Long Term Separation


Not all is as it seems here. Not everybody gets laid by sexy 10 year olds or their hot sisters or the teacher that turns them on. Little girls are just little girls, and teachers don't even think about taking off their blouses for pimply faced teen aged boys with bigger imaginations than cocks. But when your wife is out of town and you know she's coming home  soon, your anticipation can get the best of you.
My wife has been working out of town now for 8 weeks , 8 ,ong weeks without sex, without even the chance of feeling my cock sliding into her tight how cunt, and honiness is the rule of the day. I walk around with an always ready hard-on, just thinking off her ass , her tits, her mouth. She is 6' tall with small tits , but lovely long puffy nipples. She shaves her pussy, always smooth and soft and tight weven after 20 years of regular and enthusiastic fucking, and she wears dark red lipstick, knowing that the thing that turns me on as much or more than anything else is the sight of her lips sliding over the head of my cock. She gives the best head I've ever had in my life, working the shaft and the head and deep-throating like the best of imagineable porn stars. Her hair is long and a thick honey- blonde. A few years ago we had a rough spell that resulted in some changes, I was more attentive, she was more aware of her appearance and we both gave more of ourselves to a good sexual realtionship. It all sounds prettty healthy and normal. We enjoy( god, go we enjoy!!) normal sex, oral sex, anal sex. We occasionally schedule sessions of making out in public that often lead to sex in the car in parking lots, or at places of business. Not as risque as it sounds as we have an SUV with tinted windows, but fucking is fucking when you're parked in front of Target at 3 in the afternoon.
So to get to the point, She'll be home soon, about two weeks and as I said my cock has been leading me through the days sometimes.

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   I didn't realize how noticeable it was until today when I dropped off the cleaning and went to Starbuck's for coffee and a newspaper. When I went in I was the only customer and one of my favorites was the the only employee, a young woman named Jamie. Jamie took my order and then brought it out to my table and sat down to chat.
'Hey there. I see you're still coming in for a regular afternoon cup. When does your wife get back? You know we always look forward to you two coming in. '
'About 2 weeeks. Time seems to be moving slow , waiting for her. And you? When are you going on that cruise?'
 Jamie had been telling me about a trip to Cancun for months and I knew it was soon.
'Next week. In fact this is my last shift here. I'm glad I could see you before I left. But there's something I have to say. I couldn't help knowing you're missing your wife. When you come in you're always looking at me.

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   I figured it was because you've been feeling kind of lonely. Most noticebly I see you looking at my shirt. . . . . . . . '
I blushed, unaware until that moment I had been caught. 'Well, you know' I stuttered, vamping for something to say. 'I've noticed, sure, you know, you're very pretty and you always look nice and all and. . . '
She layed her hand on mine and shhhshed me.

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   'No need'.
'OK, I looked, because even though the wife has some nice ones, yours are so much bigger and fuller (and younger, I added to myself). 36's?'
'38's. D's. but not for you to look at . What would your wife say?'
What would she say indeed?I threw caution, and perhaps my marriage to the wind when I answered. 'I'd never tell'. And indeed I wouldn't Won't, because with those words the die was cast. Jamie said 'Be back here in an hour when I get off. That will give you time to decide if you're really sure about this or just horny and being led by your cock' I looked at her. 'Oh yes, I've noticed it, bulging in your jeans, never really hard, but always ready to get that way. I've thought about how I'd like to see if I could be the one to find out about it. ' 
I didn't have anything to say and in confusion I left the shop , my mind in a turmoil. Jamie was young, 27 , and single and had a life full of things I had been through many years before, concerts and drinking parties and dating and carefree life. I was 50, and had a mortgage and a 22 year marriage and a wife devoted to building ou life together.

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   Our sex life was great, our regular life was great, with travel and a settled existence. My wife was 45, experienced in all manner of sex that she knew made my motor run, knew how to get the most from every kiss, every stolen feel, every session of warm lovemaking and hot fucking. Jamie had huge firm heavy tits with nipples that would knock you eyes out (Hell ,yes, I had noticed) Her ass was slim and tight and she wore her pants in a way that regularly showed a fine cameltoe, showing her puffy cunt and tight looking slit. My wife had tried it but had complained that she was uncomfortable when her pants were that tight. My wife had luscuious full lips and I knew she could handle my 8" and liked to swallow my cum when she sucked me off. Jamie, a complete unknown.
An hour later, I was there, with two bottles of wine. What can I say? Big tits, a tight pussy, a new mouth to cum in,and young.
Jamie waved to me in the parking lot and motioned me to follow her. We drove in separate vehicles to her apartment where she parked, came to my Expedition and told me to come in. And I did.
Inside she said she needed a shower, to wait for her, put on some music, which surprisingly ran to classical and Jazz. I started some music and poured a glass of wine. I called out to her and asked if she wanted some wine. Her voice came back saying 'When I come out.

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A few minutes later she came into the living room, her Starbuck's uniform now gone and in its place a light sundress, red, with  a flowing line and tight at the bodice. She didn't have on any stockings, bra, or as I was to find out, panties. She took the proferred wine and the gave me a look like 'Well?' She left the first move to me, and with a deep breath, I made it. I set her wine down, took her in my arms and kissed her. I was aware of everything in the room, Sounds were screaming loud in my ears as i felt her mouth on mine, the clock ticking, the music, the sounds of traffic outside as I felt her tongue on mine. I could smell her long auburn hair. She rubbed my back as we embraced, her right hand descended to my ass. My hands were paralyzed. What was I doing? What was in my mind? I'll tell you. Nothing, just the moment, the taste of her, the feel of her hands on me( now caressing my cock) the feel of her tits against my chest. ( So big. So firm, not like my wife's so big, so firm so soft and full)She undid my belt and slid my jeans down, freeing my cock to her hands. 'Mmmmmm. ' That was me.
She didn't make a sound as she knelt in front of me and took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue over it, around and then slurped it in, moving her mouth down the shaft as far as she could the back.

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   This went on for a few strokes then, as I moved her hair away from her face, she looked up at me, the head of my cock in her mouth, her cheeks sucked in as she sucked on it. Her eyes were wide open, blue and soft, Her lips were moist and I could feel her tongue as she lavished around the tip of my dick. As she sucked and as I thrust  I knew this couldn't last long and as if by mutual agreement , Jamie stood and her first words to me were' Not yet. if you're going to do this with me , we are going to fuck in every way you can think of9 little did she know) and I intend to cum as often as possible. What are you thinking?'
'I don't know. I just want you. I want to fuck you amd suck you tits and lick your cunt and rim your ass and fuck your tits and dance with you and kiss you and taste my cum in your mouth and cunt and ass and feel your tits and. . . . . . . '
'Your wife ? ' she asked.
'I'll never tell, but she'll suspect.

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   And you must never tell, never tell her or mention fucking me at work, I'll just brazen my way through, but right now I'm going to have my first sight of those tits. I want to have them in my hands and mouth. ' I lifted her dress over her head, now seeing she wasn't wearing any panties of bra. her breasts were large and pale, her nipples the most amazing erect peaks of pleasure wrinkled and hard in the cool air. There wasn't the slightest sag. Her skin was soft and supple as I kissed each tit in turn and then sucked her nipples into my mouthThey tasted fresh, felt cool , but with an underlying heat.
 This time it was Jamie who moaned as I worked over her tits. She led me to the couch where she pulled me down to her, again kissing me, devouring me , her open mouth and warm tongue taking me away to bliss. 'Fuck my tits'.
I knelt over her and she pushed those magnificent mounds together around my cock. 8" of cock thrusting between her breasts, at the top of each thrust giong into her open and ready lips, tight as she sucked on the head with every stroke. I reached behind my self and slid a finger along her slit. She, too, was shaved smooth. Freshly shaved, as there was no stubble, just silky smooth skin. And she was wet, dripping and ready.

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I stopped, repositioned my self and slid my cock into her waiting cunt. No preliminaries, just FUCK, and we started moving together. it wasn't a story book session, little knowing glances didn't happen , getting her aroused wasn't the work of long foreplay like my wife, she was wet, ready, wanting to fuck and so was I. Multiple orgasm was going to be the order of the afternoon. She was tight, and as I thrust into her she said mine was the first big cock she'd ever had. Probably not true, but it sounded good and I didn't care as her's was the first 27 year old cunt I had had in nearly 20 years.  I told her so. SHe just grunted, smiled and pressed her mouth to me as she met me thrust for thrust until we came , unlikely as it may seem, together. I pumped a huge load of cum into her, lay breathing deeply then moved down to lick her cunt clean and then kissed her deeply, depositing my cum in her mouth via the kiss. My wife loved tit when I did that and Jamie was the same way. As she slicked and swallowed the cum she told me it was so sexy, so unexpected. But we didn't talk long as hse was even then moving down to suck me back hard again. I moved into a position where I could lick her cunt as she sucked me, but as he moved, it became apparent it wasn't her pussy she wanted me giving attention to. It didn't take and convincing to me as I drove my tongue into her ass. Fresh from the shower and a douche whe was pristine, adn hot and after a huge orgasm, wanting more than my tongue.

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As we moved from position to position ,from room to room ,eventually to her bedroom, onto her queen sized bed, we experienced as many ways as I could think of in a short time. I fucked her cunt, spooned up to her , fucked her again from behind while gripping her tits for leverage, she put her foot between mine and I pulled her down onto my cock with my legs. She backed up to me and begged me to grab her tits (I did). But the best was sliding (not pushing, but genuinely sliding) my cock into her ready ass. She told me she had never gotten fucked in the ass, at least not by a man. I questioned this and she told me she had a girlfriend that likes to usea strapon to fuck her in the ass. this as i was pounding that same ass. The effect of thinking of thsi woman taking a huge strapon in the ass was enough to push over the top.
Jamie is amazing. She wasn't ready to stop fucking  an hour ago when we quit, but she's a whole lot younger than me. I'm in it for the long haul, not forever, I don't want to give up my marriage, but i want to fuck this red head as much as possible before my wife come home. Jamie said she isn't going to Cancun right now, later will be fine. And that is fine with right. I'm not going to Cancun. I'm going to stay and fuck this man every day for the next two weeks.

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   When his wife gets home his cock will be well exercised and i'll know everything they will be doing, because I will have done it everyday for two weeks. . Jamie.

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