ÂDeviousÂPt. 1
By Krusty

I have been married to my wife for about 15 years. ÂI am American and she is Korean. ÂWe met while I was working in Korea and hit it off. ÂAlthough I did not find out a few things about her until after we were married. ÂThe big thing was that she liked to drink a bit too much sometimes. ÂIt did not bother me too much at first but it got old after awhile. ÂDon’t get me wrong, I love my wife but I got tired of being called to come get my wife because she could not drive home. ÂThe worst is when she would go on a bender and come home so drunk that she would pass out. Â

You see, my work required 12 to 16 hours during the week. ÂThe only real time we could get together would be on the weekend. ÂIt did not do that I would be home waiting for her with a raging hard on only to have her come home too trashed to do anything. ÂYou must understand, I love to fuck my wife. ÂI could go a seek “Professional” help but it is just not what I want.

The routine would pretty much play out the same way. ÂWe would have dinner at home or maybe out at a restaurant where we would have some wine or beer.

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  ÂI should say that I would have a glass and she would have 5 or 6. ÂShe would then want to go see some of her friends. ÂSort of a “girls night out”. ÂIf we were at home she would then get dressed up (not too provocatively) and then head out to meet some of her girl friends. ÂMy wife is shapely with nice long legs that flow into a nice ass. ÂHer breasts are not huge but are pretty good for an Asian. ÂWhat I really like about her is her fantastic pussy. ÂHer pussy hair is very soft and sparse. ÂYou could say that she could shave with one swipe of the razor. Â

One night I was a bit extra horny when she started her ritual. ÂIt kind of pissed me off a bit so it started me thinking about how I could break the cycle or at least make it advantageous to me. ÂI tried to get a quickie from her before she left but she put me off saying, “just wait until I get back, I wont be very long. ”ÂOf course that would never be the real truth. Â

I decided to check up on her. ÂI gave her a 5 minute head start and then followed her.

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  ÂShe headed straight to a bar that some friends of ours owned. ÂI went to the bar across the street and took a window seat to keep watch for a while. ÂA friend of mine from work was in the bar and come over to me. ÂWe talked for awhile where I asked him to go to the bar across the street to check it out for me. ÂHe left and came back about 20 minutes later. ÂSure enough, she was in there with a couple of her girl friends. ÂAccording to my friend all of them were getting fired up. ÂMe and my friend hung out and waited to see what developed.

About an hour later the girls poured out of the bar and headed down the street to another bar. ÂThe bar they headed into was what is know as a “Meat Market”. ÂSingles go there to hook up for a bit of a romp. ÂIt kind of concerned me and I was a bit nervous. ÂI had my friend duck in to check it out and then give me a call when the coast was clear enough for me to duck in unseen. ÂÂ

10 minutes passed before I got the call that the coast was clear and I headed in. ÂIt was a bit dark and took my eyes a few seconds to get used to the low light.

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  ÂI headed straight to the back corner and took a seat in the dark corner. ÂI got used to the darkness and started being able to figure out what was going on. ÂThe girls were all at a table which was being circled by the bar sharks. ÂPretty soon a few of the sharks went in for the kill. Â

They were seated and the usual banter started. ÂIt did not take long for them to pair off and head to the dance floor. ÂI watched as the dancing got closer and more sexual. ÂThe guy with my wife was covertly feeling her up as they danced. ÂI could see that my wife was enjoying it as she started letting him rub her ass and grind his hard cock against her pussy and ass while they danced. ÂThis went on over the next hour or so. ÂThey would finish dancing and return to the table to have a drink only to return to the dance floor. ÂIt occurred to me that my wife would request the dancing and as time wore on she was initiating the sexual rubbing.

I did not really know how to take it. ÂI was getting pissed but my cock was getting hard also. ÂI watched the show for the next 3 hours expecting my wife to go off and fuck this guy.

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  ÂAt a certain point I saw one of her friends get made at her date about something. ÂI suspect that this was part of their plan. ÂGo in and tease the guys then one of their would find cause to make a scene where the rest of them would leave with their friend. ÂWhatever the reason for the scene, they all got up and left. ÂIt did not stop the other guys from trying to convince the other girls to stay or meet them again. ÂThe bottom line is the girls made it out and headed off. Â

I had seen enough and decided to head home to wait for the slut to get home. ÂI was seething about the incident. ÂOn the way home and while I was waiting for her I was formulating a plan.

My wife rolled in about 1:30 and as usual would be so drunk she could hardly walk. ÂI was sitting in a chair in the dark living room. ÂShe never even saw me as she came in and dropped her purse and started taking off her dress. ÂShe did not make it far as she passed out on the couch in here panties. ÂI sat there thinking and thinking. ÂWhy should she go out and mess around when I’m here.

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  ÂIt started making me madder and madder. Â

I finally got up and decided that it is time for me to have some fun. ÂI removed her panties and propped her up with her legs spread. ÂHer beautiful pussy was there waiting to be plucked. ÂI licked my finger and slowly traced her slit. ÂI was surprised to find that she was very wet. ÂI smelled my finger to find that it did not smell like some other dudes cum. ÂI was relieved at that but was determined to salvage the night. Â

I pulled off my pants to loose my throbbing cock. ÂI climbed into the saddle and ran my cock up and down her wet pussy. ÂIt was amazing how wet she was. ÂMy hot cock slipped into her easily. ÂI rammed it home in one thrust. ÂHer pussy responded and wrapped around my throbbing cock gripping it. ÂI started thinking about how she was rubbing her ass against the guy in the bar.

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  ÂI imagined myself being the other guy. Â

I played out the fantasy in my mind. We were dancing on the floor and she was rubbing her ass along my hard cock. ÂI reached out and grabbed her hips to grind my raging hard on into her ass. ÂI then reached up and unzipped my pants dragging my cock out to feel the heat of her ass without my zipper interfering. ÂAs we ground into each other I reached down, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties aside allowing my cock to slip into her wet hot cunt. ÂIn my mind I was fucking her in front of her friends and strangers.

I thrust in and out grudge fucking her for all she was worth. ÂHer cunt was so hot and wet that I blew my load very quickly. ÂI felt the cum building and rammed as deep into her as I could when the cum exploded filling her hot cunt. ÂI relaxed with my cock jerking shot after shot into her. Â

I pulled out and sat back to watch my cum ooze out of her freshly fucked cunt. ÂA real evil thought crept into my head. ÂI went and got my digital camera and started taking close up shots of her freshly fucked pussy. ÂI then went in and got a blanked and spread it on the living room floor.

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  ÂI transferred her from the couch to the blanket where I started taking full length shots of her spread out. ÂI then made her body pose in ways to look like she was willingly participating in the fuck fest. Â

The whole time I was getting hard again. ÂIt did not take me long to fuck her cunt raw again. ÂThe feeling of my cum in her pussy got me hot. ÂIt sort of made me feel like it was a strangers cum. ÂThis got me to thinking about how it would be hot to have my wife fuck someone else and come home with their cum still in her pussy. Â ÂAt this thought, I blew my second load into her. ÂIt just got too hot for me to hold it off. ÂI then took some more pictures of the cum dripping out. ÂI also positioned her hand to make it look like she was finger banging her cum dripping pussy.

I then got busy redressing her. I replaced her panties and was amazed how much cum was soaking into the material. ÂI then straightened up the living room and stashed the blanket and camera just in time for her to start to sober up. ÂThe sun was just about to rise when she started to wake up.

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  ÂI ducked into our bedroom and got into bed just in time for her to wake up, look around, and then stagger into the bathroom to piss. ÂI watched her with squinted eyes as she plopped down on the toilet to piss.

Her face become puzzled as she noticed that her panties where wet and her pussy was a bit sore. ÂI watched as she sniffed the crotch of her panties to smell the unmistakable smell of cum. ÂShe got a little agitated and quickly threw her panties into the trash can. ÂShe finished up by washing her pussy and then staggering naked to bed.

I acted startled as she got into bed looking at the clock and announcing the time (6:30 AM). ÂI then started with the questions.

“Where were you all this time?ÂWhat the hell were you doing out all night?”

I could see the scared look on her face as if flushed red. ÂI jumped up and turned on the lights. ÂI started pacing and yelling about her being out and what the hell did she do. ÂI headed into the bathroom still shooting her questions as I pissed not giving her any slack deaf to her excuses.

She meekly came to the bathroom door. ÂI looked down at the trash can plucking up the panties she had tossed and gave them a good sniff. Â

“What the FUCK you slut!ÂI know cum when I smell it.

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  ÂWho have you been fucking?”

She was deigning everything and getting flustered because she could not remember how the cum got in her panties. ÂShe was sobbing as she unconsciously reached down to feel her pussy trying to figure out why it felt like she had been fucked hard without remembering it.

I told her to go to bed and that we would discuss this later after she got some sleep. ÂOf course she tried to get me to come to bed with her. ÂUndoubtedly to try and get be to be less mad at her by sucking and fucking. ÂI put her off and made her got to bed by herself.

She woke up about 4 hours later feeling like shit with a hang over and also the thought of how mad I was at her. ÂI was in the kitchen making some breakfast and coffee. Â ÂI heard her stirring and went into the bedroom. ÂShe was up and rummaging in her drawer looking for a bra and panties. Â

I gave an evil grin as I shot out a quick, “Sluts don’t need a bra and panties. ÂYou don’t need no clothes today. ÂI figure that if you go out and fuck someone else then by God you can then come home and make sure I’m taken care of. ”

She started sobbing as I pointed her to the kitchen. ÂShe sat naked at the table waiting to see what happens next.

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  ÂI told her to tell me everything she remembered that night. ÂShe started haltingly:

“Me and my friends met at the bar and had a few drinks. ÂWe decided to check out another bar and had a few more drinks. ÂWe got a bit too drunk but decided to go home. ÂI remember getting into a cab but don’t remember much after that. ” Â

“So you don’t remember fucking anyone?”

“No. ”

“What do you remember about the cab driver?”

“He was just a cab diver, nothing special. ”

“You can’t remember which cab company?ÂOr which driver?”

“No. ”

“I bet it was the cab driver who fucked you. ÂYou were too drunk and passed out so he decided to get some pussy. ”

She stated sobbing at this point trying to remember anything about the cabby or the ride home. ÂI did not give her any wiggle room.

“David called me this morning. ”

She did not answer but just sobbed.

“It seems that he was in one of the bars you and your slut friends visited last night.



She stopped sobbing and blushed. ÂGiving that “Shit I’m caught look”.

“He said that you sluts went to that bar and that you meet some guys. ÂHe told me on how you were dancing with a guy. ÂHow you were rubbing you ass along his cock. ”

She started trembling as she turned pale.

“Seems to me that you were out to get fucked anyway. ÂI don’t matter that you did not fuck the guy in the bar. ÂYou were out there being a slut with your friends and someone took advantage of you. ”

I had a hard time keeping a straight face with that last bit. ÂShe had become numb and was just looking at me now. ÂResigned that she had been caught and could not get out of it.

“The way I see it, you are a slut for everyone else but not for me. ÂYou want to go out with your slut friends while I am left out. ÂI hurts me to think that you would rather fuck someone else while I am at home ready to fuck you long and hard.

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  ÂIs there a reason you don’t stay at home fucking me?”

She shook her head trying to form her reply.

“I love fucking you. ÂIt just that you are too busy at work to go out with me. ”

This stung a bit.

“I’m trying to secure our future and give you a home. ÂYou think I want to work all those hours?ÂI would rather be home with you then at work but we live in a world that take money. ÂYou have to work to make money. ÂBut I guess you have a point. ”

She perked up a bit with this concession.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to work all those hours anymore. ÂWe will have less money and I don’t want to hear any bitching from you. ÂThere are a few changes going to happen around here. ”

“Like what?”

“If you don’t want to pack your shit and get the fuck out… then you will have a few things to do everyday. ”

“I don’t want to leave. ” She sobbed.

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  Â“How can I make this up?”

“From now on, you will keep your pussy shaved. ”

“I can’t do that. ” she blushed. Â(It is a bit taboo for a Korean woman to shave the hair from her pussy. ÂIt is a sign that she is a whore or loose. ÂThere is a Korean curse that goes something like‘Your momma has a bald pussy’. ÂThese are fighting words for Koreans. ÂYou are basically calling someone’s mom a whore. )

“Not just that, from now on you will also wear mini-skirts. ÂFor now you will also not wear panties. ÂIf you are good I may let you wear G-strings but that is yet to be decided. ”

She was still stuck on the shaving thing. ÂI did not give an inch.

“Get you ass into the bathroom and shave your pussy now or get your ass out of here. ÂAnd don’t think I won’t have a talk with your family either…”

That threat carried some weight.

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  ÂShe was stuck. ÂShe slowly got up and went into the bathroom. ÂAbout 20 minutes later she came out of the bathroom what a freshly shaved pussy. ÂIt was so hot that my cock started getting hard.

“Good. ÂNow we also have the matter of sex. ÂYou will fuck when I want and how I want. ÂI want no complaining. ÂI say suck you drop down and start sucking. ÂI say fuck you bend over and get ready to have your bald pussy fucked. ”

She was a bit surprised. ÂHer eyes were wide and she could not believe what I was demanding.

“You are now my sex slave. ÂI do anything I say. ÂGot IT!”

“Yes yobo.

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  â€ Was her only reply. Â(yobo is a term that is used to address your husband or wife. ÂIf is sort of a formal “Honey”)

I was a bit amazed that she was compliant. ÂBy now, my cock was as hard as it could be. ÂI decided to see just how compliant she was going to be. ÂI looked at her as unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing member.

“Suck my cock now. ”

She got up and kneeled in from of me in the kitchen and started sucking my cock. ÂI was surprised on how earnestly she was sucking my cock. ÂShe was licking and sucking like she was starved.

“That’s it. ÂShow me how sorry you are slut. ÂThis is just the beginning. ”

She did not miss a beat. ÂHer had was jacking my cock as she took my cock in and out.

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  ÂI placed my hand on the back of her hear and applied a bit of pressure. ÂShe gagged a bit as I started feeding all of my cock to her.

“That right, take it slow and get used to it. ÂYou will be able to take it soon. ÂAll sluts should learn how to talk a cock all the way. ”

I kept thrusting working my cock deeper and deeper until her nose was hitting my belly and I could not get any more cock down her throat. ÂIf felt so good and I was getting hot and felt my balls contracting up. ÂI stopped her and moved over to the couch. ÂShe followed and knelt down in front of me ready to continue with the greatest blow job she had ever given. Â

“Do you like sucking me cock?”

She nodded meekly.

“Why didn’t you suck me like this before?”

“I was afraid that you would think I was a whore or something. ”

“Well I guess that’s too late now. ”ÂI said as I guided her back to sucking.

I reached down to feel her pussy. ÂIt was wet and hot.

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  ÂI could not believe it. ÂShe was getting hot. ÂShe kept at me with my cock in her mouth. ÂIt seemed like she was looking for directions.

“Do you like sucking cock?”

“Yes” she said as she slurped on my cock.

“You sure are good at it. ÂMan my cock is hot. ” Â

I felt my balls getting ready to blow again and decided not to stop it. ÂI was ready to cum hard again.

“Damn, suck my cock you slut. ÂOhhh. ÂI’m gonna cum. ÂIts getting close. ”

She started to pull her mouth off but I forced her head back down as I came in her mouth. ÂIt erupted with a great gush.

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“Drink it all slut. ÂGet used to it. ÂYour pussy is not going to have cum in it for awhile now. ÂYou will drink all of my cum until I tell you otherwise. ”

I grabbed her hand and made her jack my cock as I shot load after load into her mouth. ÂWhen it was done she kept licking the shaft to get every bit of cum all the while watching my expression.

“That was good. ÂYou sure know how to suck cock now. ÂCome with me. ”

She followed me into the bed room where I opened her closets and started picking out her clothes. ÂI rummaged around and finally found a sweater that was smooth and tight fitting. ÂI then looked through the hangers and found the shortest skirt she had. Â

“Get dressed. ”

I watched as she got dressed. ÂThe dark blue pleated skirt was pulled on and fell about 3 inches above the knee.

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  ÂShe then pulled the smooth red sweater over her head and looked in the mirror. ÂShe glanced at me for approval. ÂI just sort of shook my head and ‘tisked’ at the outfit.

“I see that we are going to have to go shopping. ”

She was a bit puzzled as I told her to get ready to go shopping. ÂShe cleaned herself up and applied her makeup. ÂShe looked a little hot but not hot enough as she slipped on her heels and we headed out the door. Â

We visited many regular shops where I was able to find a few items that I thought were hot enough for my new slut. ÂBut to find the real hot stuff I was going to have to search some specialty shops. ÂWe hit the stripper shops to find the nice mini-skirts and loose knit blouses. ÂI especially like a white blouse that we just minutely transparent. ÂI bought a black and red on also. ÂAll in all it was a really good day. ÂThe last shop we visited I found perfect spandex one piece skirt. ÂWhen she tried it on I was hard instantly.

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  ÂShe was concerned that it was too short and that if she was not careful someone would see her ass and pussy. ÂWhich, of course, made if perfect. ÂI made her wear it out of the shop. ÂThe skirt fell just below her ass. ÂIf she bent over more than a quarter of the way you would have a perfect view of her ass with her pussy puffing out beneath it. ÂGod was I hot. ÂMy cock was raging.

We walked up the street and I decided it was time for a little refreshment. ÂWe stopped into a nice bar that was open all day. ÂShe was a little unsure but took a look at my determination and just complied.

“I told you that you are now my sex slave. ÂThat means all the time and anywhere. ÂYou were the one who acted like a slut. ÂNow you are MY SLUT. ”ÂI whispered as we entered and took a seat at a booth.

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The waitress took our order and headed to the bar. ÂI looked around and got comfortable. ÂI undid my zipper under the table and took my ready cock out. ÂI then reached out and hugged my slut wife close to me and told her to jack my cock slowly. ÂShe complied and lazily stroked my hard throbbing cock while we drank our drinks and relaxed after all the shopping.

“How does this make you feel?”ÂI asked.

“I’m scared that someone will see. ”

“That did not stop you last night on the dance floor. ”

She did not have a reply. Â ÂI reached down and ran my fingers down her slit. ÂIt was hard to get my hand in position because her legs were to closed.

“Open your legs up. ÂI want to play with my pussy. ”

She slowly complied as she kept scanning the bar to see if anyone noticed what we were doing. ÂI slid my finger up and down here slit feeling the moisture and heat building.


  ÂI slowly circled her clit which caused her to relax a bit and really got here pussy hot and juicy. ÂI ordered another couple of rounds to take her edge off all the while I kept playing with her clit.

“How is my slut now?ÂFeeling good?”

“Oh yes, yobo, this feels so good. ÂI can’t believe how good this feels. ”

“I want you to head back to the bathroom. ÂI will meet you in a few minutes. ”


“Just do it. ÂDon’t ask any questions. ”

As she started to get up she adjusted her very short skirt and walked toward the restrooms. ÂI felt the heat and pussy juice on the seat and could not help to be amazed on how sexy she was. Â ÂI had a hard time waiting more than a minute before I headed back. ÂI had to adjust my cock back into my pants before I was able to stand. ÂI headed back to notice that the bar was just now starting to fill.

When I got to the restrooms I found the door locked. ÂI knocked and whispered for her to open it.

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  ÂI heard the latch click open and I rushed in after I saw that the coast was clear. ÂI made sure the latch was engaged and then saw my beautiful slut standing by the sink sort of puzzled as to what is going on.

“Fuck. ” is all I said as I walked to her pulling my raging cock out. ÂShe was puzzled first but figure it all out when I turned her around and made her bend over. ÂI ran the head of my cock up and down her hot wet slit. ÂI could tell that she was really turned on by the way she wiggled her ass. ÂIt reminded me of the way she acted with the guy in the bar. ÂThat thought ran through me mind as I ran my cock in to her sopping pussy. ÂShe reached back and grabbed my hips to help ram my cock into her.

“What do you want slut?”ÂI gritted out as I rammed my member to the bottom

“Oh, I want you to fuck me yobo. ”ÂShe gasped with a bit of squeal.

“Are you my sex slave?”

“Yes…. Yes…. Oh…Oh.

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  â€ÂShe grunted as she tried to ram her ass into be to get deeper.

“Will you do what I want when I want without questions?”

“Yes… Oh God YES!”ÂShe yelled as she desperately rammed her ass against my cock.

I could not hold much longer. ÂAll of this was getting me so hot I could not hardly stand it. ÂI was ready to blow any second with her wonting thrusts. ÂI pulled out of her and grabbed her by the hair to thrust my cock into her mouth where I came with a spasm so hard I almost could not stay standing. ÂI felt the cum flow all the way from my stomach. ÂIt was the hardest blow I have ever felt.

“Oh… yobo… I want to cum. ”ÂShe said with a moan.

“Hold on… The night is young. ÂI promise that you will cum so many times tonight that you will be begging me to stop. ”

Her eyes got big. ÂShe could not understand what I was getting at but she knew from my voice that she was in for a very big night. ÂShe was fingering her pussy as I was zipping up.

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  ÂI slapped her on the ass gently as I started to walk out. Â

I made my way back to my table and ordered another round. ÂI kept an eye on the restroom door as my slut wife made her way out and to the table. ÂShe slid into the booth and sat very close to me. ÂI put my arm around her and gave her a kiss on the ear. ÂShe whispered up to me.

“I want to fuck so bad. ÂI’m so horny I can’t stand it. ”

I looked into her eyes and thought about it a bit.

“Are you as horny as you were last night when you were dancing with that guy?”

“Oh, more yobo. ÂI can’t stand it. ”

I noticed that her had was under the table and her fingers were rubbing her clit as we talked. ÂIt also seemed like she did not care if anyone saw her doing it either. ÂIt started making me hot again. Â

“Drink up.

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  ÂI’ll be back in a minute. ”ÂI told her as I got up and headed to the phone booth. ÂI made a call to a neighbor of mine. ÂI wanted to know if his 18 year old son Joe was wanting to do some work for me?ÂHe put Joe on and I told him to meet me at my house in about an hour. ÂI had known this kid for a couple of years now. ÂI caught him smoking and he was beside himself. ÂWe built up a little trust when he figured out that I would not tell his parents. ÂHe would always chat with me with we ran into each other. ÂI had a special job for him and knew he could keep his mouth shut.

I got back to the table and collected our things. ÂAs I looked around there were a bunch of guys looking at my wife. ÂIt occurred to me then that they were getting a free show. ÂThe were far enough away to see under that table. ÂThe got to watch my slut wife finger herself. ÂThe had greedy looks on their faces as we reached the door for the trip home.

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We got home in 20 minutes which left about 40 minutes before I got the shopping put away all the time my slut wife was pacing and waiting for me to come fuck her. ÂI called to her to come to the bed room. ÂShe came in and was ready for some hard fucking. ÂI grinned at her and motioned her to the bed.

I got her positioned in the bed and sprung my little surprise. ÂI started tying her arm and legs to the bed with some of my silk ties. ÂI left her ass just hanging over the edge. ÂI could not resist. ÂI started running my tongue up and down her slit with a quick circle around her clit. ÂI kept it slow and steady. ÂAfter a bit she started wiggling her hips trying to get the rhythm that will send her into orgasm. ÂI got up and blindfolded her with another tie. ÂShe was completely at my mercy. ÂIt was getting close to time for my visitor so I decided to get her really ready.

My cock was hard and ready for some action.

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  ÂI slowly got it lubricated with the hot juice starting to drip from her angry pussy. ÂShe moaned and squirmed as I teased her. ÂThe door bell rang.

“Hold on and I’ll get rid of whomever it is. ”ÂI said as I got up and headed to the door.

I put my cock back into my pants as I made my way to the front door pausing just long enough to shut the bedroom door. ÂI answered it and let Joe in. ÂI took me a bit to explain the situation but being 17 he was game for anything if it meant he was going to get some pussy.

I had him strip down and very quietly follow me into the bedroom. ÂHis semi flaccid cock was swinging as he approached the door. ÂI game him a shush sign as I opened the door. ÂHis eyes got real big as he saw what was going on.

“Who way it yobo?”

“Just a salesman that would not shut up and go away. ”

“Hurry yobo, I can’t stand it any longer. ÂFuck my pussy and make me cum.

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I moved back into position while pulling my cock back out. ÂIt had not gone down a bit. ÂI rubbed it up and down again while I pointed to Joe to follow my lead. ÂI then backed out and let me continue with the same action I was doing. ÂThe expression on his face was priceless. ÂHe could not imagine every fucking like this. ÂHe was still jacking off to pictures and the internet into tissue or his socks. Â

I mimed to him quietly what to do next. ÂIt was hard because he was really wanting to ram it home and I was making him slow down. ÂHe was just entering my slut when she started grinding back. ÂI walked around behind him and helped with his hips. ÂSteadying his thrusts.

“How’s that cock feel slut?”

“Oh,Âit feels so good. ÂFuck my cunt hard. ”

I gave Joe the sign to start pumping harder.

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  ÂHe did not need any prompting.

“You like that cock?”

“Oh… It is so hard. ÂI love it. ”

She was thrusting back meeting Joe’s thrusts. ÂI could tell he could not hold out much longer. ÂI moved over a bit so that I could whip the mask off at the right time. ÂJoe was starting to sweat and I could see my wife’s cum building up on his cock. ÂHe was starting to quiver and I could tell he was about to cum.

“Ohhh… Fuck me!”ÂMy slut wife squealedÂas she start a huge orgasm. ÂIt was so strong it threw Joe over the edge as he started shooting his young seamen into my slut’s cunt.

I reached up and whipped the blindfold off of my wife’s eyes to let he see who had been fucking her. ÂShe was so into the orgasm that she did not notice or care at first. ÂJoe had gripped her hips to thrust as deep as his cock could go as he finished shooting his load.

My wife finally came out of her orgasm long enough to notice that it was not my cock in her pussy. Â ÂShe shot a look over to me of fear and surprise.

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“Told you. ÂWhen I say fuck you fuck. ÂNo Questions. ”

Joe slid out of her as I took his place. ÂI fucked my slut wife’s cum soaked pussy slow and easy. ÂAs I stroked her I would bottom out and could feel my cock hit her cervix. ÂWith each stroke she got hotter and hotter. ÂI motioned for Joe to untie her all the while I kept up the thrusts. ÂThis sent her over the edge again for another total body shaking orgasm.


This sent me over the edge and I shot my load into her where it mingled with Joe’s cum. ÂThis made it so hot. ÂI was surprised that I enjoyed seeing my wife fucked by Joe. ÂHis young cock worked magic on her as she motioned Joe to come around and put his fresh hard cock in her mouth.

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I kept thrusting as long as I could but my cock was getting soft. ÂI then switched to fingering my slut’s pussy while she sucked Joe’s cock.

“You enjoy that young hard cock?”

She shook her head as she kept swallowing his throbbing meat.

“You going to fuck and suck anyone I want?ÂAt any time?”

All she did was to open her eyes and look directly into mine and nod.

“You can only fuck or suck when I say. ÂI don’t care how horny you are. ÂYou have to ask me to fuck. ÂIf I want then you can. ÂIf I don’t you can’t. ÂGo it?”

“Yes yobo. ”ÂShe said as she paused just long enough to spit the answer before she went back sucking his cock.

My slut wife has not had anymore drinking binges since. ÂImagine that.

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