Meeting in New Jersey: Part 5


The day I don't want to happen, the day Cordell has to leave to go back home. I had just had three wonderful days with him. And today was our last, till who knows when.

We got up around 8AM to get dressed and packed up everything so that we could have the rest of the day free. By now it was 10AM and we still had to go to breakfast. We left the room to go to the diner down the street.

We got there and ordered our food, and just sat and talked. We talked about what happened the past three days and what it meant. He started to say something, but I hushed him and put my finger on his lips and leaned in to kiss him. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes as I proceeded to kiss him. We had locked lips till we were interrupted by our food.

All I could think about while eating was him. How much I loved him, and how he changed my life. I used to be such a shy and self conscious girl. But once I met him, that all changed. And I didn't want him to leave.

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We finished our food and gave the waitress a tip and left. We walked out and started walking to the car to go somewhere, we didn't know where, but we just wanted to spend our last day together doing something fun.

I knew the perfect place. Six Flags. We were already only about 45 minutes from there so we decided to go. We got there, paid for our tickets and went in. First thing we saw, was a photo booth, and looked at eachother and nodded. We went in and took pictures to remember this day. We made silly faces, we kissed, we did whatever we could. The pictures developed and we each took a copy.

We walked along the paths going on this ride and that ride till we came to a roller coaster. I am terrified of them, but Cordell isn't. I didn't want to go on, but when he put his arm around me and said he would hold me the whole way, I agreed to go on, still scared, but he was with me so I felt better.

As the ride started my heart started to beat faster, but he still had his arm around me. We got to the top and I knew what was coming, THE drop.

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   We dropped and I closed my eyes, imagining what has happened the past few days. And in no time the ride was over. I opened my eyes and he still had his arm around me.

We exited to go get some food. I got some cotton candy and a hot dog, he just got a soda. We decided not to go on rides so we didn't get sick, so we went to go play games. We played the water racing games and we both won. I won a Stewie from Family Guy and gave it to him, and he won a Scooby Doo and gave it to me.

After many more rides we went on, and many games we played, it was time to go. It was almost 6PM and we had to go get the car and stuff all the prizes we won in the car and went home to go finish packing.

We finished and left to go to the Philadelphia International Airport for his flight leaving at 8. We went through security and got to the gate. We stood there, he dropped his bags, and pulled me close to him. I looked up at him and gave a sort of half smile. I really didn't want him to go and he could see it.

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   He just looked at me and leaned in to kiss me, he kissed me and told me he loved me.

Now he had to board the plane. So that meant we had to part our ways for now. As I watched him board the plane, I held my necklace he gave me and ran my fingers over the initials " AC ". A small tear ran down my face, as I turned back to go back to my house.

I got home and said hey to my mom and sisters and went to my room. The night went on and everyone was asleep. Now was the time to take my pregnancy test. I took it the last time we had sex, just to make sure I wasn't pregnant. Remembering that he said his vasectomy had a small chance to reverse itself.

I took the test, but it takes a little bit for it to register the result. Just as I was about to read it, I heard my mom come downstairs. I quickly cleaned up and ran to bed, and pretended to be asleep. I guess me finding out if I was pregnant was going to have to wait till tomorrow.

Part 6 coming soon!.

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