Happy Nights Equal Sore Mornings


I woke to the sound of tape, but before I could open my mouth to ask a question it was covered, a gentle hand pressed down the edges of my silencer, I twisted in an attempt to pull my hands up to remove the tape, but they two seemed to be in a sticky mess. I in haled deeply for the first time sense waking up, a wave of freshly peeled duct tape wafted down my nostrils.
A calm and gentle voice spoke to me out of the darkness, “Don’t strain yourself bunny, I’ve got it nice and tight. ” I recognized her voice instantly; I could pick it out over a thousand screaming trucks. It was her voice, the one person that means more to me than anything else in the world, the galaxy, the universe. Michelle.
“Muhhumm” I mumbled through the securely tightened, duct tape that I had taught her all but to well to apply.
She placed one slender finger to my lips, “Shhh, darling, this won’t be over soon. ” As she spoke I could imagine the naughty smile that accompanied these words. The same one she wore the night before when it was I who woke her up from a dreamless sleep, for a wonderful night of hot pick duct tape and standard issue police handcuffs, which now held my wrist together.
“Muhhhmmm” I fought against my bindings, but failed. Soft hands caressed my check.
“I thought I told you to shh!” Michelle whispered so gentle that I never expected the fierce slap that followed the soft tone of her voice. I bite down on my tongue to stop from moaning my surprise. She leaned her face in then, letting the sliver of moon light, that shown on my face to reveal her beautiful features.
Her lips were darker then when we fell asleep, they now wore a dark shade of red to them and seemed fuller then before.

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   She wore a tasteful amount of eyeliner that forced your eyes from anywhere but to hers. She lowered her head in closer, as she slid up my bear chest, leaving a trail of moisture as her pussy glided forward. I could see her fully now, she wore a black corset, that we picked out together a few weeks before but she never wore before, and the tinniest black lace thong that we could find. She wore her hair down; she knows what her curls do to me. Pushing hands against my shoulders to straighten her up, I could see that she also see that she had painted her finger nails black.
‘How long had she been planning this,’ I through to myself, afraid to try and ask, as I would surely be slapped again.
She caught me looking at her nails and smiled, biting her bottom lip just ever so slightly. “You like?” She asked, as she flaunted her fingers in front of my eyes. I nodded my response, however I hoped that she would slap me again, I found it surprisingly arousing. I had never thought that I would enjoy being the sub so much.
“Well that’s good,” she said flashing and evil smile, I could feel her slowly gliding her nails over my cold chest, her hands warmer then the cool air blowing from the fan, she brushed them over my nipples revealing their hardened state, before she turned her tender gesture in to one of raw passion.
She turned her nails into claws and drew them down my chest. I whined in bliss, and she answered in the only way that caused more pleasure, she brought her hand back against my face, again another whine escaped my throat.
“Oh you like that do you?” She inquired, grinning all the while.
Again I nodded, and brushed my head to the side, to get the hair out of my eyes, so as to see my capture better.

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   She glowed, see seemed pleased, more so then she should, the wheels in her head turning.
“If you like that then you’re going to love this. ” She slide out of the light from the moon, pulling her moist lips down my body as she tow her body towards my lower torsos. I could feel her warm hand slipping those fingers under my waistband, and sliding it off my legs.
Before my mind could think respond a wet and familiar object licked the base of my sack, and flicked its way up the shaft to the head of my cock. An involuntary shudder ran down my spine, she noticed and stopped. I exhaled out of frustration; it felt so good why did she stop.
“Told you would love that. ” She winked and put her head back down, and another shiver, and then another, I could feel muscles contract every time her warm tongue flicked against my balls, every time she breathe out on to my dick, forcing it to grow larger and harder, I could feel the most predominate vein on my shaft pulsing as if waiting for more, forcing the blood in and out. My head started to spin, and everything started to blur.
I was abruptly brought back to the moment as her hand struck my face again. “Don’t you dare cum yet. I’m not ready for that yet, were having too much fun aren’t we?” She asked but didn’t wait for an answer, she just lowered her head back down and instead of just feeling the warm of her tongue in select spots of my dick, and cold everywhere else, it was completely in golfed in heat, as she wrapped her mouth around its head.
Her lips tightened and loosened around my pipe as she bobbed her head up and down, increasing the flow of blood, I struggled to do as she commanded, not to cum, but as she added her hands to the mix it became increasingly difficult not to explode.
I moaned as one of her hands played with my balls and the other moved in perfect motion with her mouth up and down my cock, bits of me started to flow into her mouth, slowly at first but I couldn’t hold back the flood gates and eventually I lost control.

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A fierce moan escaped my throat as my built up seaman, shot like a torpedo out of my submarine. I heard her cough a little quickly followed by the sound of swallowing; she knew how I loved it when she didn’t spit it out.
She laughed, “Well that was better than I thought you were going to do. I forgot about how much of a fire hose you were. ” She said with a wink and a smile. “But did I tell you to cum?” he voice turned vicious as she grabbed my cock and started to squeeze it some more. “Is there anything left in that straw of yours?” She asked as she pulled the last few drops out and licks them off with the flick of her tongue. Again she wrapped her mouth around it but instead of blowing and jerking she just sucked hard.
I groaned, she hadn’t done this quite so hard, but that seemed to make it more pleasurable. Unable to control myself I unleashed a fresh load down the tube and into her awaiting mouth. She coughed again and dough her talons into my hips. I winced, but said nothing.
“Now it’s my turn to fill your mouth. ” She reached up and tore off the tape covering my mouth and cast it aside. She pulled my body further down the bed, and pulled herself up to my face.

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For the first time sense I’ve been awake, did I get to breathe in and out of my mouth. And I took advantage of that fact. I watched in the pale moon light as she pulled the fragile thong to the side exposing her juicy lips. My cock pulsed in anticipation, but my little of my brain that was still receiving blood flow figured that this wonder, wet, delicious thing was not for my dick.
She stopped over my face and lowered herself down, until her clit was mouth to mouth with my lips. I knew what she demanded and instinctually started licking and sucking on each individual side before thrusting my tongue in and out of her.
She whined her pleasure, as my meal became more and more liquid bases and less flesh. More than once I was forced to stop and lick my lips to get the overflow.
During one of these pauses she reached her hands down behind my head and, dinging her nails in, forced my face forward stopping me from devouring the snacks pouring off my chin. I vigorously licked and sucked as fast and hard as I could praying that I could please her half as much as she had me tonight.
Her moaning grew louder with each passing second, and within seconds she was bouncing slowly up and down on my tongue, until it happened. I could feel her legs give out from her as she lowered herself off my face to my chest and rubbed her pussy back and forth on my chest for a second, before pulling away, down towards my lower half once again.
My cock begging for a chance to act again, I trusted forward and sunk my cock deep into her. She moaned once before pulling me out.
“Were not doing that tonight!” She said through clenched teeth, but I could tell that they were only together because she was afraid to express and of her pleasure weakness.

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   “We only have a few more things to do before we done. ” She leaned forward and licked the juices that she just expelled over my chest, and stood up off me and the bed.
I watched through the darkness as she took off the now drenched thong and laid it on my face. I could hear her talking to herself, asking. “Where did I leave that duct tape? Oh there it is. ” I heard the stretching and tearing of the wonderful tape. And all of a sudden my mouth was full of fingers and cloth, the fingers tasted a little salty, most likely from my cum, but the cloth tasted sweet, just like her, then the fingers disappeared and I had a fresh new layer of tape accurst my mouth and lips.
I watched through helpless eyes as she leaded in and kissed the tape covering my mouth. “Love you. Sweet Dreams, Hunny Bunny. ” And with that she kissed me one more time and pulled away walking around the bed to her side, hopped in and covered up.
Silence followed as I waited for her to untie me, but within a few minutes I could hear the slow quite sound of her sleep breathing and knew that I was stuck like this until morning.
Through the quite of the night I caught myself thinking about how I would feel the next morning. ‘Happy nights equal sore mornings. ’