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The same night, after mom went to bed at 11:00 pm, Jordan came downstairs. We fucked until 4:00 am Saturday morning. I told Jordan, the news around is that your friend Gena was being fucked by a lot guys. She said yeah, she says she loves it. I asked, do you want to try it? She said, maybe, I don’t know. I said it’s a lot of fun, more than one guy. She said maybe later and she kissed me and left. Almost every night, between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am I continued to fuck the shit of Jordan. We tried different things every night and I was turning her into nympho freak. Jordan did not know I had videos of me banging the shit out her. My plan was starting to come together. I was going to make my mom and my two sisters total whores for my friends me to fuck and I record the action and post on my website and increase traffic and would make more money.

I also blurred Jordan’s face and posted the first video of me fucking the shit out of Jordan. I titled the video “Popping my 18 years sister’s cherry”. The first day I got 20K hits and the money rolled in. I didn’t have any preference of who I made a whore first and it seems Jordan was becoming my first whore.

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  I was starting to accomplish my plan.

Mom was going to a teacher’s conference the following week, so I was going to be fucking Jordan all week into oblivion. I had tuned Jordan into a nympho and she loved to fuck a lot. I talked to 6 of my friends from high school and I revealed to them that I had started fucking my sister Jordan and told them my plan of making her my website whore. I told my friends I wanted to use the same technique pimps use to turn women into whores. They take a group of guys and fuck the women all weekend or longer, whatever it takes to make the girl a whore.

One my friends, George, told me then it would take more than 6 guys. I have read about it and Pimps use big groups of men like 20 or more. I said Mom, leaves on Sunday morning so I am going to throw a party on Sunday evening. I will pretend it is only a guy party with lots of drinking so you guys bring as many guys as you can find. I will get her to go downstairs and get her in my bedroom. Jordan loves to fuck, so it won’t take me long to start banging her. She loves for me to fuck her real and hard and she starts screaming. When you hear her scream start with two guys coming in the bedroom and I will get up real quick and another guy take my place and starts fucking her. Fuck her until she starts bucking her hips to meet your thrusts than change to the other guy.

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   More and more guys will start going in and fucking her. No one is home so we can make her miss school and fuck her all week until she we make our total whore.

Party time came and all was going well, Jordan went downstairs and I started fucking her as planned. I was banging her real hard and she started screaming and in came not two guys, I got up and Rick from my high school days took my place. Rick like me was jock and played football. He had a 12 cock and very thick, thicker than a beer can. He quickly inserted her cock in Jordan and Jordan said, it’s too big. Rick didn’t care he went in and Jordan head was going from side to side saying, “OH SHIT”, “OH SHIT”, “IT’S BIG”. Rick started to hit her pussy hard and after 5 minutes Jordan started yelling and bucking her hips to meet his powerful downward thrusts. He picked her up by hips and slammed her pussy and his huge monster and held against him and started coming a river of cum in her pussy. Rick asked her, You like that whore? Jordan said, “yeeeahh”. Rick got up and said, “Next”. The next guy lifted Jordan legs and pulled them over and the other guy held her legs down while he started to slam her pussy hard, it took 5 minutes of hard fucking he started coming hard in her pussy and said “Next”. The next guy turned Jordan doggy-style and fucked her hard for about 10 minutes and dumped his come.

We banged Jordan all night and she missed school next day, we were still fucking her.

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   It was about 6:00 pm and all the guys left. I told Jordan, I hope you liked that, because you are going to be my whore and start fucking different men for me. I got up close to her and put two fingers up her pussy and said, you’re my whore, got that? She looked at me and replied, “sure, bet that will be fun”. Your job as my whore is to fuck when and whom I tell you to fuck, she replied, “fine with me”.

Tomorrow I am taking you to a motel and meet up with a guy named Fred. He will be there to fuck you and I will video the action to post it on my website, and here, wear this lingerie tomorrow for your date. I am making you my website porn star. By the way you noticed no one tried to fuck your ass, I told them not to. I told them that’s going to be my cherry to pop just like your pussy. I handed another package and said, “wear these tiny sexy shorts right now so you can get me cock hard and I can fuck bang you. She looked at me and smiled. I had turned Jordan into my whore, mom was next.

Next day we arrived at the motel and registered. I sent Fred a text of Jordan body in lingerie and what room we were in. Jordan looked hot in the sheer red lingerie and high heels.

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   There was a knock and asked who it was. A voice answered, it’s Fred and opened the door. Fred hand me an envelope and I told him her ass is not in the deal. He said, “yes, I know”. Fred was about a 55 and very all. He took his clothes off and he was built good for an older guy and packed a 10 or 11 inch cock. He asked how old is she. I said 18 and this is her last year of high school, so you’re getting some pretty good young pussy. Jordan was sitting on the bed and he started inserting his huge cock in her mouth and she instantly started sucking his cock wildly. We had turned Jordan from an young innocent virgin, into a young hot whore. She loved to fuck and she learned to suck lots of cock. She loved men fucking her mouth and men driving their cocks down her throat and coming in her mouth. She had learned to love the taste of cum. The only thing she had not done yet is get ass banged and I was getting ready to pop her cherry ass. I would like to post of her young ass getting rammed by huge cocks on my site, that would increase traffic to my site.

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Fred finished dumping his cum down Jordan’s throat and he got her to lick clean his cock and balls and sucked him hard again. He turned Jordan, doggie-style, and quickly drove all his cock in her pussy. Jordan started lowly moaning, but took all real quick like pro. Fred pumped the crap out of her pussy for about 15 minutes and Jordan was moaning loud, ooohhh, ooohh. Fred was hitting her pussy really hard, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”. He was saying loudly, like this cock little whore, another 5 minutes and he held her tight and started dumping his cum deep in her pussy. Jordan fell on the bed exhausted, Fred had fucked the shit out of her. I made sure I had video of all the action. Fred dressed and left. He said, he would like to try her again. I said you know how to contact me and he left.

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