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I handed her the 97 krona, and smiled. She grinnedand put it in her purse, as I poured her a glass ofwine. We both took a seat on the couch and sipped atthe wine with a knowing look in each other’s eye, aswe grinned and waited for a reaction from one another. I couldn’t believe how young the looked, even now. Without saying another word, she grinned at me wildlyand slid her hand up her thigh, pushing her skirt upenough to reveal to me the slightest peek at her tightwhite panties. The shadow of her skirt was just faintenough that I could see her crotch without strain. Aswe continued to sit, in what had very shortly ago beena moment of awkwardness, I found myself more and morearoused. I couldn’t take my eyes off of hercotton-covered pussy, watching as every slight moveshe made shifted the fabric, forcing it to conform toher sweet pussy lips. My attention was so focused that I’d never evennoticed that she had figured out where I was staring,and with a wicked grin, was slowly opening her legs togive me a better sight. "You like?" Her voice snapped me back to attention. Ilooked around, trying to figure out what she wastrying to get my opinion on. That’s when her handreached between her legs, pulling the skirt furtherup, until only the full view of her solid-whitepanties remained. That was when I fully realized just how great of anidea it had been to pay for a prostitute while on thisbusiness trip to Sweden. She sat the glass of wine on the table, and got on herknees, on the couch. That was when I knew everythingwas about to begin. My hands went immediately to herthighs, touching and caressing every inch of her softskin.

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   With amazing grace, she bent over the couch andgave my a smile only an angel could give. She tuggeda little more at her skirt, and revealed herbeautifully shaped buttocks, separated only by thethin line of fabric that was her panties. I leaned forward and continued touching her, slidingmy fingers up the back of her thighs and across thebaby-soft skin off her ass. My God, she was beautifulas she peeked over her shoulder, biting her lip andsmiling at me. Without an ounce of warning, she moved away from mytouch and turned her entire body to face me. "Sit. "She more commanded than asked, but who was I to argue?I did as I was told, and she leaned forward, pressingher wet tongue to my exposed chest, reminding me thatI hadn’t put a shirt on, after the shower. I was inheaven, as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes,feeling her thin tongue flutter down my chest andstomach. She knew where she was going, and so did I. "No. " I said, pushing her back enough to kiss herforehead, softly. "I’ve never gotten anything, beforeI’ve given something. "With that said, I stood and dropped my pants. Shesmiled and leaned backward, as I slowly pushedforward, pulling the crotch of her panties to theside. She gasped in a powerful shock of immediatepleasure, as my tongue made contact with her exposedclit.

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   She knew what I had planned to do, butobviously wasn’t as prepared for it as she thought shewas. My lips massaged her shaven cuntlips, as mytongue flicked and probed into her now-watering slit. "Oh, yes!" She squealed, as I slowly began totongue-fuck her pretty little hole. She pulled herblouse over her head, and threw it down, showing meher pert tits. I drew my head back from her wet sexlong enough to take in the scenery, and pull her skirtoff, then went back to my duty, between her legs. "You do that so well!" She told me, running herfingers through my hair as I began to pick up thepace. I was now nibbling and sucking on her swollenclit, turning her soft moans into screams of pleasure. Then, she pushed me back. "Your dick. I want it,now. "She pushed me off of the couch and laid down on herback, with her head towards me. As I stood there, shegrinned up at me, and grabbed my now-throbbing memberand shoved it in her mouth, whole. She used her freehand to pull her panties down and off of her long,beautiful legs, and I quickly put my head back intoher lap, sixty-nining with her. Her hips bucked and weaved under me, thrusting herpussy into my face with renewed passion, whileslamming my cock into her mouth and down her tightthroat. Suddenly, she shuddered uncontrollably, andmoaned wildly, telling me that she had just achievedone hell of an orgasm.

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   With that, I felt her pull mycock from her mouth. "Fuck me. Fuck me now, please!" She pleaded. For a prostitute, she was amazingly eager, by American standards. I rose from her, and she flipped over and pulled herknees under, until she was bending across the lengthof the couch. Without any hesitation, and got on myknees behind her, and sought out her dripping cunt. Ipushed the head of my cock against her small opening,and she gasped in excitement. I never wouldn’tbelieved how tight she was! I tried to be gentle,working my way into her, but she forced her weightback on me, forcing me to go all the way in, in onehard thrust. I couldn’t believe it! It was almost asif the further I went in, the tighter she got! Before I knew it, I was slamming into her with ashocking fury, even to me. I remember being amazedthat ten dollars of American money could get me somuch with a beautiful prostitute, in Sweden. Ipounded deep into her sweet hole for as long as Icould, before I was forced to take a break. If I hadcontinued any longer, I knew that I would’ve shot myload deep inside this gorgeous young woman, before Iwanted to. With the occasional five-minute break, wefucked for the next four hours.
    I’d piston my achingcock deep into her, until either she came, or I was onthe verge of cumming, then we’d stop momentarily,assume a new position, and begin again. We fucked like animals, in so many positions that Ilost count.

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       She screamed and squealed passionately,causing me more than once to almost lose control,inside her. We’d take turns switching places, fuckingeach other for everything we were worth, and I foundmyself amazed at how much she sincerely enjoyed herjob. When she was on top, she rode me with incredibleforce and rhythm, gyrating her body around on myswollen tool, then lifting up and slamming back downon it until her eyes bulged. By now, she had begunobviously having multiple orgasms, screaming so loud,I just knew that I was going to be thrown out of myhotel room. My cock ached worse than it had in my entire life. Iknew that if I didn’t cum soon, I was definitely goingto suffer the consequences. That was when I tookcontrol, once again, and put her on her back, withouteven pulling out of her. I slammed into her, putting my entire weight andmomentum into the action. This was it. I was goingto blast my load into this beautiful Swedish princess,if it was the last thing I did. Her mouth hung open,screaming in a pitch so high, I’m sure only dogscould’ve heard it. Her eyes widened, as I continuedplowing into her. She gasped for air, as I pushed inone more time. "Yes! Yes! Oh, God, YES!" She wailed, as I explodedin her like I never had before. I literally came sohard that I was dizzy, as I poured what seemed likegallons into her tight, luscious little body.

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       Shewailed once more, sustaining one more huge orgasm ofher own, before I collapsed on top of her. "Here. " She said, smiling as she laid the 97 krona onthe table, as she re-positioned her skirt, finishinggetting dressed. "I don’t need this. "I was confused. "But you earned it. In all honesty, I should bepaying you more. " I told her. "No you shouldn’t, I’m not a prostitute. " She grinned. "I’m staying three rooms down from you; Youaccidentally dialed my room when you were trying toreach that escort service. "I was in shock. So much, that I was completelyincapable of speech. What should I say, in thissituation? What could I say? Before I could evengather a single thought, she walked up and kissed me,softly on the lips. "The sun will be up soon, and I need to get back to myroom.

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       My boyfriend is asleep in bed, and if he wakesup, he’ll wonder where I’ve run off to. Just rememberto dial nine, next time, to get an outside line. " Shesaid, before giggling. Her hand lifted to her lips, and she blew me a kissbefore walking out the door and leaving me in utterdisbelief. I would’ve never guessed. Needless tosay, to this day, I still find myself thinking fondlyof Yana. Wherever she is now, and whoever she’sfucking, the woman is miraculously gifted. THE END. All images provided by Karup's Private CollectionDownload The Entire Collection Now!Karup's Private Collection.

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