My name is Justin. Really, I'm not exactly sure what else to say, I suppose I should describe myself, I'm about 5ft 11, about 175 pounds, which I'm told is good for my height I live in Ontario, I'm a student at university studying medicine and 95 000 in debt. . And as is usual with all of us blue collar slobs, I'm a missed paycheck and tip away from welfare.

I work in a call center where I'm bitched at by the dregs of American Culture who download +3000 Kilabites of porn onto their black berries and then complain to me about why their bill is so damn high, demand I lower it, or they'll go and switch, shit like that. But it helps pay and unless you bitch back completely at the customer, the job is quite lax and your sure to have a place there.

In my other job, I sell weed around campus. Not exactly the most honest thing to do for someone moving up to his Hypocratic Oath. But it pays the billsand it keeps people happy, as well as mellowed out and out of trouble. I've just never seen it as such a huge problem drug. Hell, in my experince it keeps people off the street it's also not as harmful in my experince as some people would think, but as I just prefer smokes I don't smoke weed a whole lot. It's alot easier to sell, especially if your not smoking your own supply.

I had known my cousin was into the same deal, and it wasn't too long before he began contacting me to work out some agreement. Living over a 10 hour drive away in Manitoba, he insisted I come down there with as much of the stuff I could bring with me:

I wasn't surprised though, he brought this up to me all year round, but then some "issue" would magically come up. and we'd have to reschedule. But finally, during the summer, he gave me a call telling me to get down there urgently, as it was summer, and with no obligation to school anyway, I took the time off from work and planned the trip.

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   As he metioned in the call (and every other time) I packed at least, a good 5 pounds of the good stuff. Stuff I saved for the special occasions such as for the prom kids or midterms. I contacted my buddy Jeff, He himself wasn't into that kind of stuff. But, We've been friends for quite sometime, and I wasn't going to go into the unknown without my most trusted friend, because, cousin or no cousin, desperation could always lead to bad things.

I pulled up to his house and he was waiting for me, bags packed. Like me, he was a struggling student, he worked out often and chirped me for not doing the same as him. He greeted me in his usual Northen Canadian Accent that made me smile;

"okaay, so I've pulled all that shit off work and got someone to watch my hoose. Now what is this trip Aboat?"

"Just that business deal my cousin's always been spittin'. Looks like were goin' through with it this time. Fully cocked. " I replied in a casual voice.

"Y'know, if all 'o this goes through, we could shave quite 'ta bit off our loans. "

"Let's just hope nothing goes sour. . .

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I shouldn't have had my worries, but my cousin wasn't always a respectable fellow. A college drop out, he ran his own Automotive Mechanical shop. Not anything fancy, but he seemed to make a good living. He also oversaw alot of his drug running through there. And I had even heard him brag once about running hard to get fire arms, as well as. . . less then legal modifactions to cars. I knew that alot of people he hung with weren't respectable, and I often wondered if that in turn made him like that, or if he was the one making others like that. Just a scary thought that occasionally came to my head when dealing with him.

The drive there was pretty tiring, but uneventful, we joked about, stopped and ate, and I briefed him on what was going to happen. We were going to meet at the national park just North of Winnipeg. My cousin and some of his friends would be meeting us there, we'd make the exchange, drop our "merchandise" and part ways, each one of us a bit richer. I was hoping it was as simple as it sounded, my cousin wasn't wasn't answering his phone and I was already having a few doubts regarding the plan.

The park itself had a history as old as the Huron who settled it back whenever the fuck they did.

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   The entire park lay mostly along a small creek. Much of the parks walkways traveled with or near this creek. Most specifically, was the old architecture here, dozens of stone ruins scattered through out the park, many large stone bridges connecting parts of the bridge to others. Including the one most intact over time, ran around a slight bend with the river and almost seemed to hide the forest in plain site. A simple twist.

When I arrived there, some doubts were confirmed.

For starters, It was fucking hot out. Must have been 30 degrees celsius easy. even in our shorts and t-shirts we were sweating balls. Carrying an extra water bottle in our packs, we each did our best to stay hydrated. This place was also way to quiet. It was virtually lifeless, I suppose it was good but bad feelings kept poking at the back of my mind, bad things could happen at an empty park.

Secondly, our cousin wasn't there. In his place, was this scrawny, shaky fuck of a guy, he picked us out like a sore thumb and homed in on us. Introducing himself as Alan, he began telling us that our cousin wasn't feeling well and he'd be here to do business with me.

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   when I flipped out my phone to confirm this, I couldn't even get a signal. He advised me that due to some weird concentration of metals and minerals in the ground (being right in the Canadian Shield) phone signals couldn't even get through the interference. My worries were eased a little bit when he pulled off his back pack and showed us the money, a whole shit load of it, on top of that, a note, with the words, "Trust him" signed by my cousin. It put me at reast, as it's the exact same thing my cousin would have said. Unfourtantely, my final doubt was much bigger then the other two"

There was a cop.

We saw her just after we saw Alan. She was walking the park, comming around a bend through the aformetioned forest path right under one of that old stone bridge. Walking towards us.

She was in full uniform. Bullet proof vest, those police issue boots for just about all terrain, belt full of gear, and hat on. Having minor dealings with police pulling me over and getting tickets while massive amounts of Ganja sat in my trunk, being around cops always made me nervous. With at least 5 pounds of the stuff in my bag, I was going to shit bricks.

The officer walked past us. eyeing each and everyone up. Breaking this killer silence, I piped up, and very nervously,

"Good day, Officer.

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"What's so good about it?" She spat back. a voice that didn't have quite the Canadian hospatitaly you hear about.

"Whoa. . . . We didn't mean any offense!" Jeff protested. "We don't want trouble. "

"Then stay out of my way. " She said, shaking her equipment belt, clearly showing force, with a voice that Just barely didn't make her words seem like a threat.

Looking at this woman, clearly in much better physical shape then I, and much better equiped, I averted my gaze towards the ground. She continued walking,

"What was that about?" I wondered aloud.

"Cops have been showing up here a bit more lately. Nothing major, just small patrols here and there, Mostly to act as a deterrent from those *Horrible Druggies!*" Alan spoke with humour in his voice.

"Didn't have to be so rude.

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  . . " I replied.

Jeff spoke up, In a voice just loud enough for her to hear "She is hot though!" I couldn't help by somewhat agree. Cold blue eyes, what seemed like nice smooth skin, and from what I could see under the hat she wore, looked like nice dirty blond hair tied up in a knot or bun of some sort. Not exactly victoria's secret or playboy material like you hear about in all those lame ass dear hustler letters, but you couldn't deny her figure, and her ass. There was defiently some beauty at work. To bad it was made of ice. and Just a shame that vest and largely heavy looking uniform left alot to the imagination.

The officer stopped at the comment. . Just when it seemed like some bad shit was about to go down, she continued walking, shaking her head. We watched, though hopefully inconspicous as she got into her squad car and drove off out of sight past a small tree clearing.

"What a great place to set up a meeting , eh? Your cousins got some real brains. " Jeff mumbled.

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"Relax man, you guys are paranoid. " Alan retorted. Cops don't come out here all the time, and when they do, It's a short one person patrol, and the same shit that affects our phones also affects their radios. Not exactly like she can call for back up, arrange a bust and surround us. Not unless she has a fuck load of trained carrier pidgeons. They just don't consider this area a big threat"

"I just wonder how in the fuck she can walk around in 25 degree heat with all that fucking gear on and somehow not sweat. Jesus"

"Lets just get this shit done. guys" I said in a final tone of voice. "I'd rather be gone before she does decide to come back"

We set down and opened our bags, taking one last look, we allowed him to scan the merchandise. When he was convinced all was in order, he began cutting out a piece, rolling it up, and smoking it.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" Me and Jeff shouted in union.

"Relax you fuckers. " alan said, Clearly mellowing out already. "The big bad police bitch isn't comming back. Besides, I needed a sample, and I honestly haven't had one of these in forever!" Alan had barely finished speaking when he was already walking in the same direction our rather rude law enforcer had taken earlier.

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   "Later geeks" He said on his way off. We both stared at this Idiot, parctically shocked before Jeff spoke up.

"Let's just get the fuck out of here. "

"Yeah, :Let's get going. " I'll text him immediately.

We had just started taking off, we didn't make it too to far, when we heard what sounded like a small yelp came from afar. Turning around, we saw just what we'd feared:

That cop we saw earlier was back. She had apperently just ducked her car just out of sight and waiting for the opportunity. And it seems like she was in a position to take us all. She had a very terrified Alan up against the hood of her car, Finishing up throwing the Marijuna in the the trunk of her squad car, and handcuffing and throwing Alan in the back seat.

Alan. . . Who also appeared to be waving his head in our direction.

That fucker ratted us out.

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She turned to us and drew her weapon.

And thats when the chase began. . . .

The next 10 or so minutes felt like a fucking eternity. We ran and ran, with our her, that rude cop on hot on our heels. No matter where we ran, she was in hot pursuit. And after 10 minutes of running we were finally starting to fatigue. Even Jeff, Spending all that time on gym, probably regretted not keeping up on his cardio.

While she may have had her weapon drawn, there was no evidence of us having weapons. And a police officer wasn't about to go and risk shooting two unarmed people in the back. Police officers followed rules, we sure as fuck didn't have to.

*Stop! Now!* The aggressive and somewhat close voice shouted at us. "You're both under arrest!"


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  . . . Li-Like We're. . . . . Tot-Totally gon' do that. . . " Jeff panted. Between breaths.

"Gotta fin. .


  . . . . d a-way to. . . Lose her!" I blurted out, my heart racing. It seemed like I was going to give in, I was dying, the heat was killing me. . . . And I was just never exactly the best runner to begin with. But. .

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It dawned on me.

"If we're fucking tired, She's got to be exhuasted!" I managed to say loud enough for Jeff to hear, and surprisngly a clear voice. "I mean, look at all that gear, Her vest, Her equipment on her belt, those boots, her uniform. That's gotta be slowing her down. And we've been drinking water all day. She's gotta be dying. Maybe we can keep wearing her down and make our get away somehow. "

Jeff seemed to mull it over before giving the simple reply

"I've got a. . . . PLAN!"

Running around and ducking back into the path, we emerged pretty much where we started. Right at the beggining of the path with the old stone bridge. .

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   Unsure of what Jeff ment, I was completely surprised what happened next. Running the bend and just after going under the bridge, we were just out of sight for the officer chasing us. Jeff quickly grabbed me and threw me to the ground. Practically gasping for air, I looked up in shock

"What are you doing!?!?"

"Trust man, Just make it look like you've sprained an ankel or something. " Jeff replied ducking behind one of the stone pillars and completely out of sight. Just as he managed to hide out of site, A familliar friend rounded the bend, Nearly tripping over me.

As she was rounding the corner, his plan began to make sense. With me down on the ground, and in pain as she would think I would be, she'd have to stop and make sure I was taken care of. This would distract her and make her holster her weapon. Giving us a chance to. . . we'll, It all depend on Jeff. He was just going by the rules Cops have to play. "Thank god they can't just shoot on sight" I whispered to myself before being confronted face to face by our pursuer.

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"St-OP!" She panted. "Stay on the ground!"She said, Shoving me face down. I felt air being squeezed from my lungs as she kept the pressure up. Her breathing was rapid, Taking in short, fast gulps of air. Her face was red, and sweat dripped down her cheeks. She was defiently exhuasted, She looked very worn out. Holstering her weapon, she shoved me down further and tore my back pack off. Examining the money and extra water bottle. In the midst of the whole thing, I couldn't help but notice she wasn't wearing her hat anymore, it must have flown off somewhere during the chase.

"Okay, Okay, I give!" I shouted Faking pain in my leg. "I twisted my ankle, please don't hurt me" I asked pleading for Mercy. "Don't hurt me!"

"Wheres your friend huh?" She demanded. Her voice ten times as threatening as it had been in our frist encounter. "Wheres your pal!"

"He left me! Fucker left me to get away from it!" I replied, desperately struggling, making it seem like I really was in pain.

"Fed you to the wolves, Just like your other friend, very quick to tell me how you two were pressuring him into the purchase and that he has other information.

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   You two are going to have one cramped ride down town. Fucking druggies, you make me sick. " As she looked around the area, I struggled a bit more. wanting her to keep her attention on me, I focused on keeping her distracted, She had holstered her weapon, and I was keeping her eyes soley on me. So where was Jeff? I quickly struggled to get to my feet.

"Save your energy!" She said, "your going to need it when your facing 3 years of your life in prison" She said looking directly at me.

And thats when Jeff crept out.

Sneaking on her from behind, He lunged at her back, Busy attempting to bind my hands together she wasn't prepared to block the attack. Wrestling off of me and on her feet, She broke her hold on me and turned to face him. With an elbow to the ribs she sent him back catching his breath, before she could get another shot in, or worse, something off her belt, I lept up, this time grabbing her from behind. grabbing her arms in a full nelson of a hold. Had she not been completely exhuasted, she might have been able to do something, but, all that running had not only taken it's toll on us, but on her. And now, with time to relax and breathe, we weren't feeling all that tired, she on the other hand was still exhuasted, worn down by us, and had fallen right into our trap. Taken by surprise by me rushing her back, Jeff swung a punch, that, even with her vest to absorb some of the blow, was still powerful enough to knock the wind out of her. I threw her down as Jeff landed his punch, she went down hard, down on the ground we began kicking her, kick after kick to her ribs, her stomach, we made sure she stayed down.

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   And let up, as soon as we did she attempted to roll off, a quick stomp on her back and she stayed down.

This was quite a big event for me. We had beaten down a cop. An attractive but very rude officer. Taking the opportunity, we grabbed her and dragged her just a little farther into the forest. Hopefully out of sight of some boyscouts or hikers passing by.

Not even giving her time to get up, we were both on top of her, turning her on her stomach, with me spreading her arms out and pinning them under my legs. Jeff lower, reaching around her waist and undoing the clasps that held her equipment/utility belt to her. Yanking it off, he inspected it.

"Hey, take a look at this man!" He shouted handing it over. Still keeping her arms under my legs, I grabbed her hair with one hand, yanking her head up by the knot tied with her hair, and with my other hand, holding her belt in front of her.

"Not so tough without this are you?" I said Jingling it infront of her. Thinking back to when she waved the flag infront of me, shaking her belt like she was tough. "Maybe next time you ought to be nicer to the civillian popluation. Not single them out.

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"Ugh! Stop what your doing!" She shouted, her voice weak, her breathing somewhat laboured. "Let me go!"

"Yeah. We'll get right on that!" Jeff said, Struggling to hold her widly kicking legs down. We'll even hop on into your squad car and have that cramped ride downtown that you were talkin' aboat earlier. and *face the next 3 years of our lives in prison* Eh man?"

I didn't answer Jeff's sarcasm. I was to busy examining the belt. I saw the usual stuff, some kind of . 45 pistol, ammo, a baton, pepper spray, taser, zap straps, a radio-which of couse didn't work due to the metallic build up. And of course, keys. Keys to hand cuffs, and, a squad car. Attatching my newly liberated equipmet to my belt I turned over to Jeff

"Check her pockets, Wonder what else this bitch has. " I muttered. lifting off her vest as well.

I wondered what I was doing. Aside from the occasional sale of mary jane, I had never broken the law, I didn't even consider it a felony.

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   And I know It wasn't exactly considered a fair fight, leading a cop on, wearing her down to exhuastion, and then jumping her two to one, and then robbing her at that. But if she did catch us I'd have spent a good deal of my life in prison, I'd have lost any chance I had at becomming a doctor, And quite frankly, we were already in for it, did it really matter if we went further? Plus. . . I just owed to much on my student loans. And I saw a perfect business opportunity. And I didn't even live in this province, what could go wrong?

"Just a wallet in, a pen and a pad to write on" Jeff said back. We'll check it later. Let's just tie this bitch down and get out of here.

I checked my watch. It had only been 15 minutes since the chase had started. It felt like an eternity. But I made up my mind almost immediately.

"No, Not yet, let's get this stuff off. " I replied.

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   Grabbing a hand full of her uniform. "Might be worth something. "

He smiled. "Crazy mother fucker"

As we turned her over lying her out on her back. She began kicking and screaming even more desperately.

"I'm going to fucking kill you both!" She wailed. "LET ME THE FUCK UP NOW!"

"Now, now. " I replied in my most soothing, patronising voice. "That dosen't sound like the professional courtesy the public expects from our police officers. I better get your badge number" I said unclipping her badge from her chest and throwing it in my bag" I have half a mind to report you to your superior officer.

Her response was mere screaming not understandable to the human auditory range and further struggling. But, we were faily deep in the park, On this hot day, with very few people even nearby. It was us and her.

"Yeah. And these boots look far to uncomfortable.

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  " Jeff joined in. Trying his best to keep a stright face, his voice cracking as he attempted to mimic my tone. "I better get these off of yah and advise to the PTA that police officers wear more accomadating footwear. Not somethin' that looks like there gonna storm trenchs with!" Jeff finished,laughter practically taking him on. Already he had one of her boots off and was unlacing the other one. Finishing his work on her remaining foot wear, he slid off her socks Stuffed them in her boots and continued on,

*I'LL FUCKING GET YOU!"She said, more of a shriek then anything. She continued struggling, defiance flamed in those pretty blue eyes. But she was already showing signs of dehydration, and all that pressure of me on top of her was probably making her numb. Despite this, she still had alot of fight in her.

"Stop this now. And We'll be lenient on you. " She continued.

"And so aggressive too!" I continued. Ignoring her completely and carrying on with our charade. "Must be because of how tight this hair is tied back.

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   It can cause some rough trouble spots" Reaching back, I untied the knot her hair was in, Taking out the pins and cuffs the overly conservative seem so concerned with wearing. I threw them away and strightened out her hair. I guess there was no reason to do this. I mean, It's not like there was anything of value. But really, I wanted to see how she looked. With her hair down, it reached her shoulders. It was a dirty blondish colour. I wondered if she was a natural. But Still I continued.

"And this tunic! So constricting. " Stopping there for a moment I let out a burst of laughter, undoing her uniform shirt, button by button. "Must trap alot of heat!" Try as I might, the tunic was a bitch to get off. With her constant struggling, I damn near risked tearing it or popping a button off in the process. and the last thing we wanted to do was have any tears or rips. I was quite positive someone would have use for a good police officers uniform.


   Well Jeff continued holding her legs down we were able to slowly get her arms out, sleeve by sleeve. Finally prying it off, I had that folded up and placed properly in my bag. The inside felt damp, she had clearly been sweating. Right now, All that remainded of this rude bitch's clothing was her bra, pants, and whatever else was under neath those pants.

"UGHH! You'll be fucking sorry!" She hollered, still oblivious as to who was really in control.

"Sweetie, It's two on one!" I replied. looking her dead in the eye. Now this was a turn of events. Less then 20 minutes ago, standing one on one, I backed down, didn't have the balls to face her, and now, she was totally out of it, had been over powered and jumped. My mind jumped back, thinking that if she had shot us on sight, Things probably never would have gone this far. Thank god police have rules. We sure didn't.

My thoughts unfourtnately were distracted when her defiance and will paid off somewhat. Freeing a hand, she smacked my face, of anything, It was the suprise and shock more then anything that had really caught me off guard. She aimed again, intent on clawing my face off while freeing her other arm.

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   But with Jeff holding down her legs, Seeing her hand comming, her last act of defiance, I grabbed her hand right infront of my face. Noticing two rings on her finger, It occured to me that we didn't get everything. The first ring, a birthstone of somesort gleamed red, The second ring was this massive rock of a Jewel. Those must have been worth a good fortune, and would probably serve well in my new college fund. I licked her fingers, slowly working the rings off. Jeff was already yanking off her pants, slowly, inch by inch, careful to make sure she couldn't capitalise on the moment or gain any control whatsoever. By the time I had both rings in my bag, She was down to her bra and panties. I quickly helped myself to a silver bracelet on her right arm, a small necklace she had around her neck. Wondering how much more she could possibly have worth taking,

I was jerked back to reality when I realized she was still wearing her bra and panties. We had both somewhat become distracted. Jeff in keeping his items in his bag, and I with these new found pieces of Jewery. We both studied her. She lie there, practically beaten, She still struggled, but her energy was waning. She looked so beautiful layed out in the last garments that covered her shame. Her legs were long, her skin smooth.

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   As I said earlier, she wasn't victoria's secret material, but she was defiently someone who took care of herself. her stomach was quite flat, her face, despite being somewhat rugged looking was still alive and almost ageless. Someone who worked hard and it showed. I wanted more. We both looked at eachother.

"We've already come this far. Why don't we take her for EVERYTHING she's worth?" Jeff asked.

"Get her panties off. I'll work the Bra. you can go first. "

"No! Please! Stop what your doing!"

I had read a few of those rape stories posted around various websites. And even saw one or two videos. Apperently in all of them, the girl is some neat freak, or some puesdo dominatrix who gets introduced to rape by a guy/s in question, apperently falls in love with being raped and realizes she's some big horny slut.

Unfourtnately, in this story, the real world, that didn't happen.

Yanking off her panties, but keeping them nearby for a later use, we both took turns taking off our shorts.

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   once we were done I had the opportunity to observe this bitch, stripped naked, her breasts looked amazing. Not to big, about 16 B. But they were firm, well rounded. Her pussy, although a little hairy, was well trimmed. Not entirely in the way. She was beautiful.

Jeff was already on her. His cock standing hard at 7 inches, was the first to go. With me parting her legs, Jeff plunged his hard dick right into that trimmed pussy.

"Oh, AWW!" She screamed.

"How's it feel in her buddy?"

"Oh fuck yeah! This bitch ain't no virgin, thats for sure!"

Still attempting to kick and fight, I just held her down, Letting Jeff's momentium keep her grounded. She may not have liked it personally, but her body was loving it, her pussy was already wet, jucies practically covering Jeff's cock. Her nipples were hard and succulent. . To keep her going, while Jeff thrusted in and out of her, diving even deeper in her, I squeezed and sucked on her tits.

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   Realizing I still had Zap Straps, I binded her hands together. Freeing my own. Stroking my hard cock, already at it's full 6 inches, I was getting hard. Biting and tugging on her nipples. Watching her getting wrecked by Jeff's dick.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! PLEASE, STOP!" She cried!

"You fucking LOVE IT!" Jeff answered.

Jeff changed pace, going from a fast thrusts, to slow hard charges varying his paces in her to keep her unprepared She moaned, but continued to kick and scream, trying, hoping, begging to get free.

"Uh, Oh fuck!"

We both watched her, She was tensing up. We both knew what was going to happen. What was going to happen. She was going to explode. Jeff kept thrusting, Going as fast and hard as he possibly could. I held her down, Forcing her to take the recoil of each thrust.

"OH FUCK! UH GOD! NO!" She screamed, reaching her orgasm. I adjusted my view to get a better look.

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   watching it just drip out as Jeff continued fucking her.

"Better be ready, because I'm cumming to! Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot my fucking load on this bitch!" He yelled and groaned

"Uh! Fuck yeah" Smart enough not to cum directly inside her. He pulled out, and in the nick of time, Just above her twat, he let his dick expolde, covering her pussy with cum. Taking her cotton panties, we gave a quick wipe down, just removing most of the goo she had taken on. Pulling out, he slapped me on the shoulder.

"Your turn big man. "

I was almost nervous looking at that trimmed pussy. Already working myself up good, I got in between her legs. She let out a much softer moan, Clearly no energy to do anymore. She still attempted to kick at me, but once I was safely between her legs, Safely in her, and Jeff keeping her legs open for me this time, I fucked that pussy all over. As I rammed my hard dick into her filthy pussy, wrecking whatever of her Jeff left to spare, I made eye contact. Only a short while ago I was terrified of her, running for my future, my damn life. And in such a short while, I was on top, quite literally. As the final insult, before cumming all over her filthy pussy, I blew her a kiss. She made no effort, just rolled her head to one size, biting her lip.

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After mounting and thrusting into her for what seemed like ever. This rude bitch of a cop finally stopped struggling. Essentially, she just lie there wimpering, only tensing up everytime we fucked her to orgasm. We often took turns fucking. Jeff more in just fucking the hell out of her, but when I was in her, I clung to her. Even raping her pussy, she was no longer fighting back, I licked her cheek, and kissed her neck. she continued wimpering, and twitching slightly with each and every thrust in. But still seemed to have given up. Deprived of her uniform, her money, and her dignity. Her hands bound behind her back. She had finally given up. We continued fucking her for a good while on. When my watch started beeping, I checked the time, Realizing that we had been tag teaming this bitch for almost 2 hours we each finished her off once more. Getting her panties and cleaning up every bit of the mess this time, including rubbing inside, we each took our spare water bottles out Making sure every trace of evidence regarding us was well washed away, we left her a full water bottle. and helped her drink some down.

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   She'd been kept very busy all day. And honestly, while we had no intention of bringing her with us, we both certainly weren't murderers. We left her tied there naked. bound to a tree. A little head start, but we certainly advised her not to chase us. We left her there with a water bottle and a little bit of a choclate bar. And set off, she lie there, practically unconcious. we gathered up our newly acquired possessions and started off. The walk back through the path was much more peaceful and beautiful, with no one to chase us around we took in the sights. Of course, we still did walk a little quickly, as we were quite worried that someone at her precinct would wonder why our new accquintance failed to report in and send another squad car to investigate

near the exit, where we cut back to lead her to our trap, I discovered what I hoped I'd find: Her Officers hat, finally, my collection was complete and I was expecting my cousin to perhaps have a need for an authentic police officers uniform. Walking with my newly acquired radio, I turned it on, walking through the field and approaching the squad car, I was able to pick up minor signals. Apperently the radio worked somewhat around here, but it seemed to be one way. Finally appraching the car, I told Jeff to take my car, And I'd ride in this new baby.

Alan's eyes lit up wide in shock.

"I can't believe your here man! What about that cop?!"

I buckled up, took notice of The former owner's purse sitting in the front seat deciding I'd find something useful to contribute to my university fundraiser I decided our new aquaintence's purse would be better off with me I continued.

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  adjusted the mirrors, and made use. of the Cars new GPS Navigation system. Setting a route for winnipeg, I set off. I didn;t even bother answering Alan.

"Hey, are you gonna let me out?"

"Shut the fuck up. " I told him off. I was disappointed. Scared as he was, he had no right to attempt to save his own skin like that. "Now" I said mumbling more to myself then anyone else, "What did our friend report in as. . . . "

"Your friend? You mean the cop? called in as car 9-8, or tried two. . .

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  Seemed like she could only hear, not talk!" Alan piqed up, hoping to score brownie points. It was working, some what,

I stopped. 40 minutes outside the city limits, opened the back door, "Get walking. . " Was all I said to Alan.

"What? Are you crazy? Are you even going to take the cuffs off?"

"You earned everything you get. I still have half a mind to shoot you. Now keep walking. "

With that I set off. to meet my cousin. I had alot to discuss.


The ride to winnipeg, and to my cousins place was nice and simple. Thanks to the GPS which planned casual routes, and thanks to the Car's radios-which had cleared up and gave a good signal as soon as we cleared the park- I was able to listen in on the routes fellow squad cars were taking. Knowing where they would be made it that much easier to avoid dection. With Jeff following me, it was smooth sailing.

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   I was quite surprised no one had made any reference to car 9-8. No one seemed to have noticed where she was at. Not even a metion of heading up to The park area. Guess they figured she was still up there. Who knows. My mind drifted back up there, where we left her, naked and helpless. Hopefully she'd been found by someone who could help her out. But I didn't dwell to much on it. I was already in the city and my cousins auto shop would be comming up shortly. I had had a decent conversation. with him comming in. And as it turns out, he would be able to find a use for quite a bit of the things we'd be bringing. I'll spare most of the details, but essentially, when we got there and had ample time to go over her information, we discovered that our acomplice, our rude female police officer's name was Jackie. . A quick check through her purse informed us that she had recently been married.


   and finally had been taken off of lame desk work and street patrols. She had just been given that squad car and watching the park had been one of her first routes assigned to her. regarding her things, we sold most of them off to my cousin, her social insurance number, her birth certificate, her pass port. and even her health card, as well as her police swipe card used to enter the station and her badge as well as a few things found in her purse, a satilite phone most notibly. Jeff assured me that these would come in handy. She had four credit cards in her wallet me and jeff decided to split evenly. We sold off her gun and other equipment. But the biggest sale we made, was on her squad car. practically brand new, seemed like it had only been driven once. not to metion a fully functional radio that was already tuned to police frequencies and coding. despite being brand new, we sold it quite cheap, 30. 000. 15 000 for me and jeff. We sold the stuff we origionally going to sell to Alan, which essentially meant we recieved two payments for one delivery. All and all, the total we made between us must have been 35 000 all paid in cash.

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   Which really made me wonder if crime dosen't pay. I certainly wondered where my counsin could have possibly gotten the money to support all of that. . Before heading back to Ontario, we decided to make use of those credit cards, heading westward toward the prarie provinces, we stopped by several out-of-the-way towns that had probably never even heard of serveliance cameras, let alone used them. Making our major deposits everywhere we went we used withdrew and used those cards as much as we could. until we were totally declined due to limits or people were starting to make notes. Stopping back at local pawn shops, Jewery stores and even antiques places, we were able to see off her jewery, her red birthstone, silver necklace. and her Fancy gem of a rock, most obviously her wedding ring consdiering it could cut glass. We made a considerable profit on her captured jewery, I was pretty sure we could have earned a bit more, but I was no gold specialist, and it was all profit anyways, so we just took in the good answers. All in all, between those four cards, we managed to grab as much as 600 000 each. on top of what we already earned.

That was many years ago. Our tactics payed off, as we headed out west ward toward Alberta and Saskatchewan, police searches mostly went out that way. Searching for people that used a cops stolen credit card. Jackie, the police officer, was found almost a day and a half later still tied naked to a tree.

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   She eventually made a full recovery and after a year or two of therapy, she was eventually able to return to the police force, though, she won't be patrolling any routes anytime soon. As for my cousin, we'll, regarding selling off the badge, I had never heard it confirmed, but apperently people using Jackie's badge and swipe card were able to get their hands on some equipment recently stored in the evidence lockers of Winnipegs central police department, as well as some docuements some people would rather not have others see. As for her Social insurance number, pass port and birth certificate, the remaining things we sold off to him, well, what someone would do with those is as good your guess as mine.

Sketches of us were eventually released, but they appeared vague at best, and due to our efforts at cleaning any traces of us being with her, or inside of her for that matter, there wasn't much in the way of DNA evidence. not that they even went this far into Ontario to look, let alone find us. I'm currently sitting in my residence,. I'm now in my last year of med school, my student loans finally paid off. Over the course of 4 months as I had no intention of paying it off at once. I may not work much anymore, but considering what I made I don't really need to. I do often think about that time. Wether or not it was considered fair play to do as we did, lead her on, exhuast her, jump her, rob her, rape her, and essentially take away any dignity she had, violated her and exposed her shame. and financially send her back to the stone age. But I saw it as what had to happen. I often think back to her, and, call me crazy, hope I get to see her again. Because of her I'll be a full fledged surgeon, With more then enough money to afford residence, my large screen TV, and new car.

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   I do often wish that rape in real life was like rape in those fetish movies, or stories you read, where the young girl turns out to be a slut who can't get enough, and dosen't bother feeling violated because she has no dignity to take in the first place. I hate those stories. But, because of what happened, I'll now be a full fledged surgeon. Completely out of debt, and able to afford residence, my large scrreen, and my new car. Not bad for a 10 hour drive and a 10 minute run with a rude police officer named Jackie. Wouldn't you agree?

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