Father son exchange club


What I am about to tell you is the build up to one of the biggest secrets that I could ever have dreamed about being involved in. My name is Joe I am 16, 5'11" average build with short brown hair, I live at home with my mom and dad and I am an only child.

First off I am going to tell you about something that happened three months ago. It was a week day and both my parents were at work my dad was an insurance sales man and my mother is a ballet teacher, I was home alone and extremely board which had led to me surfing the internet for porn which in turn made me very horney and with this I headed to the same place I usually did my parents bedroom. In it is a world of sexual treasures, my mom and dad obviously had a exciting sex life and had a wealth of toy's and when they were out I liked to play with them. They ranged from vibrators and dildos to handcuffs and oils, even strapons and anal beads with as much lube as you would ever need. By this time I had been experimenting with these toy's for well over a year and had become quite experience at using them. My favourite one was a black inflatable dildo which you could fix to a wall or a door, it was about eight inches but my favourite part was the fact you could inflate it and stretch my hole right out.

By now I had fixed it to the board at the foot of my parents bed and I had quickly smeared lube over and in my expecting hole, fingering it making sure I was ready, I then covered the dildo with more lube before positioning myself on my hands and knees in front of it before backing onto it. Allowing it to slowly penetrate me and once in I would slowly rock back and forth on it while sliding the whole length in and out of my hole. I then began to inflate it slowly allowing my hole to stretch and accept the ever expanding girth while still rocking back and forth. Then once I was satisfied that my hole was well and truly stuffed, I would keep rocking on the dildo and I would then begin to masturbate while sniffing and licking some of my mother's discarded panties which I had liberated from the laundry. I would often become so involved with what I was doing I would often lose touch with reality and this was one of those times as I had not heard my father enter the house nor did I hear him walking up the stairs and finally I did not hear him enter the room. I have no idea how long he was standing there for but on the stroke of my orgasm I noticed some feet right next to me, I shot forward and stood up to face my father, I stood looking in total fear at my father's face, my cock still squirting cum this time in his direction. I did not know what to do I was so scared, the instinct cut in and I covered myself up and darted out the door.

Nothing was said about that day, my father never spoke a word about it, obviously he cleaned everything up and I don't believe he told my mother anything.

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   But I still avoided him like the plague, then two months after that day my dad came to me and told me that me and him were off to see his friend in a town about thirty five miles away. I had never even heard about this friend until now and since it was the first time my dad had actually spoke to me properly in months I agreed to go. We had some breakfast and then set off.

Traffic that day was horrendous and it took us three hours to get there. We drove up a leafy drive way which opened up into a grand very posh drive way in front of a large house. As we pulled up to figures quickly appeared and as we climbed out of the car they came to greet us,
"We thought you'd got lost!" The man said,
"Yeah sorry we're late traffic was appalling," dad replied,
"You're here now that's the main thing," the man said.

The himself was quite a tall man standing at around 6'6" he was aged around his mid forties around the same age as my dad, he had quite an athletic build to his as well.
"This is Ryan. " He said gesturing towards the boy standing next to him,
"Please to meet you Ryan," My dad said,
"Ryan this is David and his son Joe," he said.

I found this all very strange if this guy was a friend of my dad why are all these introductions needed?
"Shall we," the man said gesturing towards the front door. I stayed close to my dad as the two led us into the house. It was very opulent lots of stone and marble and large wooden heavy doors, they led us into a huge living area which had in it large leather sofas, a huge television and paintings hanging on the walls. Ryan sat down on the sofa and my dad sat next to him and I quickly sat next to my dad.
"Can I get you a drink? Wine, beer?" The man said,
"I will have some wine please John," my dad replied,
"Water please," I said,
"Okay I will just be a tick," the man said while turning to leave the room,
My dad turned to Ryan,
"So Ryan, how long have you been doing this?" he asked, doing what I thought to myself,
"Seven months now," Ryan replied,
"Seven months, you must really enjoy it?" My dad said,
"I love it how long have you been doing this?" Ryan asked,
"This is mine and Joe's first time, I've only recently realised this is something Joe would be interested in," dad replied, I had no clue what he was talking about and largely ignored their conversation I was too busy taking in my surroundings when John re-entered the room with the drinks.

He gave us our drinks and we both took a drink before placing them down of the large coffee table in front of us.

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"So how olds this little chap then?" John said looking at me,
"I've just turned sixteen last month," I replied,
"That's good, Ryan has about six months on you," He replied,

The conversation went on like this for around half an hour and I became convinced my dad didn't really know this man due to all the pointless small talk.
"May I use your toilet please?" I asked eventually,
"Sure, go out this door then turn left and it's the last door on the left. " John replied,
I quickly made way for the door and followed the corridor down then entered the toilet. This house was huge I thought John must be loaded. Even the toilet was posh, with stone tiles covering the floor and walls and very fancy sinks and taps. I quickly did my business, washed my hands and headed back.

When I re-entered the room my dad and Ryan were nowhere to be seen and John was sitting alone on the sofa.
"Joe, come sit," he said and patted the seat next to him, I walked over and sat next to him,
"Where's my dad?" I asked,
"Ryan's taken him to see his room," He replied,
"Okay," I said, wondering why.
"So Joe are you excited about joining the club?" John asked,
"What club?" I asked,
"Our club," He replied,
"I don't follow," I said,
"So your dad hasn't told you?" He asked,
"Told me what?" I replied becoming very worried,
"Your dad has signed you two up to our very secret club, it's a club for father and sons, we now have seventy seven father son members. " He said,
"And what do you do in this club," I asked,
"Well Joe, we hang out together, sometimes stay overnight at each other's houses and we usually talk watch television and have sex. " He said,
"What?" I said, startled at this explanation,
"We have sex, mostly we have sex with each other's sons, sometimes the dads just have sex or we would watch you boys having sex and it was been known where we all have sex together," he said, I was appalled and terrified at this,
"So you have gay sex?" I said,
"We prefer to think of it as fun, you should be flattered this club is invite only and very secret, we only have a few rules, one the child has to be over sixteen, two every member has to have a son, three protection has to be used unless both parties agree not to use and finally number four everyone has to have quarterly health checks. " He said, I was in a state of shock and was struggling to come to terms with the situation,
"Where's my dad?" I asked,
"He's having sex with Ryan as we speak. Now Joe, I know this is your first time with a man but your dad informs me that you have been playing around with toys," He said and I couldn't believe that my dad had told him,
"Now don't worry we will take it very slow but the more you do this the more you will love it I promise, Ryan loves to do it. Now why don't we take these cloths off and get more comfortable. " He said while standing up, he slipped his polo shirt over his head and quickly undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, he wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock sprung out into the air, he finally removed his socks and stood facing me, his cock around a foot from my face and was already semi hard and was around six to seven inches in length.

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"Let's get you undressed," He said, I didn't want to but I was paralysed by the thoughts going on in my head, he grabbed my arm and lifted me to my feet, he lifted my hands above my head then grabbed my t-shirt and lifted it over my head and then dropped it onto the floor. I was only wearing shorts and he quickly whipped them down exposing my cock, he then removed my socks for me. I stood and stared as he placed a blanket over the sofa before sitting on it. He then motioned me to sit next to him again which I did,
"You have a good size penis Joe what is that six or seven inches hard?" He asked, I looked up at him but said nothing,
"It's okay we will find out won't we," He said as began stroking my thigh, he stared really slow and was very gentle as he rubbed my thigh slowly edging up towards my penis which had begun to get hard. Soon his hand rubbed over my cock and it responded with a judder and a sudden expansion it was getting very hard, with his other hand he took hold of my hand and guided it to his cock, it was very big even when soft it was also very fat my fingers could barely wrap around it, he then left my hand there and continued to fondle with mine which was now fully erect. The fact that I had failed to react with displeasure had encouraged him as he slid off the sofa and positioned himself in front of me between my legs, he pushed me back and pulled on my legs causing me to slouch down further now with my ass just hanging over the edge of the seat and my cock inches from his face he proceeded to take my cock into his mouth as he began sucking. I have to admit it felt really good. I was in no way a virgin, I lost my virginity at thirteen and had received lots of blowjobs but this was better than any of them John knew exactly what to do.

This continued for a minute or two when I felt a pressure on my bum hole, John was now prodding away at my hole with his finger and it had started to inch its way in. He had very large hands and his finger was also quite big and he quickly began to divert all his attention to my hole, he stopped sucking my dick and began licking and fingering my bum hole which was starting to enjoy all the attention and had become very accepting and soon after this John added another finger and these were joined by a finger from his other hand, I felt my hole was quite ready now to accept anything which was ready to penetrate it, John then stood up in front of me and I sat up, he took hold of the back of my head with one hand and his cock in the other and pulled my head towards it I knew what he wanted and opened my mouth as wide as I could to meet his very hard and very fat erect cock, it was around about nine to ten inches long and as wide as my wrist and when it entered my mouth I was lucky to get more than the head and a inch into my mouth it was so big. I didn't really know what to do and my inexperience showed, I choked and coughed I was thinking too much about what I was doing and was also trying not to use to much teeth and I think in the end he was a little disappointed by the fact I didn't know what I was doing and he stopped me to move on.

The fact was he was fully hard and ready and I was loosened up and willing, he leant over and pulled some lube out of a small bag beside the sofa squeezed some onto his hand and covered his cock with it, he then sat me down on the sofa again and put me in the previous position with my arse just over the end, he then knelt down in front of me and smeared my hole with plenty of lube. He took a hold of his dick in one hand and my dick in the other I spread my legs out and up to give his access as he positioned his cock against my sphincter and then started applying pressure so that he could penetrate me.
    There was a little resistance at first but once my hole stretched out over the head the rest quickly followed. He took a hold of my legs and slowly started pumping in and out of my hole using every inch of his large length.

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       My cock was still rock hard and I began playing with it as he fucked my hole gaining speed and firmness with every thrust we'd gained a nice rhythm and I began to enjoy the feeling of being fucked it was nothing like the toys apart from the filled sensation it was a million times better. I wanted to switch positions so I pushed him off me and quickly turned over and got on my hands and knees and he wasted no time in penetrating me again this time from behind he then grabbed my hips and began to pound my ass firm and fast his balls slapping against mine I fucked back as much as I could and I was really enjoying it again I was caught up in the moment and after a few minutes he was beginning to tier as his trusts had lost their vigour but his cock had not, I slid forward off his cock which was covered in lube and pre cum. He then lay back and I straddled him facing away from him, I reached down and took hold of his beautiful cock and slowly sat down on it at first I sat all the way down taking every inch in me before grinding on it while playing with his balls. I then lay back placing my arms out behind me to support me before I began to ride is cock I would raise my hips so the head was barely in me and slammed down onto it taking the whole thing and I repeated this over and over until I could do no more and I rolled off his cock.

    He got up again and I climbed up onto the sofa into our first position and he plugged me up again slowly fucking me as he stroked my cock I sensed that we were both getting close as he picked up the pace it got to the point where I could not hold it anymore and released the biggest orgasm that I had ever had, streams of cum spurted out of my cock covering me as far up as my chest my arse hole quivering uncontrollably on his cock which sent him over the edge too as he slammed deep into me spraying his cum deep into me and the more his cock twitched the more my hole reacted which then caused me to have a second orgasm.

    He stayed inside of me until his cock had completely gone limp and this was followed by his cum ripping out. John showed me where to go to get showered and left me to it. I stayed in the shower for a while thinking about what we had just done and the fact there was actually a club for all this. Eventually I finished up and got dressed and headed back to the living room. There I found Dad and Ryan sitting on the sofa where I had just been fucked,
    "How you feeling son?" Dad asked,
    "Good," I replied,
    "Did you have a good time with John?" He asked,
    "Yeah," I replied,
    "He said you seemed to enjoy it and you were a better fuck than most of the experienced guys but that you need to learn how to suck a cock but don't worry that will come to you," He said, I couldn't actually believe they rated me,
    "Anyway son say goodbye to Ryan we have to go now son," He continued,
    "Bye Ryan," I said,
    "Bye," He replied and me and dad then made our exit.

    On the ride home nothing was said for the first few miles,
    "So would you like to do something like that again?" Dad said,
    "Yeah it was fun," I replied,
    "Good. And listen it doesn't have to just be at the meetings me and you can have sex whenever you want I can also teach you how to suck a cock. " He said,
    "Great!" I replied,
    "And remember this is a secret no one finds out about this okay. " He said,
    "My lips are sealed. " I replied.

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    After this we stopped talking but let's just say there was a detour so somewhere secluded and dad fucked me for the first time and let's just say his dick is even bigger.

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