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I have to admit that I liked doing this with him, to be kissing him as another boy. He liked it, too.
We let our lips press gently, but fully together.
When I pulled back, he just looked sort of pleasantly lost to the moment.
I reached down to take a hold of his erection. I had never felt another guy's dick before, and it was very exciting to do that. He just laid there letting me handle his boner, gently squeezing and pulling on it. After a moment, he took my boner in his hand to do the same thing. It was great, with him laying there, and me sitting there, and the two of us feeling each others boner. While we did this, we did another kiss, our lips wetly pressing together. It just seemed so wonderful and natural.
This time I pulled back and drew in a deep breath.
He was still holding my hard organ. Bringing himself up, he leaned all the way forward and took my boner into his mouth. I think that I moaned just a little. I wasn't expecting him to do this, but it felt terrific.

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   His head went up and down half a dozen times before he pulled back, again giving me this expectant look to see if I liked his doing this. I smiled. Impulsively I leaned over to suck on his dick. I heard him moan and tense with the wet stimulation of my mouth sliding up and down on his penis. I was amazed by easy it was to be doing this with another guy. I liked how his hard dick felt in my mouth. More, I liked the personal male intimacy and the chance to experience this.
When I pulled away, he looked at me with this kind of breathless and helpless look.
I was completely captivated by what we were doing.
I saw a bottle of hand lotion sitting there, and I wondered how far he was willing to go. I reached for the bottle and squeezed some of the lotion out onto my hand. Then I slicked it onto my erection. Kal just watched without saying a word. When I had done that, I told him to turn around, which he did. I got on the sofa behind him and, gripping my penis, I proceeded to push it through his tight butt hole.

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   He gasped a little and tensed as my penis slid all the way in. It felt incredible having my boner in him like this. He drew in a deep breath and seemed okay with this. Slowly I started to pull back and then pushed forward again, loving how it felt to have my dick sliding into his tight anal sheath. I put my hands on his smooth, bare hips to keep my balance, and continue to move my hips, amazed that I was actually fucking my erection in him and doing this with another guy. Again, though, it just felt so easy and natural. He moaned and told me not to stop, showing no concern over the lack of protection. I continued to fuck him with a gentle rhythm. It felt so good. All I could think of was to keep going.
I watched as my thick length moved back and forth through his anal opening. I reached my hand around to masturbate his erection while I pumped him and kept pumping him. The next thing that I knew, he was coming. He gasped, raising his head up, and I felt his penis throb in my hand and the wetness squirting out. As he struggled with the intensity of his release, I felt my own excitement suddenly become equally as uncontrollable.

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  In that instant, my boner was ejaculating deep inside of him, my semen pulsing out with a massive, overabundance. I choked with the sudden force of the spasms, wanting to give him my sperm-filled liquids to make this moment complete.
When it was over, we were both drained.
I eased my now longer rigid dick from his butt.
I told him how good it had felt.
He told me that he loved it, and how he had never done anything like this with another boy before.
I told him that I never had, either.
He looked surprised, perhaps suspecting that I had.
With both smiled over this being the first time for both of us.
Here we had just gotten to be friends, and within barely half an hour, the two of us had managed to share this wonderful moment of male-love. Yes, we were definitely going to be friends. Good friends.
Gay friends?
Oh, yeah. . .

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  we were definitely going to be gay friends. There was no doubt about that.
I remember thinking. . . Let the gay times roll with this boy!.
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