Holiday Job


You'll know already that I was working as a rent boy to help pay myself through university. I made good money and really enjoyed sucking the guys and letting them fuck me. At the start of the summer term Paul, the guy who was hiring me out asked if I had a summer job lined up and I said no, hoping he might hire me out thro the summer to keep the money coming in. He said he could fix me up with a job at a kind of gay club/hotel in the south of France which would pay well and give me a holiday in the sun. As the end of term approached I was a bit occupied with exams and didn't mange to work very much for him so I was a bit short of cash. I was quite relieved when he picked me up to drive me down thro France to the place he'd mentioned (he'd already told me he was going to take a few days holiday there to enjoy the fun himself). We stayed a night in a hotel en route and for almost the first time since I'd started working for him I slept all night with him. Did I say SLEPT!I don't think I got a wink of sleep and I lost count of how many times he came either in my mouth or my ass. He'd made sure when he first engaged my services that I would only ever have safe sex with other guys but he assured me he was safe so any time I had him it would be bareback. Thank god I could get some sleep in the car for the rest of the journey.

We arrived at the hotel, quite a way down a secluded drive and on the side of a small lake,late in the afternoon. Paul was checked into his room and somewhat to my surprise a French boy, Philippe,about my age showed me to the room he said he and I would share while I was working there. On the way he told me a little about what was entailed, that we and two other boys who worked there would entertain any of the guests who wanted our services. They would pay 25 euros for a hand job, 50 euros for oral sex and 100 euros for full sex of which we would get half. He said in a good day we could earn 200 euros and an average week we should get 1000 euros. He told me not to unpack but just to leave my bag inside the door and then he left me in the room saying he had to work and I should wait to be called.

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  After about an hour, when I was getting pretty bored, the phone rang and it was Paul saying I should join him for dinner in the restaurant.

As we ate I saw Philippe and I guessed the two other boys serving drinks and generally flirting with the guests. They were all dressed in white snug fitting shorts and tee shirts and wearing white flip flops. After a while one of the guests finished his meal and as he left I saw one of the other boys take his hand and exit with him. Philippe was the next to leave with one of the other guests and not long after the third boy also left with another guy. Paul and I retired to the bar and he stroked my thigh as we sat drinking. I glanced around thinking we'd get told to leave but I noticed there were several other couples in the bar who were all being quite intimate. He snuggled up and whispered in my ear to kneel down and suck his cock. I saw one other guy already performing the same service on his partner so, blushing a little, I did as he told me. I heard Paul call for another drink and started to look up but he only pushed my head back down. When the drink arrived I realised it was brought by the first boy who had left the dining room, I guessed he had performed whatever service his customer required and returned. I heard Paul discussing, in French of course which I understand reasonably well, what services he would perform. He was insistent that he would only perform safe sex and Paul agreed that after he'd finished his drink Pierre, I discovered that was his name, would join us in our room.

Paul led Pierre up the stairs with me following behind wondering where I fitted in. Once insidePaul's room he closed the door and told Pierre that I would be working there for the summer and this was by way of showing my my duties.

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  Pierre grinned and quickly stripped kicking off his flip flops. He was taller than me and quite athletic with a tanned body that showed only the very briefest Vof white flesh around his groin. His cock was long and obviously still a little engorged from his last client. Paul quickly took off his own clothes and put on a towelling gown telling me to strip too and to play with myself while I waited to be used. He sat back in a chair while Pierre knelt between his legs and fondled his cock before slipping on a condom andand sucking him slowly. After a while he told me to come closer so he could fondle me and I had to grit my teeth to stop cumming when he rubbed my cock and suckled my nipples. He made me lie back on the bed and pull my knees up by my ears while he reached into the bedside cabinet and lubricated my bottom. Suddenly he stopped Pierre from sucking and gave him a condom to put on and told him to fuck me. Pierre needed no second bidding and rammed his cock hard up my ass which was still a little sore from the hard fucking Paul had given me the night before. Paul stripped off the condom and knelt over my face, I didn't need him to tell me what he wanted. I could feel Pierre's hips smacking hard on my buttocks and my belly ached each time his shaft poked deep into my insides. God knows how long they both fucked me, they must both have been really holding on to make it last so long and i was moaning for them to cum because I couldn't take much more. Eventually I could tell from the groans they were both getting close and I pumped my head and my hips even harder to bring them to a climax. I felt the scalding spurt as Paul shot down my throat and then heard a strangled groan as Pierre emptied his balls inside me. Pierre quickly dressed and left saying there would be another client waiting while I laid next to Paul letting him fondle me gently.

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I think I dozed off exhausted and was woken by the phone beside the bed. Paul answered it and I heard him say we'd be along straightway. He said it was time I met the manager of the hotel and was told what my duties would be. We went along the corridor and into a lift where I noticed Paul select the fourth floor and then enter a code. He told me I would need the code each time I visited Raoul, the manager as his floor was impossible to access without it. We exited the lift into a very smartly furnished hallway and Paul told me to undress again and leave my clothes in my bag in the closet he indicated, I wouldn't need them until I was due to leave. Undoing the closet I was surprised to find inside my bag waiting for me there and while I was undressing I heard a deep male voice call to come into to one of the rooms. Naked, I followed Paul toward the voice and was a little embarrassed to find myselfin front of a large thickset man with a small goatee beard and mustache wearing an expensive looking silk dressing gown.

He looked me up and down critically, told me to turn round, then made me turn back again and play with my cock until it got a little aroused. Then he made me turn away from him and bend to put my hands on the floor while he put on a rubber glove, lubricated it, and performed a very intimate examination of my rectum. He exchanged a few words with Paul I couldn't follow and they both laughed and he slapped my buttocks making me yelp in pain. He walked around me and addressed me in faultless English, “so little boy I gather you are safe which is good, I will enjoy you, whenever you have sex with me we will NOT use condoms understand?”I nodded.

He carried on “you will do whatever I tell you to, Yes?”I nodded again. “With residents in the hotel you will do whatever they ask, BUT, with them you will always practise safe sex, YES?”I nodded again. I felt his hand reach between my legs and fondle my cock “If you do as you are told, you will be well paid and you will enjoy the sex, YES?”I nodded again.

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  I felt him massage my balls and then grasp them firmly making me gasp a little. He went on “Of course, if you ever disobey me, in any respect. . . . . . . . . . . . . ”.

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  I yelped a little as he gripped my balls harder and started to pull them up so, still hands on the floor, I had to rise on tip toe to stop the pain. His voice became more menacing, “I will hang you by your balls until you pass out in agony, UNDERSTAND?”As he said, understand,he lifted me up by my balls until my feet were off the floor making me scream in pain. He dropped me back laughing as I rolled on the floor holding my throbbing genitals.

His voice became soothing and soft again. “So, I am sure you want to pleasure me, NO?”I nodded weakly. “Good, go into the bathroom where you will find what you need to give yourself and enema. Wash yourself out, give yourself a further enema with the baby oil, then lubricate yourself with the tube you will find there and come back here quickly. Do you understand?”I nodded again and hurried to do what he ordered but as he went he called after me, “any time in future when I summon you, I expect you to arrive already prepared for me, do you understand?”I turned back and said yes, I understood, then hurried to give myself the enemas and lubricate my little rosebud as he demanded. When I returned Paul had gone, and Raoul told me he would be enjoying himself with one of the other boys by now. He told me to kneel and show him how good I was at pleasuring a man. Well, that's one thing I do pride myself on and I soon had him moaning with approval and telling me to ease up as he didn't want to cum too soon, he wanted to enjoy me in every possible way first.

After some long time when I really thought I couldn't suck any longer he grunted and told me to bend over the back of the couch. I felt him easing his fingers into my ass and working them around to stretch me this way and that. I gasped and moaned a bit as I felt him slip a second and then I guessed even a third finger in. He laughed and said how I was quite tight for someone who was so experienced and then I felt him push his cock head firmly against my slippery ass hole.

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  I moaned as he pushed it slowly in, then pulled out again, then in a little further until finally I felt his hips against my buttocks and he started a slow rhythmic fucking that had be aching deep up in my belly with each pump. He told me to reach between my thighs and fondle his balls which were huge and slapped against my balls as he rammed into me.

After what seemed like an eternity he told me to lie on the couch on my back and pull my knees up so he could fuck me face to face. He pounded my ass again so I was gasping and then he started to wank my cock too, slowly, in time with fucking my ass. God, how could he fuck so long without cumming!His hand started to squeeze my cock harder and pull the foreskin right back so his fingers really aroused my sensitive knob. He told me I was not to cum till he gave me permission and I had to bite my lip to stop myself exploding. His wanking became harder and faster and I begged him for permission saying I couldn't hold on any longer. He laughed and told me to wait and then just as I thought my balls were going to burst he gave my straining shaft a last few hard pumps with his hand and said “cum boy cum for me now!”I know I screamed, the climax was so powerful, and he directed my squirting cock so I shot all up my chest and over my face. He moaned as I did so saying how he could feel my tight little ass clenching and unclenching on his cock trying to suck the cum from his balls. He quickly pulled out and clambered up over me shoving his cock in my mouth and pumping his hips to face fuck me. Straight way I felt the hot gush on the back of my throat and tasted his salty creamy semen flooding my mouth. I lay back until his body stopped jerking and I judged he was totally spent and then allowed myself to slowly swallow what he had given me, smiling to let him see how much I enjoyed being allowed to drink his juices. He smiled back and then to my surprise started to lick my own spunk from my chest and face lapping it up and then pressing his mouth to mine for me to suck my own cum from his tongue. He cleaned me completely, suckling my nipples as he did and almost arousing me again, and then rubbed my tummy saying now our juices were mixing in my belly just like he'd got me pregnant!

Abruptly he got up saying he needed to get some sleep and went to another closet in the hall. I thought he was going to give me back my clothes but he threw me a white singlet and pair of snug fitting shorts just like I'd see the other boys wearing.


  He grinned and told me this was all I would need for the next few weeks, I should go to my room and my room mate would tell me the routine we would work. He said I could sleep in until noon as the boys weren't expected to be on duty until after lunch. After that time they were expected to answer whatever needs the customers wanted filled. As I went to the door he reminded me, “don't forget its safe sex with them ONLY, I don't want you picking up anything, but when I call you here you make sure you are clean inside and out and ready lubricated!”I nodded seeing from the clock that it was already 4am and stumbled back to the room I was to share with Philippe who was already asleep. Oh boy, if this was an example of how the next few weeks were going to be I was going to earn the money I was getting!

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