Kelly’s Surprise


Kelly’s Surprise Visit

I was a little surprised that I got a call from Kelly saying that she wanted to visit again so soon.   She said her sister was staying with her Grandma over the weekend to spend some time with her. So, she thought she would visit us again, and get a better taste of Texas.

I picked her up from the airport after work on Friday and, of course, she was her happy, vibrate self. When we got to the house I ordered a couple of pizzas to be delivered.

Mark was in the garage working on one of his Harley’s. He welcomed Kelly back with a big hug and helped unload her luggage, then headed back to his ‘man cave’. I told him that the pizza guy would be arriving soon and to watch for him.


Kelly was hungry, a little tired, but mostly a little stiff and sore. She had worked out at the gym the day before, and was feeling kind of stiff. I told her that what she needed was a good hot soak in some Epson Lavender Bath mix I had.   It would relax her muscles and help relieve any tension she felt from the long flight.

I was going to run Kelly a nice hot bath in our bathroom, since the tub is a little better for soaking in there. I got Kelly all situated in the guestroom and we headed to the master bath for her luxury soak. She had stripped down and put on a robe. I started the bath and commented that it smelled good and was definitely tantalizing.

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“Mmmm…. does smell good…. you ought to take one too. ” 

“Uh…. yeah,… but, I’m sure the pizza will really be cold by then, because you’re just going to relax for a while and enjoy. ”

 “Well,……there’s room for both of us…. I don’t mind sharing. …if you don’t…?” 

Almost stunned at what I was hearing, I hesitated only a few seconds, and was surprised at the thoughts that came rushing into my head.

 “Uh…no. . . not at all…that actually sounds good. Mark will watch for the pizza guy and we’ll just relax……Why don’t you go ahead and climb in…. I’ll…. be right back.

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I stepped out of the bathroom and pulled the door closed. Undressing in the bedroom, for some reason I grabbed my favorite toy bag that I knew could be used in water. Wearing just my bra and a thong, I stepped back in the bathroom with the bag. Of course she stared asking what was in the bag.

 “Oh…just something to…. maybe help us relax,…either in the tub…. . or when we get out”.

I watched her eyes taking in what she saw….

“Hmmm… a thong …. really doesn’t surprise me seeing you in a thong, Aunt Patty”.  

I just smiled, and felt a throb start in my nipples…tingling its way straight down to my pussy, as I took in the sight of her in the water. I could feel that throb growing stronger at the thought of climbing in with her as I slipped off my bra and thong. She watched silently, with just a hint of a devious sensual smile visible.

“You sure there’s room for both of us in there?”

“Oh yeah,…and you’re right…this feels does feel goooood….

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I stepped in and slid down into the water across from her. She slowly reached for my ankles and gently pulled them toward her, as she slid hers toward me. I could feel the softness of her wet skin against mine, and tried to control the throbbing that seemed to only be getting stronger.    My ankles were against her slick tight little butt…. and hers against mine. We both slid down in the water,

“I told you there was room. . …feels good…huh…”

“Yes…very good. ”

We both took in a deep relaxing breath, and seem to both have ‘that’ smile now. Simultaneously we began to gently stroke the others calves. Just laying our heads back…. and taking in the feel of, not only a hot bath,….

but a…’sensual’ one. Oblivious to all that was around us, we gently stroked each other’s legs…. .

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  …but, my hands seemed to be moving slowly upward, slowly stroking up to her thigh…. to her arms, then her shoulders. Watching her expression, and telling her to just relax with mine, I kneaded her shoulders…. brushed strands of hair back from her face,…. . and gently ran my fingertips down the sides of her cheeks. As I did, I studied her eyes. There was deep hesitation and question …. what was taking place?…. hesitation of whether she should release, and respond to how her body was reacting to my touch. Our eyes met as I caressed the shape of her face and I traced her lips with my fingers.

‘It’s okay to just let go…. just follow where your body yearns to go. ’

With hesitation,…. she slowly….

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   reached to stroke my cheeks……. . lips…searching deep into my eyes. As our eyes locked, we seem to be searching deep into each other’s thoughts, making sure what we both felt was okay with the other. Then…. . in slow motion…. our lips seemed to be moving helplessly towards each other’s. Finally, our lips touched…. exploring the softness…playing, caressing…. lips parting…. tongues touching…. searching, revealing the depths of our shared desire. Our searching moved to a hungry, fevered, kiss and our hands began to roam and caress each other’s body. Finding each other’s breast, our hands messaged, played, and teased nipples tantalizing our desire.

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   My lips moved down her neck… shoulder…. . and captured one of her nipples, teasing it with my tongue, and sucking until I heard gasps of desire escape from her lips. Meanwhile one of my hands moved slowly down her stomach to find her soft shaven pussy lips. I messaged, and explored her sweet spot, as her body sored towards unrelenting heights of pleasure. I teased and played…. finally inserting two fingers inside her slick wet pussy brought a cry of pleasure from her, and a silent plea for more. I thrust my fingers in and out…. faster…. harder, feeling her body soar higher and higher…. , until it helplessly reached the heights of an orgasm. A satisfied smile played upon her lips….

“Wow……. I’m still curious… what’s in the bag?”

“Just a few play toys I thought would be fun…. .

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  maybe when we get out”.

“Ah…. hmmmm…. Well, any tension I had,… just floated away. ”

“You ready to get out then?”



I slowly stood. Stepping out of the tub I reached for a towel and held it open for her. With a curious look of excited hesitation she stood and moved toward the towel.

As I watched and took in her young, youthful, perfect body, that tingling throb that had only subsided a little, returned in full force. I wrapped the towel around her, only to pull her gently toward me. As I did, my lips met hers, and almost gasp at the feel of her naked, wet body, and soft skin pressed against mine. The towel dropped as I let my hands and senses take in the feel of her. Grasping one of her hands, and the bag of toys, I led her to the bed.

“I’m sure we can heat the pizza up…. unless your desire for pizza is over whelming at the moment…. ?”


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  that’s the last thing on my mind at the moment. ”

Leading her into the bedroom, I set the bag of toys on the bed and reached in to choose my favorite. I commented as I climbed onto the bed,

“My favorite… you can pick out another if you like…. . or…we can share…? ”.

She started to reach for the bag as she joined me on the bed, but instead just watched as I positioned myself and turned mine on. Placing it against my pussy lips, instantly I felt my throbbing soar to heights of intense pleasure. It only took a few minutes at the most, for me to explode with a powerful orgasm. I could feel the wetness oozing from me. To my surprise…. . Kelly moved toward me…. . with one figure she traced my pussy lips feeling the juices seeping from me, she brought her finger to her mouth to taste. Smiling with an eagerness for more, she moved toward me….

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   between my legs…. lowering her head she began to teasingly lick and suck, forcing me to  moan with muffled screams…then explode again with orgasm.  

Pulling her up, I captured her lips with a feverish kiss that was heightened with the sweetness of my own juices. Slowly pulling away, with her still in my embrace, I rolled her over on her back. Ran my hands slowly over her small firm breast and taunt nipples, bringing my mouth down to suck her hard nipples while my hands found she too was wet with desire. My tongue and lips eagerly worked their way down to sample, and feast, on those juices. I sucked and teased, while finger fucking her and playing with her ass until she came. Then reaching for the bag of toys, I chose one I thought she would be sure to enjoy, turned it on, and positioned it against her sweet spot. Her body arched at the touch and feel of it. I watched, felt, and heard, her muffled screams of pleasure as I gently pushed the toy inside her. It took only a couple minutes for her body to start shaking and arching into a full orgasm.

We both, had certainly lost track of time, and were in our own little world, when I noticed Mark standing by the closet, messaging his hard, exposed cock. Smiling at him, I looked to see if Kelly had seen him yet. She apparently just noticed him too, and had that scared look of uncertainty, and question in her eyes again. I moved to reassure her with a passionate kiss, then got up and kissed Mark, knowing the scent on my lips would drive him crazy.

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   Lowering to my knees, I began to suck his cock. Just before exploding in my mouth, he lifted me to my feet and told to me to lie on the bed on my back, when I did so, he shoved cock inside my extremely wet pussy. Still uncertain, Kelly just watched. I reached out for her pulling her to me for another reassuring kiss, and could feel her letting go again. We kissed, and teased each other’s taunt nipples as Mark’s cock pounded my pussy.   I then came again with another powerful orgasm.   As I began to come down from it, I pulled away from Mark, and asked Kelly to lie on her stomach.

‘Just relax…. I share everything……’

I caressed her ass, spreading legs, licking her ass and pussy juices.   I then moved aside and looked to Mark for him to shove his cock inside her tight little pussy.   She screamed with pleasure, as he fucked her. Just before Mark felt himself coming, he pulled out of her pussy, only to renter in her ass very slowly. Surprised, but turned on at the feel, it didn’t take long for her to reach a powerful orgasm, and Mark followed. Pulling out of Kelly, he gently, and passionately kissed her and in unison we all exclaimed…‘Wow’.

‘Well,…um…I actually came in here to let you two know that the pizza was here….


  Guess I got a little distracted…. . Anyone hungry…. for pizza?

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