Daddy and I and Janet During our Pregnancy


Well, after I got knocked up by my own father and Janet and I were both going to have his kids Daddy and I were lots closer than before. We snuck into bed a few times and he fucked me and always left me sore but full and now that my tummy was growing he had to put on a show about trying to find out what boy had gotten me preg and I always ended in I would never tell them and that I did not want to marry the boy (but would have married Dady gladly). Janet was getting really big. Her tits were so huge that I could not wait to be with her and we loved putting lotion on each other to take care of the streach maks that were trying to show up.

I went to the mall one day and had asked Janet if she wanted to go and she said that she had to meet someone for lunch. She managed to side step any questions and so I left about 11 for the mall and told Mom that I would be home about 2 or so and she smiled and hugged me. I went to the mal, shopped a little and ate lunch. Without Janet with me it al seemed so boring so I decided to go back home after lunch. I drove up and Janet's car was in the driveway and I thought "What the hell, she said she was busy. " I went further and parked on the street and walked back. For some reason my mind was racing and yet I thought now way would what I was thinking be happening. I went around the back to the basement and opened the door quietly and looked inside. No one was there and so I went in and carefully walked to the stairs and up. Still no one visible and then I heard the very familiar sounds of Janet having an orgasm. "Oh shit," I thought, "That can't be what I think it is. "

I walked to the stairs and slowly went up and to my parents bedroom door.

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   It was open some so I was careful not to make any noise. I walked to it and peeked in and saw Janet laying on her back and her legs spread and my Mom naked in bed with her and kissing her and then working her way down to her pussy. Janet was laying there and having all the pleasure that Mom was giving her. I had not seen Mom naked before except by accident and that was only a glance. She was really hot. She had some nice plump tits and then I thought I must have gotten my flat chest from Daddy's side of the family. Mom' hips were really nice and full and with her ass towards the door I saw her swollen pussy lips that were soaking wet from the sex she and Janet were having. I watched as Mom ate Janet through a nice orgasm and then thought "What the hell. " I went down the stairs and undressed. I opened he front door quietly and then slammed it hard and yelled out, "Janet, Mom. . . " Then I ran up the stairs and they were getting out of the bed and Mom was trying to put on her robe. I was at the door naked and she looked at me, "Where the hell are your clothes. " she said.

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   "I took them off since I heard you up here with my girlfriend. " I said and walked to the bed and kissed Janet. Mom just stood there half naked and stared at us. "MMmmm, I taste pussy on her lips, what have you two been up to?" I said and got up and walked to my mother. I stood in front of her naked and took the robe and it dropped to the floor.

What are you doing. " she whispered barely able to speak. "Baby, we can't do this. " she mumbled. "Why not?" I said as I sat her on the bed. "It is wrong, we should not. " She managed to get out. Janet was now sitting on the other side of her. "You mean it is incest? And it is okay to have lesbian sex with my best friend?" I asked confronting her. She just sat there and Janet and I both laid her back on the bed and Janet began kissing her.

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   She was still trying to protest but she melted and her hips were all mine. We all moved up on the bed and she said, "What are you going to do?" and I told Janet, "Keep her busy up her. " and I kissed Mom and then sucked her tits making the nipples hard and swollen. Janet took over and I slipped down the her tummy and then my mouth was on her pussy lips. She moaned and said, "Oh no, you should not do this. " I slipped my toingue in her pussy and she just began moaning and moving her hips with my mouth. She was being ocupied by Janet who was kissing and sucking her and making sure that Mom was well occupied up top. I now had Mom legs over my shoulders and her nice ass was there close and I ran my tongue along her crack and she squirmed more. Janet said, "What did you do?" and I told her, "I just licked mom ass crack. "

THere was a dildo near by so I took it and began licking Mom's ass and making sure it was wet then slipped the dildo into her ass making her move her hips to the dildo and her ass swallowed it up. I kept eating her pussy and after a long time of her ass being probed and her pussy licked and JAnet working on her tits Mom hada huge orgasm and was bucking like crazy. Janet got up and went to her day bag and pulled out another dildo, this was 12 inches long and thick and she help it up, "Let's switch. " I did and was now looking into my mother's eyes and then I kissed her. JAnet was between her legs and eating her pussy and then Mom groned loud, "Oh my god oh fuck yes. " she was saying over and over again as Janet pushed the dildo into her ass.

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   Mom began bucking against it and hugged me tight kissing me wildly. Janet worked the dildo really good and Mom had several shattering orgasms. As she laid there weak and worn out and janet playing with the dildo as Mom just shook all over I moved over her face and said, "Now eat me Mommy. " Her mouth sucked my swolled pussy and her hands grabed my hips as I moved around over her face and she licked my pussy. I was holding the headboard so I would not fall and she ate me thru 2 wonderful orgasms.

We all just laid there kissing hugging and massaging each other and then I heard a car pull up. Mom looked at the clock and said, "Oh damn, your father is home, he can't catch us. " I looked at Janet and she looked at me and we both held Mom down. She froze and looked at us, "Oh no, he can't catch us, no please. " she begged. The door opened and Daddy yelled "Where is everyone?" and I yelled out, "Up here Daddy, come one up. " and Mom was now quietly begging us to let her get up. Daddy was at the top of the stairs and said, "Where are you. " and I said, In your room Dady. " he came to the door and stopped.

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   His face was frozen and he looked at his daughter and wife and JAnet all tangled up naked in bed. A small smile came to his face and I got up and walked to him and stood in front of him and threw my arms around his neck. My kiss finally was returned and he wrapped his arms around me. I began undressing him and Mom was frozen watching us until he was totally naked and his cock was standing erect. I went to the bed and bent over, "Daddy, I need something hard in me. " and he walked to my bottom that was towards him and slipped into my pussy from behind. He began moving in and out all the time watching Mom who had relaxed and Janet was hugging and kissing her. I watched Mom too and I could see that she was relaxing and was watching her husband fuck her daughter. Soon I felt my pussy pulsing with an orgasm that was almost there and I told Daddy, "Oh Daddy, fuck me harder, I am going to cum. :" and he drove into me and I had a wonderful orgasm as he filled me up. I licked his cock that was now half hard but stil pulsing and pulled him to the bed. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him and said, "That is almost as good as the first time we did it Daddy. " Mom was in Janet's arms and watching us. "It is even better since you can't get meand Janet pregnant again don't you think. " I said.

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   Mom 's eyes got big. "You got them both pregnant?" Janet kissed her, "Yes he did, isn't it wonderful?" and she just sat there.

I moved to Mom and kissed her and she almost did not respond but finaly kissed back. I rolled her onto her tummy, "Come on Daddy, fuck Mommy in the ass. " I said and Dad moved to behind her and I guided his cock to her ass. "You got them both pregnant?" Mom said again. He shoved his cock into hard and said, "Yeh, I did. " and he kept fucking Mom deep and hard. Finaly he filled her with his cum and he slipped out. Janet cleaned him up and he laid next to JAnet and I snuggled up to Mom. "I can't believe all this happened today. " Mom said. I looked at her, "But I am glad it did. " and kissed her then Daddy and then Janet. "Now I can make love anytime I want to and have someone that really cares.

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  " and we all laid there and began kissing again. Janet and Mom and me and Daddy began kissing and higging and soon, Mom and Janet were in a 69 and Daddy was between my legs fucking my pussy nice and slow.

That was the wonderful beginning of our family being open to love making in many other forms. But that is for another time.

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