Curious Guys Help Eachother Out.....


Before I Start. . . i am completely straight!

because id rather not let people know who i am, i am going to call myself "Trey" and my friend "Paul"

Paul had just come back from afghan. . . me and him were really close, and we will be for a long time!

he is my best friend. . . we have had experiences in the past but thats another story, we had been out most of the night drinking, and wed come back to his house, leaving our other friend to go home. . . when we got there we went upstairs, turned his laptop on and switched on a bit of porn. . . we often watched porn together just a bit of fun i suppose.


  . . . we were so drunk and both was getting rather turned on by the porn. . . . after a while i thought fuck it, and pulled my cock out and was slowly stroking it to get it hard, paul saw i had gotten mine out and thought fuck it also and got his out, we continued watching porn and stroking our cocks to slowly get it hard when i thought i would be funny and try and flick pauls cock while he was trying to arouse himself. . .

with that paul got brave and said "if you are going to touch it, wank me off. . . "

i was slightly taken back by his statement. but thought to myself "nah, noone else will find out, and i need to get off.

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  . . . " so i reached out and took his now hard cock in my hand and started to stroke it up and down. . . i could see paul enjoyng it as he reached out and grabbed my cock. . . both of us wanking each other in the heat of the moment. . . i said to paul "ill do anything you do to me but you have to do it first"

with that paul passed me the laptop and leant over and took my cock into his mouth, thrusting his mouth up and down my cock, i could feel his toungue all over my now hard cock. . the porn and him doing what he was doing took me in the moment.

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  . . i was really enjoying what was going on. . . he stopped and leant back, i braved up placed the laptop on his chest and leant over, took his cock into my mouth while grasping his balls in one hand and wanking his cock in the other while my mouth slid up and down his cock, i knew he was enjoying it because i could hear him panting. . . . and quietly saying my name. . . .

i stopped and then continued to wank him as he grabbed my cock and wanked me as we watched the porn. .

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after a couple of minuites i said "your turn now, what do you want to do next"

he wanked me faster and faster making sure i was hard "i want you to get hard so you can fuck my ass" he said, i let him wank me off as he applied lube, once more put the laptop on my chest and then moved away, he stood above me then lowered himself down onto my cock, slowly ran his ass down onto my cock (which really got me going) then up a couple of times. then he jumped up saying "fuck that i cant do it it hurts too much".

he layed back down and continued to wank me once more, after some self convincing i got up, placed the laptop back on his chest and stood above him, slowly lowerd myself down and grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my ass. . . . i heard him take a deep breath as i placed his cock near my ass, then slid his head of his cock into me. . . slowly lowering my ass down onto him. . .

i started to bounce up and down slowly holding his cock so ididnt have to take the whole thing into my ass, he started to thrust a little, i kept bouncing and felt him enjoying it. .

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  . i let him thrust me but kept hold of his cock, i kept bouncing up and down onto his cock. . . i knew he was getting close to cumming cos i felt him twitching as he thrusted harder. . . . i wanted him to cum. . . i was curious if i should let him cum in my ass. . . .

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   hoping he would return the favour. . . . if he kept pumping and would of cum in my ass himself im not sure if i would of put up a fight. . . .

he ended up pushing me away as he came so he could cum into a towel. . .

then passed me the laptop and wanked me off. . . kept wanking until i came into the same towel he came into.

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  . .

me and paul have had experiences of a similar story in the past but, thats another story. . . for me or HIM to tell. . . . .

once hes read this one. . . . .


  . . .