Hairy Mary.


Yes,that was my nickname my friend's gave me at school. Not nastily you understand,but more in envy. I had a full bush and largish breasts before my peers had started to rise at all and by the time I was thirteen you'd have took my adult shaped hips for a woman of twenty but my face gave me away. I was quite cherubic facially.

Now well into my fifties I still had a young looking face and my now more ample body still drew men and if I may say young boys/men. So I was comfortable about my assets but every now and again I became rampantly horny and done something about it as well. This particular moment happened as my husband had said we were going to the local oompa bar. I suddenly got that urge so I put on a pair of crotchless knickers and a slit dress,when I say slit dress I mean slit as in up the full thigh plus some.

I also knew I could get away without a bra with a push. This made my tits wobble like jellies if I bobbed up and down. Well if you got it flout it I say! A slight squirt of scent up my dress and I was ready for the fray. - Hubby just said - "I'm in for trouble from you tonight! I recognise the signs. You're in one of your moods I reckon. Horny are we?" - I ignored this as I always did,but he knew some bloke was going to get his end away and I would be the recipient.

Shocked are we? - My husband is very understanding!

So making our way towards where we always sat,I scanned the male clientele. My mood was for an older type,silly boys got to pissed to perform long enough,no a steady fucking was my mood,plus the trimmings of course.

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   - Trimmings? by that I mean the lead in to get up my vagina! Crude was my mood! My husband had looked more than usual at my dress as it exposed a lot of thigh as it fell away in the car, - "Hey you keep your eyes on the road,I need to get there in one piece" - His hand fell over my naked leg, - "Fuck Mary,the softness of your thigh is making me hard,fuck knows how the other horny bastards will react" - "Don't worry about that,I'll tell you that after we get home always assuming you manage to get me there in one piece. Now drive on with both hands or I'll be all wet before the off you oath" - I pushed his hand away as it nearly touched my crotchless area.

At the venue, it wasn't long before I drew a friend nearby. I knew my plan,I sat at the discrete end of a bench and watched for my target. An oldish bloke stood unobtrusively just across the isle from where I was sitting. The oompa stridently banging away got people up on the benches stomping to the german tune. I up the odds as in stepping up to bounce the titties as I knew it would,my interested friend moved casually forward some and took some furtive glances as my tits jingled at my chest.

Okay, so now I kick my legs forward which reveals plenty of thigh! He's casually alongside my bench now hoping for more to glimpse. The band stop,I take a swig from my stien before attempting to descend. The bench bounces as others heavily get down at the same time. He takes the opportunity. Gripping my hand he cunningly helps but the other hand is the one I notice. Its thro the slit and gripping at the lower end of my abundant ass cheek,his fingers being very near to my knicker's.

He smiles - "Wouldn't want an accident with you falling so early in the evening,I'm Roy,got room for a lit'lun just on the end here?" - He plonks his ass hard against my hip/thigh - "Pleased to make your aquaintance Roy,come here often,I can't recall seeing you,but then again we're not altogether regulars" - "Aw! I'm sure you'll enjoy tonight,I plan too" - "Me too,I planned to let my hair down,you know really down if you know what I mean!"

I didn't know what I meant at that moment,but Roy seemed to get the idea I meant the 'Hairy Mary' hair down there,because I felt a hand on my thigh thro' the skirts slit and it made no time slipping over the top of my thigh inside my dress. I made a tiny nudge on my husband and drew his attention to eyes down.

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   - He in turn casually moved back slightly and looked to see what was happening. I had felt my slit moving and dropping between my thighs as his hand delved remorselessly toward my crotch.

The band struck up,but I stayed sat as my old man stood back up on the bench - I knew his game,he was watching the young things on the dance floor as they bounced up and down,the reason being he was hoping for a repeat of the last time when a boob tube released a pair of young tits that had my husband reminiscing for weeks after about their bouncing ability. - "Fuck Mary, did you see them, they were an identi-kit of your tits at twenty"

I gently pushed his hand away as he had nearly touched the crotchless gap in my knicker's - He closed in to my ear - "Why?" - I pointed at my hubbies ass, - "Hubby" - "Ohh!" - "Better in a bit when he's more pissed" I lied. What it really was,I wanted to explore the field a bit more before I excepted what I knew he intended offering. - I put my hand in his lap and squeezed what was clearly a limp soft dick. - I'm thinking, Fuck he ought to be hard after trying it on! Perhaps the old bastard's past it! I pushed out past him,intent on doing a bit of exploring. Seeing a bouncer I knew slightly I made a lying drunken move on him, - "Giss-a-kiss-luver" I muted and he obliged while appropiately squeezing my tit. - "Wearing any Mary,bet its naked under there" - "Nearly" I giggled, - "Get on with you you naughty boy I'm old enough to be your mother" - "I could make you a mother if you wanted"

"No not now boy,to late for that!" - "Ha! Ha! Bet somebody will get a good tune out of it later!" - "Get out of here you dirty little sod. You know I'm not like that!" - "No! That dirty old sod is hoping you are,he's dogging me up,probably worried about me being in competition with him. If you'd seen him here last week,cheeky beggar had this tiny pissed up young thing,took her into our empty barrel store - we don't mind that,we got a place we watch them in there - I tell you,she knew all about it,he's hung like a horse that boy and as hard as a rock. Bet she was walking bow-legged when she got off her coach back home!"

"You're lying,I know because I squeezed it just now,he's not up to it!" - The bouncer shrugged and moved away to deal with something as I headed for a pee. I found myself looking at two girls peeing up the wall,they were holding the lips of their quims open to allow the pee hole to do what men can. I'd never thought of trying that and fully intended to demonstate it to my hubby at the first opportunity.

I had my pee and it was clear the two girls having run out of pee,were giggling as the piss ran down the mirror over the sinks where they'd been trying to see who could piss highest.

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   On returning to my bench,my friend was still in residence, - "He's gone off somewhere!" - He took this opportunity to feel in my thighs and I let him have a touch, - "Do you do stuff after a bit more booze?" - "Booze? No! I can be accomodating when I'm in the mood for the right man!" - "Right man?" - He took my hand and lay it into his lap again, - "Could it be me?" - My hand was resting on an almighty hardon - The bouncer hadn't lied,his cock was like iron and he was ready and waiting - "The barrel store, You know it?" - He nodded,"The barrel store. What now?" - I nodded - "Follow me over in a bit" - His bit was about four paces behind me.

We started to make out,some kissing but it was more about fucking,his hand was in my dress and up into the crotchless slit of my knickers like a ferret up a rabbit hole. In turn I had to see and have that cock in my hand. I wasn't interested in how it happened,I just wanted to try it out. Dragging at his fly I had the thing in my hand as he fervently worked at my clit,remembering the bouncer's remark that they watched I made sure my dress was well out of the way,letting whoever was watching see my stockinged thighs and his hand working overtime on my clit.

Then it was the happy time. I almost orgasmed but he stuck his penis in just as I wascumming only to send my pussy souring into a fucking to remember - Size doesn't count? BULLSHIT! His did,fuck my thighs still ache at the thought of it! My bouncer friend was right,the young thing must have been walking bow-legged I nearly was,after he came in me I can tell you. - "You've just been VIAGRA'AD Want to go again?" - I turned and gripped the lip of a couple of barrel tops. - Dry throated I answered - "Yes please,did last weeks young thing go twice?" - Ah! You heard did you? No! It takes a real woman to take this fucker more than once,A real woman like yourself,if I had you in my bed tonight this Viagra would keep me hard for all night and you'd be fucking sore by the morning"

He pounded this horse cock of his,no exaggeration,it was as big as a donkey anyway. pounded until he came another bundle of cum. - "Better sort your dress out,your old man may be back by now" - My old man wasn't and later at home I knew why,the cunning bastard had found out about the bouncer's little game and had joined them spying on me. - I still told him what it was like being fucked by what virtually amounted to a horse.

"I'd have loved to have seen that young thing on the end of it - I wonder if it was the boob-tube girl?" - "I wondered as well, - I'll look out for a young thing now walking bow-legged around the place. - He laughed, - "You're still walking normally,perhaps she is as well.

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   If we see him again,ask him if she's there,I'll know if its her with the tits" - My husband had gotten excited alright,he had his hardon against my body,here we go again,even more cock! These moods of mine seem to bring the worse out in my husband. My mind flipped back to a real guilty time when I admit to my most filthy moment when in one of my moods.

Part two though rather than making this tale to long!.