Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 16 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Time moves forward towards demob so we have got to know each other very well.
 Interim perks before we marry.
  in England I get more leave now much to Jackie's desire. This perk was a pure fluke and surprisingly revealed more of Jackie's nature.
 We were heading to the hill park for some rumpy dumpy. Having lain down suitably although I later found the slope tended to make me slip back out of Jackie's pussy as I pumped it into her. I worked her up to an orgasm then climbed on in the missionary way as always at this stage when out in the open, except for our 'knee tremblers' So having fed my baby juice to her waiting eggs, we done it in the rawl all the time as after our engagement becoming pregger's didn't bother her? strange that! I get back off and lay back smoking a fag,like you do! Jackie just lay still with her skirt up round her ass letting the evening air flow over her cunt,like you do!
 All of a sudden she shot bolt upright whipping her skirt down to cover her middles. In the gloom I make out the form of a German shepard dog obviously on a lunge rein which then is closely followed by a policeman.  In that instant it dawns on me, built into this side of the hill park not fifty yards from our spot is a police station. What a numpty I was. So the copper says to Jackie "Keep an eye on your purse miss, thieves are active up here at present" He then fucks off.
 Jackie giggling say's to me "do you think he saw my pussy?" No its to dark,I answered. "Well his dog did, he swiped his tongue right up through my slit" adding "about four times" course I burst out laughing, then "Its alright for you, what if he'd tried to fuck me with a copper watching? She clearly was pissy at my laughing at her embarrassment and shocked me at her swearing, women didn't openly swear then. We got up and walked off, then as we walked she came around, clinging on to my arm she whispered "I can still feel those licks" and giggling said, "its still tickling" We went down to the wall of the 'boys public school' and had a knee trembler. Years later when walking in the dusk by this wall we espied lads watching some other couples shagging and wondered whether an earlier group had watched us that night.

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   Makes no difference, we let them have a look this night at a forty year old couple screwing like kids.
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