Cyber with Elaiine


It was spring 2005 and Rick was on a three day holiday in the pretty town of New Hope in Pennsylvania.   The town was old and situated on the Delaware River just up from Trenton. With his wife and two other couples they were having a marvelous time, having just arrived a few hours ago and at lunch waiting for their rooms to be readied. There was lively chatter and Rick seemed a bit aloof looking around the room and observing people as is his want.


The waitress, a very pretty young black girl, was busily serving drinks and salads. She glanced at Rick a few times, noticing he was older, maybe 55 or 60, but strangely attractive. Not that she was into white guys but none the less, interesting.


Rick listened to the banter at his table and heard enough to laugh when it was appropriate but didn’t really join in. His mind was occupied with looking at people. There was a stir at the door as a young couple entered. It looked like a husband and wife and she looked familiar. She was pretty and very curvy with longish auburn hair and lively face. He wished he could see her eyes but it was a bit dark in that end of the room. He had a pang of recognition. He knew that face from somewhere. It was killing him not being able to remember.

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   He turned his attention to his group but glanced at the auburn beauty regularly.


Elaine was there for a retreat also. She and hubby were trying to get away for a few days. Catch some breathing room from the hectic pace of life in northern New Jersey. As they were being seated, she noticed the older gentleman glancing at her and was stunned to recognize him as the guy she carried on a running conversation with on the internet. She looked at him from time to time and knew for sure that it was the same person. A smile came to her lips recalling the very sexy chats they had on the Literotica website. She would sometimes masturbate at her desk while staring at his words on the screen. They both fantasized about things they would do if ever they met in real life.


The black waitress came and introduced herself as their server for lunch and Elaine was taken aback, recalling some the interchange between Rick and her. Another furtive smile came to her lips.


Rick looked across the room and then it hit him. It was Elaine! At that moment she looked toward him and their eyes locked and it was as if a lightning bolt struck and froze in place connected them both. They gave the signal that only lovers can. It was a feeling and a communication from within not outwardly observed by others but certain for the players.

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Both of them began at that moment trying to plan a way for them to have physical contact. There must be some way. They both broke the spell at the same instance. But the kept the glancing and locking motion going. It was discreet but there anyway.


Rick excused himself and stood to go to the restroom. He walked toward Elaine on the way and he caught her eye and looked at him as well. They both nodded in a way men do. He disappeared in the hallway to the restroom area. Elaine waited a while and made her way there too, just as Rick was coming out. She had timed it perfectly. As they met there in the hallway she smiled and asked, knowing full well the answer, “Are you Rick?”. He smiled broadly and said “Yes and you’re Elaine”. They both could not believe it and spoke rapidly and quietly. Making plans to come back later and meet on the street somewhere, alone.

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   A quick touch on the arm and both moved on smiling.


Being a very small town, New Hope had only one main drag. Rick was able to come back on the street after the girls decided to go to


Standing on the corner, he was surprised by the voice of the waitress in the crisp spring air. She said she had recognized him from serving him earlier and thanked him for the generous tip. She explained that she was off now until the dinner hour and then back to work. Rick told her that she did a great job and had earned the tip. She had a wicked little smile and said that she had noticed the interplay between him and another lady in the restaurant. He turned red and wondered how many others had seen it too. Hopefully none!


He sheepishly told her the story of Elaine and the talks they had on the internet. Not the one about the black girl fantasy, however. She thought it was an erotic story and an irony that they should be here at the same time by chance. Kismet, she explained, maybe. She is very pretty, he thought. And she was. Very slim with muscular legs and very nice breasts.

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   Smooth skin and beautiful dark eyes. As they chatted, Elaine appeared out of the crowd. She was able to get away for “shopping” and found Rick and Shawna talking on the street. As she approached, Shawna saw her and gave her a knowing smile. Saying she would love to stay but she thought the two of them had some things to talk about. Rick took her arm and smiled saying that she could stay. Shawna said, no but left her address which was around the corner, so that they could come there after they got caught up on things.


And catch up they did. Sitting on a bench by the river, they talked about the events that got them to this point. They both remembered to feelings of sexual excitement that they had during their chats and wondered how they drifted apart. Busy lives were the conclusions. After a bit the conversation ended and they just sat there, taking in the moments. They both looked at each other and both thought of Shawna’s address in Rick’s pocket.


No words were spoken as they made there way up
They entered and Shawna asked if we wanted her to leave. We both said no and Shawna looked pleased.

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   We sat With Elaine planted next to Rick. He felt her curvy body pressed against his and his manhood became aroused in seconds. Shawna was scurrying around in a skimpy house dress that was loose  and allowed views of her. It was apparent that she had that one garment on and nothing else. Elaine sensed a fulfillment of one of their fantasies was about to take place. Shawna, for her part, knew nothing about it but was feeling an event about to take place.


Soon Rick leaned to Elaine and kissed her face. Elaine looked at him and smiled, liking it. She turned back and bent her head slightly exposing her lovely long slender neck to him. He kissed it and she felt a burst throughout her body. Shawna noticed it happening. Rick put his arm around her slender waist and pulled her close. Looking in her hazel eyes, he kissed her full lips and felt them part a bit. He slipped his tongue between them and she sucked it into her. Shawna watched as they played.

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   Elaine noticed her and asked her to join in if she wanted. Shawna sat next to Elaine and put her hand on Elaine’s breasts. It felt firm and perky to her. Elaine was startled that Shawna was touching her. Something different from what she thought would happen. Shawna kissed Elaine’s cheek and looked across at Rick smiling at her. They exchanged knowing glances and bent across to lock lips in front of Elaine. Elaine was excited now by this play. Juices were flowing fast and there were sexual static crackled the air. Rick’s hands were on her breasts and Shawna was groping for her share of them too. Between them they had Elaine’s blouse open and bra pulled down exposing her to them.


Rick bent over and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it. Elaine felt her muscles contract in her wet pussy. She felt a hand sliding up her thigh, a small delicate hand. Fingers reached her cunt and found her hard little nub already wet.

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   The touch made her wince as she felt Shawna’s fingers exploring her. Rick’s tongue slide into Shawna’s mouth and she sucked him deeper as her juices began to flow. Elaine’s hand found Rick’s crotch and his cock, by now engorged. Rick stood and removed Elaine’s remaining garments. Noticing her exquisite curvy lines and slim waist. Turning his attention to Shawna, he pull her only piece of clothing over her head. Her young sublime body exposed to the other two in the room. Shawna stood and motioned for them to follow her to the only other full room in her apartment, the bedroom. They entered and settled on the bed together. Rick between them, they cuddled up next to him. Skin to skin they lay there touching each other, talking and exploring. Rick loved the attention. He kissed both of them and Shawna moved first to throw her leg across his and pulled herself even closer. Her young firm breasts plastered onto him. Elaine snuggling into him and reaching across to hold onto Shawna as well.

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   All seemed right.


Rick, with and arm around each of them and was aroused like never before in his life. Elaine remembered the picture of his cock that he sent over the internet and noticed it was not long but very thick and knew that it was the same one. She reached for it and began caressing it. It felt hot and silky smooth to her touch. Now, her fantasy that she once described to him came back to her. She looked over at Shawna and they both knew what to do. Shawna moved to straddle Rick’s body. He was excited by her and felt her wetness on him. He urged her upward toward his face. Elaine didn’t recognize this as part of her fantasy but was excited to see it happening. Shawna, with Rick’s urging held onto the headboard, her pussy was just over his mouth. Rick had his hands around her thighs and pulled her down onto him. His tongue reached out to her and tasted her juices on her already wet clit. His tongue felt like a hot poker on her and she melted onto him.

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   Rick opened his mouth and sucked her clit area into it. His tongue flattened against her swollen clit. It felt silky smooth to him as he massaged it with his tongue muscles. Shawna closed her eyes and settled onto him. She began grinding herself into his mouth. He slipped lower and his tongue slide into her love canal. Searching deep and feeling the contours of her cunt. He licked her folds inside and out before returning to her clit. Shawna was breathing heavy and wanted a cock inside of her. She moved down and laid herself on him wanting every part of her body to be touching his.


Rick and Elaine rolled her over onto her back. Elaine used her hands to spread her knees as Rick moved between her legs. Elaine watched as Rick’s thick cock was poised over Shawna’s wet pussy lips. She wanted it bad. Rick teased her by lowering himself and touching his now purple cock head to her wet opening.

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   Shawna raised herself to take him and he moved away. Frantic Shawna said, “give me that cock, please!” “I want it!” Smiling at Elaine, Rick lowered himself to her again. This time he dropped down onto her and his cock slide into her easily. She was wet from the sexual foreplay and they came together. Their bones crashed together as he fell onto her. His balls laying against her ass as she lay spread with her legs wide and heels on his back. Elaine watched and couldn’t help being aroused by the contrast. Rick’s whiteness as he rammed his white cock into the black body of Shawna. His white cock puncturing her and her pussy lips sucking him as his cock entered her and pulled back and then in again. She saw Rick’s stiff cock appear momentarily, glistening with Shawna’s juices, and then diving back deep into her love canal. Elaine reached for them. Finding Rick’s balls she had them in her palm and squeezed gently as they bounced against Shawna. She could smell the sweet aroma of sex. She wanted a part of it. Shawna’s ass was an inviting target.


   Elaine caressed her there. She felt the wetness from her fucked cunt dripping and rubbed it on Shawna’s little rosebud. Pressing her finger on it. Shawna felt the intruder and winced with the excitement of something new. Rick pounded hard into Shawna and watched as her firm tits bounced with each thrust. Shawna was in ecstasy and ready to explode. Her head moving from side to side and her hands flailing. Her hands brushed something and found it to be Elaine and she pulled her body close feeling her hands on her anus and Rick pounding her wet cunt. Shawna bent and found Elaine ready for her. She parted her legs and buried her face in Elaine’s shaved pussy. Her tongue licking and her fingers inside searching for her g spot. Shawna found the rough texture and caressed it as Elaine found it to be the one spot that would take her to paradise quickly.


The three of them there in that tiny apartment, entwined impossibly and ready for the bliss that would come soon. Rick felt the cum building in his balls, streaming into the shaft of his stiff cock as it rammed Shawna’s wet love canal. Shawna licking and caressing Elaine ready for the inevitable explosion of her big orgasm.

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   Elaine feeling Shawna taking her to the edge of bliss and exploring Shawna and Rick.


When the time came, they all let go, one and then the other. Shawna felt it like a wave emanating from her cunt and spreading through her muscles. A release like no other she had ever felt. Elaine’s explosion began as she shook with spasms. She felt it in every nerve ending of her body. She had no control as she lay spent from the mental stimulation.   Rick felt cum surging up his shaft and into the head of his cock and then exploding into Shawna. Ropes of white hot seed filled her and splashed against her cervix.


They lay there as one.

Elaine, Rick and Shawna lay in a heap of bodies. Each of them covered with tiny beads of sweat. The sweet aroma of sex filled the cramped bedroom. Rick lay between the two women, in awe of the wonderful fate that had placed him there. He felt the bodies of each of the females crushed against him.

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   Slippery breasts were plastered to him and hardened nipples mingled with his chest hairs. Although his cock was flacid from just emptying his semen into Shawna, he was mentally aroused by the contact with these beautiful girls. He thinks “girls” because to the huge age difference between he and they. He has his arms around each and they cuddled to him.


Elaine’s thoughts were of a feeling of contentment from her orgasm to one of wishing she had a piece of Rick’s nice cock.
    She felt exhilarated watching him unload into Shawna but wanted it to be her too. And she thought of Shawna. She never had been with a black person, male much less another woman. Her only experience had been a drunken night at her friend Dana’s home while in high school. A night in which they adventured to masturbate each other and then made a pact to never tell anyone, they were so embarrassed afterward. The moments earlier had opened her eyes somewhat. She had enjoyed the physical contact of Shawna on her and the emotional image made her tingle inside. Maybe some day, she would be adventurous. Maybe even Shawna!


    Shawna wondered as she lay there smiling with her eyes closed. She felt really good inside.

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       Rick’s cum seeping from her filled cunt. She loved the feeling of him shooting his load in her. It felt hot as it surged in her love canal. That feeling and the feeling of his thick cock stretching gave her a climax like none she had ever experienced. Now her mind wandered and she saw a vision, one in which her body was here but she was floating overhead looking down at an erotic scene. Three naked bodies entangled in her small bed. Her black skinned lithe body contrasted by the other two. All of them awake and relaxed. She was reminded of how she felt in the throes of the sexual act. The final push of Rick’s body into hers and the release that came. How good it felt feeling Elaine’s spasms of climax on her face and tongue.


    These images aroused her and her hand, which had been laying on Rick’s tummy began to trace circles on his skin. Ever widening circles took her to his semi-soft cock. It lay in the mat of his pubic hair. Some sperm still could be seen streaming from the small slit.

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       Shawna touched it there and brought clear liquid to her lips. And then she took him in her tiny hand. If felt hot to her palm and she squeezed it slightly. She thought of Elaine and how she must want this cock in her. Shawna moved down and took his member in her mouth. It was still soft as she felt how smooth and silky it was to the touch. She sucked and felt the swelling began almost immediately. She reached across Elaine leg and her hand went to the exposed pussy as Elaine lay partially on her tummy up against Rick. Shawna’s fingers found the wet cunt and pressed inside of her. Elaine moved and involuntarily dry humped against Rick and then arched her back to accept the fingers probing her. Rick was not unaware of this activity and his cock responded quickly. He raised himself up to meet Shawna’s mouth, now wrapped around him. She opened wide and took him into her. Elaine dug her nails into Rick’s skin. She wanted his cock in her.

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       Shawna, sensing her needs, released Rick’s, now stiff, cock and pulled Elaine’s body on top of Rick. She got between their legs and watched as the stiff veined cock searched for the wet cunt. Shawna, aroused from her front row seat at her own private porn scene, reached for the hard cock and guided it to Elaine’s dripping pussy lips. Rick thrust up toward Elaine and his purple cockhead disappeared into the shaved cunt. Elaine pressed down to take him deep and began fucking hard against him. Shawna watched as the white piston dove inside and then appeared again, glistening from the juices inside of her. The scene in front of her was like the movies she’d watched from the local video store. Here she was, living a real scene. Rick’s hands on Elaine’s asscheeks and her  legs spread wide. A white was cock fucking Elaine’s wet pussy. With each stoke, Shawna saw the pussy lips pull on the skin of the thick cock as if sucking it back into her vigina. All for Shawna, and only her, to see.  


    Shawna felt a like an interloper. She wanted to be in the scene to. She leaned over Elaine and kissed her shoulder and traced with her tongue.

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       Elaine sensed this and it excited her more. She felt the tongue tracing down her back and Shawna’s hands felt hot on her burning skin. Fucking sounds filled the room. Heavy breathing, slapping of skin against skin, the quiet moans of a woman and man lusting for more could be heard. Shawna reached Elaine’s nice round asscheeks and kissed them, gently biting and licking. She spread her cheeks wide and looked at the sweet little rosebud. Something came to her. It was wild thought, none that she had ever entertained but now knew she would do. The fuckers paused from their frantic sex as if on cue and Shawna moved into her. Her tongue tasting the bridge of sighs. Moving the length of it and finally her tongue slid to the rosebud. Elaine winced from the excitement and surprise of the act. And she began fucking Rick’s cock, more frantically then ever. Shawna, now separated from Elaine, took Rick’s balls in her palm and held them as best she could as they whipped up and down. Shawna reached again wickedly for Elaine’s ass and found the wet opening with her middle finger.

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       She felt movement quicken and hoped it was from her actions, and it was.


    Shawna slide her finger into Elaine. The inside felt hot and was tight around her finger. She heard a guttural sound emanate from a female voice as her finger slipped deeper into the forbidden tunnel. “Oh god, yes” she heard. And everything became more animated. Shawna slipped another finger next to the one already invading Elaine. As the scene evolved, Shawna began to explore and felt the pounding piston that was Rick’s cock along side her fingers. Shawna pressed against it and both Rick and Elaine felt the two of them meeting, albeit in separate canals.


    Suddenly, it was as if they all became one and a machine. Made for fucking and performing to the max. Both Rick and Shawna had made an unspoken pact, to make this moment for them and especially for Elaine. It was Elaine’s time. She rose to the heights and they let her come down and then back up again several times. At last Elaine could no longer hold it.

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       Every nerve in her body was sensitized for this moment. She released her all, taking Rick’s lips between her teeth she bit on them. The cock in her cunt exploded inside of her. Cum splashed on her cervix. The seed of life filled her and felt like hot ropes surging inside of her. Her nipples were hard and touching his hairs, felt raw. One last time she humped against him and held it there before collapsing unto him. Shawna held her fingers inside of her and Elaine made no effort to extract them, her muscles relaxed and opened for them. Laying for a moment she felt the juices begin to flow from her cunt still filled with a cock. They dripped from her and Shawna watched intently as Rick felt it fall onto him and then run down between his legs and across his balls. Finally it fell onto the white sheet and began to spread. The evidence that fucking had taken place here!



    Main Streetand over two blocks to the address. It was an apartment in an older home with steps winding around to the back. As they climbed the stairs Rick thought in his mind that this was too much to imagine. Elaine’s heart was pounding.

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       Two knocks on the door and it opened with Shawna standing there smiling. “I knew you would come” she said smiling big.
    Peddlers Squareand spend the next 8 hours shopping and the guys were watching baseball’s new season. Rick decided to tour the historic areas of the little town. He really was searching for her and went back to a point near the restaurant where they had earlier met. .
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