Had to have it


Well it been two years and my husband hasn't finish laying the brick on are patio, even when were in the contractor business in landscape. He went to Alaska fishing with his fucking buddy well if he wasn't going to finish it I would he had men working for us and were Mexican, so I called three of them over to the house none of them spoke any English thank god one of the other worker pick up the phone who was an American told him just to send any one he could do with out. I do a lot of fiscal work my self and in good shape when they arrive an seen me in nothing but a tight pair of shorts that you could see my thongs outline an a tight tank top with a shelf bra's on. they started talking among them self an just about new it was me. I told them what I wanted done , rather show them and said if you wanted this I pulled up my shirt and show them my tits. then went over and grab one by his ball,. they got the point they grab the shovel and started digging I working right along side of them, sweet was pouring off of me I was soak en wet when I look over at one of the workers he was leaning against the side of the house rubbing his cock into an erection. I didn't no it at the time my breast were showing threw the fabric like I didn't have nothing on . Well for the slut I am it either work to finish the patio or fuck an I new what it had to be, The yard was all fence in so no buddy could see my clothes were so wet that I could not get them off , one of the workers watch when he pull a pocket knife out and cut my top and shorts off. I knelt down in front of him and unzip his pants and reach in an pulled his cock out , it was soft an it was a good nine inchesthe two other men had there clothes of and jabber away as they played with them self ,Icould imagine what they were saying . well sucking around the head of that cock as it started to grow it was like a tennis ball,when he said suck this cunt grab the back of my head and drove it the whole way in. He grab two side of my hair an pulling on them till he was just about to unload in me when one of the worker came up behindand shoved his cock in my wet pussy that when my mouth was being filled with his sweet cum . it took only a minute for the other one to cum in me. The third man I couldn't leave hanging I had one other whole that had to be filled, he filled me full with his cum. Well the patio still not done , I'm filled with cum for seven days ,When Tom came home as what I did I told him I fuck three of you Mexican, no work ha , an we both laughter. .

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