Cruel Intentions (Part 2)


"Sounds good to me," I said.

"Which part? The food or the fucking?" she asked.

"Both?" I said with a smile, then added, "It'll give me something to do while you're gone. "

"Don't get too excited, you haven't sealed the deal yet," she commented. You still have to get past her inhibitions, shyness and self consciousness," she added.

"I know, the self consciousness will be the deal breaker. I bet you a coke she writes to me within two days," I said.

"That's a losing bet to make," she said with a smile.

Sure enough, the following night I received a message from the woman. At first, she made simple small talk about the previous night. After about ten minutes of talking, she asked if I was alone. I lied, and said yes. She asked if I meant what I said about her body. I told her of course I did. She went on to yammering about being self conscious about her body as expected. I told her that she had nothing to be self conscious about.

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   I over stated how much most women would love to have her tits as well as an attractive face.

She further complained about the lack of attention she receives from her bread winner.

My wife rocked back in the chair and told me to tell her that I have similar issues with my wife. She said to tell her that I suffer from lack of attention as well. The woman then commented that she felt that my wife was quite cold and that she was sorry for my situation as well. My wife smiled at me and said, "You're welcome. "

"For what?" I asked.

"Don't play stupid, you know I just got your dick sucked," she said.

Several days later, the woman wrote to me again fairly late at night. She made the comment that she had been drinking a little. She was quite flirtatious. She asked me when the last time I had gotten laid was. I lied, and said around three weeks. She told me that was too long. She then gave a hypothetical that if it was her, it would be a lot more often.

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   I made the comment that, her husband is quite lucky then. She cut that short and said that he isn't interested in her.

I offered my sympathy, and nothing more.

Finally, my wife left for her business trip across the country. I remained at home to continue with my work. She had planned to be gone for three weeks.

I spent a week alone before she called me. She asked if I wanted her to bring me dinner that night. I agreed to the arrangement. Around 9pm, she arrived alone and was wearing a low cut shirt and low rider levi shorts. She sat on my couch in front of me with her legs crossed. She asked me how I was doing while I ate. I told her that I was doing fine. She asked further if it was lonely staying at home by myself. I told her no, not yet.

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She went home that night after about an hour. I told my wife about the enounter. She indicated she was probably still scared.

Later that night around midnight, she got in contact with me on Instant Messenger. She asked how I liked the dinner and so on. I said, "Aside from the roofies, It was good. "

She made the comment that if that had been the case, she'd still be here.

"So I should worry next time?" I asked.

She stated, "Maybe so. "

I made the comment that, she was a big talker. She responded, that seriously, she finds me very attractive. I said, "Thank you," and said, "well too bad I'm married huh?"

She responded, "Yeah, too bad. "

I informed her, "Well, you're taken too. "

She agreed and excused herself for the night.

She contacted me the very next day and asked if I would like to go to dinner with her that night.

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   I had no other plans, so I said sure, we can all go indicating her husband also. She said that he was going to be working, so he wouldn't be able to attend. I agreed anyway and arranged to meet at my place at 6pm.

She arrived on time. She was dressed in a low cut shirt again that showed off her tits. I made the comment, "Just what I needed to see with no relief in sight for weeks. "

"You never know what might come along," she replied with a sly smile.

We went to one of my favorite resturants that I'm sure she'd never been. I told her I was taking her to dinner to thank her for bringing me dinner the previous night. She said there was no need, and that she'd feed me every night if I wanted. The comment felt loaded with hidden meanings.

We returned to my place after dinner. She hung around for a little while talking to me. She indicated that she really enjoyed her quote, date. I agreed and said, "Yeah, you didn't even have to put out or give up some boob.

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She tried to joke and say, "You didn't ask. "

I snapped back, "The boobs are old news. "

Her face went red, and said she best get going. She said maybe we'll hook up again real soon, and said goodbye. Before closing the front door, she said your wife really shouldn't leave you alone for so long. . .

I spoke with my wife on the phone after she left. When she answered the phone, she simply asked, "So, does she do anal?"

I informed her of the events and how she was still too damn shy. She said to give her some more time. She'll want to make her move before I come home.

Almost immediately she got on messenger and started writing me. She played it cool and thanked me for the "date. " She then said, "Can I tell you a secret?"

I said, "Sure. "

"I wanted to fuck you these past few nights," she admitted.

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Reeling in the fish, I made the comment, "Oh. . . But we're both married. . . "

"I know," she said, "But I'm so wet, my pussy is running down my leg thinking about you. "

Playing stupid, I said, "Come on, you're just pulling my leg. "

"I wish I was pulling your 'leg'," she responded.

"What if we just don't tell anyone?" she asked.

"You're not worried about getting caught?" I asked.

"If you don't tell, I won't," she said. "You deserve to be treated better," she added.

I pretended to be slightly nervous and said, "Ok, but my wife can never know about any of it. "

She promised, and asked the same from me concerning her dumb ass husband which I agreed.

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   I asked her when? She said, "I'll come over right now if you'll let me. "

I agreed, and she said she was on her way. I called my wife back and informed her of the change in events. She said casually, "Be sure to wash the sheets before I come home, I don't want to smell your whores scent on my pillow. " She then said to have fun, and remember details to share.

To be Continued. . . .

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