Cruel Intentions (Part 3)


Approximately thirty minutes later, she arrived at my place. It was around 11:30pm or so. She entered my home with a nervous smile still permeating her face.

Upon sitting down on the couch next to me with her hands on my knees, she reiterated how no one could ever find out. She established that what we were doing were simply to releave sexual frustration caused by inattention from our spouces.

I told her, "Sit on my lap, I want to feel those perfect tits. "

She complied and sat on my lap facing away from me. I ran my hands up under her shirt and squeezed her ample tits through her restrictive bra. She leaned back against me. I told her, "Let's go make use of those satin sheets. "

As we went to my room, she removed her shirt and shorts, leaving only a bra and panties on. She laid out on top of the black satin sheets. Her white skin contrasted nicely. Her red bra and panties stood out drawing attention to her private parts.

She sighed in relaxation as she rolled in the sheets. She rolled to a sitting position at the opposite side of the bed and ran her hands over her own tits and said, "Are these still old news?"

"No," I responded, "This time I intend to see them swing.

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"Yess," she hissed, "There is a lot more here than on your bitch wife too," she added.

I answered, "Quality is better than quantity, let's see if you have both. "

She turned away from me and looked over her shoulder and said, "Care to help me out of this?"

I unhooked her bra, and slid the straps off of her shoulders one at a time. She pulled it off and threw it to the floor. She slowly turned towards me revealing her heavy hangers. She said, "I took mine off, now it is your turn. "

I pulled my shirt off quickly revealing my muscular chest and semi-present abs. I asked, "Quite a bit different than you're used to?"

"Quite different. . . ," she answered with a sigh.

She crawled to my side of the bed, letting her huge tits hang downward. Her hands quickly found their way to my chest, stomach and back. Her lips attached quickly to my neck and chest. My hands gravitated towards her large warm tits.

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   I laid back on the bed, and she straddled my crotch. Her tits hung in my face. I massaged them as she lowered them to my mouth to suck on the areiola and flick the nipples with my tongue. They were so large, that they were easy to push together. I felt her hand at my crotch fumbling with the zipper on my pants. She leaned back to remove my belt, unbutton my pants and drop the zipper. Her hand fished inside my pants for my cock. She quickly found my already hard cock still restrained beneath my boxers. She said, "Loose the pants. "

I helped pull them off. As soon as they were clear, her hand went up the leg of my boxers and grasped my cock. "Oh wow," she said, as she grasped my 6 and a half inch thick, cut cock. She fished it through the piss flap on the boxers, and took a firm grip of it. She squeezed it firmly, and slid the head into her mouth milking the precum from my cock. She started tugging at my boxers, pulling them down and off my legs.

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   Between my legs, she continued to hold my cock in one hand, and began sucking on my balls. She stroked my cock slowly while sucking on it for several minutes. Occassionally she would take my balls in her mouth and pull on them while they were in her mouth. Then run her tongue under them.

I told her, "You're quite a good cock sucker [her named deleted]. How about you turn around and take those underwear off. "

She slid out of her underwear quickly and swung her leg up over my chest. She continued to suck my cock while I spread her ass and pussy with my hands and took a look. She was waxed clean. She had signs of having a few dicks in the ass. "Who fucks you in the ass?" I asked.

Startled, she stopped sucking and said, "My ex. . . , you can tell?"

"Not your husband?" I questioned.

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"No, I don't let him," she said.

"Too bad for him," I responded.
I ran my tongue up her slit unannounced. She moaned softly as I continued probing her slit with my tongue. I ran my tongue up her slit over her asshole and back to her clit. Pushing my nose into her cunt and running my tongue over her clit made her forget about sucking my cock. She would just lay there and moan. I teased her hairless pussy and ass for nearly 15 minutes. She was hot, and wanted some cock.

I told her, "Get on all fours. "

She promptly followed my commands. Her tits were beautiful hanging below her. I asked, are you on the pill? She said yes, no condom was needed. I have a vasectomy that I never tell any whores about.

To be Continued.

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