First time cheating, but will it be the last?


It's late on a Friday night and you're sitting at home waiting on your husband to leave. He told you earlier in the day that one of his buddies has been in town for the past week for a family thing and tonight was his last night here before he flew back home tomorrow. Your husband and some of his friends were taking him out for one last wild night. You knew he wouldn't be home for hours, if he came home at all. Not that you cared because things had been cold between you and he for some time now. The love was gone and has been for some time now. When you mustered up the strength to let him touch you it was not worth it and over so quick until you felt that it was the biggest waste of time. Personally, you hadn’t been satisfied in a while. You’ve all but given up thinking this was how the rest of your life was gonna go.

Finally, he leaves. It’s a little past 8:30 PM and you thought he would never walk out the door. Your son is spending the night with one of his school friends so you’ve got the whole house to yourself. You sigh a breath of relief as it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. You’ve been planning this night all week. The house is clean, everyone is gone and you start running a tub full of hot bubbly water to soak in . Along side the tub you’ve placed a number of scented candles that you’ve been hiding from your husband for several days now.

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   Next to the tub you’ve placed a book that you’ve been dying to read based on the suggestions of a female friend. You run to the front door to make sure it’s locked and to peak out the window just to make sure your husband did not forget anything and may be on his way back to the house. Yes, the coast is clear. You take the phone off the hook and proceed to make your way to the bedroom and undress.

You step out of your clothes which happens to be an old ratty sweat suit. No need in giving your husband the impressions that you’ve got plans. Slowly you pull the sweatshirt over your head and underneath you’ve got on your favorite Victoria’s Secret satin bra that you’ve been saving for such a special occasion. The way it hugs and shapes your breasts are unbelievable. Next you step out of the sweatpants to reveal a matching pair of panties. Standing there looking at yourself in the mirror you begin to admire your body and how sexy you look. Thinking to yourself that childbirth hasn’t been that bad on your body. Wishing you had someone to share it with, even though you’ve never seriously thought about cheating on your husband but the thought has crossed your mind. You run your hands over the material of the bra and it feels so soft. While your right hand is caressing your breasts the left hand manages to make it’s way down to your panties. Inside you slip a finger right under the elastic waistband and then another finger until your entire hand is inside.

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   The sensation is enough to cause you to close your eyes and you drift off into a state of euphoria. While continuing to massage your breasts you notice that your nipples have become stiff and erect. WOW, a feeling you haven’t experienced in quite a while. You pinch them and become totally aroused. But what do you do about it? Nothing, but you can’t stop yourself because it feels so good. The hand in your panties ventures closer and closer to your cleanly shaven pussy. Although there’s been no sex between you and your man you still like to keep things nice and neat. As your fingers reach what they’ve been searching for and you can’t help but notice how wet you are. Your middle finger begins to lightly touch your clit and the pleasure you feel is enough to make your knees buckle a little. After bracing yourself on the dresser you begin to stick one, two and then three fingers inside your pussy. You would have never imagined that you could be so turned on all by yourself. Just then you think, your tub is waiting. And there’s no sense in continuing simply because there’s no one there with you. You come back to reality and put on your robe and make your way to the bathroom. The candles are lit and the aroma of vanilla and jasmine fill the air.

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   The lights are off and the only illumination in your bathroom are from the candles.

Slowly you let the robe slide off your shoulders and finally falling to the floor. You remove your bra and panties and finally step over into the tub. The water is hot but not too hot to where you can’t stand it. Before you sit down you again run your fingers across your moist pussy and notice your are still aroused. At this point you become a little upset because although you are all alone you wish there was someone there to share this feeling with. Lowering yourself down into the tub and finally coming to rest on the back side of the sloped tub you release the biggest breath of air as you finally feel at one with yourself and the world. You can’t imagine being anywhere else but there at the moment. About 15 minutes later you finally open your eyes and pick up your book and start reading. Page after page you find yourself being captivated by the title character who you find out is a lot like you. In a loveless relationship with a man who constantly takes her for granted. A woman who was pressured into marriage due to the fact that in their small town he was the high school football quarterback and she was the head cheerleader and everyone just assumed they’d end up together. But what they don’t know is that he is a physically and emotionally abusive guy. On the outside he was everyone’s hero. The clean cut, all American boy.

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   But behind closed doors he was an alcoholic who would constantly drive to the next town to the local strip club where no one knew him only to come home drunk and with the smell of another woman on his clothes. Drunk and full of himself he begins to push his wife around and beat her until he passes out. You sit there reading and thinking to yourself, “I wish my husband would come home and think he’s gonna put his hands on me!” As serious as that sounds you can’t help but laugh. Laying the book down on the floor you close your eyes again and begin to massage the warmth of the water into your legs and thighs. “Oh, that feels good!” Suddenly your mind goes back to when you were in the bedroom all alone and the feelings you were getting playing with yourself. Again, you start to massage your clit under the water and, yes, again those feelings return. You can’t help but finger yourself because it feels so damn good. The longer you play with your clit the better it feels. Again, one, two and three fingers travel in and out of your pussy until you feel something stirring in the lower part of your stomach. It’s been a while since you’ve felt that feeling and you want it to last forever. The longer you touch yourself the stronger the feelings get. Until finally you reach the brink of no return. Your back arches and you splash water all over the place managing to put out a few of the candles. You cum in one massive wave after another. Your whole body is shaking and quivering as you finally relax and come back to earth only to find yourself alone again.

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   Looking over at the clock on the wall you notice that it’s a little past 10:30 PM and getting late. Thinking to yourself, “that was fun and I really needed that,” you step out of the tub and begin to clean up. You figure you had better put the phone back on the hook simply because your son usually calls and says good night when he’s with his friends. Although he’s 11 and a growing young man he’s still a little bit of a momma’s boy. But you find that character precious about him. The minute you lay the phone on the cradle it rings and you pick it up thinking it’s your little man. “Hello baby” is all you get out when all of a sudden you hear the familiar voice of one of your girlfriends. “Girl, we’ve been trying to get in touch with you all night!” “What do you mean”, you reply. “Well, since the guys are out and doing their thang we figured why are they the only ones to have some fun. ” All the wives and girlfriends of the boys have banded together and decided to make this a girl’s night out. You know, go get some dinner, hit a bar or two and have some laughs. You figure, what else do you have to do. You’re sexually charged and the sitting at home alone isn’t helping you any. “Ok, pick me up in about an hour. ” You rush to put on some clothes, get your hair done and throw on a little makeup.

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   You look absolutely stunning only to have had 1 hour to get ready. You again admire yourself in the mirror. Standing there is a tight little mini skirt that your husband likes to see you in but given the current situation you haven’t worn it in a while. It always fit your ass the right way. You’ve got on a form fitting bra that seems to push your breasts up a little higher making them stand at attention to any man looking. Over top of that you find one of your flowered print blouses and leaves a few of the top buttons undone to show off a little more cleavage than usual. You finish it off with a cute little pair of earrings a bracelet and a gold necklace. You look down at your hands and notice your wedding set. Do you wear them or not? Questions, decisions, what do you do? You figure to yourself that this is probably gonna be the last time you get to act like a single woman so you take them off and lay them on the dresser. After that you slip on a pair of 4 inch heels that really make your ass stick out. You think to yourself that you look like a hooker out on the prowl but at this point you don’t really give a damn. Tonight is all about you.

About 20 minutes later the doorbell rings and when you open it you find five of your friends laughing and giggling. They’ve had a few drinks and are feeling the affects already. One of them looks at you and says, “damn girl, if I wasn’t straight I’d do you myself.

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  ” “Let’s go” another one yells. So all of you pile into the SUV and head out. First stop was to the local eatery where you all throw back a few drinks and a nice meal. Laughing it up and having a good time none of you notice that you all have consumed 4 bottles of cheap wine, quite a few mixed drinks and yes, a few shots of tequila. But the massive meal has delayed the affects of the alcohol for the moment. One of the girls mentions that she’s heard of a new night spot across town and thought it would be cool to go. It’s ladies night so girls get in free all night. Looking down at your watch you notice that it’s a little past 1 AM. The night is still young. All of a sudden you get a call on your cell. You look down and it’s your husband. Not wanting him to know you’re out with the girls you don’t answer it. You check his message a few minutes later and he says that he and the boys won’t be coming home until they get their friend on the plane. Just based on earlier conversation with him you know that his plane doesn’t leave until 11:35 AM. You figure you’ve got it made.

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   A night out on the town and away from him. What else could make this night any better? As you make your way to the club your friends start asking you how you and your man were doing. You tell them things are not going so well. And that the two of you are basically like roommates living in a loveless home. Just then one of your friends speaks up. Yes, the slutty one in the group. Every group has one. She looks at you and says, “girl, we’ve gotta get you some dick before the night is over!” You turn to her and say, “naw, that’s okay. ” Knowing that you took care of that before you left the house. Everyone in the truck begins to laugh and giggle. Finally you pull up in front of the club and everyone piles out. Barely able to stand up straight and leaning onto each other you walk up to the door and the bouncer says, “Welcome to Club Rain ladies, come right on in. ” Inside you walk into the hippest new hot spot to hit town. Around you see a sea of people ranging from 21 on up. And there are quite a few guys in the place, just ripe for the picking.

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   Looking over the crowd you think to yourself, “I’m a married woman and I shouldn’t be here. ” It doesn’t matter that you took your rings off, you’re still married in the eyes of God. You look at one of your friends and tell her you think that the alcohol is starting to take an affect on you and you think you need to go on home. Even though the girls all want you to stay you persuade them and they reluctantly let you leave. The one girl who’s driving offers to take you home but you decline saying you’ll catch a cab and that you’ll be alright. You don’t want to spoil the rest of their night. As you’re leaving someone bumps into you and spills a little of their drink on your arm. Over the music you hear a faint voice say, “excuse me, did I spill my drink on you?” Looking up and finally coming face to face, eye to eye with this stranger you notice that it’s not a stranger at all. But someone from your past. “Randy, is that you?” I haven’t seen you in some years. Yes, it was him, Randy, the guy who had the biggest crush on you every since you two were little. People just always thought the two of you would end up together. He always told you how he felt but you kept putting him off. Was it fear that kept you from crossing that line or did your feelings for him run deeper than you were willing to admit? Either way, there he was. Standing right there in the flesh.

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   He answers, “Tina, I can’t believe my eyes. “What are you doing here?” You tell him you and some of the girls were out on the town and you started to get tired and decided to head on home. Randy replies, “can I offer you a ride? I’ve got my car out in the parking lot. I was getting ready to go anyway. Either the girls in here are too young or they’ve already got 5 or 6 guys chasing after them. ” This wasn’t really his scene either so the two of you head out towards his car.

On the drive home the two of you start to reminisce about your younger days. While the two of you are laughing and having a good ole conversation suddenly he gets quiet. You don’t notice because you’re talking through the alcohol. Suddenly he turns to you and says, “what happened between us?” You look at him with a puzzled look on your face. What do you mean, you ask? Randy replies, “I mean, what happened between us? How much more plainly can I put it?” Randy says that he really had strong feelings for you and that he’s always hoped and prayed that you would one day give him a shot to make you happy, but last he heard you were getting married. At that point he gave up hope of ever being with you. Running into you tonight was a chance coincidence but one that he was not willing to let go of. Not this time. Not again.


   He looks down at your hand and notices that you’re not wearing a ring. Suddenly he’s got a glimmer of hope and asks you what happened. Not remembering you had taken off your ring you tell him that the two of you were still together and doing so so. “But you’re not wearing a ring”, he says to you. “Oh, that”, you tell him that your husband is out with his friends and you decided to pretend you were still single. He asks you how’s it going so far? You answer him, “not so good. ” “I’ve spent the last 4 hours with a bunch of horny drunk girls and now I’m on my way home. ” As the two of you pull up in the driveway to your house it’s about 4 AM but not wanting to go to bed just yet you throw caution to the wind and say, “you wanna come in for a cup of coffee or something?” Suddenly, there’s a knot in your throat because you can’t believe that you just used that line on him. He’s gonna think you’re now trying to pick him up like one of those lonely guys back at the club when the DJ announces “last call. “ Randy looks at you and says, “Won’t your husband mind a strange man sitting in his house?” Knowing that you really don’t care you tell him your husband won’t be home until around noon. Into the house you go. As you approach the door you fumble with your keys. Nervous like a giddy school girl trying to sneak in after she broke curfew hoping your parents don‘t hear you sneaking in.

The house is dark as you try to find the light switch. Finally finding it you offer him a seat while you go in the kitchen and make the coffee.

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   When you reach the coffee maker you remember that you haven’t gone shopping yet and are completely out of coffee. You return to the living to deliver the bad news only to find Randy standing at your wall of pictures. There’s one of your parents, several of your brothers and sisters, other family members and friends. But the one he’s looking at is the large portrait of you in your wedding dress. He turns and tells you how pretty you looked and how you haven’t changed a bit. You return his gracious compliment with a thank you and the two of you sit down on the sofa. He’s on one end and you’re on the other. For the next 45 minutes there’s a nice little back and forth conversation. You tell him about your life and how you’ve pretty much become a home body. And that your life now revolves around your son and your home. Not as much your husband though. If he’s not in the house watching some lame ass sporting event on TV then he’s outside washing and wiping down his metallic blue Dodge Magnum. That car he spends more time with than his wife. Randy tells you about his past. From one failed relationship after another.

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   Endless relationships that never seem to go anywhere. Some were gold digging women only out for money and others were women looking for their next baby daddy. But all in all Randy was happy with how his life has turned out. He still says that he loves and misses you but now that you’re married he focused his attention elsewhere and finally came to terms that you just didn’t want him in that way. After a few more stories and a few more laughs Randy says, “well, it’s getting late I’d better be leaving. ” What do you do? You’re hoping he’ll do something. Make a move! Any move! At this point you want to tell him you too have feelings for him but you don’t want to lead him on because you’re still a married woman. You’ve always felt for Randy but the timing was never right. When you were single he had someone and when he was single you was spoken for. Do you let him slip out of your life again without knowing what it could be like or do you do something? As you both stand and head towards the door Randy turns around and tells you how nice it was to see you again and how much fun it was to catch up with you. He leans in to kiss you on the cheek and he lays the softest peck on the right side of your face. You close your eyes and all you can smell is the soft scent of his cologne. One of your favorites. Curve! You throw your arms around him and hold him for what seems like an eternity but in all actuality is just a few seconds. As his lips leave your face you try to find the courage to tell him to stay, please don’t go.

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   But nothing comes out. Tears start to well up in your eyes and all he can do is stand there with a concerned look on his face. He asks you what’s wrong and you tell him, “nothing. ” Randy says that he’s been knowing you all his life and you’re not getting off that easy. He asks you again and you finally break down. You tell him that your marriage is all but over. Your husband hasn’t touched you in months and when he does it’s only for his pleasure. He doesn’t care about your needs. Only his. Randy is faced with the biggest dilemma of his life. On one hand he could resist you and force you to honor your marriage vows, for better or worst. Or he could throw caution to the wind and finally do what he’s been wanting to do all his life, make love to you!

While still holding him in your arms you look up at Randy and say, “I need you to make love to me like you’ve always wanted to. ” Randy is floored but by the time he has a chance to say anything you plant your luscious lips onto his and something happens. Before you know it Randy is passionately kissing you back like never before. His hands running up and down your back while yours are caressing the back of his head.

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   Both of your tongues are fighting for position in each other’s mouth like a one on one basketball game. The longer you kiss the hotter things are becoming. Randy reaches down and scoops you up into his arms like a groom carrying his wife across the threshold on their wedding night. Finally reaching your bedroom he gently lays you down on the bed. He doesn’t turn on the lights and the only light coming in is from the moon high above. It’s a clear night and there’s a warm breeze blowing through the open window. He can’t help but notice the tears still streaming down you face. Doing so, he leans over and kisses you on your cheek again, tasting the moist saline solution that consumes your face. You look up and him and he down at you and all he says is, “don’t worry, I’m here for you and only you. ” Looking down your body he notices the buttons on your tight blouse are straining to be undone. Beneath that he eyes the most perfect pair of breasts he thinks he’s ever laid his eyes upon. He then goes back to kissing your cheek and then on down to your ear lobe and then your neck. You quiver as every time he touches you sends chills down your spine. Not wanting to stop you look up at him and whisper, “don’t rush, my husband won’t be home for hours. ” With those reassuring words he slowly begins to unbutton your blouse.

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   He uses one hand to brace himself slightly over you while the other explores your neck then your cleavage. Lightly outlining the form that has been created by your bra. Slowly he releases one button after another until finally your shirt is completely open and just a faint memory to what use to be covering your breasts. Not wanting to completely remove it just yet he gets off the bed and grabs your hands and pulls you closer to him. Your legs are weak but some how you manage to stand on your own. Randy is looking deep into your eyes and he tells you that all his life he’s dreamed of this very moment. The day he gets to undress you and no one is there to stop him. He reaches up and begins to pull your blouse off of your shoulders. Randy tells you that he wish he would have made a move the one and only night he spent with you several years ago. Maybe your life would have turned out differently. But he was afraid of rejection at the time. He looks up at you again just to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. The look in your eyes is his green light to proceed. Like a feather in the wind the silky blouse gracefully falls to the floor. There you stand in nothing but your tight little mini skirt and your bra that’s fighting to restrain your luscious breasts.

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   He begin to kiss and nibble on your breasts not yet exposing what he’s so long dreamt of . With every touch on your body you arch your back that much more pushing your breasts into the material of his shirt. Then again he gives you one of the best kisses of your life. Towering over you he feels the soft touch of your lower back then gradually making his way upward. You know what he’s looking for. Jackpot! He reaches the tiny metal clasp that’s holding your bra in place. Being a guy he’s had a lot of practice with this part. He reaches behind with his right hand and gently unhooks your bra. You feel the release of pressure on your breasts and a slight rush of air escapes your lips. With his finger he tucks it under the strap on your right shoulder. Slowly he moves it over your shoulder then the next. Until your bra is able to fall on its own. Again, to the floor to meet the blouse. There you stand, all exposed to him and what seems like the world. No one else has seen your naked body except your husband in years.

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   Funny thing is that he has still not looked away from your eyes. Finally he takes a deep breath and looks down. What can only be described as one of the seven wonders of the natural world he takes his hands and works his way up your side then around to the front where he finally comes in contact with your breasts. Cupping them in his hands he begins to massage them and fondling your nipples. The sensation you are getting from his actions and sending electric pulses throughout your entire body. You can hardly stand it. You momentarily black out from the pre-game pleasure. Next thing you know he’s working on the belt to your mini skirt. With one swift motion he manages to get it unbuckled and your skirt unzipped. He kneels down to his knees and looks up at you. He tugs on one side then the other until your skirt has made its way past your nice round booty. He takes a deep sniff as he can smell the scent coming from your pussy. It smells like heaven to him and he can hardly stand it. Slowly, Randy begins to kiss down your stomach until he reaches the top of your silk and lace panties. This time he uses his teeth to remove them.

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   They’re moist and damp and he can taste you in them. His hands now cup your ass and he squeezes each cheek like he’s kneading bread dough. You grab his head as he begins to kiss up your thigh. For some reason he stops and pays more attention to that birth mark on your leg. You know the one. Shortly there after he begins his ascent upwards until he finally reaches what he’s been wanting for all night long. Your pussy is so wet until it’s actually dripping and aching for attention. One drop hits his chin and in an effort to not waste another drop he spreads your legs and moves under you like a mechanic changing the oil on a finely tuned sports car. With delicate hands he works to give you as much pleasure as possible. Your eyes are closed and your head is now tilted skyward. You’ve managed to lean back on the dresser. Yes, the same dresser that began your night of pleasure. You think to yourself that this is wrong, this is so wrong but it feels so right. Randy now dives in. His tongue licks your dripping wet pussy from front to back.

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   He licks like there’s no end in site. It’s like the only oasis in a desert and he’s drinking up as much of the liquid as possible. Massaging your clit with his tongue causes you to moan loudly. You never thought something so wrong could ever feel so right. He continues to lick you until you can’t take it any longer. You start getting that strange feeling again in your lower stomach that you had earlier in the night. You know what’s gonna happen next. Randy keeps licking as you brace yourself and then you explode in what seems like the largest orgasm you’ve ever had. Not even your husband has made you feel this good. Even during the good days of the marriage. He licks up every drop. You begin to cry again but this time it’s tears of joy. Looking up Randy sees you in a state of total bliss.

After about a minute or two you look down at Randy and say to him, “thank you, not it’s my turn. ” Now, it’s time to return the favor.

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   As Randy stands up you begin to get a hold of his shirt and pull it apart like some B rated movie. Buttons are flying everywhere but he doesn’t care. You expose his chest which isn’t nice and chiseled like most guys but what do you care. You and Randy never were the super model types. In his eyes you could be a runway model and in yours, he could be in a fireman’s calendar. Thinking of this sort of makes you laugh because you see the humor in it. You run your hands across his hairy chest and kiss him with every thing you’ve got. Then you begin to unbuckle his pants. As they fall to the floor you can’t help but notice the massive tent that has been formed inside his boxers. His dick is fighting to be released so you help him out. Slowly you pull the material down to finally reveal what you yourself have been longing to see. Randy’s dick! It’s beautiful. Unlike your husband’s it’s got form and shape to it. Massive veins running along its length from base to tip. And a slight ooze of precum is now beginning to erupt from the top like a volcano ready to blow.


   You lean over and with your tongue you lick the tip of his dick and taste his fluid. Sweet yet salty. But you don’t care. It tastes like honey to you. You open your mouth wider and wider as your take him inside your succulent lips. Up and down sucking his dick like a popsicle on a hot summers day. You go so deep that at one point you actually try to swallow it. Randy has closed his eyes and he tells you that this is the best blow job he’s ever gotten. Your tongue feels like velvet on his sensitive dick. The only time you take it out of your mouth is to lick the underside of his penis and then on down to his balls. Taking each one into your mouth you make Randy moan with pleasure. Again you work your way back up to his throbbing penis and with your hands you slowly begin to jack his dick. Randy places his hands on your head and by running his fingers through your hair he tells you that if you keep that up you’re gonna make him cum. You haven’t been this aroused in years so his statement is like music to your ears. Randy tells you again but you don’t heed his warning.

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   Then all of a sudden you feel his legs clinch and go stiff. His hands are now holding your head down so far on his dick until it feels like the head of it is inside your throat. You feel him twitch and then jerk. And then it happens. He releases a massive load of hot sticky cum in the back of your throat. Shot after shot pulsates through the shaft of his dick and escapes inside your mouth. The one thing you’ve never done is swallow another man’s cum but this time is different. You gulp down what seems like a gallon of his cum. Only a small dribble makes its way out of your mouth and down your lips. Randy still has his eyes closed when you release your grip on his penis and you slowly crawl up onto him. The two of you eye each other and as one final gesture you lick your lips to make sure you get every drop. Showing him how much you appreciate his gift.

You collapse on top of him and that’s where you both lay for a while. You, still feeling the after shocks of your orgasm and him trying to recover from his. He’s got his arms wrapped around you and you’ve got your head relaxing on his chest and all the while you’re playing with his dick.

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   Suddenly you feel it twitch and slowly but surely it springs back to life. You think to yourself, “good, time for round three!” Round one was for me. Round two was for him. And now round three will be an all out battle. It’s time you did what you’ve been waiting to do all your life. Continuing to play with his dick it seems to be harder than before. Randy is laying there thinking to himself that this must be heaven. To have the woman of his dreams laying next to him, naked as the day she was born, playing with his dick. Suddenly the bed moves and all of a sudden Randy opens his eyes to see that Tina has now straddled him. She’s come to rest on his legs and all the while looking dead into Randy’s eyes still playing with his now rigid member. He knows what’s coming next. You slowly lift yourself up and place one hand on his chest for balance you take the other one and position his dick right at the entrance to your sopping wet pussy. Gradually you lower yourself and as his dick makes contact with your pussy you left out a slight moan. You can’t take it anymore so you let yourself go and impale yourself on his dick. It’s like you are a virgin all over again.

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   You pussy is so tight simply because it’s seen little action over the past year or so. Again, when you and your husband have sex it’s over so soon after it begins. You’re breathless and stop moving so you can adjust to this oh so foreign object that is now giving you extreme pleasure. Randy’s hands are on your hips and you can feel his penis throbbing inside you. You readjust yourself and he hits one wall . You try to shift again and he hit’s the other wall. “Oh my God, this feels so good! Why didn’t I do this years ago?” You think to yourself. The two of you begin to move in motion. You raise yourself slightly off his penis then again impale yourself onto it but never once loosing complete contact with him. He’s meeting you on every down stroke with an equally matched up thrust. Randy is thinking to himself that your pussy is making his dick feel like it’s being wrapped in the finest silk in China. That’s just how smooth everything is. His eyes open and the vision of you riding him is incredible. He reaches up and begins playing with your breasts which are bouncing with every motion. Taking your nipples between his fingers you are loving the sensations he’s sending through your body.

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   You lean over and begin kissing him passionately all the while still riding his dick like a cowgirl at a rodeo. You haven’t been made love to like this since before your wedding and this is something you don’t want to end. Breaking the kiss Randy rolls you over so that you’re now flat on your stomach and he’s got the perfect vision of your nicely shaped ass. He grabs your hips and pulls you up on your knees. You know what’s next. It just so happen that being fucked from behind is one of your favorite positions. With one hand on your ass he guides his dick again into your pussy. Your back arches as he begins to slowly and methodically fuck you from behind. Your eyes are closed and all you can think about is one stroke after another this man is taking you to places you’ve never been before. You begin to play with your clit as Randy picks up the pace. Randy continues his assault on you for what seems like 30 minutes until you feel something happening. That strange feeling is starting to come back. But this time it’s different. You’ve masturbated before alone at night and even in the shower but for some strange reason this one seems like the mother of them all. You can tell Randy is close to cumming too because his breathing has become erratic and his strokes are now uncontrollable jerks.

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   But never the less he’s made a promise to himself that he won’t cum until you do. You scream that you are about to cum and that seems to be the fuel on the fire that Randy has been looking for. Now, he’s pounding you with everything he’s got. You can’t stand it. For some strange reason you begin to think to yourself that if your husband could see you now then he’d know how a real man makes love to a woman. Closer and closer you are getting to releasing your juices all over Randy’s dick then you hear him say that he’s about to cum too. He tells you he’s gonna pull out and you scream at him to stay inside you. You want to feel his dick empty itself inside you. Than it happens. You cum in what could be the biggest orgasm of your adult life. All you can do is scream. A scream that can only be rivaled by some B listed actress in a second rate horror flick. At that very moment Randy grabs both your hips and shoots his load deep inside your womb. You feel every spurt and it’s just enough to keep your orgasm going as well. Randy grunts again as another shot of cum leaves his still throbbing dick.

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   As both of your orgasms subside the two of you fall to the bed totally exhausted and dripping with sweat. That was the best fuck of your life and all you can do is sleep. You lay there spooned right next to Randy with his dick still inside you. His arms wrapped tightly around you and you in total bliss as you’ve just been made love to by someone who truly loves you. As you lay there you can feel his cum mixed with yours slowly leaking out of your well fucked pussy. Then you remember that you are not on any birth control and Randy didn’t use a condom. What if you get pregnant? How are you gonna explain that one? At this point you don’t care. Right now you wouldn’t mind carrying Randy’s love child. Then the both of you fall asleep.

Several hours later you wake up with Randy’s arms still wrapped around you. You’ve got a smile on your face like never before. The sunlight is flooding through the window and the birds are chirping outside your window like a scene right out of a Disney movie. Suddenly it hits you. You jump up startled and frantic. “What time is it?” Randy manages to open his eyes long enough to look at his watch.

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   He mumbles to you 11:45. You race to your feet and tell him that your husband is on his way home and that he’s gotta go, now! Randy quickly grabs his clothes and gets dressed. You put on your bath robe and rip the sheets off the bed not wanting your husband to get the slightest hint that you just had sex with another man on the same bed he sleeps on. Randy makes his way to the back door because you tell him that you’ve got nosey neighbors and they might see you walking out the front door. Your driveway is hidden by a number of bushes and small trees. He can get out without anyone ever noticing he was at your house. But before he leaves Randy turns to you and gives you one last kiss. Not as passionate as those during your love making but just enough. He tells you that when ever you need him you know how to reach him. He slips his business card in your hand and on the back is his cell number. You want to cry but can’t. Funny thing is that when you look up at Randy he’s got a tear flowing down his face. He again tells you that he loves you and assures you that what happened last night will remain between the two of you. He knows that he can’t have you all to himself but he’s so grateful to have had you for one night. If the world were to end today he’d die a happy man.

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   He looks you dead in your eyes and says, “I love you Tina. ”

After one last embrace the two of you part ways. Randy goes to his car and as you hear the engine start up you shut the door then look out the window as he backs out of the driveway. You sit down at the kitchen table and rest your head in your hands. This time you cry. All you can say is, “I love you too Randy. ”

As Randy drives away he turns on the radio in his car and finds some mindless radio station to listen too. Funny thing is that the first song he hears is “As We Lay” by Shirley Murdock. He starts to chuckle and continues down the road. About a block or two from Tina’s house he notices a car coming over the horizon. As he gets closer he realizes it a metallic blue Dodge Magnum. The very same Dodge Magnum Tina told him her husband has. Never really meeting Tina’s husband he slows up and looks out the window. As he approaches the Dodge the driver looks back at him as well. It’s Tina’s husband.

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   Randy recognizes him from several pictures that were back at the house. They make eye contact and you give him the customary head nod which he politely returns not knowing that you just made love to his wife all night long. Randy rides off like a man who’s holding the only winning ticket in the mega-million dollar lottery. But is this the end for him and Tina? Only time will tell.

The End!

Part two to come soon, maybe, depending on feedback!

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