Topic: Lifes sexual perks 3  Fact or fiction? you decide.
 A couple of days went by with no sexual indicators from my aunt but I know she knew I watched evening and morning from my now established place in here bed. When I say watched,more a serious gawk. Strangely after that first night,her knickers were always removed for bed and clean ones put on each morning. Now this was more like it,both the nights in question when she took them off her bum was pointing in my direction across the bed. As she bent her puffy outer lips were exstended to the rear and because she had good fleshy thighs the cunt lips pouted out between her thighs like a large mouth throwing a kiss. The inner edges glistening and wet like when a woman licks the lipsticked lips of her mouth. The morning was even better because when putting clean knickers on she bent right to the floor,not only did this excentuate her pussies pout it made her bum cheeks open to expose her crinkly bum hole. Being new to this it didn't occur to me the other night to feel down as far as her bum hole. Anyway I think the restriction of her knickers would have stopped my hand. I did feel my own at this stage to see if it was sensitive when touched. It was,so aunty's became an intrigue and a target for the future.
 My aunt done a couple of days work in mid week,so come Wednesday,Ross my younger cousin had gone to school (No college then,justhigher grade) Anyway I'm between schools because of moving which left me,my cousin Ginny and the baby,plus our grandparents in the house.
 Ginny and myself were more like brother and sister since both our fathers were lost in the war,but hers differently than mine. This ment we were as thick as thieves with each other. No taboo subjects.

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   As the morning went on we sat in the living room,me on my usual perch,but Ginny was in her mothers place. Grandad passed through said listen for gran and give me a shout if needed,I'm dapping down my mates.
 That said,Ginn took her head out of her latest book,looked at me with a rye grin and said "That question you asked Sunday,did you find the answer?" I threw a dummy. Oh that? not really. Well it ment we would have had to get you to fuck us. Wow! I said,did your mum say anything to you? yeah! she said "dirty little sod,I bet he know's what it means" then "If you get any ideas mind seeing its about six months since your husband was here to give you a seeing to,don't let don't let him shoot any spunk inside unless its a week before or after he's been on leave,just incase you click" Real down to earth my aunty!
 Where the hell's this leading thinks the beastas it raises its ugly head on a rock hard stem. Fuck it was hurting,all in the wrong direction in my trousers. Uninhibited i stood up and adjusted him up my belly to ease the pressure. In doing this it was sticking forward tempararily. Ginny's eyes locked on "That's a lot bigger than I remember,How big? I bet you keep measuring it" Just over 6". "That's not bad for a young kid cousin"
 I can't hold back any longer. Are you then? "What" Bitch stop teasing,going to seduce me! "I'm thinking about it" How long for fucks sake? "At least till you are nearly cumming in your pants" Then what? "Be patient, I was going to tell you some more. Oh Fuck! Aunt haven't blown the whistle about the other night have she. Ginny continues. You saw my cunt on Sunday,yes? Its OK.

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   I intended you to. You know I get packets of fags from grandad and he say's, don't forget to pay me back! Well I never give him money for them,I give him what you got. A good look mind! Sunday I done it to see how you would react. Your reaction was most adult,not giving anything away by over reacting. I know you'll keep stum from here on in. In! I like what I'm hearing. Say's I!  So do Grandad react? I keep getting my fags don't I?
 So following what I've just told you and Den not on leave(furlow) for another month,I thought I could benefit if I let you play a bit and nearer his leave perhaps let you put it in. WOW! Have you ever put it in one? No. Good. When can I play says I? A bit later,I need some fags first. He's down his mates. he'll dap up in a minute to see all's well. When i get them he'll come back out to get a drink for Gran and a look,then back in,another look,finally back out to his mates again getting a third look.
 Did I ought to make myself scarce? No it'll be more exciting for me with you here to see how he deals with it. I'm not wearing knickers.

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   Make sure he doesn't realize you're watching though. He might tell me to go and do something I said. We'll see. Noise out back,in he comes,Ginny latches on to him, "No fags Gramps" Thought not, yo'll have to pay back mind. It happened just as she predicted. it was as though I wasn't there. Amazing all I done was make out I was looking at a newspaper,all the time looking over the top at the show. Unabashed she didn't only flash,each time she kept her legs open for a good while and the last time she actually pulled her outer lips showing the inner flaps and making her cunt open. Was that for him or bravado to me? I wonder? I clocked his cock sticking straight out in the front of his trousers. Her cunt was quite gooey,as he walked to the backhe said, "You dirty little prick teaser" but grinned with no malice. Had he spotted my Boner?
 He's gone she said. I said he had a great hard on,what if he tries to fuck you? She smirked and shrugged her shoulders,she just said,come on lets go upstairs.
 More later. Ha! Ha!

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