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It was a hot summer day in the 90's and i went down to the local nude beach to cool off in the water and then lay out and enjoy being naked. when i got there it was really crowded so i got naked cooled off in the refreshing water and decided to find a more private place to relax. so i went down a trail that let into the wooded areas of the beach until i found a little spot that's real private but still in the sun. it was real close to a main path but totally secluded. i layed my blanket out and got comfortable on my back. i soon stated to think of the hot looking body's i saw on the beach as i came in. and closed my eyes an my cock started to grow with the visions of all the naked people. thats when i felt something touch my inner thigh. i opened my eyes and a real hot looking guy was squatted next to me with his hand moving toward my hard cock. he was looking right at me waiting for some kind of signal. so i smiled at him and closed my eyes again. he didn't hesitate at all i felt his hot wet mouth envelope my hard cock. it was so nice he slowly deep throat-ed me for about 5 minutes. he then started to massage my butt hole with a wet finger. i spread my legs for him and he then slipped two fingers in anf finally three. i was writhing around with the pleasure of getting a great blow job and finger fucked.

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   it felt so good. it had been a very long time since my last m2m sexual encounter. and i was really enjoying it. he stopped sucking my cock and told me to get on my hands and knees. because he wanted to fuck my sweet ass he told me. so i turned over and got on my knees. he then lubed up my hole and his cock. it was a nice sized one of about 7" and of average width. i felt the hot head of his cock touch my lubed up hole and it rested there for a few second and then pressed forward until the head popped into my butt. it felt so good to finally have a cock in my butt after so long. i pushed back a little to encourage him to sink his cock all the way into my hungry hole. his cock slipped all the way in and i could feel his hairy balls hit mine. and he started a long slow deep fucking rhythm.   it was feeling so good that i started to moan louder and loader as he fucked my hole faster and faster until he was slamming his cock into my ass and his hips and balls were making a loud wet slapping sound. i was almost yelling now.


   say fuck me fuck me over and over. we were both dripping with sweat. when he started to grunt and cum deep in my ass. he finally stopped fucking me and just stayed still with his cock deep in my hole. he pulled slowly out until i could feel all that cum start to leak out my ass. i just stayed right there on my hands and knees catching my breath savoring the feeling of the cum dripping down my inner thighs and my balls. he got up and left i was just about to lay down when something hot touched my sloppy butt hole i looked back and there were four guys standing behind me with there hard cocks in hand and one was about to slip his in my just fucked hole.    before i could even think he slammed his cock all the way into my ass. it must have been a lot bigger than 7"s because it sent a searing wave of pain through me and i let out a yell and fell forward. he landed on top of me and kept right on slamming my ass. couldn't catch my breath i kept gasping trying to breath. but he wouldn't let up. one of the other guys (they were all in there early 20's i think) came around and pushed his big cock into my gasping mouth. with one thrust he had it all the way down my throat. his pubic hair was shoved into my nose and eyes.

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   he then started to match his buddy's tempo that was butt fucking my ass. i was just about to pass out when they both started to shoot loads of cum into me. i didn't have to swallow he was so far down my throat. they both pulled out at the same time and i was taking this opportunity to try and catch my breath when another cock slammed into my well fucked ass. i lifted my head up and let out another gasp and the four stud slipped his cock into my mouth. they repeated the other to studs tempo. showing no mercy. thank goodness they didn't last as long and came in both my holes and pulled their dripping cocks out one of them slapped my ass and said thanks that was awesome. i lay still trying to gather myself and think about what just happened. i looked back to watch the guys leaving when i saw a crowd of people that had been watching. a couple of guys came forward with cocks in hand. i was going to say i had enough when the older of the two said you need to be taken care of now. he seemed real gentle, and started to massage my back and the other guy joined in massaging my legs. i lay my head down and felt more hands on me making me relax. these guys were making me feel real good after the traumatic experience i had just had.

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   thats when they all of a sudden held my arm out and down tight against the ground and hands spread my legs as far as  they would go and they shoved a ball gag into my mouth. they then hammered steaks into the ground and tied my arms and legs to them. i was trapped and now really starting to get frighted. a cock slipped ito my ass and the guy lay down on top of me with his whole wait and started to hunch his cock in and out of my ass. it sounded like a party every one hopping and hollering encouraging the guy to fuck my ass. after he came and pulled out another would replace it. and fuck me until it shot its sperm into my ass. sperm was flowing out of me. this happen over and over. i lost count on how many cocks were in me. i finally passed out. when i came to i was all alone and still naked and spread eagle but no longer restrained in any way. it was almost dark now. i slowly got to my feet. stayed still to keep my balance. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   cum wash gushing out my ass onto the blanket and running down the inside of my legs. smelled horrible of sweat and cum. i put my cloths on gathered my thing and started to make my way to my truck. as i was walking on the beach i was getting grins and smirks from some of the guys. I'm sure they were the one or at least new about it. i finally made it to my truck sat down gingerly and toke a deep breath and thought. wow that was the most awesome thing that had ever happened to me. i can't wait to do it again.   .

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