Hot for TIna


This story is about teenage sex with descriptions of brother/sister incest.

My name is Paul. I was 15 years old when I had my first full blown sexually experience with a girl. She was my best friends 14-year-old sister, Tina.

My childhood pal Alan and I had grown up together and were inseparable as kids. We would frequently have sleepovers in those early years and Tina was nothing more than a nuisance to us and at times a down right pest. It was not until I reached the age of 13 or 14 when I started becoming sexually active and I started taking an interest in Tina.

Tina was a very flirtatious girl and always seamed to act sexually experienced beyond her years. By age 14 she was looking very good to me. Tina was a tall girl and skinny. She had long brown hair and green eyes and very white skin that she had to protect from the sun or she would burn. She had a face like a porcelain baby doll with big wide eyes and full lips that she would always pout to try to get her own way. Very cute! Tina’s legs and thighs were filling out and her tight little ass had a sexy round shape. In fact, her ass and tits were starting to jiggle just a little bit when she walked. I guess that happens to all little girls when they begin to blossom into women. Her tits were starting to develop nicely too.

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   Tina’s boobs looked like the flower end a small lemon cut in half. When she wore a t-shirt you could see her tits were still fairly small, but her nipples were thick and long and if she was not wearing a bra you could see the hard little nubs protruding through her shirt. She was so sexy to me. I would fantasize about fucking her at night when I would jerk-off.

Also, Tina was a very precocious little girl and she liked teasing boys. I always thought she was a little cock teaser even when she was just a little kid. I always wondered if she was teasing me on purpose or if I was just a pervert for liking her so much. For example, we were at the pool one day and I was sitting in a lounge chair when Tina got out of the pool and dried herself off right in front of me with her back turned to me so I could get a perfect view of her ass as she bent over to dry her legs. Next, She gathered together her beautiful long brown hair with both hands and squeezed out the water. Working her hands down and through the wet strands almost as if she were milking a cow. It seemed to me that she spent a very long time rubbing the towel over her pussy and ass with me only a few feet away and watching her every move. She had to know that I could not take my eyes off of her. One thing is for sure, whether she was teasing me or not, I loved every minute if it.

Tina loved to wear cut-off shorts that were inappropriately short. She wore skirts that were always in danger of flashing a glimpse of her panties and she only wore a bra when her mother insisted.

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  Sometimes I wonder how her mother could let her out of the house with some of the outfits she would wear. However, She always looked good (if you think looking slutty is good like I do. ) and she took pride in that. She knew exactly how dress to get boys to notice her.

One summer day when Alan and I were hanging out and shooting the shit he mentioned to me that he and Tina had done some sexual experimenting. I was not really surprised that Alan and Tina had fooled around with each other, but what I did think was a little strange was that Alan wanted to tell me about it. I must admit it did turn me on but I though man this is really freaky getting it on with your own sister.

Alan explained to me how they were hanging out in her bedroom one night watching TV. Alan described how Tina was wearing only a T-shirt and white panties with pretty little pink flowers on them. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed so Alan would have a good view of her panties. Alan said he thought she was doing it on purpose to see if he would try to look at her. Alan boasted that it was not long before this teasing made his cock get hard and his heart pound from the excitement of looking at his sexy sister’s crotch. He could see that she picked up on his excitement right away. He new she was teasing him but he said he did not really know how or even if he should respond. Alan explained how suddenly Tina looked at him and said, “You must like my panties because you can’t seem to take your eyes off of them.

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  â€ Alan told me that he was embarrassed beyond belief. But, he told Tina that he thought her panties were pretty and he liked looking at them. Tina said, “Thanks Alan, I thought you would like them. ” Alan described how Tina giggled because she new this was driving him crazy. Tina grabbed her Teddy bear and tossed it into Alan’s lap and said, “are my panties giving you that big hard dick?”“You know they are” Alan replied. Feeling a little more comfortable with his sister, Alan finally got up the nerve and said, “Why don’t you stop being such a tease and show me your boobs. ”Tina told him “OK, but don’t you tell anyone, it has to be our secret. ” I said “don’t worry I won’t tell anyone I just want to see. ”

Tina stood in front of Alan and quickly lifted her t-shirt over her shoulders exposing her puffy little tits. Alan was amazed at how beautiful they looked. Tina stood there for about a minute proudly displaying her young teen-age titties for her horny brothers viewing pleasure. Alan went into great detail with me describing how Tina shook her shoulders back and forth a few times so he could watch her perky little titties jiggle back and forth. Alan said he nearly exploded in his pants. The sight of his sisters exposed tits drove him wild with passion and his heart was pounding in his chest. He told me about how he watched as the cool air in the room made her nipples slowly grow hard and protrude from her firm little boobs.

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   Alan could not believe that his little sister could be so nasty.

He described how Tina ordered him “now you show me your dick. ” Surprised by her boldness, Alan said, “ OK now you sit down on the bed. ” Tina complied and Alan stood in front of his sister and unzipped his pants his fat cock flopped out in front of Tina’s face. Alan proclaimed that Tina looked at it with great fascination and admired at how big it was. She told Alan that she had caught an accidental glimpse of his cock before when he was getting out of the shower, but never when it was hard. Next, he said she instinctively reached out and touched the head of his cock squeezing the head as she experienced the feel of her brother’s cock for the first time. Alan went to explain how he laid his head back and moaned “Ahhhhhhhh that’s good Tina. ”“Wow your cock is so cool Alan, it’s so nice and long and stiff. ” Tina said, as she gave it a long gentle stroke.

Alan said he looked down at his sister and asked her if he could touch her pussy. Tina said, “OK but make it quick I don’t want to get caught, Mom is still in the kitchen. ” Tina pulled off her panties and sat back on the bed. Alan pushed Tina’s legs open a bit so he could see his young sisters pussy. It was still smooth and bare with just a few wisps of pubic hair growing in.

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   The little pink lips were staring up at him and begging to be touched. Alan could see Tina’s pussy glisten with the lubrication of excitement. Alan exclaimed that he felt like he was going to come all over himself at his first glance of a girls pussy and he struggled to maintain his composure. Alan went into great detail about how he reached down with his hand and softly ran his middle finger up and down Tina’s wet little slit and how he played with his sister’s pussy lips for a minute or two. Spreading her young cunt lips open so he could see what her pussy looked like on the inside.

Next, Tina asked him to “stick your finger inside my pussy. ”Alan said “OK” and slowly pushed in his middle “fuck finger” inside Tina’s teen-age cunt. His finger slipped in with ease so Alan figured she must do this to herself all the time. Alan then slipped in a second finger and slowly finger fucked his sister. “Is that good” Alan asked Tina. “ Yeah, push harder though, push your fingers in deep. It feels good when your finger are deep. ” Tina reached down and started rubbing her clit with her right hand as I pushed my fingers in as far as they would go. Alan said he got turned on when she rubbed her clit because he saw the porno sluts doing the same thing in the videos we had watched together so he knew Tina liked it and was getting off. Suddenly Alan and Tina heard their mother downstairs yelling for them to get down there.

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   They quickly pulled their cloths on, ran downstairs and acted like everything was fine. Tina reminded Alan to “keep you fucking mouth shut about this. Got that?” He whispered back. “Don’t worry. ”

After hearing this story I was so turned on by the fact that Tina liked to play around. I thought Jesus Christ if she would do that with her brother she would probably do it with me too. I pondered the idea that maybe Tina is not really a cock teaser. Maybe she is just a nasty little slut and she just wants to fuck around with some nasty horny boys.

I suggested to Alan, “Hey man maybe we should get some porno videos and watch them with Tina. ” I looked at Alan in the eyes and asked him “ You think she would like that?” He looked at me straight back in the eyes and said,“I think she would love it. I think my sister is a horny little slut. ” “Cool, I thought she might be interested in fucking around with us. She is so fucking hot. Let’s plan a little date with your slut little sister” “Fuck yeah!” Alan replied. “I never did get to finish with her.

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  â€ Alan said, “Yeah! That might be fun let’s plan for when my parents are away next Friday night. You can sleep over as usual and we will “baby-sit” Tina. ” We both laughed and thought this was a great plan. My friend worked at the local video store and would get us porno movies anytime we wanted them and getting beer was always easy for us so we were getting really excited about our nasty little party.

We told Alan’s parents of our plan and they thought is was a great idea. Even Tina seemed excited about having the night off from Mom and Dad and getting a chance to hang out with the older boys. She asked us later about what we planned on doing. We laughed and said we thought we would get some beer and watch dirty movies. Tina said, “Hey that sounds cool!” “Do you guys mind if I hang out with you. ” I looked at Alan and said sure Tina you can hang out with us, we’ll have a good time. ”Alan and I were both a little surprised by how Tina seamed to jump at the idea of drinking beer and watching fuck films with us. I think Tina saw this as an opportunity to get nasty with the boys as much as we recognized the opportunity to play with her.

Alan and I went to the video store on Thursday to pick up the porno tapes. My friend Robert was cool and would let us read the adult catalogue when there were no parents in the store. I wanted to get 2 movies.

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   I scanned down the list and read the titles. I got excited reading them because they are so fucking nasty. The 2 we picked out were “Filthy Talking Teen Whores” and “Gang Bang the Little Teen Bitch. ” Alan and I both agreed these were perfect for what we had in mind for Friday night. I got my other friend Tim to buy us a 12 pack of beer so we were ready for our little party.

Alan and Tina’s parents left early Friday afternoon. I came over to their house about 4:00pm so we could get some pizza for dinner. I brought the porno tapes and Alan had the beer hidden in his garage so we were all set for the party. Tina came home from her friend Julie’s house, and we all sat at the kitchen table eating pizza and drinking beer. We were laughing and telling jokes and basically acting like a bunch of immature teenagers. After we finished with the pizza, Tina said she was going up for a shower. But before she did she looked at me and said, “You got those porno tapes for tonight?” “Yeah Tina. ”“Good. I look forward to watching them with you guys. ”

Alan and I were hanging out in the family room waiting for Tina so we could pop in the tapes and see what happens.

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   We were both very anxious and Tina was taking forever upstairs. I Asked Alan if he was OK doing this with his sister. He said to me that if she wants to get nasty it was OK with him. He looked at me in the eye and said,” she was the one that was teasing me the other day. ”I said, “I know, it’s cool how she just wanted to fuck around like that with out any bullshit. ” “Do you think Tina has fucked before?” Alan looked at me like he was slightly confused, “I don’t know, but she has been acting like a real slut lately. ” It seams like she’s is always teasing me like she is tempting me to try and fuck her. ”” I know what you mean. I feel the same way. It’s like she has turned into a whore or something. I don’t know. ” “Whatever has gotten into her though it’s been making me so fucking hot for her.

Tina came down stairs dressed like a total schoolgirl slut. She was wearing a tight and very short blue denim skirt with short white socks and big black high-healed shoes. Her hair was in pigtails and she had on a bright pink tank top undershirt with a strand of cheap pearls hanging around her neck.


   She wore a lot of make-up on her eyes and lips and was wearing perfume that made her smell wonderful. I had never seen her look so sexy. Alan and I looked at her with totally different eyes than ever before.

She walked over to us and asked us “Do you like my outfit?” I looked up and down and nodded my head with approval. “You look fucking hot tonight Tina” Alan told his sister ”Wow Tina I have never seen you look this sexy. ” Tina replied with a ‘Thanks guys I just wanted to give you what you wanted. ”

Tina looked at us with a look that we had never seen before and paused a moment before she spoke. “Look you guys I have to tell you something and you have to promise to keep it a secret. OK?” We both nodded our heads in agreement and reassured her that we were cool with everything. “Your secret is safe with us Tina. ” “Well, OK, let’s see now how should I put this? Ummmmmmmm well, let me just say that if you guys had some idea that you were going to pop little Tina’s cherry tonight…well, ahhem…you are too late. I hope you’re not disappointed. “Let me explain. ” “You know, Alan, how Mom and Dad want me to go to Julie’s house after school every day and wait for them to get home so I’m not home all by myself?” “Yeah, I know you have been going there for two years now. ” ”Well, you know how Julie has four brothers? “Yeah.


  â€ Well for the last two years those 4 boys have been taking Julie and I down in their basement and holding us down and fucking us. “ No shit! We replied in disbelief” “Yeah that’s right. They would gang up on me and two boys would grab my legs and spread me wide apart and one boy would pin my shoulders down while the fourth boy would fuck me. Then they would take turns until all four boys had fucked me. They would make Julie keep a look out so nobody would catch us. Sometimes, they would fuck Julie and make me keep watch.

“ It started out at first they would just feel us up. Then when they realized that I would just lay there and let them do it they got more brave and started pushing their cocks in me. After a while they were doing it all the time. The thing I want you two to understand is that I liked it! That’s why I never said anything to anybody because I did not want it to stop. So anyway, that’s why I’m here with you guys tonight. ” “I know it makes me sound like a fucking slut and a whore but I don’t care if you guys don’t. I loved every minute of it and I want more”

Alan and I were just dumbfounded with this new revelation about what had been going on with his sister. We could not even talk. Tina went on to explain, Mom had“the sex talk” with me about 6 months ago and that’s when I told her that I was having sex with boys but I did not say who with or anything like that.

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   Mom panicked and said that I have to get on the pill right away because she did not want me getting pregnant. Here’s the good news for you boys. I have been taking it for 6 months now and there is no way I can get pregnant. So tonight we don’t have any worries about that.

“Now getting back to Julies nasty fucking brothers. I want you guys to know that I liked what they did to me. They raped me and I loved it. I don’t want you boys to be nice to me tonight. Do you understand what I mean?” “ I want you two to use me like a whore. Got that!” we both nodded our head in both approval and disbelief. “You are so fucking hot Tina. ” I looked at Alan with an evil possessed grin. “We are going to have some fun with your slut sister tonight Alan. ”“Now go put that fuck film in. ”

Tina sat in the middle of the sofa and asked, what’s the name of the video?” Alan looked it over and said “Filthy talking teen Whore’s, does that sound good Tina?“Fuck yes.

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   I love the title. I love to talk dirty don’t you guys? “Sure Tina, Alan said, I think it’s a fucking turn on. ” Tina told us, “I like to be called every fucked up filthy name you guys can think of. OK?” Shut the fuck up and watch the movie you whore” “That’s exactly how I want to be treated Paul. ” “That’s perfect Tina. ” Alan popped in the tape and sat to Tina’s right, I sat to her left and we all sipped our beers.

The movie started out with a teenage blond girl and an even younger looking brunette girl who were in the bedroom with a guy with the biggest cock I had ever seen. The blond and the guy who was supposed to be the brunette’s boyfriend accused the girl of being a slut and demanded to know why she fucked the blond girls boyfriend. The little teenage blond girl and the guy with the huge fat cock decided that she needed to be taught a lesson for being such a whore. The blond grabbed the girl by the hair and said, “Eat my cunt you fucking bitch. Why did you fuck my boyfriend, you fucking slut?” She slapped the bitch in the face and pulled her hair for being such a slut. The guy pushed the girls head down into her pussy and slapped her ass hard. He brutally spanked her cunt and ass until they were red and swollen. Then the blond ordered her to suck his fucking cock. She grabbed her by her ponytail and rammed her mouth and throat down on his massive tool.

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   “That’s it suck it you fucking cunt. Fucking cock-sucking bitch. ” The girl continually verbally abused her through the entire scene. The guy stretched the girl’s teen cunt wide open with his fat cock pounding it into her like he was trying to hurt her. The movie was filled with hot rough fucking and sucking.

Tina was getting hot and could see our dick’s bulging in our pants. She decided to spread her legs open and drape them over our knees so we each had one of her legs in our lap. Tina looked at me and said; “Now that’s how I want you guys to treat me, just like that cunt in the movie. ” Do you think you guys can treat me like a fucked up cunt whore now? I could not stand it any longer. “You fucking slut Tina I’m going to fuck you up” I reached down between Tina’s legs and rubbed her pussy hard. Tina screamed in delight “oooooh yes that’s it! Rub my pussy. ” She was finally being touched and she loved it. Alan pulled up her tank top and started sucking his sister nipples. Tina grabbed him by the hair. “Suck my fucking tit baby” Alan responded by licking all over Tina’s small teenage titties making them wet and slippery.

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“Get these fucking panties of bitch,” I ordered. Tina lifted her ass so I could roll off her wet panties. I rubbed my fingers up and down Tina’s wet pussy I was surprised at how wet she was. Tina’s cunt was very gooey and hot feeling. Alan reached over to help me play with his sister’s pussy. Alan stuck his fingers in his sister’s young cunt as while rubbed on her swollen clit. “Finger fuck her good Alan”, I encouraged. We were holding Tina’s legs wide open while we assaulted her wet hot fuck hole. Tina began to wiggle and squirm with pleasure as we abused her cunt. I said to Alan “lets spread her open nice and wide. ” I grabbed a hold of one cunt lip and Alan got the other and we slowly pulled Tina’s teenage pussy wide open playing and teasing at her swollen cunt lips. “You like that you fucking whore “I asked. Tina shot back, “Fuck yeah!Play with my nasty cunt you mother-fuckers. ” Next we each stuck two fingers in her pussy and pulled outward so we could see inside her. Alan was practically drooling as grunted, “Look at that fuck hole.

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   It’s so pretty. ” Tina was watching us enjoy ourselves playing with her cunt. I was surprised how stretched out a 14 year old girls pussy could get. Next, we held Tina down and played with her clit until we could feel her start to come.

Alan and I took turns playing with Tina’s cunt. We copied how the girls played with their clits in the porno tapes we had seen. I would rub my fingers over her clit as fast as I could until my hand got tired then Alan would take over. Tina’s body was tightening. “Don’t stop”, she pleaded. Oh FUCK please don’t stop!” Tina’s body began to shake and tremble as she came. We really did not know what we were doing, but it seamed to be working. Tina wiggles and squirmed and tried to straighten here legs as she came, but we held her in place. Her whole body felt like it was being jolted with electricity as we relentlessly assaulted Tina’s aching swollen clit. “OOOOOOOHHHHH! AHHHH FUCK! YES! YES! YES! UGHHHHH! ‘Finally, Tina grabbed my hand and said “Oh God Paul you have to stop! I can’t take it any more! Oh my fucking God that felt so good!” Tina was panting like a dog as she fell back onto the sofa limp from exhaustion.

I stood up and took my pants off.

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   My now rock hard cock flopped out of my underwear. Alan did the same as Tina watched intently. She knew what was coming. Without any further conversation Alan kneeled down between Tina’s legs. It was finally his time to feel what is was like to fuck a girl. The fact that it was his sister did not seem to matter anymore. We were just three incredibly horny teenagers and we all just wanted to fuck. Alan grabbed his throbbing dick and lined up the swollen dick head with the opening of Tina’s cunt. He slowly pushed himself into her. “OOOOOHHH that feels so good”, he moaned.

It took about three strokes for Alan to bury his fat dick all the way into Tina’s pussy. Tina laid flat on her back; spread her legs wide open and simply said, “fuck me. ” It only took a few seconds before Alan started to explode. I watched contently as his strokes quickened. Alan was thrusting himself hard into his sister’ cunt.

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   I could see his ass tighten up as he let out a loud grunt. “ I’m gonna’ to come, I’m gonna’ come, AAAHHHHH I’m fucking coming. ” Alan thrust his cock as deep into Tina’s pussy as he possibly could and held it there as he shot his virgin male cum into his sister. He backed off a bit and slammed into her again and held his spewing dick in her deep as he could as a second stream of hot jizz splashed against Tina’s teenage cervix. He pushed in hard and held it there until he emptied the rest of his load into her. He collapsed on top of her for a second and then got up. As he withdrew his still rock hard cock a long strand of cum connected his dick with Tina’s pussy in some kind of strange symbolic incestual way. It stretched out about two feet long before it finally dripped off Alan’s dick and splashed back on Tina’s pussy.

Tina giggled at me and said, “Come on Paul your next. It’s your lucky day. Julie’s brothers always said that sloppy seconds feels the best. ” I could hardly compose my self. I was so excited. The fact that Tina’s pussy was overflowing with her brothers cum did not bother me at all. Her cunt was gaping wide open and oozing with Alan’s cum.

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   I was about to lose my virginity in Tina’s pre-fucked cunt. She was such a fucking slut, but I could not think of anyone else I would rather have my first fuck with. I followed my best friends lead and pushed my cock into Tina’s used pussy. My dick slid in with ease. I could not believe how warm and wonderful her sweet pussy felt. She was so fucking drenched with her brothers cum and her own girl juice that it made slurping squishy fuck noises when I thrust into her. I could feel the cum ooze out of her well fucked pussy as I pushed myself into her harder and faster. Tina grunted. ” Fuck yeah! It feels so good when it’s all sloppy like that. I want more cum inside me Paul. Fill my fucking whore pussy. ” The dirty talk from Tina was all I could take. I moaned to her. “You’re a fucking cunt Tina, and I’m going cum in your whore pussy. Alan’s dick was getting hard again and he shoved it in Tina’s mouth as I finished my business.

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   He told her to “shut up and suck cock you fucking whore. ”

Watching Tina suck dick as I pounded and abused her cunt was all I could take. I had to cum. Thrusting myself into her like an animal, hard and fast, I could feel the cum boiling inside my balls and a rush of warm heat surged through my body as my ass tightened in preparation for ejaculating. I grabbed a hold of Tina’s tits and squeezed them hard as my cock exploded deep in her pussy. “OOOOOHHHH take my cum you fucking bitch. ”I repeatedly called her a “ Fucking cunt!” as my cock spewed inside her. I forced my self into her as hard as I could while I injected her with my hot teenage male cum. Once I started coming I never pulled back. I kept a constant driving pressure into her as I lost my hot virgin fuck wad deep into her stretched out cunt. Tina encouraged me to “shoot it up me baby, shoot that cum in my pussy. ”

I lay on top of her for a moment while I caught my breath. I got up on my knees and looked down at Tina’s pussy. Cum was running out of her cunt and gooey boy jizz was smeared all over the insides of her thighs and pussy. I looked down at Tina’s abused hole and thought to myself “Jesus if two guys can make that much mess, I wonder what her cunt looks like after all four of Julie’s brothers fucked her.



By now Tina’s cock-sucking had made Alan’s dick rock hard again. She grabbed Alan’s dick by the shaft and said, “Come on fuck me some more Alan. ” I was amazed at what a slut Tina had become. She wanted her brother to fuck her again. Tina encouraged Alan to; “Fuck my pussy” Alan got back between Tina’s legs and slammed his cock into Tina’s abused cum slathered cunt. This time Alan got rough with his sister. He grabbed her knees and pushed them far back and wide open so her cunt was completely at his mercy. He sloshed his cock around in her stretched out fuck hole and shot his load faster than the first time. “God your pussy is so wet,” he moaned as his cock began to spasm and streams of male sperm washed the inside of his sister’s pussy. Alan pumped his sister like a dog humps your leg with short fast strokes until his cock and balls had emptied their inventory of sperm. When he rolled off his sister his pubic hair was matted with cum and girl fuck juice. He rolled over and fell asleep.

My cock was hard again from watching Alan abused his little sister. Tina looked at me an asked me, “are you ready to fuck me some more Paul?”I could not wait to get back inside of Tina’s hot fuck hole. “I can’t wait you nasty little cunt”, I replied.


   I got between her knees again and looked down at her pussy. The cum was oozing from her and was whipped up into a frothy mess. Tina said, “I hope you like it sloppy Paul because I’m so fucking wet and full of cum. She lifted her head up so she could get a better look at her semen splattered fuck hole and said, “Look how fucking cummy my pussy is. ” I felt like I was going to explode just from looking at all the gooey cum we had deposited all over Tina’s young cunt. I almost could not believe that I was about to stick my dick into her filthy nasty cum drenched cunt. But that was not going to stop me. I rammed my cock into her fuck hole and Tina yelled out for me to “fuck that nasty cunt. ” She begged me “Give me that big fucking dick until I get all your warm cum inside me. ”

The encouragement Tina gave me was driving me insane. My cock was lost inside her abused cunt. She was so stretched out and loose that I felt I could fuck her as hard as I wanted too. I pinned her legs back behind her head and rammed my self into her like a madman. My fat 7-inch cock met no resistance from her abused hole. The sloppy fuck noises were getting louder as I rammed her with the evil purpose of emptying my semen into her as deep as I could shoot it.

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   It did not take long before I felt the twinge of orgasm. I assaulted Tina’s young pussy with a lust that I had never felt before. Ramming myself into her like I was trying to hurt her pussy. The cum inside her was whipping up into a creamy disgusting mixture of teenage fuck juice. I could feel the eruption build from deep within my body. Finally, with an intense charge of orgasmic electricity I blasted Tina’s filthy cunt with a huge load of hot sperm. The inside of Tina’s cunt felt like warm pudding as I hosed out her insides with hot fuck jizz.

Tina, with an exhausted look in her eyes looked at me and said, “that was sooooooo fucking good Paul. ” “I really have to take a shower. ” As Tina slowly walked upstairs, I could see cum running down the inside of her thighs leaving a trail behind her.

I fell asleep on the floor and I dreamed that night of having a gang bang with Tina and Alan and Julie and her 4 brothers……to be continued

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Germany, also referred to as Deutschland, is one of the most active countries in entire Europe. Germany has got a rich history, as well as diverse culture and spectacular beauty of nature. In fact, if you want to check out some of the most attractive castles in the world, then Germany is just the right place.
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