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hello friends ,I am Abhishek (17) currently studying in 12th class ,my family consist of mon,dad and my sister jyoti (18) waiting for her 12th result ,let's talk about her looks ,she is very beautiful ,fair in colour ,boobs size are 36,figure 36"28"36 ,she has best curves every boy want to fuck, we live in 3bhk apartment in Jaipur ,one room is for mom dad which is downstairs ,other two rooms are for me and my sister which is upstairs ,I never have sexual feeling toward my sister earlier ,all started when one of my cousin Rahul show me a porn video ,after that I started watch porn regularly ,holidays started one day my cousin Rahulcame to my home for some holiday homework Rahul and I study in same class,after doing homework ,we decided to watch some porn ,he show me a porn videos ,title of the video is ,"brother fucking sleeping sister " I get hard dickvery quickly ,we watch the whole video ,Rahul asked me ,you like the video ,I said yes this is first videos that make me feel so sexual ,Rahul said ,you know your sister is so sexy ,I got angry and tell him, Wtf are you saying , then a figure of my sister body came in my mind , suddenly Rahul said ,dont be shy this will be btw us,I agree with him and he told me that "if I have a sister like her I will fuck her everytime " , I told him to we will think about it later ,after he went back to his home ,Rahul house is only 1 KM away from our apartment,Rahul dad and my dad are like brothers ,so our family is like relative .After that I started getting sexual feelings towardsI always stare at her butt ,my dicks get hard while watching her ,
I got a chance when we have to go to Mumbai in 2 day for our cousin sister wedding ,my family done shopping and packing in two days ,only problem is we have 6 big lagguage ,Dad decided to go with car ,dad put 4 bags in the back of car,and than dad tells us to change clothes to something casual because it's a long 4-5 hours drive ,so I wear my boxers without underwear because its summer time so mostly I don't wear them,I came to car ,and the jyoti came she is wearing her T-shirt which is clearly showing her boobs shape ,and at bottom she is wearing leggings ,I got hard watching her sexy ass in leggings,than dad come to us and said one of you have to sit on others lap because there is only one seat left , I am too heavy for jyoti so we decided jyoti will sit on my lap ,mom is already sitting on the front seat ,dad is going to drive ,I sat first and than jyoti sat on my lap ,her ass press hard on my dick,i can feel her ass shape on my dick coz I have not wear underwear ,she didn't seem to notice ,we close the doors,dad start the cars it's night time 9:30pm and journey started,jyoti is listening to music in headphones,I was looking outside the window , suddenly car jumps a little a jyoti ass bumps on my dick ,I started getting hard,my dick in now fully grown 8 inch ,I didn't move ,I was waiting for a right time ,ataround 11:00pm dad stop the car foor pee ,mom and sister doing pee in the bushes ,me and dad done peeing ,dad came in the car ,mom and sister came ,I make a plan ,mom came in car in front seat ,now I sit on my place and when my sister is coming to sit on my lap her face is away from me I quickly pull down my boxers and free my hard dick ,she sat on my hard dick ,It feels so good ,she again didn't notice ,car is jumping few times ,with every bump I came very close to explode ,but I didn't want to make mess, i check jyoti's face she is sleeping,her head is on window,mom is also sleeping ,dad is driving ,so I decided to do something ,my sister is very deep sleeper ,she didn't wake up easily ,I decided to do some more ,I place my both hand on jyotis waist and her ass up a little ,I adjust my cock btw her ass crack ,now I can feel her hot pussy through her thin leggings ,pre cum covered my dick ,now I wanted more ,now I started to lower her leggings down slowly ,I made her leggings down to her ankles,she didn't wear any panties ,I pull her back her pussy is on my dick now ,I can feel the heat coming from her pussy on my dick ,I again push her ass up from her waist and point my stand dick on the opening her pussy ,and I push her back slowly on my dick ,I can feel my whole dick getting in hot pussy ,my whole dick get inside her ,I hold my cum ,I stay there without moving for 15 min , enjoying the best feelings I ever had ,now again a bad road come car started jumping ,now I fucking jyoti with every bump of car ,I exploid inside her but car is still moving jumping ,I keep fucking her cum is leaking from her pussy on the car floor ,now the normal road come ,I kept my dick In her ,I started feeling sleepy ,I make her legging up to her side waist but not fully so that my dick will stay inside her ,I sleep ,I wake at 4:00am with ,I realised that we are very near to our cousins house ,my dick is still inside her ,I give her 3-4 thrust ,and took my dick out ,up her leggings and my boxers ,we reached at my cousin's house ,my I wake my sister up and tell her we reached ,she wakes up and opens the door ,I was wondering if she notice ,but for my luck she were in very deep sleep, every body gets out of the car,I can see jyoti is having problem in walking ,I told her this is probably because we sat for 3-4 hours in cars ,she said "right",mon and dad took out our language ,there are lots of our relatives ,we meet and greet them ,than I saw my cousin Rahul therr we shake hands ,Then Rahul shake hand with Jyoti ,every body is wake-up very early at our cousin's house ,there are lots of people ,we washed us ,and changes our clothes and ,The whole day ending up talking and playing ,We and Rahul are chatting again ,I told him the whole story that happen in car ,he get very excited ,and I tell him everything than he ask me "did you fuck her ass hole? " I said no,Rahul told me it feels very good in ass,I told him " I will do that too whenever I get chance" but at right time ,than Rahul told me that , please invite me also whenever I get chance ,I said "ok " ,Rahul told me that you can fuck her at night ,I said "how" ,than Rahul said "there are so many people but there are very little space for sleeping ,so we have make things like that you ,me and jyoti can sleep on same bed,I told him"yes you are right ,amand than the sleeping time come,all rooms are full ,there are lots of people in the house ,me and my sister and Rahul are watching TV and mom and dad already got the bed ,my uncle came ,I asked him where we going to sleep ,Uncle take all three of us to upstairs we entered in the room ,there is a double bed ,on which already two people are sleeping they are old ,Uncle said ,you have to arrange for a day ,we said no problem ,uncle left the room ,we decide changes our clothes one by one in the bathroom ,when jyoti goes in the bathroom Rahul told me that "this is the best chance we have,Rahul said don't worry i am not going to tell anyone "I said "ok" ,I feel little awkward to share my sister with Rahul ,but I didn't say anything ,he is like my best friend so I let him fuck my sister ,Jyoti came wearing Tshirt and legging ,now Rahul enter in the bathroom he changed to shorts and t-shirts ,now my turn I change into my shorts too,when I came outside jyoti is already sleeping facing toward the roof ,there is very few space for usandRahul is standing waiting for me ,Rahul said " you sleep on the left side of the Jyoti and I will sleep on the right side " I said ok ,now our position is like me at the corner ,than jyoti ,than Rahul ,than other two people ,two people are sleeping facing away from us ,they seem to in very deep sleep,there is very less space ,I am facing toward jyoti ,jyoti is sleeping on her back ,Rahul is also facing toward jyoti ,me and Rahul can see each other ,he smiled ,me too our body is touching jyoti body ,Rahul tell me slowly lets start ,than we both place our hand on her boobs ,one boob in Rahul hand other in my hand,suddenly jyoti starting moving we both take our hands back ,than jyoti turn around ,now she is facing me my face is 1 cm away from her,her back is on Rahul side ,I cannot see Rahul ,Now Rahul stood up a little and tell me don't worry she is still sleeping ,Rahul told me to suck her boobs ,Now I put my both hands in Jyotis T-shirt and make her T-shirt up till her neck ,her boobs are flashing ,I covered her whole boobs with my hand and started pressing them ,now Rahul hand come on jyoti one boobs and he stared to press them hard ,I started to suck her nipple with my tongue ,I notice that rahul shorts are down and he is rubbing his dick on jyotiass,I took short down ,Now I told Rahul to make jyoti naked he started pull her leggings down ,no pantis again ,now we there are almost naked ,there is no space ,Rahul pull her leggings down till her foots ,now we 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,now my dick head touches Jyoti pussy entrance ,now I put my dick inside her pussy and I applied some force ,my whole dick gets inside her easily ,I cum inside her ,suddnly Jyoti's body started moving ,I got scared ,I stop for a while with my dick still inside her,then I noticed ,jyoti body is moving because Rahul is fucking her ass ,now I also started fucking her,my sister is fucking me and Rahul at same time, suddenly Rahul stared to fuck her ass hole very fast ,I also started to fuck her fastly ,whole bed is shaking ,after 5 minutes of fast fucking ,we both came inside her,Rahul stop fucking her ,but he didn't took his dick out, now I told him "I want to fuck her ass hole" he said ok ,we both switch our places ,now Jyoti is facing away from me, I can see Jyoti ass hole widely open because of Rahul thick cock and cum is leaking ,I insert my dick in her ass it's gets inside very easily ,I told Rahul that he is right ,ass hole very better than pussy ,Rahul is sitting on her side ,he is 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wear our clothes and Rahul bring the towel from bathroom ,we clean all the cum on jyotis body ,we fix he clothes and we again headed to sleep we both are feeling very sleepy ,I wake at around 9 am ,every body is already up ,Rahul is still sleeping,I wake him up ,we both went downstairs ,I see Jyoti ,me and Rahul look at eachother face and smile ,Rahul said ,she didn't even know how much we fuck her " we both smiled again ,Jyoti is still having problems in walking ,only me and Rahul know the real reason why?,after that day me stayed at our cousin house for 2 more days ,me and Rahul fuck her every very hard for two days at night ,after the wedding end ,I mostly fuck Jyoti at night and whenever Rahul gets a chance we both fuck her at night , sometimes when my mom's dad went away ,I invite Rahul for stay with us ,Rahul bring somechloroform with him ,we drugged Jyoti while she sleeps and we fuck her in every position ,she didn't even know how much we fuck her