Dion and I


Please comment! Thanks. This is the true story of me and my best friend who we will call "Dion".

Dion and I had been best friends for what seemed like forever. We really were the best of friends. We had the innate ability to predict each others moves. We had always just clicked together, since second grade when we met and were best friends--best guy friends--who had always just been friends. It had never been anything more, nothing ever gay. We were now both sixteen.

His mom and dad were out of town for the weekend so he had called me up and invited me over to his house to spend the night, as we had done so SO many times before. But today had a different--edgier--feeling about. I got dropped off at his door at about three o'clock that afternoon. I walked up the short driveway to the house as Dion opened the door, wearing a black t-shirt and baggy gym shorts.

"Hey Dude! Get your butt in here!" He called.

"I'm coming! Glad to see ya!" I replied loudly.

"Yeah. Me too.

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I walked in as he shut the door behind me. I took my overnite bag and set it down in his room. I walked back down the hallway and we sat down on the couch in the living room as we turned on the TV. We watched several TV programs, laughed, talked about guy-stuff and just generally had a great time--like we normally do together.

So we had both been starting to get hungry. He offered some sandwiches that I gladly accepted. So we got up and walked to the kitchen where we fixed some sandwiches got a couple of sodas and walked into the dining room. We sat down and ate and talked more. We just had such a wonderful time together.

We finished our meal as he looked up at me and said, "Wanna play some basketball?"

"Sure. " I replied. I figured it would be fun. We had not played basketball together in almost five years.

We cleaned up the dining room and walked out of the back door in the kitchen, down the back-sidewalk and onto the second part of the driveway. He walked over closer to the side of the house and grabbed a basketball that he threw to me.

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"You ready. " I asked.

"Yeah. . . " he paused as I could tell he had thoughts registering rapidly, "wait. Hold up a sec. "

I held the basketball in my hands as he took his t-shirt off. The move kinda shocked me. In the ten or so years that we had known each other I had never seen him with his shirt off. He was so sexy. He was about my height, he had sandy brown hair that flipped out at the end, which was about medium length, he had deep green eyes, a winning smile and creamy smooth complexion.

"Dude!" I said, "It is SOOO hot outside. "

"Yeah, man," he replied, "It really is. "

I began to see why he had taken his shirt off.

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   We kept playing as the heat was literally killing me.

"This heat is killing me. " I said.

"Yeah! Me too!", he began, "Why don't you take your shirt off?"

"Really. Wouldn't that be kinda. . . . " I slid off as I hesitated.

"Gay?" he questioned.

"Maybe?" I said questioningly.

"Well. . . " he started, "We are just guys, really good guy friends to be exact. 

   I think we should be comfortable enough to at least have our shirts off around each other. "

My heart rate skyrocketed. I could barely breathe. "I guess you are right. "

I tossed him back the ball as I slipped off my own t-shirt and then there it was. We were standing there together. Two boys in loose nylon gym shorts. That was it.

For the first time I saw him as more than my best friend, I saw him as a sexy boy, an amazingly sexy boy. I saw him as someone I could love. I had feelings in me that I had never had before. My heart rate skyrocketed. I tossed the ball to him as he shot for the goal and made it without almost paying attention. I knew what I wanted, and I thought he wanted it too. I had been bombarded with so many new and unusual feelings.

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   But I loved every one of them.

So we played basketball for a little while longer when Dion suggested we go back into the cool air conditioning. I agreed as we walked back up the back sidewalk--still shirtless might I add. My eyes focused on the grooves in his back and how they moved as he walked. He was literally adorable.

We walked back in the house and threw our shirts in the pile by the door going downstairs. Then we went and sat back down on the couch. We sat there in silence, looking at each others half-naked bodies secretly. We breathed heavily as we tried to debrief from the game of basketball. We sat so close we could feel each others breath. I felt his warm body heat on mine.

The feelings that welled inside me grew stronger as I knew I had to make a move.

"That was fun!" I said happily.

"Yeah, dude! It really was!" he replied through bated breath.

"Can I tell you something.

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  " I said.

"Sure, man. We are best friends. You can tell me anything. And I mean that. "He replied.

I took a deep breath and prayed that this would work as I looked at him and said, "Dion, I have this feeling. It is a good feeling and I got it when I saw you without your shirt on. I- I . . . " I stuttered, "I think that I want to be more than friends. I think that you are insanely sexy and I cannot stand the pent-up pressure of these feelings anymore. "

His head shot around and our eyes met. "My God.

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  " he said, "I feel the same exact way. "

I opened my mouth to speak as he shushed me and our lips met. A cataclysmic explosion ignited between us as our hearts jumped and nearly skipped a beat. Then I kissed him back. This time with more explorationas I placed my hand on his thigh. Our eyes closed as the feeling of this amazing shirtless kissing was so amazing. Our lips departed and met once again.

He began to stroke my upper body as he broke our kiss, grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom. We walked in as he shut the door behind is. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to explode.

I took another deep breath and spoke as he turned around from the door, "Just guy friends?" I said sarcastically.

"Never again," he took another breath. "I think I love you. "

I wanted to cry from sheer happiness. "I think I love you too.

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We stood in the middle of his room as we wrapped our arms around each other as our shirtless bodies met and we met in yet another luxurious slow and wet kiss. My hands sunk to his butt and squeezed. I leaned down and began to fondle his left nipple gently. I felt the adorable pink circle pucker tightly in between my forefinger and thumb. I held it like that as I licked the tip of the nipple between them. His face epitomized that of sheer pleasure.

His mouth gaped open. I then began to suck the left nipple and began to toy with the right one as I enjoyed the beautiful game. He began to massage the top of my head as I could notice the bulge in his gym shorts kept growing and growing.

I stood up as we kissed yet again and he reciprocated the amazing nipple pleasure. I massaged his back and shoulders. In about five minutes he stood up and we met in another kiss. I inserted my curved thumbs into the front part of his gym shorts and sent them to the floor. I then grabbed his hands and helped his step out of them. He had on a pair of white boxers with a green stripe down both legs.

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I could have came from the pure sexiness right there. The rock hard bulge had definite shape in the sexy underwear. Looking at Dion in his underwear was so wonderful, so perfect, so right. I loved the whole feeling.

"Do you like" he said almost insecurely.

    "No. Dude. I LOVE!"

    I kissed his chest and began to lick his torso. His mouth gaped open again with wonderful pleasure.

    "Now it is your turn. " He said.

    "Deal. " I winked playfully.

    He took of my gym shorts and exposed my boy cut white briefs cut right below my butt. I think he liked them as he leaned down and kissed my bulge.

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       The gentle kindness made me want to melt.

    We both stood up straight and wrapped ourselves in each others arms.

    "Are you ready?" I asked.

    "I have been for a very long time. " He replied.

    With that I shot his underwear to the floor and from the restriction of his boxers a beautiful erection popped out. His penis had the best construction. It was the perfect thickness, wonderful length, with a perfect shaved pubic area. I absolutely loved it. I tickled his penis and balls with four fingers as he prepared to take off my underwear.

    I got ready as he took off my underwear and there it was. It was so amazingly male and perfect. The feeling of total nakedness with him. I wrapped him up in my arms as we met in yet another kiss. I then turned him around and feasted my eyes and the masterpiece that was his butt.



    I got down on my knees and eyed his butt. His butt was so round and meaty, so perfect. I pressed my nose in between the cheeks of his butt and inhaled the sweet masculine aroma. I began to lick in between the cheeks and inserted my tongue into his beautiful tight pink hole.

    I heard him gasp. I took him over to the edge of the bed and bent him over the edge where I then put my penis at the base of his hole. I told him to get ready and with one ramrod movement straight in with one thrust. He and I both screamed with the mixture of pain and pleasure. Then I began to go in and out of his amazing butt. In and out. In and out. I began to increase speed. He began to move his hips with the thrusts of my dick. He straightened up to sit on his knees as I put my hands on his hips as he turned his head and we met into another amazing kiss. I took my right hand and took reached around him and grabbed his beautiful penis.

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    The screaming had become so loud as I finally exploded in his butt. I leaned down and licked up the mess of cum escaping the beautiful hole. It was such a beautiful sight. My cum in his butt. I smiled. Then I got him up on the bed, as he lay on his back and his penis stuck straight up in the air as I situated myself atop of him.

    I put my butt in his face first though.

    "Dude. You have to lick it and get it wet before I can straddle you. "

    "I am scared. " He said.

    "Just do it. It tastes good. You will see. "

    He closed his eyes and began to lick my butt.

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    "Dang. " he said. "This is so delicious. "

    "Oh god! I love this. " I replied.

    He then put his hands on my butt and began to finger my butt as well. Then his tongue became more and more
    playful. Going in and out of my hole.

    "I think its good now. " He said.

    "Yeah me too. " I said in sheer ecstasy.

    I then turned myself around and positioned myself so that his penis entered my butt. Then a I leaned down and forward and we began making out as he gyrated his hips and began to butt fuck me. It was so delicious.

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       Tasting him and me in one. I loved it. We both began to scream as I felt his amazing penis explode and pulsate inside me. We both sighed with the release of the amazing feeling. Then we sat up and began to kiss again. Then I began to play with his penis. I noticed all of the drying cum on it so I began to lick his penis.

    This began to most amazingly epic blow job ever. He exploded quickly in my mouth the delicious snack I so badly wanted.

    He looked up at me and whispered softly, "More. "

    To be continued.

    Hope you enjoyed this true story so far. .

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