Cyber Adventures Prt. 1


chronoSYPHON (3:03:40 PM):
so watcha up to?XburningXbrideX (3:04:08 PM): EatingchronoSYPHON (3:04:26 PM): kewlio. where?XburningXbrideX (3:05:04 PM): IhopchronoSYPHON (3:05:16 PM): yummi!!!XburningXbrideX (3:56:49 PM): Did u pay attention to the lyrics?chronoSYPHON (3:59:04 PM): i dunno where the file is. T. T!!!!!!XburningXbrideX (3:59:59 PM): . . . . . . . . . . . . chronoSYPHON (4:00:30 PM): lol *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*XburningXbrideX (4:00:58 PM): .

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  . . . chronoSYPHON (4:02:09 PM): *lays across ur lap* XburningXbrideX (5:00:32 PM): *spreads for u*chronoSYPHON (5:02:13 PM): *starts to lick the crotch of ur pants*XburningXbrideX (5:12:39 PM): Perfect. . . . . chronoSYPHON (5:13:12 PM): *smashes my face hard into ur jeans*XburningXbrideX (5:15:00 PM): *gaspschronoSYPHON (5:15:40 PM): *rubs your back as i rub my face harder and harder into ur jeans*XburningXbrideX (5:17:39 PM): Oh baby. . . . . . .

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  chronoSYPHON (5:18:01 PM): *pulls my face out n starts to unzip ur pants* i love you babyXburningXbrideX (5:18:53 PM): Oh erik. . . . chronoSYPHON (5:19:57 PM): *pulls ur pants and panties down n starts to tease u by licking ur clit gently* mmmmmmmmmmXburningXbrideX (5:23:56 PM): *shivers*chronoSYPHON (5:25:09 PM): *nips on ur clit with my teeth* wat do u want me to do baby?XburningXbrideX (5:26:40 PM): Anything. . . . . . . chronoSYPHON (5:28:24 PM): ok *dives my mouth and tongue deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside ur warmth and ravenously eats u out hard as fuck*XburningXbrideX (5:39:45 PM): *arches n screams*chronoSYPHON (5:41:09 PM): *laps my tongue all in and around ur cunt as i stick a finger into ur ass* oh von. i love to taste every inch of uXburningXbrideX (5:46:39 PM): *gasps n arches*chronoSYPHON (5:49:23 PM): *sux all of your juices out and swallows them all* you taste wondeful *ur juices cover my face n drip from my mouth*XburningXbrideX (5:51:29 PM): *shivers n moans*chronoSYPHON (5:52:16 PM): *brings my head up n puts my lips at yours* do u want to know how u taste?XburningXbrideX (5:54:02 PM): *nods*chronoSYPHON (5:55:19 PM): *kisses u gently slipping u my tongue so u taste ur own juices* do u like? *moans as i start kissing down ur chest*XburningXbrideX (5:56:12 PM): Yes. . .

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  . chronoSYPHON (5:56:49 PM): *lays on my back* do u want to taste me? *rubs ur legs gently*XburningXbrideX (6:15:34 PM): I want u to fuck me. HARD. chronoSYPHON (6:16:13 PM): *shows u my dick* its a little soft. ull have to make him hard firstXburningXbrideX (6:17:03 PM): *grabs n starts stroking*chronoSYPHON (6:17:39 PM): eeeep!!!! *runs my fingers through ur hair as i ease ur mouh onto my dick* mmmmmmmm. . . . ahhhhhhXburningXbrideX (6:23:05 PM): *moans*chronoSYPHON (6:25:14 PM): *moans gently* ohhhh. . . use your tongue. . . oh yes!!! just like thatchronoSYPHON (6:26:09 PM): hey, i gtg eat.

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   just imagine us together till im back. lol
more will come. 'tis a series after all. . . lol. email me with questions, comments or suggestions. eshorrell702@yahoo. com