Devils in the pawnshop


Devisl in the pawn shop


There were devil statuaettes in a pawn shop
One said to the other
“I'm going to give the next person who enters the pawn shop a power which will eventually corrupt and send him or her to hell”
The other said: “Game is on, if you lose, you will be my slave”
“And if I win?” The first one asks
“I will be your slave” The second one says.
Business was slow no one was coming to the pawn shop then Janet Blik came over, already corrupt screwed dozens of guy and stole from them. She was chewing gum and smoking. when she entered thepawn shop
“Hey Joe, how much for this watch?”
Joe looks at it, it was a fancy ladies watch.
“Ill give you $15”Joe says
“Stop lying, its bound to be more than that” Janet says
“Ok here's a 100 bucks, now fuck off”
(The second devil burtst out laughing “You already have someone downright corrupt, she is at the bottom of the pit, how far down can she possibly go?”.
“You don't human beings they can be far worse,lets see”)
The first devil puts his curse on her. She tucked the money in her small black wallet, she was crossing the road, she started having a tingling feeling, walked straight upand bumped into a woman coming from the other side
“Watch whe're you going bitch!”That woman says. Janet ignores her and moves on. She had the black purse in her hand, she was walking by a shop and looked at her reflecction.
“Who the fuck is that? She looks just like that whore I bumped into, ah must be seeing things. She heads back to her flat, the key was under the doormat she opens and sits flops out on her bed and switches on her TV, decides to change. Looks down at her dress, it was longer than the one she was wearing and the colour she had seen on the shop window.
“What the fuck!” she throw off the dress, discovers something else- panties, she never wears panties.
“How the fuck am I wearing these things?”She says to herself. She looks at herself in the mirror, it wasn't her face. She was horrified
“What's happened to me, I've become someone else,let me bathe myself”
She bathes hersefl and picks something else to wear.

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  She finds it, it was a size too small.
“Oh shit whatdo I do now, I know I'll go home and change. She locks the front door and wraps her bath towel around herself. The door bangs
“Who is it?”
Janet opens the door
Pete looks at her.
“Hey who the fuck are you? Where is Janet”
“But I'm Janet”
“No you are not,I'll be back later, tell her I came” Pete says and goes off.
“Home, home I keep thinking of home, it must be this woman's home” I'll go there”
She ends up at an apartment. A man comes and Janet knows his name Richard
“Lucy where did you go? I was looking all over for you” Richard asks
“Just had to go somewhere” Janet says. There was sound of shouting
Janet goes to where the noise was coming from. She sees herself shouting
“What do you mean this is not my house, I lived all my life. She was fighting with a man andwoman, the man runs off and brings a mirror. Janet sees herself scream

Mrs Lucy Rinsim

“How did I become this person? This can't be”She runs away crying. Janet wanted to run and change herself back to her real self.
“Is there anything you need. My dear”
“That woman who was fighting, can you get her back”
“Why of course” Richard says. The servants bring the real Lucy.

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  Janet goes down to meet her. Lucy gets into a fit of rage.
“Who are you? You look just like me and I don't why IIook like a complete slut?”
Janet slaps Lucy hard.
“You fucking bitch,how dare you call me a slut” Janet says angrily. Lucy falls. Lucy tries to run away again. Janet catches her arm and holds on to it. . nothing happens. Janet expected to change and look like herself and Lucy as herself, but that did not happen.
That night lay down naked, next to Richard. She grabs his erection and sucks hard.
“Awww” Richardmoaned
“What happened?”
“That's the first time since our marriage,you'vde sucked my cock” He says
Janet knew that, but she decided that she would assert her own personalityh instead of Lucy's. She gets over him and grinds. This too she knew was a first for Richard
“Oh my God! What has gotten into you? I've never had such great sex.

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   Lucy you're wonderfu;”
Janet loved doing this and would have enjoyed it more if there more men around. Janet got tired and lay asleeo over him. The next day Richard says let's go shopping. Janet knew that Richard had taken leave from office. . Richard was buying things, which could only dreamed of. It was Richard's way of saying thank you for the previous night.
Janet fucked Richard's brains out. Janet literally had him by the balls at his beck and call and ready to do anything she asked. Janet recalled the small bank account she had kept, she goes to that bank, dressed just her former self and deposited all the cash Richard gave her. Janet did so in case she turned back to her old self.

The Reception

There was a reception to which Richard and Lucy were invited to. The host was Mr Robert Bezzle. Mrs Oliviia Bezzle multiple affairs were the talk of the town, but because the couple were rich and powerful, no one said anything. Some women got together for some small talk before they went in the crowded ladies room .

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   Olivia and Janet was there. Janet started getting that tingling feeling. She remembered she had it just before she had bumped into Lucy. Olivia andn Janet together went into the ladies room and Janet touched her. All of a sudden Olivia became Lucy and Janet became Olivia. When Olivia saw herself as Lucy in the mirro she screamed and fainted on the ladies room floor. She was taken out and was put on a sofa, Richard was next to her.
“Who are you?” Lucy screams, which was really Olivia speaking
“I'm Richard, you;re husband”Richard says
“Robert is my husband, not you?”
“No Robert is Olivia Bezzle's husband”
“But I'm Olivia Bezzle”
There was a mirror on the wall
“Lucy look at yourself in the mirror”
“Oh no,everything about me has changed, I'mLucy Richard, ifI'm her then who is Olivia?”
“Janet knew how the new Lucy would react, she hid. She could see the new Lucy going around looking for her.
Richard imagined that his Lucy had lost her mind, pulls her along and next day taken to a psychologist.

Mrs Olivia Bezzle

The worst thing about Olivia losing her identity was that Janet found all her dirty secrets. All the men she had been with and Robert Bezzle was a cuckold. He enjoyed watching his beautiful Olivia get fucked by other men. So after the reception, that night was an orgy. She was being gang gang banged, whileRobert watched with his cock and balls tied.

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   His mouth drooling whenever stronger men than him were fucking her. Nevertheless it was still too tame for Janet's taste. The 'boys'were brutal, she was boozing and getting laid, she was completely drunk, she didn't even know what was going on, she was stripped and taken to a dumpster and fucked. She was out, she was pissed left alone. Next afternoon she was awake, about to get up, she was being gang banged again, left alone, she went back to her flat naked. Loved it, loved the brutal and rough fucking. As she was thinking about on Olivia's bed, she got a flash of real self lying next Kray. He smiled at herr
“You'e going to be alright baby, trust me he says”
She returned being Olivia,her lets raised, a cock in her pussy, Robert next to her. The cock slips out her pussy and slaps Robert;s face, he holds it and sucks.
“I'm going to make this Olivia the biggest cock-sucker in town and it won't be a secret” Janet says. The real Olivi the current Mrs Richard Rinsim was being kept uinder observation of a team of psychologists.
Olivia had lovers visiting at all times of the day and was ready for them. It was one at a time. Janet changed the rules, she two or three of her lovers at the same time and made additional lovers. Olivia's intentions had less to do with sex and more about enriching her husband.

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   Janet emptied Olivia's bank account and transferred all themoney to her own account.
Though she was fucking around it never felt the same.

(The first devil was cheering, “See Im winning”.
“Rubbish she is doing exactly what she has always been doing the only difference it is is on a bigger scale, she has not really hurt anyone, if you did not give her those poweers she would never be doing thsi”, The first devill made Janet's handle tingle more, but Janetsomehow managed tocontrol it}

Janet knew about a prostitute Erica, who was practically a slave of her pimpBanjo. She had her chauffeurdrives one of Robert's cars to where Erica worked. Janet tell the chauffeur
“Ask for Erica”Janet says
Erica comes out, Janet was thrilled to see her, runs up to her. Erica does not say a thing, Janet touches Erica. Janet becomes Erica, beomes Mrs Bezzle and walks back to the car.
“Where the fuck did you go off to bitch?”Banjo asks
His words were like music to her ears, it was the place she belonged. Banjo was collecting money and Janet was sucking and getting fucked by all the men. Some men were paying because they could not find Banjo. When the men left, Banjo counted the money gets angrier and angrier. He grabs Janet by her drags her out for some beating. Janet begged, Banjo did not listen, Janet was trembling with fear along with thetrembling tingling started. She was pushing Banjo's arm to avoidb being hit, there was a change, Janetbecame Banjo and vice versa,
“What the fuck!What the fuck, how can this be, Youhavebecome me”.

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  New Banjolowered himselfand pulled the money which Janet hadhidden.
“Come with me cunt” Banjo “Lets have another round”
The real Banjo who is Erica to his horror was getting cocks stuffed in the mouth, asshole and pussy. New Banjo went to where old Banjo had statshed his money. It was quiet a sum. Next morning New Banjo distributed all the money equally amongst all the prostitutes. Erica watched, her neck chained to the leg of a chair. Old Banjo was screaming seeing all his money vanish before his eyes. For some of the prostitutes it was the break they needed to escaoe they had been living. New Banjo sold 'Erica' andwalked out ofthe place where old Banjo did business.
Janet somehow found a way to control her tingling she was out on the road, a car had stopped. A man was waiting for the traffic to move. Janet touches him and becomes him the driver became Banjo. This Banjo was standing shocked, to see his car being driven off and he was in clothes he never wore. He was just trying to get over what he had gone through, cops came and arrested
“Tyler Jones,you are being arrested for human trafficking, particularly Ms Erica”
Steve collapsed from the shock.
Janet finds out she had become a salesman called Steve, who was secrety gay.

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   Janet was not interested in him, she wanted to get back home. She drove back to the slum she had spent all herr life. Steve, heads straight for Kray's flat. There was a whistle and Krayran out of his flat . Everyone thought Steve was a cop. Janet finds herself lying on the floor, she looked terrified. . Steve touches her. Lucy becomes Steve and Janet became hersefl very happily. She was smiling. Kray comes back
“Has the cop gone?”
Janet has a beaming smile on her face and pounces on Kray and kissing him like mad.
“I missed you so much” Janet says “I'm Janet andI'm back”
“What happened to Mrs Rinsim?”
“Dead and gone”

(The second devil was laughing his head off, “You're my slave”.
“No you didn't win” The first devil says
“Oh yes I did, she gae all those prostitutes enough so that they can live a free and independent life and have nothing to with that creep Banjo. As for Banjo is paying for all the other crimes he has committed and he hid all the evidence”
“But what about all the money she stole?”
“That's your fault if she could not change whom she liked she would never have done it”
“I suppose you're right, some people become better instead of worse – I can't believe it I lost
a bet”)
Janet told all her friends about her strange power. When she demonstrated it during an orgy, everyone felt the rush of being different people and different sexes, fucking and sucking awayinsanely.

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   Janet made sure changed in the right order, so that no one got stuck with someone else's identity. The only Janet could retain her identity and know everything about them. She stayed the partyin all fucking everyone and anyone.
Then one day bad news hit. Kray and two of his gang members were killed when they tried to rob a store by the police. Janet cried for days. After some days she decided living there was no longer fun. Kray meant a lot to her. She clears out her bank, she had thought one day when Kray is old she would help him with that money. Leaves the citybuys a small apartment and lived alone, she did not want to touch anyone. She had memories of Olivia and Lucy all the wonderful places they had been. She was not fond of travelling stayed at home.


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