Making You Mine part 1


"Making You Mine"


You come in the door, smiling, happy to see me. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you once, twice, and three times. It turns into a longer kiss, my hands playing along your back, pulling you close to me. You can easily tell that I am also very happy to see you too. You can feel it through my pants, pressing against you. I slowly pull your shirt over your head and trace my fingers along your bare back, down to your butt. I squeeze and pull you closer to me as I kiss your neck, your shoulder. You moan and I can tell that you are excited, enjoying the attention you are receiving. With one hand still fondling your tight ass through your jeans, the other comes up and flicks open your bra. As it gently falls away from you to rest on the floor, our hands are busy exploring each other completely, every touch electrifying. We kiss passionately as you start to unbutton my shirt, but I pull your hands away. Whimpering, you look up into my eyes, hungry and questioning.  


I knowingly smile and reach towards the table, picking up the blindfold you hadn't noticed before.

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   You smile, remembering other times we'd made love blindly. After securing the blindfold in place, my hands start playing upon your body again, playing with your breasts, tickling your navel, working their way down to your skirt. You are holding on to me, clutching my arms and shoulders as I explore you. I move lower and dive under your short pleated skirt, running up your thigh. It tickles a little, but you like the shivers it generates. Slowly, ever so slowly, my fingers find the lacy barrier blocking their way to your excited pussy. I can feel the heat as I rub through your panties and you give a little moan, biting your lower lip. You sense me bending down onto my knees, and feel little kisses along your breasts, your abdomen, and suddenly I am pulling off your underwear, eager to get inside. You hold onto my shoulder for balance as you step out of them and are eager to feel my fingers or my tongue against your sex, but I only let you only enjoy it for a moment. Too short to really enjoy, just enough to make you even more excited. But I am busy pulling off your skirt proper. Not upset by this at all, you dutifully raise your arms above your head to ease my stripping of you. Such a good girl. . .

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You think you know what to expect. You believe I will wrap my arms around you, kiss you and lead you towards the bed. But, as I let your last shred of clothing fall to the floor, I move around you, tracing my fingers along your exposed neck and shoulders, running them down your arms, giving you goosebumps. Suddenly, I grab your wrists, pulling your arms behind you and before you really know what is happening, the handcuffs are on you.

You become intrigued and more than a little excited, wondering where this will lead. You become even more curious as you feel the silken. . . something. . . being placed around your neck. In this vulnerable position, unable to move freely and feeling exposed, you have a twinge of fright, especially as there is now something around your neck with the potential to choke you. But then you feel me behind you, the heat from my body warming your back, as I've apparently taken off my shirt.

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   Now my hand is on your shoulder, and even as you feel the tightness of the collar around your neck, it is soft and not so uncomfortable, and you know it is my hand holding the other end. You relax even more as I whisper into your ear:


"If you want to stop, just say 'winter'".


You smile and nod, getting comfortable being in my control, knowing that I would never hurt you, that I will always take care of you.  


Now in a kind of reverie, you smile. "Mmmm, baby," you begin to say, "this is really excit-AING!!" A sharp slap on your exposed ass makes you exclaim in surprise. That was quite hard, more than other times when we'd played a little bit roughly. The emotions you begin to feel start to confuse you to an extent, as the comfort of my presence begins to recede and the vulnerability returns in full force, but with a simultaneous twinge between your legs like an electric shock. Still blindfolded, the uncertainty about what is happening exactly is disconcerting, but you can feel your pussy getting wetter at the same time. Your breath starts to come more quickly as you wonder what will happen next.


It is my turn to smile as I see a faint red mark appear where my hand landed on your right ass cheek.

I feel you tense up in response to the slap, and I appreciate the fact that those slaps are going to get a lot harder, and I relish the challenge of making you enjoy them, to eventually beg for them.

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   "You will only address me as Master from now on," I say clearly, tightening my grip on your leash. "For now you are under my control. You are mine, my property, my slave. You have no rights, and only one duty and one responsibility: obey my every command, and satisfy my every desire. " 


You could feel the heat coursing from where my hand made contact on your luscious backside, straight to your pussy. It seemed with every word I said, more juices would flow so that you could almost feel them trickling down your inflamed labia. You could almost imagine little drops falling onto the carpet. You always knew you were the submissive type, but never dreamed you would react so viscerally to only the initial stages of a true BDSM game.  


I am incredibly turned on by the situation. I also had an inkling about your submissive side, and had long fantasized about seeing how far you would go. "Do you understand?" I enquire more softly in your ear, pulling you by the collar closer to me, trying to judge your reaction. Then I feel your bound hands earnestly start to rub my hard cock through my jeans and I start to imagine all the possibilities that my ever active imagination can conjure up for us.        



End of part 1


This is my very first story attempt. Hope you liked part 1! I know it is a bit short, and there isn't any real sex happening, but I just wanted to put it out there and see what people thought. Any and all comments are welcome, feel free to e-mail me at properhung at gmail dot com. Thanks for reading!


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