Hunted down


I was desperate for cock, but I did not know where to get it right away. Just thinking about them made me hot but I was being horny - I thought if I dressed up like a girl maybe I would attract someone. Anything would have done then at that moment. I turn to a darkened stair case take out my cock and masturbate. I hear hard breathing around and lapping sounds - certainly these were not dogs or women - I a torch light up and see the faces of several guys looking me greedily.
"We know what you want!" I hear one of them say.
Although I wanted to stay, but I wanted them chase me first. I run as fast as I could. I knew the place well and was hiding fromthem. I loved being hunted instead of being fucked right away.
Eventually all of them out breath, find me and catch me.
"You piece of shit! You run fast, lets see how fast the rest of you moves"
In a flash I was out of my clothes and on the ground. At first I only saw only three. One dick for my hand, one for my ass-hole, one for my hand. But soon there were more. I had to move really fast to satisfy all of them - which I always wanted to for them - whosoever they were.

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   They would spank and slap me if I did not move fast enough. Being hurt was all part of the same fun. I enjoyed it. Some cocks were on my shoulder for their turn to enter my mouth, one was on my head.
I was being filled up tremendous amount of cum, swallowing as much as I could. Before they had left me they gave me a fantastic piss shower. I savoured every drop of it. .

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