First Time Switching Teams (True Story!)


I had been straight my whole life, but when my girlfriend broke up with me in college I decided “what the hell, it’s college!” and became open to things I hadn’t quite pursued before. One day at a conference for a student organization, this strange guy was being extra friendly towards me, and all the other students that went with me to the conference from my school would giggle when he was around. He was fairly good looking, but acted just strange enough that he wasn’t really seen as boyfriend material by the girls.

Later I was convinced that his strange niceness to me was actually him flirting with me by those friends, who made it more of a joke than a serious offer – after all, I was straight.

Weeks go by, I Facebook message him to come up to my city (his school is four hours away from mine) and strangely enough he accepts my offer. He hangs out with our group a bit, then goes off to hang with other friends in our city. That night we happen to go to a gay bar, and I’m txting him pretty much all night telling him he should have come out with us. He returns to his city the next day, and some may think that was the end of that.

But I’m more persistent than that, and I want to experiment. I message him more and more, Facebook and txts, and he soon gets the picture that I’m interested. One day on aim he even bluntly asked how long my penis was. I comment on the bluntness, and he responded “I’m just curious. I figure mine’s pretty small compared to yours. ” We joke, and I don’t give away how big I am – figuring I’m pretty average. But after a few more weeks of txting, he comes back up to the city for the sole intention of seeing me.

We go out, get dinner, decide to rent a movie – and at this point nothing gay-like is hinted at.

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   We paid for our own dinners I’m pretty sure. But we start watching the movie, sitting pretty close to each other, and it’s boring (he picked it – BAD DECISION!) And I decide I’m not going to wait till the movie’s over, I’m horny now! So I slowly start caressing his leg.

He sits up a little straighter, and repositions as my caressing reaches its way to his crotch. I don’t quite look him in the eye, instead focusing on something off in the distance as if I’m not really there and say “uh… you’re gonna have to make the first move…” with a bit of trembling in my voice. I had never made the first move on a guy before and didn’t really know what to do. Before I could think of anything else he took my chin in his hand and we started kissing. That made it a lot easier!

Squeezing on his dick through his pants, I was getting something that night. I went and turned the TV off, and when I got back to my bed (which was pretty darn high off the floor) I pulled his pants off and started rubbing his hard-on through his boxer-briefs. It was so weird touching another guys dick, especially a hard one. I figured I wanted to try new things that night – not play hard to get. So I pulled his boxers down enough to let his dick flip out. To be fair, he was right – I was pretty bigger than him. He was maybe 3. 5, 4 inches and very curved and the head made up almost a third of that.

But I wasn’t going to stop then, I took it into my mouth completely and sucked on it (not sucking it down or jerking it yet, just sucking *on* it for a couple seconds.

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   It was a new experience to have a guys dick in my mouth, I felt like I was servicing him in a way I’d never felt before. That’s when I started jerking him with my mouth, then my hand when my mouth got tired. He told me “Well you’re not wasting any time are you. ” Haha, no sir.

I started sucking on his balls while jerking his shaft with my hands. I washungry for cum, I’m not gonna lie. Spoiler alert, I wasn’t about to go anal on the first night and just hand out my gay v-cards like candy at a parade. Baby steps.

But he was getting close, I remember squeezing his nipples and twisting them to get him more aroused as he got closer. Jerking a penis other than mine felt amazing! And I loved the taste of thin skin on the head of his dick, it just felt so firm but soft. His legs started to stiffen in that way that I was quite familiar with. Was I ready for this? Did I know what to do? Would he cum so much I spat it all out onto him and look like a fool or worse a n00b?! I didn’t need to worry any longer – he came in my mouth and it tasted great. I mean it didn’t, it tasted like disgusting cum – but I let it swish around in my mouth for a second before swallowing it and accepting my role as a gay in this relationship.

“Wow, You didn’t have to do that. ” I didn’t know much about his gay background, but I would later find out that he hadn’t really done even that much with any of his previous boyfriends.

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   That was the first time anyone had swallowed his load.

“Alright, now you’re turn…” he said as he sat up and stripped me of my shorts and boxers. I was only slightly looking forward to this, expecting it to remind me of my girlfriends blow jobs which often took so long she would get discouraged and I’d have to finish myself in her mouth. But it turned out he could last a little longer in a blow jobthan her, it didn’t feel as good – but it lasted longer so I was happy. My mind was still racing with what was going on that night, thinking if this made me a whore, would we date, would I keep it a secret, how would we handle the distance? I had no idea anything.

But it didn’t matter cause a dude was sucking my dick. He jacked me hard, and kept going back and forth from licking my balls to taking down the shaft. Then came the tingle. I was gonna cum in a guy’s mouth for the first time. Should I say “I’m cumming!”? Ask him what he wanted to do? We really should have planned this more, as hot as the impulsivity and randomness was. Before I could think any longer I was cumming in his mouth, which did cause him to gag a little. Oh it felt great! I’d been without sex for months since the break up! After-wards we, pretty naked, just made out on my bed for an hour maybe. It was so hot.

But then we got up, changed, cleaned up and went to bed. Later we would work out the details of our secret relationship, which lasted 3 months before I decided I was straight – wanted a wife, kids, and a normal life and wasn’t as attracted to his overly sensitive ass.

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   … well, what we did after that night’s not important. All you need to know is I got a blow job from a gay guy, and I gave one hell of a blow job to him too.
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