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This is a story from a best friend.

Her name is Anthi and until she was 27 she lived in Germany. Sixteen years old she met and fell in love with a boy named Tobias or Toby as we called him. He was her first lover, first love,first relationship, first everything. They stayed together for five years and where inseparable except on the year he was an army conscript. Anthi was very serious about their relationship and she could definitely see them getting married some time in the future.

Sexually they were doing OK especially when he was in the army. That continued after his service when they rented a place together. She figured he missed her allot in the army and the moving in probably made him feel more of man.

Sex for her was not a first priority but she did enjoyed it. Wanting to cover all off her man's needs she followed him this zest when he decided to enrich their sex life. She gave him head, started taking it up the ass and did it with him in the country side and other public places. She never complained about his sexual drive being through the roof after his army turn and him constantly looking excuses for sex.

When Tobias took it a step further by asking her to take other people on their bed Anthi was Initially against it all the way but gradually gave in fearing that complete negativity would harm their relationship.

Their first Christmas together was spent in a friendly home. A couple was throwing a swinging party and he promised her that they would just observe.

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   Anthi didn't want to participate and Tobias was seemingly OK with that. So when the orgy started both of them went to their room to be alone. Since their was sex in the air she didn't bother getting some from Tobias. After all he knew all the right buttons to make her horny.

While they were fucking she noticed their host, Leon, entering the room with his dick hanging out. She could tell from Tobias look that he had done something stupid. He whispered to herthat they didn't pay a thing for their accommodation and he begged her to let Leon have some fun. He was aware how pissed she was about the position he was putting her but he also knewAnthi. She was no victim but her tolerance in his mistakes was at a sickness level and all due to the fact that she couldn't stand feeling that she was living him exposed. All of us girlfriends had warned her about this.

Tobi moved up in the bed and singed Leon to replace him.

Leon made Anthi go doggy and mounted fucking her wildly. They were both assholes at her, Leon was being a pig with slapping and racist swearing and Tobias seconded him all the way.

Anthi had to endure the dinner questions as well from the other couples demanding to know why she and the host where not at the orgy. Leon was very happy to explain that he had tomake her work for everything.

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Everyone thought he was funny except her. Leons wife finally informed her that Tobias had arranged with her husband to seduce Anthi in swinging and Leon was looking forward for that.

That night on the way home Anthi made it clear to him that she always saw a marriage and children with him and that he was fucking everything up. To her amazement Tobi proposed there and then and many times in the following weeks.

He told her about the army and what had happened there. How they fucked a soldier girlfriend and they had threesomes together, sometimes even hiring whores. She wasn't really shocked from what she was hearing. Making another scene for his infidelity in the army seemed stupid at that point, after all she was fucked so smuttily infront of him by an other man and Tobias was applauding the show.

The fights continued for weeks to come because he was planning summer vacations and boat cruises for swinging couples and tried to convince her that all this things could coexist, marriage, kids and swinging.

He was wright and she knew it. People like Leon and his wife were living proof but she didn't believe that she was cut up for this kind of life. All that devotion to sex required huge amount of energy and frankly she could never relax enough thinking he was fucking an other woman.

After her Christmas treat, classes and work started and tensions calmed down a bit. They stopped talking about it, but it was always hiding behind every word and she dreaded the time it would resurface.

She was at the university when that happened.

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   Tobias texted her that he had closed a cabin in a lake for a three day weekend. She had a panic attack and the week went by with her currying a great burden which she was ashamed to admit even to me, her best friend.

At the cabin she found once again a totally different situation. Apart from the couple they were three other men waiting. But the true surprise came the morning after her first gangbang.

She woke up tired after having succumbed in Tobi's demands and found herself alone among the three men and Tobias and the couple were nowhere to be found.

Next to her was the last man to join their party last night and she had to go over him to go outside to piss. He woke up and followed her outside. His name was Alex and was polite and sincere from the start and Anthiliked him from the beginning.

He explained to her that Tobi had reassured them that after the couple;s departure Anthi would to stay satisfy them for the rest of the weekend. He told her how sexy she was and really wanted her to stay along. When Anthi said she didn't believe him he gave her his mobile phone to call Tobias.

He answered the phone and with a guilty voice made excuses that they called him from work in the middle of the night and he had to live and that he had arrangements to bring her back. All lies. She was very upset and threaten him with a break up if he didn't return.

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   He said that he would if he could but he was on a train and that they would fire him if he wasn't on time for work.

Alex was waiting patiently and then comfort her and took her inside to sleep.

She slept until 3 in the afternoon and woke up to find the three men sunbathing naked by the lake. After a bath at the lake and a nice supper that Alex made her, he asked if she had made her mind.

With low self-esteem and with the idea of seeing Tobi so soon making her sick she said she would not leave them. She didn't knew what she was getting into but didn't backed down either. Alex was the one who was calling the shots and gave her time to rest because they wanted her all the time. With the three men not moving an inch from her side there was at least one stud awake wanting to fuck her. Even in the midst of the night one of the men came over her and fucked her in her sleep. She woke up and so did the others and were exited that she had became so willing. They lined up and fucked her silly in pussy, ass and mouth.

Monday morning Anthi was back at her house. The single repetitive action had cleared her mind and she was happing that she cheated Tobi.

He had made up her mind to end it with Tobi and told him that same day.

Ofcourse it didn't happen so simple.

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   They went back and forth for a year until he gave up. The only difference was that Anthi was counting the five waisted years while Tobias was pissed because he would get many replies as a single male in sex classifieds.


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