Jack loved working with new girls. They always had that look on their  faces as if they were the first ones to discover BDSM. It made him  chuckle so when Becca answered his question of "What type of scene would  you like?" with her own question, "Tell me a fantasy scene you have. . . "  Jack stared at her. Was she for real? He had lots of fantasy scene's  running around his frontal lobe. They were always in the back of his  mind's eye. Now she wanted to know them.
Jack smiled a slow and deliberate grin, "Okay," He began licking his  lips and rubbing his finger tips together like a card shark or street  hustler looking to use sleight of hand to win a buck, "I would love to  completely sensory deprive you. Do you know what that is?" Becca nodded  slowly her eyes getting engrossed in his words, "Then take you on a car  ride to somewhere you're not familiar with. "
Jack unfolded his legs and leaned forward in the stool he was sitting  on, "Once there I'd like to strap you up by leather cuffs to a wall. "
Becca nodded, "And?" She asked.
Jack tried not to look annoyed by the interruption, "I'd start my  using some stingy things on you for no other reason than because I like  them. "
Jack noticed that Becca's face was less than enthusiastic about the  notion of a riding crop or yard stick. That made his cock twitch in his  leather pants.

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   "When you scream too much or complain too much," He made a  scissor shape with his hand and snipped at the air, "I'll cut ur  panties off and put them in your mouth to keep you quiet.
Jack stood up then and paced a few feet away to where his toy bag  rested. Reaching in he took out a thick wooden paddle, "Then I'll take  this two step to your ass until your sobbing for me to stop," Becca  winced visibly, "and I do. Of course that's just so I can switch to one  of my floggers on your back. I'll use the body of the falls to get a  nice hard thuddy sensation rocking your insides. "
Like a snake charmer Becca was swaying back and forth with each  imaginary motion of Jack's arm as he demonstrated the flogging motion,  "Then shifting my stance and distance I adjust so that just the edges  clip you. Tired of that I decide I want to get my hands dirty I use the  handles to leave deep bruises on your upper back and shoulders. "
Becca shivered then. Jack leaned in while her eyes were closed and  the distinct sound of switch blade popping in front of her eyes made  Becca jump, "Finally  I would take a knife and gently etch my initials  into your ass," Jack smirked, "you recall your ass don't you? The  same  one I already paddled to within an inch of your flesh so I'm sure it  won't take more than a scratch to get my initials to show. "
Jack slowly took the ponytail Becca had put her hair up into and  yanked hard enough to shake her but not to do any serious damage, "That  way everyone knows who's ass this is. " Jack hissed the last part between  his teeth. He released her head after eye fucking her for what felt  like an eternity. THe resistance she had been putting on his hand made  her head jerk forward.
"After that I would unceremoniously unhook you from the wall and  throw you back. You  think you're going to hit the ground and your head  is going to bounce  off the hard floor you can't see but instead you  land on a mattrice.

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  " Jack noticed Becca's  legs were rubbing together  slowly.
Walking around her he leans into her ear and whispers, "Still  unable  to see or hear I'd shove my cock into your mouth until you're  almost  ready to vomit. I'd stop long enough for you to cough and begin to  hitting your breasts with a riding crop until you started  sucking my  cock again. "
Becca released a sigh that sounded like a mumbled "This is so hot. . . "
Jack ran a finger down Becca's leg, "Without knowing where it came  from a new set of hands would start caresing your legs while I throat  fuck you. " Becca's eyes were closed but her eye lids moved in time with  the visions that Jack knew without a shadow of a doubt were playing  across her mind.
"You're shocked at first. . . but you trust me. " Jack whispered in her  ear, "You submit to me. . .

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  " He noticed her eyebrow raised slightly.  "Or. . . " He said giving way to a new possibility that presented itself,  "are the new hands me?"
Becca stopped as a shimmer of doubt visibly crept into her  expression, "Have you been sucking anoher man's cock all this time?" Her  eye brows pinched together but her eyes stayed closed.
"Doubts creep in, but you embrace the moment. " He gave voice to  Becca's thoughts as she fully committed to the scene that played out in  her head.
"Flipped over you're spanked from behind by someone - me? while you  continue to be throat fucked by someone, or is that me? When you least  expect it, a cock - maybe mine - is put against your ass hole. " Becca  froze. Her mind was making the scene as vivid as Jack ever could and he  knew it. Could feel it. He was relishing in it.
"You squirm knowing what's coming but a pair of hands grab your arms  and you're not even sucking of your own free will anymore. " Jack saw  Becca's ass twitch in her seat and she reached up and touched her lips.  "The arms that hold you move your body.

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Becca continued to gyrate slowly in her seat feeling the imaginary  cock in her ass and tasting the thickness on her tongue. "As your being  held in place, you gag and choke.  The cock at your ass pushes in hard  and something tears or at least feels like it does" Becca gasped then  and held the seat of her chair as her head dipped below her shoulders  and she began to tremble and shake.
"The pain is excruciating but it only sends you deeper into your  personal darkness your peaceful, place. " Like a mental cue Becca relaxed  and went deeper into her own personal head space.
"You don't even realize you've been stood up on your knees while a  cock is drilled into your ass before your shoved down again and this  time someone is beneath you. You're  sure it's me this time because of  how the body feels but still. . . is it?" Doubt plays into the situation  more and more and Becca falls deeper into the fantasy scenario she is  being presented.
"The  person who might be me lifts you onto his body so that you're  astride them  and you feel an engorged cock caress the folds of your  pussy. " Another moan from deeper within escapes Becca's lips. "It's  soaking wet by now and as  the cock in your ass rails your already  throbbing ass hole that feels  like it's about to explode the new  cock. . .

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  mine? It slips into your tight  pussy and you immediately begin  to go into sensory overload. "
With that clear instruction Becca started to shiver and her eyelids  fluttered, "Everything catches up to you.  The soreness in your back and  body, the cock in your ass, your throat is parched by now but coated in  precum and saliva you can't quite get rid of. " A gasp escaped Becca's  lips as she tried to clear her throat. Her mind making everything real.
"Then the cocks inside you get a rhythm that brings everything  crashing around you. Lights start to flash in your restricted eyes as  your mind takes over and an orgasm builds. . . " Becca's breathing got more  intense and she began to pant, "not just in your pussy but in your  entire body. "
Becca convulsed in her seat and it ran down her entire body, "Without  realizing it you have been screaming uncontrollably but you couldn't  hear it yourself. " Becca continued to feel the orgasm wash through her  body.
"Unceremoniously the two people shove you onto your back. You're  trembling. " She was.


   "Shaking from an incredible body-gasm you can't  explain. " Becca's breathing was thick and her breasts heaved, "Suddenly  hot wetness hits you face and mouth it's bitter and thick and you know  that it's cum. A moment later another spurt hits your mouth and chin and  dribbles down to your breasts. " Becca shook her head from side to side  as she ran her hands up and down her breasts. "A towel is tossed on your  body just before you pass out. "
Becca's breathing evened out and she sat in perfect repose before finally opening her eyes slowly. "That was so intense. "
Jack smiled and leaned back in his chair. He it a cigarette even  though he knew the dressing room was in the "NO SMOKING" area of the  club. With a wicked grin he nodded, "There's your scene. ".

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