juniors day at the lake


I use to writea lot of stories in the past this is my first one in quite awhile and I would love constructive criticism.

Junior was 5’10 and very muscular he was on the football team and wrestled. He had dark brown hair hazel eyes that grew almost black when he was in a bad mood and tan skin not to mention a seven in dick that he was quiteproud of and would brag about it. He had a fair share of women but he loved the challenge of nailing a new piece of ass.
Junior had just go to school and was tired as hell when he woke up he just threw on atight black shirt and loose fitting light blue pants. As he walked on the campus he walked up to were all his friends would hang out before first period and sat down and kind of stared into space he was so tired. Ronick was waving his hand in front of his face “damn man how much did you smoke before school you look more blazed then I’ve ever been. ” Junior looked up and said to his best friend Ronick “sorry man couldn’t sleep last night that’s all. ” Ronick stood about 5’10 as well but had dirty blonde hair and he was quite muscular as well. Just then the bell rang and they both headed to there first period class junior sat in the back of the class he normally sat in the middle but he wanted to sleep and not talk all period. As he sat down he realized the girl next to him was hot as hell. He met her before her name was Michelle she had long brown hair that looked silky soft and it smelt so good he could smell if from were he was. She had a nice round ass and it was really sticking out today in a short denim skirt she had. She was also wearing a white shirt that was really tight on her and made her B cup tits really stand out. He figured fuck it im tired im just going to go to sleep ill hit on her later. So he sat his head on his desk and dozed off about 20 minutes later he was awoken but by his cell phone vibrating in his pants.

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   He looked at it and Ronick had text him and asked for an answer on a biology test. Now junior isn’t the smartest but he did know he science. As he set his head back down facing Michelle he couldn’t help but notice he could see right up her skirt because she was talk to the person on the other side of him. He kept tracing his eyes up and down her thighs and seeing her silky white thong made him get an instant hard on. Just then he noticed she was staring at him he looked up and smiled and got totally embarrassed. She just smiled and went over and whispered something in her friends ear. When class got out he went over to Michelle to apologize for his behavior and said he just couldn’t help himself. She said it was ok it kind of flattered her. Just then the bell rang for second period and she walked into a computer lab that was rarely used and used her index finger to lure him in there. When he walked him he immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing her. She quickly pulled away and slapped him “what the fuck I brought you in here to talk more you fucking pervert” and stormed out. Junior stood there amazed “ what the fuck just happened ? ” he asked himself. He went to his next class and told Ronick all about it. Ronick started laughing uncontrollably and the teacher sent them both out of the class. Ronick thensaid “shit man fuck detention lets just head out of here and go to the lake maybe you can some there.

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Once they pulled up in there old fire bird and mustang which they spelt all the summer before restoring . They saw a bunch of girls down in the sand part of the lake and looked at each otherand said “ time for the drinks” they had a 2 six packs of corona and a fifth of tequila and headed down to the beach with there alcohol and stereo. When they got down there they popped open a brew and sat there in the sand taking in the scenery. Then after junior had his target a tanned brunette with between an A cup or B cup and a perfectly round ass and nice shapely thighs and what looked like brown eyes and perfectly straight teeth. He had Ronick throw the football they had with them right into there volleyball game and junior ran and grabbed it and landed right in front of the girl he had scoped out. He apologized to her and her 3 friends and asked them to come up to there spot and have a few drinks. They came up and all started talking 2 of the girls looked like they had a good buzz from 1 shot each and 1 brew and started to be all over each other. Junior had put his arm around the girl he scoped out who’s name he found out was Tina. She had just finished her second corona and he grabbed her another and acted like it slipped out of his hand and fell right between her legs. Just then Ronick said him and the girl he was talking to were going to go get more drinks. The other 2 girls were already passed out on a blanket. So junior said to Tina lets go for a walk. They started to talk along the shore and they saw a place to rent rafts out. Junior knew there was a little island that could only be accessed by boat and wanted to take her to see it so he rented a raft. They went out t the island and on the way there they took a break and junior had started to massage her back and then her lower back then her thighs from behind her.

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   Then he slid his hand into the shorts she was wearing and was rubbing her pussy from outside of her bathing suite. He could feel that she was so hot and wet. He start to try putting a lot of pressure pushing into her through her bathing suit making her squirm in front of him. Then he said “well lets hurry up and get there. ” he liked teasing girls so they would be louder when it was time to get to business. As they got there he moved the raft on the shore as fast as he could. Then he laid down next to her on his side and started rubbing her inner thigh. He lowered his head and was kissing her in pure sexual lust. He let his hand rise and cupped her wet pussy though her shorts. He then started to unbutton her shorts and took her bikini top off as well . once they were off he was still rubbing her pussy hella hard making her grind her hips into his hand. He grabbed her wrist and moved her hand towards his dick but before she got to it he had already taken off his shorts and she started to stroke him as fast as she could like she needed his cum to survive.
    He was pinching her nipples so hard and she started biting her bottom lip and making whimpering noises. He got on top of her and put his dick so he could lay on top of her and have it be between both of them and started to grind into her bathing suite covered pussy. She started to moan even loader as she could feel his dick moving over her clit.

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       Junior started to come close to have an orgasm and then stopped he didn’t want it to end at that so he start to kiss down between her tits and her stomach and pulled down her bathing suite all the way off and started with licking her clit and then just the outside of her hole and then drove 2 fingers as deep as he could in her with 1 deep plungeit sounded like she was skipping breaths and running her hand through his hair. He then pulled 1 of his fingers out and slowly started pushing it in her assand he was still wildly licking her clit and then he had 1 finger buried as deep as it could go in both holes and she was still grinding into his hand like she needed more. He pulled his fingers out of her and she stopped and gave a pouting lip as she was on the verge of a second orgasm. He turn her over and placed his hard cock between her ass cheeks and started grinding into her ass then when he sure she was use to the feeling of his dick going by her ass hole he grabbed hips and pulled her into doggy style and slowly pushed his head into her ass. She was biting her lip so hard and squeezing her nipples. When he got about2 inches inside of her she really started whimpering and was biting her shorts that were by her to stop herself from screaming. Just then he rammed the last of it in her causing her to scream in pain it didn’t even dawn on him that she was in a lot of pain he was so wasted. Then the pain start to go away as he started to finger her after he pushed her hand away from her pussy and he start to pinch her clit. She was starting to have her second orgasm and was moaning so loud with her shorts still in her mouth and her asshole started to tighten around juniors hard cock and feeling that made him fuck her even harder. He started to slap her asscausing her to moan even more and hearing her that loud and her ass squeezing his cock made him moan hella loud “ahh shit im cumming all inside you im going to fill your ass with all my hot cum” just then she felt it burning inside her ass she could feel each and every little squirt of cum. He then pulled his dick out of her ass and she right away sucked the head of his dick for any cum and she swallowed the little that was on his dick they got dressed and left back to the beach were every1 was…to be continued ?? please let me know if you would like to know if your interested in more stories i have a bunch
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