Jaanice and Wayne (part 2)


The day began with heavy showers and the sky was dull and overcast. There was a cool breeze. Rivers of water ran down into the gutters ofthe street – it was by no means a summery day at all, not a sandals day. Upon my first reported meeting with W my feet and sandals had becomesoaking wet so today, due to the weather I had decided to wear sensibleshoes appropriate for the climatic conditions and sensible shoes fordriving. I had an early lunch then proceeded to W’s home. The time was11. 55am.

Arrived at Wayne’s around 12. 35pm I had made my waythrough one or two heavy showers along the journey. W was sat in hisfront room when I knocked upon his door. He came to greet me opening hisdoor and inviting me in enquiring as to how my journey had been and howI was. I was warmly welcomed in. I sat on a chair to take off my shoes. To calm my nerves after the motorway driving W put the kettle on andmade us both a welcome cup of tea. I asked how he was and had he had hislunch? He paid me a compliment and said he liked my green top. W waswearing a cream and blue/red check shirt.

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   I handed W a present ofhomemade blackberry and apple jam, homemade apple chutney and a bottleof claret wine. He thanked me warmly and commented on the homemadelabels. We looked through the kitchen window as he asked whereabouts Ihad parked. I noticed there were two or three mounds of brown earth uponhis lawn – moles he confirmed, tunnels heading towards and beyond thecrab apple tree which was heavily laden with ripe fruit. The brew wasmade so he ushered us through to the lounge where he beckoned me to sitby his side on the sofa. There were fresh flowers in a glass vase andeverything looked sparkling clean and tidy. W enquired as to what I’dbeen doing that week and we both chatted. He gently pulled me closer tohave a cuddle. He remarked that I looked nervous as I surveyed the room -it looked somewhat bigger than I remembered. Not much has changed roomsemptier, less clutter he clarified. W confirmed that as he hadsuggested, we would have an outing to Nostell Priory and Parklandbetween the showers.

We kissed and gave each other thebiggest, warmest hug. W looked tired, he suggested we go upstairs to hisbedroom for a quick one which we did as he led the way. Ah, how to passthe time with a close friend on a rainy Saturday afternoon. he haddecorated his bedroom and changed the fabric of the curtains and quiltcovers.

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   He said I looked tense. Wayne knows I like to be sensual, thepleasure of the body rather than just the mind. Kissing and caressing mybody, stroking, touching and feeling he made a comment as to my silkysmooth skin (Spa lotion), to smell and to taste as he slowly undressedme running his hands around my silky panties (jeans would rub withoutthem when driving) whilst sucking my nipples and licking with his tonguehe ran his hands around my firm, round breasts whilst I followed suit. The hairs on his chest rubbed against my breasts as we came closer, heliked this. Two fingers were used to bring me to a climax. I should beasking for more not to stop mid flow Wayne commented and thought itcould be because I was not used to coming? Time for a walk I think.

Downstairs, he picked up his blue jumper it was soaking wet from his morning outing having been caught out in a shower.

“Come on, let’s go” Wayne stated as we climbed into his car and are we ready?

18th-centuryNostell Priory and Parkland is the home of the Winn family a NationalTrust Property. Three hundred acres of parkland, lakeside walks, Adaminteriors, Chippendale furniture made especially for Nostell withnumerous paintings. It was free entry today due to National Heritageweekend. We collected a ticket and entered the house to climb the wideelaborate staircase like royalty going for tea. One room after anotherwe entered stopping to peruse the opulent treasure trove. Some of therooms were very dark and a question arose - How could they see to readin the Library? One bath tub needed a good clean as you could see thetide mark where the water had been. Being my usual self I touched amarble table with an intricate blue design only to be told by the staffmember “please do not touch!” He enlightened me as to the technique andhow it was made – I was only the twentieth person to touch it that day! Iwouldn’t bring a child here, there were no interactive displays – a notouch policy. The beds were high and elaborate.

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   Why would you need afold out sofa bed in the room which had such a masterful bed? I wonderif they have trouble with their sewing machine like I have recently whenmaking their soft furnishings and table covers? There were nochildren’s rooms or rooms for children although there was an18th-century dolls’ house encased in glass. The park had an adventureplayground. As we were leaving the house tickets were being sold for adraw to help pay for the restoration and renovation.

Weproceeded to Stables tea room where Wayne kindly bought us tea and rockcakes, not that they were meant to be rock cakes! We can’t usuallyafford tea and cakes so this was a kind of treat. The weather was dry sowe meandered through the new woodland walk paths, up some tree trunklined steps “last one up is a sissy!” W and I competed – he won! Wreceived a text which he read. Around and down to the lake we went wherewe saw a signet swan with only one adult. We walked around the side ofthe lake, there were dragon flies darting and dancing to and fro. We saton a bench overlooking the lake watching the odd fish jump out to catchits fly tea/supper where W began reminiscing of times gone by.

Timewas marching on as we drove back to Wayne’s where sex, tea andchocolate biscuits were going to be the order of the day the order ofthe day! We arrived and a man was waiting outside Wayne's This is Ronsaid Wayne "I thought you might like him to join us". We entered thehouse

I walked into the dining room with a big beam across myface, not only was I going to have sex with another man, but with Waynethere, also it made me feel really attractive and sexy to be able to gettwo men in bed with me. As I walked away from Wayne I reached down andpulled the zipper of my jeans down. I also pulled my blouse out from myjeans.

Upon returning to Ron I wrapped my arms around his neckand I kissed him very passionately and long, Ron said that he wanted tomake love to me.

Ron's hands were now moving all over my back,shoulders, arms and cupping my breast, soon his hand came up under myblouse and cupped my breast, a tingle went though me, I let Ron proceedto unbutton my blouse and it was then that Wayne came in. Ron hesitatedso I whispered its ok,

Wayne put the drinks down away from us andcame over and started to kiss me, unfastening the button on my jeansand taking my jeans down so therefore revealing panties, Ron in turntook my blouse off revealing my matching bra, Wayne took my knickers offand Ron my bra, I was stripped naked.

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   I was led over to the setteewhere Wayne sat on my right and of course Ron on the other side, bothmen looking at me with lust in their eyes,

My dream was comingtrue I had four hands caressing me, Ron soon slid one of his hands downbetween my thighs and his fingers worked up inside me, Wayne stood upand took his clothes off and upon returning to me his erection waspressed up against my leg, soon Ron stripped off and that's when I sawhis erection, it was about the same size as Wayne's but seem to pointstraight out, Ron returned to caressing my vagina with his fingers andWayne was playing with one breast while sucking and licking the other, Iwas getting aroused so much so that it wasn't long before I was lookingup at Wayne with a pleading in my eyes and mouthing the words please.

Wayne looked at me, then said you go on up I'll lock up, I took Ron by the hand and led him up to the bedroom,

Waynewaited for a moment before joining us, I was laid on my back and Ron'stongue and hands were all over me, I felt Wayne lay down beside me andhis hands and tongue were doing the same,never before had my breast andmy nipples been so aroused along with my vagina every part of me wastingling, Ron's fingers were doing fantastic things to my clitoris,Wayne was sucking on my nipple and tweaking the other with his fingerand thumb, after a short time I said I need someone,
one of you please I want one of you now.

Waynereached for a condom and gave it to me, I in turn handed it to Ron toput on, Wayne's fingers were keeping me totally aroused, I then felt Ronmoving up on top of me, and suddenly where Wayne's fingers had beenRon's penis was entering me, my thoughts at that moment were "good godits really happening" it didn't take long for me to be thrusting andmoving my body in time with Ron's,
Ron started very slowly, thenmoved faster and faster and at the same time was rotating his hips,Idon't really know too much about what was now happening to me, all Iknow was I was been well and truly fucked.

Wayne became arousedvery soon and he entered me harder than I have ever known him too, Iclimaxed twice more with Wayne, now floods of emotions came over me, Idon't think I could possibly describe it in words,Ron was now hard againand Wayne passed him another condom, this time with Ron I don't knowhow many times I came, but I do know that I was exhausted, thingsquieten down and soon Ron said he had to go, Wayne saw him out and cameback to me we made love slowly.


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