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So the church is probably the sexist. I "Slept" over at my friends house on a Saturday night. The next morning his family wanted to go to church, and invited me. I didn't have dress cloths really. I had a plaid mini skirt (I mean MINI) and a white tank top with a low neck and heavy mid rift (so my belly was exposed). I decided to sit in the back so I wouldn't disturb his family or anything. He decided I needed some company back there and joined me in the back. The priest came up and started talking and as he did my hand found its way onto his thigh, and then I was stroking his leg. Next thing I knew I needed some. So I kind of slipped down below the walls of the stand we were in, and unzipped his pants. Then I pulled out his cock and started to blow him. The choir was singing in Latin and I was in the back with his whole cock in my mouth and licking his balls. He was trying so hard to not cum or make a sound in the church. Then I reached down grabbed my panties and pulled them down to my ankles. Sat down next to him again, and then I just sat down on top of him, and took his cock and started to quietly ride him like a cowgirl. I kept moving my pelvis around.


   I came as silently as I could. Then I realized. He was going to cum, and it wasn't like he had anywhere to do it. I was lucky on the pill. So he just thrust ed more and more making my tits jiggle, but still trying to not attract the attention of the priest. Then he cream pied me. I quickly dismounted and put my panties back before it was too late. After wards I felt kind of guilty so I went to the confessional. I went into this old rotting both. The screen had falling apart. The seat was barely there. Then I told the priest what I had done. I told him everything I had done. I told him how many people I must have fucked I told him I fucked in his church. I told him I was a nymphomaniac.

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   I told him about my condition. Then I saw something quite strange. A piece of paper slipped through one of the wholes in the screen, and he said "Child I noticed you in the back today, and if you want to be forgiven you will need my help. If you want to go to heaven call this number. " That night I decided to do it. I called and the priest picked up. He told me I needed to meet him in person at this motel, and that he will have a room rented so we can discuss privately. I went there. I had been before, great place to get a room to fuck in for the night. I went to the room and he was there. I was still wearing the same skirt, but I had a smooth silk button down shirt on instead of the tank top. He told me that he felt weak. He had become a priest at a young age and never really knew the temptations of satin, and felt like he needed to know what it would be truly like resist satin, and not just avoid him. I didn't really get what he was getting at, but I stayed. He looked at me for moment and asked me "You don't understand what I need do you?" I told him no "I'm a virgin" He told me.

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   He stood up off the chair and unbuttoned his pants and dropped them, and he had a massive cock drooping in front of him. "Can you help me understand what it is like. Helping this old priest in his goal and he will forgive you. " At that point I didn't care. I saw that cock and I was ready. I stood up and walked over to him and kissed him. I was only 17 at the time. He must have been close to fifty. As soon as I kissed him I felt his cock press against my leg. Then I took his hands and taught him to place them on my ass. Then I kissed him again feeling his cock grow more pressing harder. Then I took a step back and started to unbutton my shirt. His cock was pointing almost straight forward. When I stepped Baku I made sure I was straddling his member. Then took his hands and placed them half way down my shirt so he could finish the job.

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   He jumbled with the buttons until my shirt hung lose on me. I rolled my shoulders back and the shirt slid off showing a white lace bra with a front latch. His cock grew harder just at the sight of it. He told me he had never seen a woman in a bra before. Then he reached out to me and grabbed my hands I leaned forward and kissed him again. He dropped my hands as I leaned back and grabbed my boobs. He petted them, he squeezed them, he cupped them. Then he saw the tiny silver latch and quickly undid it. causing my bra to fall right off my body. He stood dumbfounded has his cock grew harder and slammed against my pussy. He continued to play with them for a few minutes. Then I kissed him again and pushed him down to seated on the bed and dropped to my knees. His cock was at full attention and was over a foot long. I Started to work it with the my mouth, fitting in as much as I could a dozen times before before sliding my tongue down the button of his cock and playing with his balls. Then I licked back up to work it more.

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   He was Soho loud. His cock started to turn a bright red with all his blood. Then I brought my tits up and titty fucked him. Just slamming them against his legs. He asked me what it was called and he had never heard of it before. I told him to thrust into it, and as he did I sucked what came out. Then as I blew him he came for the first time, and quite a load at that. He admitted to never even pleasing himself, but he still wasn't too limb. I got up on the bed and told him to eat my pussy. He tried it, but lacked the tongue to really pleasure me. So after a few minutes I shifted back down his body and told him to suck on my titties. He did. He pulled and sucked and groped my tits for a good ten minutes before I noticed his cock was back up at full and pressing against my ass. I lifted my ass and brought my pelvis right over his cock. I lined up my pussy and with the caution a foot of cock required I slowly lowered myself on to him.

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   I told him what to do as I rode him cowgirl style. He just stared at my tits as he filled my entire pussy with the length of his cock. I started it slow and slowly brought it up to a full fucking speed. His balls slapped against my ass each time he thrust ed. After we fucked doggy style, and missionary, and standing, the wrap around side fuck. We fucked for hours and hours, and he continued to unload all over the place, but each time he came back up to full attention within ten minutes. Over all I think we spent about four hours straight fucking. By the end of the night he knew how to eat out. Sometime around five AM He unloaded a massive load on my face and tits, and then he got dressed, thanked me, and we have been friends ever since. .

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