Me and Mrs. Jones


"Yes it is, who is this?""You can call me cindy. ""Alright cindy, im assuming your calling about the ad?""Yes, but I must warn you now, im not looking for a relationship through this. . "I became disappointed, but then, thought, what she could mean instead. . "to be quite blunt here mike, im simply looking for someone to fuck. ""what?" I asked surprised. . "well, im married, but my husband hasn't been giving me the satisfaction i need, and when I saw your Ad, I figured, a young man such as yourself could give me what i so desperately need. "I paused on the phone briefly, sure I had fantasized about MILF's before. . but never had I thought that I would ever get the oppertunity to. . "Mike?. . .

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  . you there?""uhh yeah im here!, sounds good, when and where?""tonight, here's my address. . . "She gave me her address and hung up. I really couldnt believe what was happening, a million thoughts ran through my head. What if the husband found out. . does she have kids?. . Is she butt ugly. . ?. . But i decided I couldnt pass up the oppertunity, I scrambled to go and get ready.

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  ------Later that Night---------I walked up to her door, and rang the bell, i decided on coming dressed in anything too. . . extravagent comsidering the circumstances. She answered the door wearing a black silk robe, that came down to just above her knees. She was beautiful, she had long flowing black hair, with deep, dark eyes, and full lips. "Are you going to stand there staring all night long? or are you going to come in here and join me. . ?"I shook my head and walked into the house. There had to be at least 300 candles in the one room, I looked around, not noticing her coming up behind me. She wrapped her arms around me and her one hand found it's way down to my crotch. "mmm so how old are you anyway?. . " She asked me as her hand groped my member through my jeans. "17" I said rather embarrassed.

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   "mm you certainly are a big boy for 17. . " she let go of me and walked around in front of me and turned the dimmer of the room up, when the light flooded over the room, it revealed a bed layed in the center of the room. She walked over to me and undid the tie to her robe, I waited with intense anticipation, her robe fell lightly to the floor ,and my eyes worked their way slowly upwards. Her whole body was tanned a nice light golden brown. She had a beautiful tight body, a wisp of bushy hair protruded from her crotch. Her waist was perfect, not too small and not too chubby. Her c-cup breasts shook lightly as she moved about the room. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs open, her moist, experienced pussy, just lay there waiting for me. "comon mike, give me what my husband can't. . "I got undressed quickly, and I heard her gasp as i dropped my shorts and my member stood there directed at her. "oh god mike. . .

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   my husband's is only 4". . " she licked her lips as her hands worked her nipples. I clamered on the bed and lay down beside her. Her one leg wrapped around my waist as she pulled me close to her and we kissed heavily in the darkened room. My hands traveled all over her body, until at last finding their way to her now, sopping wet pussy. She moaned when my fingers inserted into her and she smiled at me. Soon, she sat up and we assumed the 69 position, I couldnt wait to get my face into her wet pussy. I brought my face closer and I could feel the heat growing within her. Her mouth was already around my cock, sucking on it, taking it almost entirely into her mouth. I let my toungue run over her pussy lips and got some of her juices into my mouth. The taste was amazing, I brought my whole face right up to it and let my toungue run all over her pussy. I would feel her grip on my dick tightening, I knew she was going to climax soon. "oh mike, i can't wait any longer, i want you to cum into me!"she lay back down on the bed, she was already sweating from what i was doing. I positioned myself over her, and I felt as she grabbed and led my cock into her.

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   I settled on top of her and began to rock back and forth. Her hands went up and grabbed the rail above the bed, her tits bounced freely and I could feel her muscles contracting everytime i moved out. It felt like her pussy was sucking my dick back in, it was amazing. And I let her know it, by letting out a soft moan"You like that baby?. . . . " she said as she moved her ass up with each outward movement i made, making the feeling more intense. My load was building and I knew i was going to cum soon, I told her this, and she told me to hold it for a sec, she was coming too. I wanted to see her perfect body on top of me, so, she climbed on top of me, spread her pussy lips and inserted my member into her, I watched with amazement as she took my entire 7 1/2" cock into her. She bounced up and down on top of me, and before long she told me she was cumming, I told her the same. Now we didn't cum at the same time, but it was damn near close.
    She let out a loud moan and then settled down, I moaned and shot my load off into her, she slid off my pole, reached down and wiped her pussy with her finger. She brought it up to her face, and I could see some of my cum dangling from it, she stuck it in her mouth, and sucked it all off. I lay there, completely amazed at her vitality, and all I could say was,"damn, your husband's a lucky guy.

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      . . "She merely smiled and lay down beside me and whispered,"no, your the lucky one. . I dont want to let that cock out of my life, you and I are definately going to be speding alot of time in this bed, and if you ever want me to come over i will. . my husband means nothing to me anymore. . . "She cuddled up beside me and pushed against me. I held her close thinking about all of this. But I didn't have to think too much about it, Mrs Jones and I would get together practically every weekend and just fuck around. Her husband, being in a business that requires alot of travelling, never caught on, which is perfect for me. I was thinking, I may get married someday, but for now, Im perfectly happy with what I have. Authors Notes:Alright, i kno this story had some elements of my first, only because of the critiques i got from my first story.

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       I figured I could add alot more description to it this time. Please Read and review. . .