Emma Watson: Light Weight


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Emma Watson or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Codes: Non-con, M/F

Emma Watson Light Weight
By Muhabba

Robby Shelton looked down the hall and saw a small group of people at the outside exit trying to sneak in. Well, he didn't really know about the "sneaking" part since you had to have a key-card to get into the hotel from there but they definitely looked like they were up to something. He looked for his manager whom he thought had been right there next to him only a minute ago but had now disappeared. Possibly to scare one of the other bell boys who had just started working there as well.

Once again looking down the hall, Robby saw that the group had almost made it to one of the back elevators and decided that at least he should see what was going on. Walking briskly he called out to the small group, causing one of the girls to squeak in surprise. "Excuse me. May help you?"

"Oh my God you scared the devil out of me," the girl said as the person next to her nearly fell to the ground. "Oh geez, Emma," the girl squeaked as she grabbed her friend and hoisted her up.

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"Is. . . Is she o. k. ?" Robby asked, unsure as to exactly what he should be doing in this circumstance. Of course, as a bellboy, he knew how to properly load and deliver luggage, give directions, take orders and such but what should he do with a group of young rich people carrying a body.

"Oh just ask him," one of the people said.

Robby looked at each of the faces of the group, all older than him by a few years and all dressed in top of the line designer clothing.

"O. k. fine," the girl huffed at her friend as she readjusted the weight of the female friend she was carrying, slinging the girl's arm around her shoulders. She looked at the bell boy and smiled sweetly. "If you can keep your mouth shut you could make a quick two hundred bucks. Deal?"

Robby's face lit up.

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  "But of course!" he grinned excitedly while trying to hide his excitement.

"Great, take her," the girl said before shoving her friend's unconscious body at him.

Robby looked down at who he had caught and all the color drained out of his face. "This is Emma Watson," he gasped. She was completely passed out, her long chestnut colored hair mussed and she was wearing a simple, black, sleeveless dress.

The smirking guy chuckled. "And that's where the two hundred bucks to keep quiet comes in," he said as he swayed drunkenly over to the elevator and hit the up button. The elevator opened and he held the door open for his friends.

Robby half dragged and half carried Emma into the elevator while struggling to keep her on her feet as they went up. When the elevator opened once again the group led him to one of the suites and opened the door.

"Just dump her on the bed," the girl said as the small group milled about and she followed the bell hop into Emma's room. She helped him place the young actress on the bed and then stood up. She opened the drawer to the bedside table and grabbed a small clutch. Digging around she pulled out a few crumpled bills and handed them to the bewildered hotel employee. "Here you go and mum's the word," she said with a grin before turning to leave.

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“Wait,” Robby pleaded, “What’s wrong with her?”It was one thing to help take care of a sick hotel patron but quite another to become an accomplice to something untoward.

The girl turned back around and giggled. “She’s not much of a drinker, really. Bit to much wine. She’ll be passed out ‘til morning. Ta,” she said with a wave of her hand before leaving and closing the door of the suite behind her.

Robby looked at the closed door and then back to the unconscious celebrity, relieved that her condition was caused by something as mundane as alcohol rather than, or instance, illegal narcotics. There wasn't much else he could do at this point but to get her more comfortable and leave and so, with a shrug of his shoulders, he got started. He rolled Emma onto her side and tugged the covers down before rolling her to her other side and yanking the rest of the bed clothes down below her feet. He noticed that her dress had slid halfway up her supple thighs and quickly did the proper thing and averted his eyes.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Robby began taking off Emma's pumps. He grabbed her ankle in one hand and slid her pump off, noticing how smooth and silky her ankle was. His hand began traveling up her calf, amazed at how soft her skin was, so much so that at first he had thought her to be wearing stockings. Suddenly he realized what exactly he was doing and yanked his hand off of her smooth, silky calf. He began taking her other pump off, making sure to only touch her shoe or else lose control of himself again but in keeping himself from staring lecherously at her calves his eyes began traveling up her leg.


  Her well formed legs were spread slightly and he could see up her dress to halfway between her pale, shapely thighs.

Shaking his head to clear it, Robby stood up quickly so he could no longer see between Emma's legs. He wiped the sudden sweat from his brow with his pocket square before looking back down at the beautiful, slumbering celebrity. She looked so peaceful laying their, almost like an angel, her slender chest rising and falling slightly, completely unaware of anything around her after passing out earlier in the hall. As his eyes crawled over her prone body he noticed her jewelry and, being a gentleman with her best interests at heart, decided that she would be more comfortable sleeping without them.

Taking a deep breath, Robby decided that he was of course doing the right thing in taking Emma's jewelry off rather than just looking for an excuse to touch her again. He sat beside her on the bed and lifted up her arm before delicately taking off her two rings and bracelet before laying her arm down. It was a complete accident that his hand slowly trailed up the skin of her warm, soft arm as he was trying to make her comfortable.

Robby reached up to Emma's slender graceful neck to remove her simple pearl necklace, his forearms completely, accidentally, and not at all on purpose, sliding across her small chest. With the pearls in hand he reached across her prone body, his arms resting on her chest, pressing against her small breasts, totally necessary in order for him to take off her other bracelet. He sat up and peered down at her again, congratulating himself on taking care of a guest's needs.

Placing Emma's jewelry in the bedside table next to her clutch, still sitting next to her on the bed, Robby looked down at the unconscious celebrity again to see if there were any other of her needs that he could see to. She looked so beautiful and peaceful laying there asleep with her beautiful hair cascading across her pillows. Sitting there not leering at the vulnerable star he decided that he should take her hair down to make her more comfortable. He ran his fingers through her silky hair, noticing that her long, glowing, chestnut colored hair felt as soft and smooth as her skin.

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  He removed the clips and pins in her hair and fluffed it out around her, once again proud of himself for seeing to the needs of his unconscious guest.

"That dress can't be very comfortable to sleep in," Robby decided. Without realizing it, he licked his lips he leaned over Emma's body to see to her needs like a good employee should. He reached underneath her small waist, his hands sliding up and down her back as he searched for the zipper to her dress. He searched her thoroughly and repeatedly until he of course found the zipper at the top of the dress. Slowly he pulled the zipper down, taking his time to make sure that he didn't snag the dress, until he reached the bottom of the zip at the top of the swell of her derriere.

Crawling lightly, and completely necessarily, over Emma's still slumbering body, straddling her slender thighs, Robby began gently, slowly pulling down her dress. He took his time so as not to tear her probably expensive dress, revealing her body inch by inch.

Sweat began breaking out across Robby's body as he got to see more and more of Emma's body. As the dress slid down her chest it revealed her plain, strapless bra containing her small, pale breasts, her nipples just barely visible through the material. His eyes followed her dress off of her chest, down her abdomen, over her flat stomach and to the top of her panties. He stopped, staring at her nearly naked body, taking his time to appreciate her. Even more slowly he began pulling the dress down off of her waist, off of her hips, down past her pubic mound beneath her matching black panties, and then down her shapely legs.

Robby pulled the dress off from around Emma's ankles and threw it haphazardly over his shoulder as he stared down at the unconscious celebrity's nearly naked body. He crawled off of her and stood up at the foot of the bed, his erection tenting the front of his pants as he stopped lying to himself.

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  He hadn't undressed her to make her more comfortable, he was not undressing her to get her into her pajamas. As he stared at her small breasts barely concealed by her bra and her pubic mound stretching her panties tightly around her he finally admitted to himself that he was going to fuck the unconscious celebrity.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket Robby aimed it at the vulnerable, barely covered body of Emma Watson. He had to fiddle with the phone for a bit due to his trembling hands before taking a test pic. He looked at his view and saw a shaky picture of Emma passed out, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted, and his heart began thudding in his chest. He took another picture of her beautiful face from her hair down to her shoulders. Next her took an picture zoomed in on her slight chest, adjusting the settings to be able to see through the material covering her tender breasts. He zoomed out to take a picture of her chest down to the start of her panties at the start of her slender hips. He then zoomed in to her groin, taking a regular pic of her panties before once again adjusting the phone settings to capture her vagina beneath her panties.

Licking his lips nervously Robby nearly dropped his phone, fumbling it several times before raising it up and taking a full framed shot of Emma's slumbering body. He stared at her for several moments, memorizing her curves before admitting to himself that he was afraid of moving forward despite the throbbing in his pants urged him along. He sat down next to her, placing his hands on her shoulder, amazed at how his palms seemed to tingle with a electric current as he slid them down her sides. His thumbs slid over the swell of the sides of her breasts, readying himself before reaching behind her body and unclasping her bra. He slid his hands out from under her body, his fingers crawling over the tips of her breasts before grasping her bra and sliding it down her chest.

Robby's breath stopped as he stared at Emma's revealed tits.

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  His eyes grew wide and he refused to blink as he burned the image of the star's tits into his brain before remembering his phone. His hands trembling he brought his phone up and had to struggle to calm his nerves to hold the phone steady enough to take the picture. His twitching finger took nearly a dozen photos before he accidentally dropped his phone on the bed. His shaking hands lowered themselves to Emma's chest without any conscious effort, lightly sliding over her warm, silky, firm tits.

Groaning out in desperation Robby bent down over Emma's chest, his mouth open, his tongue extended fully. He began noisily sucking at her tits, his tongue sliding wetly over them until both of her small, firm orbs were gleaming with his saliva. Her nipples became hard, his lips closing over the nubs, his tongue lashing them as he moaned in excitement. He slurped loudly as he pulled his head back from her chest and wiped his wet mouth off with the back of his hand. He found his phone again and took one more picture of the topless Emma Watson before moving to the foot of the bed. A small surge of guilt flashed through him but quickly receded as he got on his knees and looked up between her legs.

"Guilt is worth this," Robby told himself, "Jail would be worth this. "He blinked the nervous sweat out of his eyes as his fingertips slid up Emma's supple legs. As he reached her firm thighs he pressed his hands down, his palms sliding up as he lightly squeezed her pliant flesh. His fingers rose up over the slender bands of her panties, digging underneath the elastic before he slowly began pulling them down. He purposefully took his time, relishing the sight of her mound coming into view, her fine pubic hair springing up before revealing her bald, pink pussy-lips.

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  As he exposed Emma's tight looking slit he quickly slid her panties down an off of her legs wanting nothing to obscure his view up between her thighs.

Robby sat still for several minutes on the floor at the foot of Emma's bed just stating up between her legs at the small slice of heaven between her legs. His cock ached painfully but nothing would make him hurry before he memorized every crease and fold, every bump and ridge of Emma Watson's bare vagina. With numb fingers he raised his phone and activated the flash of his camera, he wanted to miss nothing. He took nearly a dozen shots from a dozen different angles, afraid of missing a single hair between her thighs.

His hands still trembling, Robby sat his camera down on the floor beside him and sat up a little straighter. He unfastened his pants to try and relieve some pressure around his cock before sliding up onto the bed. He slipped in between Emma's slender legs, spreading them apart farther and lifting her thighs up onto his shoulders. Getting comfortable on his stomach he inhaled deeply, savoring the smell of her and licking his lips. He slid his arms around her legs, framing her pussy with his fingers, framing her pink cunt like a picture.

Extending his tongue and neck, Robby lightly licked up one of Emma's pussy-lips and then the other. She moaned lightly but the thought that she might wake up didn't even occur to him, all that mattered was the taste of her. He once again licked up one of her labia and then down the other, circling her pussy and maneuvering around the hood of her clit. She moaned again as he began applying more pressure, licking down to her sensitive taint and back up to just barely inside the bottom of her slit. He slid his tongue just between her labia, barely penetrating her before reaching the sheath of her clit.

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  He circled the hood with his tongue as his fingers began caressing her lips bringing a louder moan from her. He parted her now dewy labia with his fingers as he ran his tongue between them, penetrating her delicate pussy just a bit more before pressing himself against her taint.

Looking up the naked length of Emma's body, Robby could see her slowly roll her head to the side as she gasped out in pleasure, pleasure he was giving her whether she was aware of it or not. Her arms slid up the mattresses and then back down as her head rolled to the other side and he slipped his tongue between her wet pussy-lips. Despite the fact that what he was currently doing was completely illegal, he took pride in the fact that Emma was enjoying it as he slid his tongue into her tight, wet pussy.

The taste of Emma's juices had Robby moaning into her pussy as his tongue penetrated her fully. He curled the tip of his tongue up, scooping out her warm juices as he slid his tongue out, his mouth watering. His tongue slid back into her body, her hips rolling slightly up to meet his mouth as he explored her as deeply as possible. Her arms slid down the bed, her hands finding the top of his head, her fingers winding through his hair as she began slowing humping his face, grinding against him. He pressed his face as hard as he could between Emma's thighs, unable to breath but he didn't care, all he cared about was the taste of Emma's pussy and the sounds of her gasps coming from above him.

Robby didn't want Emma to cum yet. If she came she might wake up and there was one last thing he needed to do. He grabbed her wrists and disentangled her fingers from his hair as he crawled out from between her legs and stood at the end of the bed. Staring down at the horny body of Emma Watson with her legs spread wide, her pink pussy dripping wet, her nipples hard, and a light sheen of sweat covering the tops of her breasts, Robby nearly came. He struggled to hold back his orgasm as he hurriedly pulled down his pants around his ankles, leaving them on in case the vulnerable celebrity happened to wake up and he needed to make a quick get-away.

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Deciding to take one last picture, Robby quickly found his camera and simply snapped randomly before throwing his phone over his shoulder. He crawled between Emma's spread legs, her hips still rocking up and down searching for him. He placed the tip of his prick against the entrance to her now hot pussy, shuddering in pleasure as she rolled her hips, sliding the tip of his cock inside of her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head at the feel of her pussy enveloping his cock-head as she moaned out in pleasure below him.

Taking his time, Robby's arms began to tremble with the exertion of holding his upper body still for so long. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he inch by inch slid his aching cock into Emma's tight, wet pussy. Her hot cunt seemed to be drawing him into her body as her slender legs slowly wrapped around his thighs. Her eyes stayed closed but her eyelids fluttered as he continued slowly penetrating her vulnerable body. Her hands slid up his biceps to hold her as he continued slowly violating her and her moans and grunts of unconscious pleasure slipped past her moist lips. "So good," she moaned beneath him, nearly triggering his orgasm as he buried the last inch of himself inside of her body, his bloated balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks.

Emma began rolling her hips up, stimulating her clit against Robby's lower abdomen as he rested for a moment, still holding himself up over her. Still moving gingerly, both fearing her waking up and relishing the feel of her tight pussy pulsing around his prick, he pulled out a slow inch and pushed back in. She groaned lustfully, her closed eyes fluttering as he continued pulling out barely an inch and pushing himself back in, fucking her slow and deep. Her groans of pleasure became louder, her pants sharper, as he filled her prone body again and again, barely able to keep himself from yanking back and thrusting forward like a Jack-Rabbit until he came.

As Robby moved himself slowly but surely inside of Emma's body, the unconscious star rolled her hips up to meet him, stimulating him even more as he fucked her body as deeply as he could.


  His entire body began to shiver as his balls slapped wetly against her ass-cheeks, groaning as he fought himself to keep a slow pace so he didn't wake her but he just couldn't stop his hips. She strained beneath him as he went faster, his hips slapping against her as he fucked himself in and out of her body. Slowly the British star's eyes fluttered open.

"Who. . . who are you?" Emma asked in barely more than a whisper as her bleary eyed tried to focus.

Robby froze as Emma looked up at him. Just by the look in her glazed eyes he could tell she was having trouble focusing on his face and he blurted out the first thing that flew across his mind. "Your boyfriend. "

Emma closed her eyes and relaxed. "I love you soooo much," she slurred.

His body already on the verge or orgasm, Robby lurched forward, burying his cock balls deep inside of Emma. She rolled her hips up against him, rubbing her clit across him, triggering her own orgasm. Her tight, wet cunt gripped him, rippling along his shaft as she groaned in contentment below him.

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  As she began to relax he struggled not to cum and leave evidence of what he had done but as a sloppy grin crossed Emma's face an idea struck him.

Robby pulled his prick out of Emma sopping cunt and shuffled over to the side of the bed as he pointed his cock down at her face. "Open up," he gasped as he rubbed his cock-head along her pink lips. Her smile widened even more before she opened her mouth and he slid the tip of himself into her mouth and over her tongue as her lips closed around him. He fisted his cock frantically as she lightly sucked him and he groaned out, "If you love me then swallow, Emma. "The drunken, obedient star swallowed around his head as he came, filling her mouth with his thick load. He could feel her taking everything, swallowing his warm cum, not missing a single drop of his seed as he drained himself into her mouth.

As his cock began to soften, Robby slid his spent prick out of Emma's mouth and looked down as the nearly unconscious celebrity. "Good night, Emma," he whispered sweetly.

"Nite," Emma mumbled as she curled up on her side and fell back into her alcohol field slumber.

Being extremely careful not to wake Emma again, Robby cleaned her up thoroughly before redressing her, taking several more pictures of her as he did. He collected his tip from earlier and then got himself cleaned up and dressed before tip-toeing out of her room and closing the door quietly behind him. A self-satisfied smile began to creep across his lips as he made his way down to the lobby and he just hoped that nobody had realized how long he had been gone.

The End. .

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