwear to his thighs and took hold of his thick hard cock.

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  Gregs' cock was almost an exact match of his Dads', almost 7 inches and thick with a big mushroom head. "Mmmmmmmm" was all Mom said as she got on her knees in front of Greg and licked the head of his cock. "Oh God, Jennie, please suck my cock. . Oh yeah", Greg panted. Mom obliged and took his entire length into her mouth and pulled back again then continued to give Greg an awesome blowjob. BIll and I were getting hot watching Mom suck his sons cock so we started to get rid of our clothes as well. When Mom saw us undressed and with hard cocks waiting she pulled her mouth off Gregs' cock without releasing it from her hand and said "Let's go get more comfortable in the bedroom". She never took her hand off Gregs' cock while she led him to her bedroom while Bill and I followed. When she got to the bed she pushed Greg onto it on his back and unzipped her skirt and let it fall, then she stuck her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down too revealing her beautifully trimmed bush and pussy to Greg. Then she got between his legs and started sucking his cock again. Bill and I were both jerking our cocks staring at Moms' wet pussy as her ass arched back at us. She finally crawled over Greg and while kissing him deeply she took hold of his cock and lined it up with her pussy slit. When she sank her pussy down on it I could see Gregs' big cock head push through and then the rest of his cock slid in easily. Mom and Greg were both moaning as she rode his cock, his balls getting slick with her juices.

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  Bill couldn't take anymore and spit on his cock and got on the bed behind Mom. He rubbed his cock along her ass and down to her cunt even coming in contact with his sons cock embedded in her pussy a few times. One last time around and he pushed the head of his cock against her ass and it slipped in. Since they both ahd thick cocks, Greg had to pull half way out of her pussy so Bill could stuff the rest of his cock into Moms' ass,then Greg pushed back inside her so she was fully stuffed with cock. "Oh God""Oh God"Mom was yelling as father and son pounded her pussy and ass together. "Fuck me Greg, Oh, fuck my pussy hard while your Dad fucks my ass. . . fill me up. . . oh God yes. . . .

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  I'm cuuuuumming!"Moms' eyes were closedand she had to steady herself with her arms her orgasm hit her so hard. I had to get in on the action now and moved to the top of the bed so I could stick my dick in Moms' mouth. She came down from her orgasm just in time to see me and open her mouth so I could fuck it. Now Mom had three cocks making her happy. After just another minute Greg shouted "I'm going to cum. . . Dad. . I'm going to cum. . is it okay?""Sure son, lets's cum in her togehter. . . let's fill her up with cum".

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  Bill was slamming her ass hard while Greg pushed all the way into her and let his cum fly into her tight warm pussy. Bill was right behind him yelling "I'm cumming. . . I'm gonna cum in her ass". Then his cock shot several spurts of cum deep in Moms' ass. Mom was actually having a hard time keeping her mouth around my cock with Greg and his Dad pushing her from underneath and behindand now that they both came in her it triggered another orgasm and again Mom had to use one hand to steady herself and the other held on to my cock while she flooded Gregs' cock and balls with her flowing juices as she shook uncontrollably. Just like last time, after Bill came in Moms' ass he was spent and pulled his cock out of Moms' ass with his cum all over it and he dropped on his back in Moms' large bed. I was so turned on and need to cum so I said "Mom, I need to fuck your pussy. . I need to cum". "Oh yes baby, mommy wants your cock in her pussy Jake. . come and put it in me now". Greg was still under her listening and couldn't believe he was going to see his best friend fuck his own mother.


  Mom lifted up and let Gregs's cock slip out of her pussy along with most of his cum and Greg got up and went to the bottom of the bed while Mom got on her back. I moved and got on top o fher and rubbed my throbbing hard cock on her messy cunt and clit before slipping it inside her. I slid my entire 8 inches inside her and Mom gasped and started breathing hard again. Greg was watching fascinated and said "Oh man, I can't believe you're fucking your mom. . . this is so hot. . . fuck her harder Jake". "Yes Jake, fuck me harder, let Greg see how you fuck your mother". Mom said. I was already close and thrusting like mad inside Moms' hot pussy and I could feel my orgasm rising. "I'm gonna cum Mom, I'm gonna cum inside your pussy like Greg did". " Do it baby, shoot your cum in me, let's cum together".

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  She had her legs around my waist matching my thrusts when I arched my back and stuffed my cock deep in her till I was banging her cervix and she moaned when she felt my hot cum spray her pussy walls and into her womb. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yyyeeeeeeeesssss. . . I'm cumming baby. . I'm cumming on my sons cock. . . Oh you feel so good inside me". After 5 or 6 spurts in her already soaked cunt I was still shaking from my orgasm and looked over at Bill who was stroking his again hard cock and watching this hot MILF fucking her son after fucking him and his son together. I had to look back at Greg too and his eyes were glued to the sight of my cock still pistoning in and out of Moms' pussy with both our cum all over us. His cock also rejuvinated. When I finally came to my senses I looked down at Moms' satisfied face and kissed her slow and long. I moved my mouth down to her her still hard nipples and sucked them both before continuing down to her belly and the top of her wet bush.

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  I started licking her wet pussy hair and moved further still till I was licking the button of her clit and now tasting her, mine and Gregs' cum. "Oh yes Jake, clean mommys pussy, lick all that cum out of me". I went crazy licking and slurping her pussy lips and digging my tongue inside her to get all the cum I could. "Oh. . . oh . . oh" was all Mom was saying, it just kept getting louder and louder till she was almost screaming and pulled her pussy open for me with her fingers as she came again. This only let me get my tongue deeper and get more juice out of her. Greg finally spoke up, "Man, I can't believe you did that. . that was so fucking hot. . .

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  what did it taste like?. . . can I clean her pussy next time?. . . Um. . I mean. . . if there is a next time". As I got out form between Moms' legs she looked in Gregs' eyes and said "Don't worry Greg. . .


  there definitely will be a next time. . definitely".

Authors Note:While the characters and some aspects of this series have been real the story is fictional. Born of adolescent fantasy that every teenage boy experiences. If the writing style seems inconsistant throughout the different chapters it's because this is the first attempt at writing for me and I'm still learning and trying different ways to write. This was originally intended to be a 3-part series but if there is interest I will continue it. Either way I will continue writing stories of other themes of interest to me as well. I thank you for your comments, feedback, etc. and hope you continue to enjoy the stories. . . fl44bothways. .

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