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We got home and I thought what if I can make mom start fucking everybody instead of just my friends. Brianna went back to college and Mom started a new teaching year. I started releasing information quietly to the principal of how she had gotten fucked during graduation. The principal went to her class and dismissed the class early and when the classroom was empty he showed a video to mom. Mom asked what do you want me to do, he went over closed the blinds and locked the door.

He went back to mom’s desk and told her to stand up and get in front of the desk. She walked over and he raised her skirt and revealed her red panties. The principal started fingering mom real hard and mom started moaning. The principal asked, “you are a real whore, aren’t you”? Mom did not reply, and he laid her on the desk and started eating her pussy. Mom started moaning loud. The principal called three other teachers and told them you know the rumors about that teacher we talked about, well they are true and I am about to fuck the shit out of her, come on over and let’s show her a good gang bang time.

Three other teachers walked in and quickly started to take her top off and suck her tits. More teachers were called in and it became a fuck-a-thon. All the teacher repeatedly fucked mom until about 9:00 PM. The word started getting out and mom was started to get fucked by all the male teachers. Later the teachers started telling the student’s fathers and they started banging her.

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   Mom is now known as the town whore, she will quickly fuck anyone. Mom and Jordan’s bedrooms are fuck city on the weekends, men of all ages and races fuck them. When Brianna comes around on weekends she joins them on the fuck-a-thons and I record all their fuck sessions.

During the following school year I installed hidden mini-cams all over her classroom and I had lots of video showing mom being fucked by every male teacher at the high school, including the janitors and bus drivers. Male parents also visited mom’s classroom often and bent her over her on her desk and drilled her ass. Some of the male parents came over to the house and brought their 18 year old sons and they all fucked mom and my sisters. Mom had a huge Hollywood bed and one Saturday evening there were about 20 guys fucking mom and my sisters together on the huge bed. All that was heard, was “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD” and balls slapping “SLAP”, “SLAP”, “SLAP” and all three SCREAMING, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”. They were screaming so loud sometimes, guys fucked their mouths to shut them up. All the guys kept passing them around all Saturday night until about 3:00 AM Sunday morning. Mom was fucked in every position the guys could think of. Mom went from not wanting her ass fucked to loving her ass drilled often and all the guys loved drilling mom’s hot ass. Huge cocks used her ass so much, big black cocks 10 to 12 inches went in easy with not pain.

My buddy Rick and his buddies had hookers working for them, so Rick started whoring out mom and made work as a street whore. When mom was whored out, she got picked up and fucked several times a night.

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  Rick had lots of videos of mom getting fucked in alleys. Rick showed me a video of mom walking with a big tall black guy, he turned her facing the wall and told her to lean over and put her hands against the wall. The guy quickly raised her hooker mini skirt and mom had no panties. Mom knew she would getting fucked a lot so she did not bother wearing panties. The guys fingered her pussy and said, whore, you’re already real wet and I see your cunt and ass are dripping cum, you just got fucked didn’t you whore? Mom replied, yes. The guy spread her legs wider and with one swift thrust he drilled her ass all the way to his balls, this guy was huge and wider than a beer can. He started drilling her ass real hard and mom was screaming, OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME. The turned her around and pushed her to her knees and told her, open your mouth wide, mom opened her mouth as she was told. The guys started fucking her mouth hard, his balls were slapping against her mouth, and the guy said, man you’re a great whore! I got to tell Rick I want to use you for my clients. Mom was gagging but was taking all the way down her throat, mom had turned into a pro cock sucker. Suddenly the guy started to tense up and he drilled his cock all the way mom’s throat and held it as he was coming in her mouth. The guy told her to suck on his cock and lick it clean.

I thought he was done, but he picked mom up and turned her around again and again in one solid thrust he drilled her pussy. He was saying out loud, I got to have this pussy and started to bang her real hard and mom started screaming again. About 15 minutes later he tensed up and started dumping his cum in mom’s pussy and he told her you have a hot pussy whore.

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   He turned her around and took her to his car where there were three other black men in his car, two in the back and the driver. He threw mom in the back and he got on the passenger seat, about a minute later, watching the video the car started rocking violently and audio was picked up and mom could be heard screaming and screaming. Whomever was fucking her was tearing up her pussy, suddenly I could hear someone say let’s have that ass now and the car started rocking wildly again and mom was screaming. Suddenly the video finished but Rick told the guys all fucked her for 4 hours. Rick also showed me videos when he takes mom to black clubs and she services lots of BBC. At the clubs Rick’s clients take mom to side rooms and gang bang her, several times in a night.

Brianna, Jordan and Gena love cock so much, Rick also started using them as hookers. They all go to the seedier part of town let guys fuck them. They love to give blow jobs and get their asses fucked by lots of men. Rick takes all three to black clubs and he has them all fuck and suck his clients and he gives me videos of all their hot action.

Mom, Brianna, Jordan jump from cock to cock and love it, mom can’t get enough cock, she loves to spread her legs for anybody that wants to fuck her. Mom no longer wears panties or bra so guys can have access to her anytime they want. I saw a guy just approach mom in the kitchen and bend her over the kitchen table and just started drilling her ass and 5 minutes later he had her screaming, “FUCK ME HARDER”, “FUCK ME HARDER”. The guy kept asking her, you like being whore and slut, don’t you bitch? Mom SCREAMED back, “YES”, “YES”, “I LOVE BEING A WHORE”, “I LOVE LOTS OF HARD COCK COMING IN MY PUSSY”! “DON’T HOLD IT BACK, COME IN THIS WHORE’S PUSSY”! “FILL ME UP”, “USE ME AS YOUR CUM DUMP”! After the guy left she was still laying the kitchen table, I went to her and raised and spread her legs and I used her pussy and ass. I used her as my cum dump for about two hours.

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   Later another group of guys arrived and they started fucking mom all over the house. I could hear mom’s screams, “AAAH”, “AAAH”, and the guys kept fucking the shit out of her. I could hear guys saying hold her and spread her legs, I am going drill the fine ass of hers and more screams ensued, they all took turns drilling her ass. My mom’s name is Elizabeth, so all the guys call mom’s house, “Liz’s Whore House” and if you come to our house you will understand why. Mom, my sisters and Gena are constantly getting fucked so it is not strange to hear pleasure screams and moans all over the house, our house is XXX-Rated.

Mom told me she knows housewives that are very disappointed with their marriages and would love to be whores like she is. A lot of people know mom is pretty much a whore, some hate her for it and some say they wish they could do it. Mom has no qualms about calling herself a whore, because she knows she is a whore. Brianna, Jordan and Gena also want to bring in some of their friends, I told them they all had to be 18 plus and they said no problem, we don’t hang around anybody under 18 anyway.

Mom, Brianna, Jordan and Gena are now our buddy group’s total submissive whores, they do anything for cock. My mom, sisters and Gena fuck whomever in our group tells them to fuck. My friends and I get blow jobs, fuck their mouths, fuck their pussies and fuck them up their asses whenever we want to. My friends and I have turned all them into our group whores and they also are my website sluts and my site is getting tons of hits, I might let mom and the girls bring in more women, but that is another story, but for now CHA CHING!


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