Meeting New People I; The Bakery


      ÂSo here I am now, living out here in California with my sister, trying to make a new start after Mom forced me out of the house. I slept on the couch of the flat my sister used while her friend lived in Japan on deployment. I tried not to think of where I would live when my sister ended up going on deployment, being in the Navy also, but I pushed that to the back of my mind.

      ÂEveryday, she would spend most of the sunlight hours at work, and after a few days, I exhausted her friend's VHS collection in the apartment. The cable proved to be piss-poor, so after a few hours, I decided to finally leave the apartment and explore the town I now called home.

      ÂI walked a few blocks, as the only things around the apartment complex being a couple of gas stations, and eventually came upon a small shopping center. Forgoing the laundromat, insurance agent and religious items store, I ended up going into the little Mexican bakery at the end of the center.

      ÂThe interior looked too weird to me to be a bakery. The space felt cool and looked clean, but the fluorescent lights made the store much dimmer than it should have been. And red vertical blinds worked too well keeping out the natural light from the only window. To me, it seemed more like a small cafe for lovers than a bakery.

      ÂI waited only a few moments before a small woman appeared from the back. She looked young and pretty, not fitting the look of someone I expected to be working in a Mexican bakery during a weekday morning. She wore a green shirt and black pants on her ample frame, completing the ensemble with a white apron. She beamed a bright smile at me.

      Â"Hi there.

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   How can I help you?"

      Â"Uh, hi. I'm just looking around. I'm new to this area, so I decided to look around, and came into your store. First place I've been to here. "

      Â"Oh, well then let me extend you a welcome to our community. It's small, but nice anyway. My name is Carmen. Here, let me give you a piece of pan dulce, on the house. "

      ÂI took a bite of the bread, a half-circle decorated with a maze of chocolate powder, and nodded my approval. Since she still stood at the counter, delighted in my enjoyment of the bread, I decided to chat her up a bit.

      Â"This is good. Do you make the bread here?"

      Â"No, my husband does. He makes it every morning. "

        I paused mentally, feeling my chances with her waning a bit. I decided to press on anyway.

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   "Oh, is he here right now?"

      Â"No, he drove to Anaheim to catch the Angels game. He's always loved the Angels, no matter how far away we move. "

      Â"Can I ask you why it's so dark in here? I think it would do a lot for the store if you let in a bit more sunlight. "

      Â"We don't like to keep the blinds open. My husband and I are afraid that the looks we get from some of the people that live here will finally scare away the regular customers we do have. "

      Â"Looks," I asked, cautiously.

      Â"Gossip that has spread around. "

      Â"About you," I queried, again watching my proverbial step.

      Â"About me, about my husband, even about my son; in a small place like this, gossip can kill a business faster than it can kill a reputation. "

      Â"Well, I don't mean to be rude, but can I ask what some of the gossip is?"

      ÂShe shot me a wry smile before answering, "To start, the fact that my son is 16 and I'm only 32. "

      Â"That's not a big deal," I told her, dismissing her comment with a wave of my hand, trying my best to score points with her hubby away. "So, you and your husband had a child when you were still in your teens. Like that doesn't happen nowadays?"

      Â"There's also talk of me sleeping around, and that our son is gay. My husband and I are also accused of committing incest with our son. "

      Â"Oh my God," I exclaimed, "those are horrid accusations.

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   Why would people say those things about you and your family?"

      Â"Because some people just can't keep their big mouths shut. "

      Â"What? You mean the accusations are true?"

      Â"After living in a town this small, you think people would have the tact to not spread stories of what they've experienced, especially when it's sexual. "

      Â"Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to ask. I understand about the sleeping around and the being gay. What I have trouble wrapping my brain around is why with your son?"

      Â"Are you shocked," she asked.

      Â"Not as much as I thought I would be. "

      ÂShe smiled at that. "When we figured out that people weren't being as discreet as they should have been, we talked about ways of filling our desires that didn't involve going to strange clubs in strange places. And in a moment of drunkeness, our son brought up the suggestion of him getting what he wanted from his father, and giving what his mother wanted. When we started that first time, it was awkward, but we soon forgot our incertitude. Now, we don't even bat an eyelash. "

      Â"Wow," I said, the only thing I could think to say after her story.

      Â"What's the matter," she asked, coming around the counter towards me. "Did I distress you?"

      ÂI unconsciously took a step back as she approached; "Uh, well, it's just that, I, um. .

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  . "

      ÂShe stood against me, her face level with my chest. She looked up at me and smiled, her hazel eyes twinkling, as she pressed her small hand against my crotch. "Mmmm, you do feel a bit bothered to me. "

      ÂShe reached behind her to untie the apron when I snapped out of my flustered daze. I grabbed her hands before they could finish their job. I leaned in close to her, her lips inches from mine; "Just leave the apron on. " I kissed her, her tongue coaxing mine into her mouth where she sucked on it. I ran my hands all over her curves, slowly separating her from her clothes, loving the feel of her flesh. She pushed back from me until she leaned against the counter.

      Â"Lock the door behind you. It's so good to have new blood in this town. "

      ÂShe kicked off her plastic clogs and slowly slipped her pants down her legs, writhing her body down as she did. She left them in a pile on the floor, the apron hiding my view of her black panties, before starting on her shirt. She slipped her arms out and pulled it off of her torso, careful not to pull the apron off with it.

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   Her tits looked beautiful as they were now constrained by the apron only. I could note a bit of a sag, but nothing that would keep her from being described as beautiful. Though not slim, I found her to be round only in all the right places. I moved in, kissing her as my hands softly ran around her stomach, up her sides where I cupped the sides of her tits, and back down until my hands ran circles over the cotton-covered mounds of her ass.

      Â"Not here," she said, taking my hand in hers, "let's go to the back. "

      ÂShe led me to the back of the shop. Four large steel tables sat spotless. Two large ovens lined one of the walls. She stopped at the edge of a table before she turned and kissed me again. I reached behind her again and slipped the panties down her legs where they fell to the floor. I gripped her waist and picked her up effortlessly until her ass made contact with the cold steel. Her breath caught, goose bumps broke out all over her white skin, and her dark brown nipples pressed against the fabric of the apron. I leaned my head over and kissed the side of her tit, nuzzling her nipple with my tongue, while one of my hands spread her thighs, allowing me to slowly rub her pussy and clit. She threw her head back and began to moan softly.

      ÂShe slid her foot up my thigh and pressed it against my crotch before massaging me through my jeans with her foot.

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   I slipped a finger inside of her pussy and thrust it in her hard the harder she made me with her foot. After moments of this, I pulled away from her, quickly undoing my jeans and slipping them down until my cock sprang out. She spread her legs even wider, bracing her feet on the edge of the table, the hem of her apron the only thing between me and her pussy as I moved to enter her. I folded the hem up and she took my cock in her little hand and guided me into her wet pussy.

      ÂShe threw her head back again and yelled out as I pushed my entire length into her. She then regarded me, a rather savage look on her face, and spoke to me in a low growl, "C'mon, fuck me. Fuck me good. "

      ÂI slowly pulled out of her and then back in again, pulling almost entirely out of her pussy and then pushing back in completely. She wrapped her arms around my neck and emitted low grunts with everyone of my thrusts. When I picked up my pace, the grunts turned to sighs and breathy moans. I ran my hands up her legs until I gripped her waist, allowing me to fuck her faster and harder. She then unwrapped her arms and braced herself against her elbows, leaning her body back. Her tits slipped out from behind her apron, and I took the nipple of one of her massive globes in my mouth before I felt myself building. I pounded into her pussy harder, making her tits jiggling. As I started to cum, I fucked her fast, pistoning in and out of her pussy, causing her to scream with every thrust before she clamped down on my cock, draining me of the last of my cum.

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   Her body shuddered and convulsed as she came down from her orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and gazed at her face. Her smile returned. I reached behind her and undid her apron at last, taking it off of her. I ran my hands all over her luxuriant body before leaning down and kissing her abundance.

      ÂBut she stopped me short.

      Â"As much as I'd love to continue this and its obvious outcome, you have to let me up. My son will be here soon, not to mention some of my more elderly customers. "

      Â"Your son," I said incredulously, "it's One O' Clock, at the latest. "

      Â"They're taking CST's today. They always get out early when they take tests like that. "

      ÂShe left me in the back as I saw her slide down from the table, gather up her apron and panties, and bounded her copious body around to the front of the store. I pulled up my boxers and jeans, and after composing myself I too walked to the front. She stood there, already completely dressed, fixing the apron around herself.

      Â"Go open it," she said, motioning towards the door.

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   I unlocked it and as I opened it, a young man slightly shorter than me, with a backpack slung over his shoulder, came to a halt just inches from me. He looked at my face for a second or two before looking me up and down. He smiled and pushed past me into the bakery.

      Â"Hola, mamá," he said, kissing Carmen on the cheek. He turned and looked back at me before whispering something into Carmen's ear. She whispered something back to him and they both broke out into laughter. Just then, I felt the door open behind me.

      ÂI spun around and I ended up frightening a small, older woman. Carmen noticed, and came running from behind the counter. "Aye Maria, don't be afraid. It's all right. "

      Â"Who is this," the older woman asked. "Is he here to help out when your husband isn't here?"

      ÂI smiled a bit at this, but quickly pushed it from my face. Carmen eyed me with that mischievous look before returning her attention to the older woman. "Yes Maria, he's here to help out Miguel and me when Guillermo isn't here.

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   He's new to town, so it was nice that he happened here when he did. "

      Â"A sort God-send, no," the woman commented.

      Â"Miguel, why don't you take him into the back and have him help you while I attend to La Señora Jimenez. "

      ÂMiguel smiled and motioned for me to join him. It might just have been me, but I think the smile resembled the one his mother gave me before she walked to the back of the store.

      ÂIn fact, Miguel ended up leaning against the very table where his mother and I fucked. Looking at him closely, I saw that his soft facial features genetically belonged to his mother, but the rest of him lacked anything soft. He wore clothes that showed his cut muscles and he stood broad and very masculine.

      Â"Well, if you couldn't guess, I'm Miguel, Carmen's son. "

      ÂI didn't feel like making small talk, or insulting the boy's intelligence. "I take it your mom told you. "

      Â"We tried being normal, satiating ourselves in the normal manner; but people opened their mouths instead of keeping quiet, and soon we were branded. If we continued on in that manner, we would have proven the rumors true. So, we decided to take care of things in-house. But, if there comes someone new, someone we can get at before the gossip-mill influences them; why shouldn't we take advantage?"

      Â"So, you don't have an outlet other than your dad?"

      Â"Ocassionally, I do.

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   I'm on sports teams at school, so when we have a party, and one of my teammates gets too drunk, he always wants to find out if the rumors about me are true. I never bring it up after that, and they end up so ashamed of themselves for having given in to something so 'disgusting,' so I have nothing to worry about. But there are just times when Dad gets frisky for my ass, and I'm always in the mood. Just like I'm hoping right now that you don't have any 'pecadillos. '"

      ÂHe reached for the button on my pants, and I let him unsnap it without the least bit of protest. In fact, I found myself aroused at the prospect of fucking this 16 year-old guy. He pulled down my boxers and jeans until he exposed my cock, the second time that day in that store. He started tugging on my cock, making me hard again, before dropping to his knees and taking it into his mouth. He moved quickly, bobbing his head up and down on my cock, pausing now and then to suck on the head of my cock. Now came my turn to throw my head back in pleasure. I knew that Carmen wouldn't want me making a sound back here, and I did my best to stifle the moans desperate to come out of my mouth. I could tell that Miguel no longer needed practice at this deed, and enjoyed his expert motions.

        I suddenly felt hands slide underneath my t-shirt, running over my torso. The hands belonged to Carmen. When Miguel noticed her, he pulled my cock out of his mouth and spoke to her, "Good Mom, just in time.


   Take over for me. "

      ÂCarmen moved in front of me, untying the apron and removing her green shirt again, finally standing topless. She then got down on her knees and rubbed my hard cock on her large, bare tits before taking it into her mouth. All the while, Miguel stood up and started to strip. As soon as he pulled off his boxers, he lifted himself up on the same table I fucked his mom on and assumed the same position she did.

      Â"Okay Mom, let him come. "

      ÂI didn't need any encouragement. Both Miguel and Carmen worked me into a lather and I wanted nothing more than to get off, no matter what hole I hit or who it belonged to. I moved forward, pressing the head of my cock against Miguel's asshole. He moaned gently as the head of my cock slid into his ass. I pushed in slowly until I buried myself inside of him. The tightness of his ass felt wonderful. I worked him slowly, getting lost in the moment. I snapped out of it when I saw Carmen's hand stroke Miguel's cock. I grabbed Miguel's thighs and started to fuck his ass a little faster.

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   And then I couldn't believe when a naked Carmen jumped on the table and got in a 69 position, taking her son's cock in her mouth as she settled her pussy on his face. This, combined with Carmen's silky hair rubbing against my stomach when I thrust into Miguel, drove me completely nuts. I fucked Miguel's ass as hard as I could, ramming into him. I stopped long enough to reach over and pinch Carmen's nipples before fucking Miguel's ass fast enough that I let loose inside of him. I pumped until I drained every drop in Miguel's ass.

      ÂCarmen arose, cum staining her lips and chin, and she looked up at me, enormous tits hanging free beneath her.

      Â"I hope we're not done for today. "


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